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Dr. Jonathan Royle - Successful Hypnotist

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Successful Hypnotist

(c) 2017 –

Welcome to this short publication within the pages of which it is my intention to remove all the Hype, Bullshit and Confusing Rubbish from the overcrowded world of Internet Marketing Advice.

Along the way, I am also going to share with you the powerful Secrets of How I am able to carefully craft and then pre-record a powerful sales video before broadcasting it on Facebook (and through other outlets) as though it is being broadcast LIVE.

Plus I’ll reveal to you how to do this in such a manner that ensures that it is seen by the maximum number of people possible who can be converted into paying customers for your products and services or those of others that you may be offering on a basis whereby you earn commission on each sale that you help to generate.

But before we get started and get to the real juicy stuff it’s time for you to face the truth about Internet Marketing, open your eyes to reality and as they so often say wake up and smell the Coffee…

You see The Real Shocking Truth is that far too many people out there are selling courses on how to make money on the internet when in truth the only money they have ever made is selling courses to other people on how to make money on the internet.

It really is like the blind leading the blind….

So many get caught in the trap of buying one course and then another and another, the world of internet marketing is sadly at times very similar to a Cult Religion.

I’ve even heard some so called “Gurus” and self proclaimed “Experts” of the internet admit that they only have to be one step in front of their customers in terms of knowledge and experience in order to make big profits selling this information onto their students below them.

They then take the money they get from their students and reinvest some of it into taking courses from people who are a step or two in front of them who in turn do the same until the cycle has continued so long that the money trickles up the ladder and gets to people like Frank Kern and the other Famous Names of the Internet Marketing (IM) World.

With this shocking fact in mind that most teaching internet marketing are just regurgitating what they have learnt from the person above them and the very real fact that most in the IM Arena who sell such courses have never really done anything of any real note in the real world, let me assure you that the information contained herein is very different indeed.

The major difference being that I have done this and continue to do this every day in the real world.

And I do not rely on selling regurgitated information on how to market and sell things to earn my money, rather instead I have for years dominated the marketplaces of Ebay and Amazon with my own unique Hypnosis, Magic and Mentalism Products and have also built up numerous very profitable websites selling my unique products.

In otherwise I’ve truly been there, done it and worn the T-Shirt out numerous times over the past rapidly approaching 25 years at time of this report being published which is February 2017.

So with that said, my first piece of advice to you is to read each and every word in this report all the way through without clicking on any of the links.

Then go back again and watch all of the training videos that I have given you links to and of course click on the links that I will be giving you along the way to discover more about the Insider Tools, Services and Software that I use to run my business almost on autopilot and certainly so that I am consistently earning big profits even when I am in bed asleep at night.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it and state the obvious none the less…

The first thing you need to get started making money on the Internet is a Product or Service of Some Kind to Sell.

Now whilst it is true that you can make money promoting other peoples Products which is known as Affiliate Marketing and is something that I will return to later, to make the most profit it is best to create your own unique products.

With that in mind I have put together these Eight Videos to show you just how easy it truly can be to get started, so please do study and take notice of each of these videos as they are full of PURE GOLD in terms of Helping you to easily start making big profits on the internet.

VIDEO ONE – “The Lazy Man’s Way To Write & Profit From Your Own Book”

VIDEO TWO – “Further Easy Book Writing Strategies & Kindle Profits”

VIDEO THREE – “Your Book Available In Stores Around The World?”

VIDEO FOUR – “Even More Free Ways to Profit From Your Content”

VIDEO FIVE – “Automated Profits From Audio Books & Physical CDs”

VIDEO SIX – “Massive Profits From Webinars, Online Coaching & Live Events”

VIDEO SEVEN – “EXPOSED: Secrets of The Millionaire Gurus”


You can also check them out at this link:

Whilst those eight videos do truly give you a structured plan of how to start making money on the internet, for those who would like to achieve long-term growth and success I would strongly recommend that you invest into yourself and secure a copy of my two Home Study Programmes which are entitled “The Passive Hypnosis Profits System” and “The Millionaire Plan”

The Passive Hypnosis Profits System will have you creating your own products with ease and profiting big from the internet in next to no time, whilst the Millionaire Plan will reveal to you how to dominate Ebay and other similar internet marketplaces and also how to make huge profits selling products mail order through conventional sales letters and/or advertisements in specialist magazines.

Combine the Knowledge contained within both of these step by step video training packages and you will never need to spend another penny on any Product Creation and/or Product Marketing Online or Offline Training with anybody ever again…

And best of all as a reward and thank you for requesting a copy of this manual, I am for a Strictly Limited Period offering Massive discounts off the usual retail price of both of these sets as illustrated at the links below where you will also find more details of both packages:





I can 100% Promise and Guarantee you that the Knowledge, Advice, Secrets and Techniques taught between those two video training packages is EXACTLY what I have used for well over two decades now in order to easily produce 100’s of Unique Products and Sell literally Millions of them to people all over the World.

The videos contain the exact methods I used (and still do) which enabled me to purchase my own home 100% outright for Cash (no mortgages, loans or borrowing required) before I turned 30 years of age in 2005.

For the record I no longer live in that property as I now live in a 3 bedroom house whilst that property is producing a rental income.

Anyway let’s assume that you’ve got a product or service ready to promote, I shall now reveal to you how I use the Power of Facebook and other Social Media to build up my mailing lists and also to directly help me sell products to people.

The first thing you will want to do is join lots of Facebook Groups that are relevant to your Target Niche and then when you are a member of plenty of these, the time will rapidly come that you will want to notify the members of all of these groups about the scheduled time and date of your forthcoming Facebook Live Video Broadcast so that you will be building up your audience and therefore increasing your potential customers.

For this stage of the process there are two relevant pieces of Software that you will want to take a look at, the first one being called “Octosuite” and this is the one that I currently use and have been using successfully for quite some time now.

But be sure that you watch the instructional videos in the members area before you start using the tools, and I would also advise you not to post to more than a couple of dozen groups each day, ensuring that you have a set a time gap between each posting as well.

Further I’d advise that you set up another Facebook account to use solely for the purposes of joining groups and posting adverts to them as then if at anytime someone does report you for “Spam” and the account gets Frozen or closed down, you have not really lost anything and can always set up another Facebook account for this purpose again.

Prevention and Caution is always better than cure so to speak!

It enables you to Join Facebook Groups and Post to them on autopilot as is fully explained at this link:


I have heard from some of my colleagues that they prefer to use a different piece of Software to help them Join and Post to Facebook Groups and that Software called “Ninja Blaster” is available from the following link which you may also want to consider for this stage of the process.


Then You Want the Video you have pre-recorded to be transmitted from your Computer to your Facebook Profile so that it looks as though it is being Broadcast Live in exactly the same way that a normal Facebook Live Broadcast Would be From your Phone and in that regards the solution is a piece of Software called “Facebook Live Engagenator” and it can be obtained from this link:


That software will allow you to take pre-recorded videos on your computer and stream them to your Facebook Profile, Page or Group as though you are doing a 100% Live Broadcast.

The picture above shows me broadcasting to Facebook using this awesome software.

And that shows me watching the video broadcast as it transmits “Live”

Combine that with the power of this next piece of Software Called “LiveLeap” and you can have your “Facebook Live” broadcast stream at exactly the same time on ALL and I do mean ALL of your Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups that you are an Admin and/or Owner of.

The Software can also send out notifications and a link to the Live or apparently Live Video Feed to your Twitter and Linked In Accounts and indeed to your Email List and even Text Message List if you have one.

This has proven to be worth many, many times its weight in Gold to me and you can find out more and get your copy from this link:


Be aware that after you have read that page, there is a tab at the top of it which says “pricing” and that offers a Free Trial and Monthly Options if the One Time Only Lifetime License deal on the page at above link does not appeal to you, although I can honestly tell you that is what I invested into and it has already paid for itself many, many times over.

Now during your Facebook Live Video Broadcast you will want to dangle the carrot of some kind of “Free Gifts” which to claim them will mean that the viewers need to visit the website link (domain name) that you mention to them and then enter their name and email to be added to the “Newsletter” and “Special Offers” List.

The easiest and cheapest way I have found to design these, what they call “Squeeze Pages” and other web pages for Internet Sales purposes is to use a package of tools called “Profit Canvas Pro” the details of which are at this link:


And of course at some point you will want to Sell them your products and for that the two solutions that I have found and use most are two websites called Sellfy and Yes-Course.

Here are two examples of Sellfy Store’s that I have set up and sell stuff from on a daily basis:

And Also:

The beauty is that they will host (store) the download product on their servers and other than a small monthly subscription you only pay them money when an item has sold thus meaning you are always in profit.

The online template for uploading your product, product image, product video if relevant and advertising copy is simplicity itself and I would 100% unreservedly recommend this as the easy solution to starting your own online store.

It can also be integrated with your own website should so you so desire so that you appear to have an online shopping area within your website.

All payments made by customers go directly to your own Paypal account with Sellfys small commission being automatically taken during the process thus meaning that this removes all complicated paperwork and accountancy and makes things as easy as 1,2,3.

Find out more about Sellfy Solutions and Secure your account at this link:


Sellfy is the perfect solution for selling individual products and small courses, but if for example you wanted to put together a Massive Package of Stuff which would usually take up tons of space to store on your website hosts server and thus cost you a lot of money each month, then the best solution I have found is a website called YesCourse at this link:


You can choose to set this up so it costs you nothing and you only pay them a commission when sales are made, or when you know your doing a promotion and likely to sell a lot of a course you have hosted on YesCourse then you can for that month change over to paying them just a monthly fee and thus keeping more of your profits with the option to switch back to commission only payments the next month when things get quieter again after the promotion.

You can also offer Free Courses using YesCourse which then means you can log into YesCourse and through their internal dashboard email directly all of the people who sign up for the free sample course and promote to them your paid courses thus leading to further sales and profits.

Examples of how I use YesCourse effectively can be seen at this link:

My most profitable package being this one:

The really great thing about YesCourse is that it also has a facility to create discount codes.

For example if you put the discount code of HYPNOTIZE into the discount code box on the previous link I just gave you and it will then turn it into this giving you a massive 90% discount off the usual retail price:

NOTE = For the record my “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” at the above link contains the “Millionaire Plan” and “Passive Hypnosis Profits System” Videos that were mentioned earlier in this report, along with dozens of products that come to you with the product, professionally written sales letters and even ready made website designs that you can start using immediately to promote and profit from these dozens of ready made products.

NOTE = Not only that but “The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” also provides you with access to almost each and every Course, Product and Resource mentioned on every single page at and also at along with tons of other stuff that it is only possible to get your hands on by joining the Bootcamp.

So why not grab your 90% discount right now??

Going back to Yescourse, perhaps even more usefully it also allows you to set up Affiliate Tracking Links so you can offer Commissions to people who promote your products and courses for you to their Mailing Lists and Customers which is a great way of rapidly increasing your sales and profits.

Another tool I have found useful is called “Socivids” and it enables you to take any YouTube video in the world and add your own buy now, call to action bar, JV Zoo, or Paypal button right on top of it.

You can also add your own completely functional opt-in form, too.

That means you can use other people’s videos to build your list, make affiliate sales, and sell your own products.

You can also make way more money off of your own videos, too.

AND then you can use these videos as super cheap Facebook ads, and build a list/sell products from DIRECTLY inside the Facebook newsfeed.

There is more information and a demo video on “SociVids” at this link:


Or if your target market is one that may be weary of having to enter their name and email address into a website before they can get their “Free” gift, then you will no doubt find this tool called “LeadLock” worth it’s weight in Gold.

It enables you to send people a PDF Report which for example is 40 pages long but which will lock at for example page 17 until they then enter their name and email address into the opt in form that appears inside the PDF.


Once they enter their name and email this unlocks the PDF so they can read the rest of it and also enters their name and email address onto your mailing list which in the first instance I would advise you to set up with a company called “Aweber” who can be found at this link:


Indeed you’ll need to sign up with “Aweber” or a similar service to build your mailing list which can be done by offering “Free Reports” and such like using the Tools I have already mentioned and given you links to in this report.

But for those who know about using Word-Press Websites or may get one designed for them by a Professional Company and in that regards my preferred Website Designers and also Graphic Designers and Full Colour Printers are this Company:


Then those using a WordPress Site may want to consider investing into this WordPress Plugin called “Mailit” which then removes the need to pay a monthly subscription to a company such as “Aweber” as is explained at their official website here:


Now for those of you who do decide to have your own website you will need Safe, Secure and reliable website hosting and in that regards when it comes to selling products on the internet there is quite literally only one hosting company I would consider and that is D9 Hosting.

They have never let me down and they are used by the vast majority of the Worlds Richest and Most Successful Internet Marketeers so as they say if they are good enough for them then they are more than good enough for you.

Their full range of Services and Products Can be explored at:

Earlier I briefly mentioned Affiliate Marketing and the fact that you can earn commissions by promoting other peoples products and services to your mailing lists and Social Media Networks.

In terms of finding products to promote and earn commissions from and also in terms of finding people who have mailing lists who may be interested in promoting your unique products to their customers on a commission the main two websites to join are and also

Between those two sites you will be able to find a never ending stream of new products that you could recommend to your followers on your Social Media Networks, to readers of your blog and to members of the various Facebook Groups, Google Plus Groups and other internet forums and groups that you may join that share an interest in the item that you have chosen to promote and from which you will earn a commission from on each sale you help to generate.

Doing “Facebook Live” video broadcast “Reviews” of things can be a great way to engage with people and you of course post your affiliate link to buy the product you are “reviewing” in the text that accompanies your video broadcast which of course can be “syndicated” all over the place as explained earlier in this report.

In essence it really is as simple as creating a product or finding one to promote and then letting people who are interested in that kind of thing know about it and encouraging them to visit the website (sales page) which if it contains a well written sales letter should convert a large number of those interested party’s into buying customers.

And the joy of Facebook Groups, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups and Linked-In Groups and other Special Interest Forums and Groups is that you know that the people you are going to post your message, review video and/or website link to are 100% likely to be interested in for example “Hypnosis” as otherwise why would they have joined a special interest group or forum on the subject of for example “Hypnosis” ???

With that realisation it is going to be well worth your while to be able to manage and control all of the various Social Media networks that you can join and use to your advantage from one central control panel and to achieve that end, currently the tool that I would recommend to you is called “SociHub” and it is available from this link:

With reference to You-Tube a tip that is worth its weight in Gold is that when people enter words and phrases to search for things, YouTube search the name of the raw video file you uploaded before it searches the name you typed into the information field when uploading.

So before you upload your video file to You-Tube, right mouse click on it and choose “rename” and then for example if you were selling a course on how to teach dogs to be obedient and well behaved you might rename the video file to “How to Train My Dog to be Obedient & Behave”
That way when the video is uploaded it is more likely to be found and watched by people who are searching for that phrase or those keywords.

And needless to say during your video you will mention your website where they can purchase from and will of course put a link to the site in the YouTube Text Description box under the video being sure that you put http:// before the www. So that it shows as an active link on YouTube.

As you will have pre-recorded your Sales or Review video before using Facebook Live Engagenator to broadcast it as though live and using Liveleap to Syndicate it all over the place, you can of course after your apparent live broadcast upload the video to youtube so it can continue helping you to generate sales there.

On the occasions you may choose to do an actual Facebook Live Video Broadcast from your phone, the Liveleap software will still syndicate it everywhere and then after the broadcast has ended you can follow these simple instructions to download the video file from Facebook.

1) Go to the replay of the video on your Facebook Profile, Page or Group.

2) Click to start the video playing.

3) As the video is playing, right mouse click on the video and choose “Show Video URL”

4) When the video url is revealed click on it to highlight it and then right mouse click and choose COPY.

5) Now Paste that link into another window of your web browser whilst still logged into Facebook.

6) It will for example show a link such as:

You then need to delete the www bit and replace the www with the letter m for mobile as in this example:

which in this example when visited will redirect to this:

In any event when you get to that which is the mobile version of the video, click play on the video so its starts to play.

7) Then right mouse click on the video and choose “SAVE VIDEO AS” and it will allow you to download the raw video file to your computer.

8) At this point re-name the video by right mouse clicking on the raw video file and choosing “rename” of course renaming to something that is a popular phrase people search for who would be interested in buying your products or services or at the very least contains keywords that they may be searching for.

Which reminds me people think Key Words means type in one word, well yes it can, but in YouTube and many other websites it would be better if they called it “Key Phrases” as one so called Keyword could be for example “How Can I Hypnotize People”.

So yes whilst it is true that Hypnotize on its own is a Keyword, the phrase “How Can I Hypnotize People” which is made up of 5 words can on YouTube and other sites be considered as one Key Word.

Having shared that nugget with you, I will repeat again that Social Media Sites, especially those that have Special Interest Groups and Pages are where you will easily find customers who want to buy your products and with that in mind it would be wise for you to join all of the major Social Media and start using them effectively which is something that is taught in step by step detail in the Training Packages at this link:

Now I know it says that a Marketing for Therapy Practitioners Package but rest assured the techniques taught are 100% Identical to those that any person wanting to sell any form of product or service needs to follow in order to achieve maximum success.

And you know what as I truly want you to be as successful as possible I am going to give you a 50% Discount on that package when you use this Special Offer Discount Link to secure yours today:

Actually you know what, as I hate people wasting money when they don’t need to, let me remind you of something…

Were you to purchase them separately even using the Special Offer discount links contained in this PDF it would cost you the following to buy the items that I sell directly that will help to ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS.



Cost = $98.50



Cost = $98.01



Cost = $96.75


But all three of those packages above are contained inside the members area of my “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” along with access to 100’s of ready made products with resale rights and even several dozen ready made high in demand products that come to you with ready made websites so you can start promoting and selling them for big profits almost immediately.

And that’s without even mentioning that you also gain access for personal study only (not for resale) to most every other Course and Product which is advertised on every page at and also every page at

That is well over $5,000+ of additional stuff and the truth is when you act now you can get the lot with over 90% off the usual retail price right here:

Why not grab your 90% discount right now??

I can guarantee you that the package called “Secrets of Hypnotic Success” which is included within the Bootcamp at above link or can be purchased individually for $97 from this link will show you exactly how to easily generate massive Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Feature Publicity for your Products, Talents and Services which will lead people to your websites and ultimately have them spending money with you.

And that is the true key to success with so called Internet Marketing, combine several proven strategies and approaches together as you will learn to do with my “Millionaire Plan” and “Passive Profits Systems” which are inside the Bootcamp.

Combine Proven Online Internet Marketing approaches with proven offline Mail Order Strategies, together with using the Media both on and offline to help promote your Products and Services and True Success can indeed be yours far more rapidly than you may ever imagine.

I don’t care what your area of interest is, I don’t care who your target customer is, I don’t care how old you are or where you are located in the world and most of all I truly don’t care what your product, service or talent is that you wish to profit from, in all and I do mean ALL cases the Strategies revealed in this PDF along with the Free Videos and also websites linked to herein are your Key to Consistently Making Big $$/££ Profits even whilst your asleep at night!

I trust that you find the contents of this manual as Profitable and Rewarding as I have done and continue to do so on a daily basis…

Many thanks for your time,



PS: Much earlier in this report I mentioned “Affiliate Commissions” and the simple fact is (as explained in the free videos earlier) offering a sizeable commission of between 40%-60% on every sale that other people help you to generate for your product/s is by far one of the most effective and speedy ways to grow your internet business, increase your sales and ultimately multiply your profits many times over.

So with that in mind I would strongly recommend that you take a close look at “Tapfiliate” which will enable you to offer affiliate commissions and easily track them via your own website.

All is explained at this link:

PPS: As people become more comfortable using mobile technology on a daily basis, the time is upon us now that huge profits can be made either selling access to Apps or using Free Apps as clever Marketing devices to upsell other products and services and with that in mind I would advise you to take a look at this site:

PPPS: Once you’ve got started, you may well find down the line that you’d like more control over things yourself and the desire may grow to be able to easily design your own websites in which case the package that the vast majority of my truly successful internet marketing colleagues are now using is called “Convertri” and you can learn more about it here:

PPPPS: If you’ve found value in this publication please do share a copy of it with everybody you know who may also benefit from its contents and let me remind you that this is in truth basically everybody you know in any form of business who wants to sell more of their Services, Talents or Products!

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle




(Unless Stated otherwise, all items include UK Postage Only, Have Their Original Instructions and are in Almost 100% AS NEW Condition, these being sold as I have duplicates/spares of most all of them).

Inbox me via my profile of to check item/s you want are still available before making payment and I will then reply to confirm and also send you details of what Paypal Email Address to send your payment to.

You May Also be interested in the Massive Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis Bumper Bargain at this link:




Another popular effect by Ian. Its a jolly good effect. Its a jolly good routine Its several valuable minutes of fun and entertainment.

Effect : The performer displays five Jumbo Cards, Each with a striking Blue pictorial back design. On their front are bold printed pictures of Ice Lollipops in 5 diffrerent flovours.

Each card is displayed and the children are asked to shout out the different flavours – Lemon, Orange,Strawberry, Lime & Black Current. The colors printed to match the flavours.

The cards are then mixed up and 4 children are selected to assist and, which ever lollipop ends on the letter Y when spelt out is the one the child will have. The Cards are dealt from front to back with their backs towards the children spelling the word L-O-L-L-Y. The last card is reversed and its lets say “Orange”. The performer repeats this each time landing on a different flavour until only 1 lolly remains which is his. When the performer reverses the last card, there is no Lolly, instead there is a picture of a greedy little boy licking his lips ” He had my Lolly” quips the performer.

Also supplied are some extra cards for different climaxes, – the lolly could be half bitten, or vanish completely.

Item comes complete with all the required jumbo size cards, printed in color, and instructions for the several different climaxes and effects.


05) TWO BOOKLET’S = The Magic of Eric Sharp & The Comedy of Eric Sharp.

Compiled by Quentin Reynolds these two booklets are full of pure gold in terms of Routines and bits of business for Childrens Entertainers.

Yours For Just £6.00.

06) BOOK = You’d Be Surprised by Robert Parish & John Goodrum.

Written by noted magic author, Robert Parrish, and John Goodrum, “You’d Be Surprised,” has something for everyone – from Mental and Card Magic to Manipulative Effects, including the production of a Glass of Liquid from a Card Fan. Plus, effects with ropes, ribbon, thimbles and more. Highlights include…

The Ultimate One Man Sealed Message Reading System
An outstanding system that does NOT rely on the one-ahead method! Plus, the spectator’s own card and envelope is returned immediately!

Selective Card to Pocket
Or anywhere else for that matter! Bold yet brilliant, it will leave your audience dumbfounded.

Alias Divination
Oscar Weigle’s very commercial twist on the traditional Living and Dead test. Use his handling or just adapt the presentation to your own. You’re going to love the premise.

Strange Interlude
Transform any magazine into an impression device in seconds.

And much, much more. 36 effects in all!


08) DVD = Mel Meller’s Live.


Available through no other Magic Dealer!!

Mike Danata’s Magic Studio are indeed very proud to be able to offer these Dvds to our customers!

Mel in full swing in a real club environment, with a lay audience, doing what he does best:

Devilishly Delightful Entertainment!

With comedy, mind reading, lightening calculations, visual impossibilities and mind-blowing challenges.

Mel blends his sophisticated and slightly sinister wit into a presentation teetering between humorous and hair-raising.

Holding court with his unique style, he combines intrigue and comedy, taking the audience on a feast of paranormal possibilities in this original act, alive with action, laughter and wonder!

No explanations on this Dvd, just real world performance, from a real Master of his craft!

Very limited stock available.

Running time is approx 1 hour, & was recorded Live at Jethro’s Nightclub in Cornwall, by a five camera crew!

Mike Danata Comments:

I am indeed very proud to be able to offer these to my customers!

I guarantee you will laugh until it hurts!!

Retails at £15 plus postage.



Brand New and still sealed in Cellophane Three Disk DVD-ROM Set.

Teaches a full Two and Half Hour Theatre Mentalism Show and a whole bunch more besides.

Reviews of the Show you will learn can be seen at:

Retails at £39.95p plus postage.



10) SHORT SUPRISE by Repro Magic & Mike Danata.

This has been copied and a recent version sells under the name Professor Cheers Comedy Rope Routine.
Hilarious Routine!
First Class Entertaining Magic!

Laughs all the way with this one……….. then a real KNOCK – OUT Climax, guaranteed to get a real big laugh!

You see a small piece of rope hanging from your sleeve, you try to “Flick” it out of the way, you then attempt to pull it out, but it gets longer and longer, & no end seems to be in sight! The rope sticks, another end appears at the bottom of your trousier leg (tucked into your sock if you wish) you pull on this end & the rope feeds up the coat sleeve & down the OTHER trousier leg! pulling hard again, the rope is seen to travel UP one trousier leg & DOWN the other.

Finally tugging on the rope really hard, out pop a pair of very GAUDY boxer shorts stitched onto the very end!

Magical & Funny, remember the audience sees at least three clear ends before the shorts appear, & yet at the end they only see one very long length of rope with only TWO ends, & one of those ends contain a pair of boxers!!!

It’s a scream!




Comes with the REPRO original illustrated instructions, but now with improved apparatus (all stiched & ready to go!) hank of rope & the boxer shorts! Fantastic Value! for such a great effect.


Usually Retails Around the £27 mark.

YOURS FOR JUST – £14.00.


11) Daryl’s Amazing Acrobatic Knot.


This incredible routine begins when a white knot jumps from a white rope onto a red rope. You further amaze your audience by sliding that knot completely off then visibly tossing it back onto the red rope. For a mind-boggling finish, the knot dissolves right in front of their eyes and becomes a permanently blended white section of the red rope!

Daryl has featured this incredible routine in virtually every show he’s performed since 1980!

Can be performed anywhere and everything can be examined!

Includes new thicker ropes, instructions with simple and advanced routines and includes an instructional DVD!!!

Formerly known as the Jumping Knot of Pakistan. (Daryl’s routine for Pavel’s Fantastic Knot)

Usual Retail is around £35.00



12) Joe Riding’s “Roped In” Cabaret/Stage Comedy Rope Routine.

“Roped In” is a fantastic commercial Rope Routine by Joe Riding.

Can be performed both Close Up or stage!

The routine was featured extensively in Mike Danata’s own professional performances for over 30 years!! (“Seeing Is Believing Show” “Could It Be Magic” etc etc) It is a multi faceted routine, with just one piece of rope, that is given away at the end.

It’s cut & restored, shrinks,stretches, cut again, tied together, knots appear, vanish, & finally restores AGAIN! all with spectator interaction. A wonderful routine. Visit the Studio for a demo!

Comes complete with instructions & a generous supply of soft white bleached Magicians Rope…..

Retails at £15 plus postage.  (Only a small bit of rope has been used)



13) Terry Seabrookes & Wayne Dobsons Bank Note in Wallet.

(Can also be used for Card To Wallet & Other Things)


This is the BEST wallet currently available for the signed note/card in wallet effect! This has been a feature for many years in both the acts of Wayne Dobson & Terry Seabrooke.

For over thirty years it was also the feature effect in the act of Mike Danata, with a slightly different premise, although based on the original Terry Seabrooke routine.

Lots of scope for comedy & byplay, this comes COMPLETE with the perfect (stiffer leather) wallet with metal zip, that’s easy to load. PLUS the full Terry Seabrooke routine, PLUS(!) Wayne Dobson’s routine which we purchased the rights two, a few years ago.

Mike Danata Comments:

This was the best trick I ever bought from REPRO! it was the mainstay of my act for over 30 years, I’d burn the spectator’s money at the beginning of the act, send him back to his seat without it, then I performed a lot of magic to the “Value” of the money that was “Accidently burned” I’d even get the spectator to confirm the value of each trick as I performed it, until we got to the actual value of the borrowed note!!

The act then climaxed with the reproduction of the same note from a sealed envelope, from within my wallet, as the money was passed back to the spectator,to conclude my performance.

Retails at £30-00 plus postage.




As shown in photo you get a Gold Coloured Himber Ring and Matching Ungimmicked Ring and also a Black Coloured Himber Ring and Matching Ungimmicked Ring Together with TrickShops Excellent Linking Ring Routine Photographic Instructions.

Combined Normal Retail Value of £25+




This is the Repro Magic Original Release complete with gimmick ring, pencil and instructions.

This little miracle caused a sensation, when it was first performed on Television by the late Al Koran.It’s subsequent impact on all audiences has been terrific. In effect, three mens gold rings are borrowed & in the fairest & cleanest manner, joined together to form a chain. Each ring is clearly identified by it’s owner, while still linked. The rings are then separated & returned unharmed.

Comes complete with all gimmicks & full instructions!

Exactly as sold for many years by Repro Magic………..



17) Chris Talbot’s Bowled Over (Bowling Ball Production)

“This is a great solution that makes the illusion all the more practical for professional magicians.” Andrew Mayne

One of the strongest effects that you can perform for an audience is the production of an impossible object.

When that object is a bowling ball, the instant impossibility is recognised immediately by your audience guaranteeing a fantastic response.

With Chris’ new specially designed harness, the bowling ball can be produced from an empty paper bag that can easily be carried around by the performer.

With special thanks to Andrew Mayne, Chris Talbert has created the most practical bowling ball production of all time.
Your audience will be BOWLED OVER!

**Bowled Over by Chris Talbot & World Magic Shop BOWLING BALL NOT INCLUDED**

RETAILS AT £25 plus Postage.




Joe Ridings famous Sponge Ball Routine was one of the first Cabaret/Stage routines with Sponges to appear on the market. The routine with the gags & bits of business was used by Tommy Cooper!

Mike Danata used a “Hybrid” of this routine in his own performances for many years.

We supply the complete manuscript with routine & gags plus all the sponges! (four 2″ Supersoft & 15 1″ supersoft for the climax).

This retails at £20-00 plus postage.

YOURS FOR JUST – £12.00 inc post.


19) Goshman Sanada Gimmick With Sponge Ball.

If you only need the Sanada gimmick, here it is! Mr. Toyosane Sanada has created a quality gimmick to produce, vanish or exchange any small item (sponge balls, coins, bills, etc.).



20) Tango Magic Ultimate Copper & Silver and also Pop Dice.

2 Tricks being sold together as one. With Pop Dice you show
A Dice and bang it on the table making it into a Flat dice which is both magical and comical.

With The Ultimate Copper & Silver Coin Set from Tango Copper and Silver Coins change places from hands to hand in many magical ways.

In excellent as new condition but this is the old release which does not come with a DVD but has printed instructions.

Combined Retail Value of over £35+



21) Excalibur & Arthur’s Shield!

Product ID: 631

An action-packed routine for your new children’s show! A version of the ‘walking through a rope’ effect that Eddie has specially adapted.

The props consist of a nicely made traditional looking wooden sword & shield, together with two long pieces of rope. Since nothing is faked in any way, they may be carefully examined.

Three children help; one is King Arthur and the other two are villain black knights who break into Camelot and steal Arthur’s sword Excalibur together with his shield, tying them up onto two lengths of rope. Then they capture Arthur himself, who is also tied to the ropes but everything is put right by magic!

The children in the audience shout Merlin’s magic word “Excalibur!” and Arthur walks free and straight through the ropes, clutching his sword and shield that are also magically released.

This is a streamlined version of a routine that Eddie toured through leading theatres with his special production of Merlin’s Magic Show! The full routine is released here for the very first time!

Eddie also includes a special version using just one unfaked length of rope. A big feature illusionette that is easy-to-do and is always ready to perform, packing flat inside your prop bag.

Comes with the ropes, traditional-looking wooden sword (approx 58cm long), shield (34cm long), instructions and routine.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering this item please check with us what extra postage will be required. Thank you.




This is the only item that is not “As New” as I have repaired the case with bright
gaffer tape. But all Still works perfectly.

No instructions but very easy to work out how to use.. (A great routine is on the
Quentin Reynolds DVDs mentioned earlier)




Gary Jones returns to Full 52! Hot on the heels of the smash hit ‘Automata’ DVD, one of the busiest working pros in the UK is back with no less than TEN stunning tricks with poker chips! But, these are no ordinary poker chips! This is a very special set of TEN casino quality, custom made, ceramic poker chips and…THREE of them are secretly GAFFED!

Do not mistake this for a ‘trick’. This is not your typical flavour of the month, flash in the pan, one trick pony. This is a superior set of professional magicians props, painstakingly designed to perfection (after many failed prototypes!) to ensure maximum visibility against most backgrounds and lighting conditions. Specially manufactured from casino grade ceramic with attention to weight, handling and durability. The modern design is reminiscent of ‘Poker Tournament’ style chips so, they don’t look like tacky magic props. These are professionally manufactured, A-grade casino chips. They look and feel just like the real deal because…they ARE!

With this unique set of chips and the full and thorough teaching of the ten routines included on the professionally shot instructional DVD, you’ll be seeing amazing reactions from your audiences in no time. The routines run the full gamut in terms of difficulty too. From easy, self working tricks to more intermediate effects right the way through to more advanced, professional handlings, there is something here to suit all skill levels.

And, you’ll no doubt soon discover and create your own effects and routines because, remember, these chips are a TOOL for magic and the depth of what’s possible doesn’t stop with the enclosed routines. You’ll instantly realise that many existing, classic coin routines can easily be performed with ‘The Ammo’ chip set!

Retails Around the £50+ Mark.






26) ANT THE ANT from John Breeds Children’s Magic Store.

Pretty well all kids’ entertainers know the premise of the ‘Monkey Bar’ effect. But few Monkey Bars, if any, have a dramatic yet visible climax – until now!

Ant the Ant is a tried and tested highly commercial effect – with the emphasis on fun! It’s the ideal trick for kids of all ages as it offers laughs galore, screams of delight and a surprise ending when Ant visibly jumps from one end-tumbler to the other; and then jumps back to the centre one!

How does Ant accomplish such feats? Well he cheats because he wears springs on his shoes. In fact, Ant the Ant is a champion jumper!

Top quality, strong polycarbonate tumblers and plinth form the basic apparatus. Two neodymium disc magnets allow the smooth transition of Ant’s seemingly impossible escapades. Also included is a fully illustrated Instruction booklet of handling and worked routine.

Loads of fun here for all ages!

Retails at £42-00 including UK Delivery.





Freddie the Magical High Jumping Flea is the perfect opening routine for all Children’s Party & Family Show Entertainers and has been a staple of Tizzy The Clown’s Act for fast approaching 60 years with huge success!

Tizzy’s Son, Jonathan Royle has also been performing this routine in his Children’s and Family shows at the time of release, for the past 27+ years to date, and he too has always found this to be the perfect opening routine to win the audience over, get them warmed up for what’s to come and ultimately to get them well and truly on your side.

This is similar to the Classic Monkey Bar Routine, except that it uses 3 Glasses upon a small tray inside of one of which is a large colourful silk.

This Silk apparently magically jumps from one end glass to the other, but always only whilst the Magician is placing the tray behind his back and the audience soon catch on with screams of “You Turned it Around”

After much Comedy By Play and Audience interaction which you will witness by way of two videos showing Tizzy the Clown using this routine which he has honed to perfection in Live Performances there is a double impact magical ending.

Firstly the silk visibly jumps from one end glass to the other in front of everybody’s eyes, and then as an encore the Silk Visibly Jumps from the end glass into the Centre One and once again draws huge applause from the amazed audience.

The original idea for a Silk jumping from Glass to Glass seems to have been first marketed by Abbots Magic Company with Victor Trask’s Tri-Fly-Silk in the 1960’s, with a version then marketed by Ken Brooke in the 1970’s and numerous different versions having been marketed by various dealers around the world since then.

Within this package you will receive a PDF Ebook along with access to several videos including live performances of the routine featuring “Freddie” the Magical High Jumping Flea and a total of 39 Full Colour Photographs which will help you to easily and very cheaply make the props needed to perform this feature effect using just a few easily obtained items that most Dollar or Pound Stores usually stock.

For such a routine, that has been audience tested during many countless thousands of shows, this is perhaps one of the best investments you will ever make and a true bargain at only $20-00.

NOTE = that the info from the Ebook Download Advert which I will email you a copy of the PDF as instructions for the prop that you will be sent through the post when you but this.

NOTE = Some clear glue as dried leaving white tinges on some areas of the “glasses” whilst visible close up is not from a short distance and does NOT affect the trick.





This Routine dubbed “The Magic Ice-Lolly Machine” by Tizzy The Clown is something that he has been performing in every show since he was taught it by Mas-Kar “The Great White Yogi” with whom he was appearing in the Pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” under his other stage name of Les-Le-Roy during the Christmas Season of 1971.

It has been audience tested and honed to perfection during countless thousands of Children’s Parties and Family Shows.

Using nothing more than a Glass, a Bottle of Soda Pop and a Magic Wand this is a fun packed routine that both amazes and amuses whilst also giving the audience numerous chances to shout out and join in at every stage.

In effect a bottle of Soda Pop is poured into a clear glass and stirred with the Magic Wand (or wooden spoon) and magically becomes Solid as it the liquid turns into an Ice Lolly.

The Magic Wand is stuck in the now “solid” liquid and cannot be removed as suddenly the wand becomes stuck to your hand in such a manner that you are able to open out your fingers and spread them wide and yet the wand and glass on the end of it still remains suspended in mid air.

To prove how “Solid” the Lolly is you then spin the wand around in the air causing the Glass to rotate fully 36o% degrees several times without any liquid being spilled as the Lolly is “solid”

And then at the end the Magic Wand comes free from the Lolly and it the Liquid returns to normal being able to be drunk to bring the routine to a logical conclusion.

Tizzy the Clown has been using this routine since 1971, some 46 years to date and his son Jonathan Royle has been using it in his Kids Shows since 1989 also with huge success.

This package comes complete with an Instructional PDF, together with 65 Full Colour Photographs & Access to Two Videos including both Live Performance of the routine and also “How To” Advice allowing you to easily and very cheaply make all the props required for this feature Children’s Party or Family Show Routine.

You will also discover what routine Jonathan Royle always uses before this one as the perfect lead in and logical reason for wanting to make a Magical Ice Lolly.

All of the items required to easily make the props for this routine can easily and cheaply be purchased from most Dollar or Pound Stores.

This is without doubt a real “workers” routine and a true bargain at only $20-00.

NOTE = Above is the info from the Ebook Download Advert (a copy will be sent by email when you purchase) BUT you will also be sent the prop shown in the photograph through the post as well.





This Routine dubbed “The Magic Ice-Lolly Machine” by Tizzy The Clown is something that he has been performing in every show since he was taught it by Mas-Kar “The Great White Yogi” with whom he was appearing in the Pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” under his other stage name of Les-Le-Roy during the Christmas Season of 1971.

It has been audience tested and honed to perfection during countless thousands of Children’s Parties and Family Shows.

Using nothing more than a Glass, a Bottle of Soda Pop and a Magic Wand this is a fun packed routine that both amazes and amuses whilst also giving the audience numerous chances to shout out and join in at every stage.

In effect a bottle of Soda Pop is poured into a clear glass and stirred with the Magic Wand (or wooden spoon) and magically becomes Solid as it the liquid turns into an Ice Lolly.

The Magic Wand is stuck in the now “solid” liquid and cannot be removed as suddenly the wand becomes stuck to your hand in such a manner that you are able to open out your fingers and spread them wide and yet the wand and glass on the end of it still remains suspended in mid air.

To prove how “Solid” the Lolly is you then spin the wand around in the air causing the Glass to rotate fully 36o% degrees several times without any liquid being spilled as the Lolly is “solid”

And then at the end the Magic Wand comes free from the Lolly and it the Liquid returns to normal being able to be drunk to bring the routine to a logical conclusion.

Tizzy the Clown has been using this routine since 1971, some 46 years to date and his son Jonathan Royle has been using it in his Kids Shows since 1989 also with huge success.

This package comes complete with an Instructional PDF, together with 65 Full Colour Photographs & Access to Two Videos including both Live Performance of the routine and also “How To” Advice allowing you to easily and very cheaply make all the props required for this feature Children’s Party or Family Show Routine.

You will also discover what routine Jonathan Royle always uses before this one as the perfect lead in and logical reason for wanting to make a Magical Ice Lolly.

All of the items required to easily make the props for this routine can easily and cheaply be purchased from most Dollar or Pound Stores.

This is without doubt a real “workers” routine and a true bargain at only $20-00.

NOTE = Above is the info from the Ebook Download Advert (a copy will be sent by email when you purchase) BUT you will also be sent the prop shown in the photograph through the post as well.




(Unless Stated otherwise, all items include UK Postage Only, Have Their Original Instructions and are in Almost 100% AS NEW Condition, these being sold as I have duplicates/spares of most all of them).

Inbox me via my profile of to check item/s you want are still available before making payment and I will then reply to confirm and also send you details of what Paypal Email Address to send your payment to.

You May Also be interested in the Massive Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis Bumper Bargain at this link:





How I Was Head Hunted by Britain’s Got Talent #BGT Researchers & Producers & Then After They Wasted My Time For Over Two Months They Changed Their Minds At The Last Minute! – (An Insightful Account for anyone thinking of Applying to or being Contacted by Britain’s Got Talent aka BGT…


(How They Head Hunted Me for the 2017 Shows & Then Wasted My Time)


To cut a long story short starting on the 25th November 2016, Britain’s Got Talent have for the past 62 days (Two Months) been wasting my time and
all in an effort no doubt to, as they have done to many in the past, edit things
to try and make me look like a complete idiot.

During the phone-calls I have received during this time I have always been
led to believe that the Producers were very excited about my act and me appearing on Britain’s Got Talent.

Along the way they kept during phonecalls asking me about my Psychic
Ability and trying to get me to say it was real, well as you can see from
the links I gave them in my questionnaire answers and from what it says
on my website which I know they looked at, I made it very clear at every

The fact that I refused to audition for the Judges and they still confirmed that
I was through to the next round and such based on videos they had seen of
my Belly Button Psychic Style Performances further led me to believe that
they most definitely wanted me on the show.

I personally figured this was because of how bizarre my act is and how they
could easily make me look like an oddball and get good media coverage to
help increase the viewer ratings for their show…

But let’s face it you can’t really look anything other than a bit of an oddball
when you are messing around with peoples Belly Buttons Like shown in the
following Two Videos which the Producers of BGT have watched:

And also here is me doing “Belly Button Mind Reading”

Well from day one of them contacting me (Once I knew it was them) I have
always made it very clear that I will NOT in any manner Audition in person
for the Producers (as they can watch videos on youtube and my websites) and that the only time I will perform any parts of my act is if I was to be Guaranteed to be put in front of the Celebrity Judges and filmed with a Guarantee of it being broadcast on Television in a manner whereby I would not be edited so everything was completely out of context.

It appeared that they were agreeing to all my demands, however over two
months since they head hunted and contacted me, it seems that the Producers
have changed their minds with just over two weeks until the Manchester
Filmed in front of the Celebrity Judges Auditions take place!

So what follows now is a chronology of how they have wasted my time and
messed me around for over two months….

For the record I know people they have messed around and ultimately then
screwed over far more than me, people who have ended up appearing on TV
but were edited into looking real idiots and tricked into doing things they did
not really want to do….


On 25th November 2016, a Television Researcher who I later discovered was working for Britain’s Got Talent Named Tom Hutton, after friends requesting me on Facebook sent me an inbox message on facebook which read as follows:

Hi Alex,

I was hoping to get in contact with you about your Mentalism, I’m currently working for a TV production company called Thames TV and we are currently producing a prime time entertainment series for ITV, and I would love to speak to you regarding the series.

I was wondering if you might be interested ? Do you have a contact number you’d be happy for me to call you on to let you know more info and to discuss further ?

Hope to hear back soon, Kind regards Tom Hutton

I responded the same day 25th November 2016 with an email saying:

Hi Tom,

Yes my contact number is 07956-******.

My website is

Reviews of my Mentalism Shows along with some video clips can be seen on:


Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle

I did not get a reply until 2nd December 2016 when Tom replied to me on Facebook with this:

02/12/2016 15:19

HI Alex,

Really sorry for the terribly slow reply, its been busy here, Are you free to chat today ?

Hope to hear back soon,

Kind Regards Tom Hutton

Of course I replied to that on same day of 2nd December 2016 with:

You should be able to get me on the phone AFTER 4-30pm today.

To Which Tom Hutton Replied:

Amazing, Will give you a call around then,
My number might appear as “Unknown” but its only me.
I look forward to speaking with you,

Kind Regards Tom Hutton

Then indeed at around 4-30pm on 2nd December 2016 Tom Hutton called me…

He spoke with me for the best part of an hour explaining that he was working for Britain’s Got Talent, that they had seen videos of my Psychic Belly Button Reading Performances and that the Producers were very eager to have me audition for and take part in the show.

I explained that I would only be interested if I was 100% going directly to be in front of the Celebrity Judges, was guaranteed a performance time and was certain to be shown on TV and not edited in any manner to remove anything of importance.

A few days laters on 5th December 2016 I got this email from Tom at BGT:

Hi Alex,

was great to speak to you last week,

I have chatted to the producers of the show and
Id like to invite you to our Producers Audition in Manchester.

We are going to be at Manchester Central this coming Saturday and
Sunday the 10th & 11th. As I have spoken with yourself instead of
waiting around all day, I can get you a time slot for you to come in to speed the day up for yourself.

We are there from 10:00 until 5:00 let me know if that works for you and what time you would prefer ? Hope to hear back soon,

Kind Regards

Tom Huton

I responded the same day to that with:

Hi Tom,

At this stage I’ll say no, the reason being as I understand it (forgive me and correct me if I am wrong) but this weekend the Real Celebrity Judges will not be there…

The simple fact is without wishing to sound arrogant, I don’t audition for things simple as that, well not multiple times anyway PMSL

There is more than enough info on my Belly Buttons page at  for Producers to get an idea of what I do and understand that it could (and would) help them generate Quirky Media Articles and thus ultimately help ratings etc.

If the Producers want a Belly Button Reading Psychic who will make a nutter of themselves and Read Peoples Minds on Stage then they can have one, but I’ll need to know 100% up front in advance before turning up, that I am going Straight before the Celebrity Judges.

And with the greatest of respect before you tell me that does not happen, I personally know several people who have been on the show (Circus Style and Magic) where exactly that has happened.

The Ball is as they say in your court.

Was great to speak to you on Friday though.

Kind Regards

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

And I followed it up shortly afterwards the same day with:

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind meeting with Producers to discuss things like how to get publicity angles out of it for the show and talk them through what I’d do.. But I never perform (audition) my actual act, I’ve always just talked it through with Producers of TV Shows around the world and let them rely on my website info and videos combined with what info we discuss (like we did on Friday)… So I am available for a chat (if truly needed) but I won’t be performing anything, although would be happy to talk it through.

That same day 5th December 2016 Tom Replied with:

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the message back, All acts do need to be seen by the producers in person beforehand in some way as we cant just have people appearing in front of the judges for the first time, acts also need to discuss with them what sort of things they will be doing for the full time whilst on stage.

I think it would be great to have you on board, I can try and arrange for you to meet them and talk them through your act maybe whilst they are in Manchester if you would do that ?

Hope to hear back soon,

Kind Regards Tom Hutton

Again on 5th December 2016 I replied to Tom with

HI Tom,

I’ll happily meet to discuss what I would do or could do and to give ideas etc on publicity angles by all means. However in terms of actual performing, that waits for in front of the celebrity judges in the context of this show…

Obviously were it something more studio based (not filmed as live) then I’d go through things with a floor manager as well. In which case yes, I could pop down this Saturday if you can schedule a pretty accurate time slot for meeting for me that would be appreciated.

Thanks again Jonathan/Alex

On the 6th December 2016 I sent another email to Tom saying:

Any News Tom ?

On 6th December 2016 Tom Replied with:

Hi Alex,

that’s completely fine, I will have a chat with the producers on Friday and discuss with them what we can do for you. I will let you know what happens,

I hope that is ok,

Kind Regards

Tom Hutton

I responded again on 6th December with:

As long as you can let me know before 7pm Friday so I can juggle things if needed for The Saturday. .

Although currently I would be fine for a time slot between 12pm and 5pm..

I heard nothing and so on 9th December I sent email of:

please do let me know as soon as you can any news so I can plan my day tomorrow.

Later that day of 9th December Tom Hutton Replied with:

Hi Alex,

I just spoke with the producers and they really liked the act as anticipated,

No need to come to Manchester to talk with them as we would hate to waste your time,

I can chat with you now or on Monday to explain more..

but its all good news for you going forward.

Tom Hutton.

On 9th December I replied with:

I am about now..

so is it a case of just coming and auditioning in front of judges in new year when the filming is done?

Obviously after having outlined what I intend to do and ensured everyone knows what’s going to occur in terms of making it easy to film And no doubt reading Ant, Dec’s and Stephen Mulherns Navels backstage and making predictions for them etc PMSL..

That day 9th December Tom Hutton Replied with:

Hi Alex,

It’s easier to explain over the phone,
but as I say its all good news.
I look forward to speaking to you more later.

Tom Hutton.

9th December I replied with:

OK dokey call me on Monday Tom and gave a great weekend.

On 12th December at 2-23pm Tom Sends me this message:

Hi Alex,

are you free to chat now ?

Tom Hutton.

I respond and basically say YES call me now and give him
all my contact details to which he responds:

Thanks Alex, I will update our document now so that we have that.
Tom Hutton

And then shortly later Tom Hutton calls me and tells me that I am through to the next round without any need to come and audition in front of the Producers as they have watched videos of my Belly Button Acts and really love them.

On 13th December Tom Hutton Sends me this message following our telephone call the previous day:

Hi Alex,

as mentioned yesterday, someone else from the team will be now contacting you, her name is Hannah and she will be just contacting you to find out some more info about what you will be wanting to do on stage,

It was lovely speaking to you,

Kind Regards

Tom Hutton

I responded the same day to Tom with:

Thanks Tom, that’s much appreciated.

On 13th December (later the same day) Hannah Warner from BGT emails me and phones me where we speak at length about what I am to do in February at The Manchester Filmed Auditions in front of the Celebrity Judges. This is the email she sent me:

Hi Alex,

So great to speak with you just then. As discussed my name is Hannah and I am your allocated Researcher. I will be here to assist you throughout the process and to answer any questions that you may have.

I am pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the next stage of Britain’s Got Talent! The next stage is a filmed audition and will be in front of our celebrity judging panel and a live theatre audience.

Please note this is not a confirmed audition and we do reserve the right to withdraw an audition at any point of the audition process

The auditions dates are


Wed 18th Jan

London – The Palladium

Sat 28th Jan

Sun 29th Jan

Mon 30th Jan

Birmingham – The Hippodrome

Thurs 2nd Feb

Fri 3rd Feb

Sat 4th Feb

Manchester – The Lowry

Thurs 9th Feb

Fri 10th Feb

Sat 11th Feb

At this stage, please keep yourself available for the full period of time. You will be allocated an audition date and city – as soon as I have more information on specific dates I will share these with you.

If there are any dates that you are not available, please do let me know as soon as possible.

Please find attached a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me when you can. Please can I ask for you to provide as much detail as possible about any music you are using and what technical/sound/staging requirements you may have.

On your audition day you may have a filmed interview. In order for our producers to conduct the best possible interviews, we try to find out as much about you before the day. The questionnaire includes questions about you and your life – please fill these out as much as possible. The more information we know about you the better!

Once I have received your questionnaire, I will give you a call to follow up and potentially ask a few more questions.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch via email or by phone (0207 *** ****).

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kindest regards,


ON 14th December I complete the BGT Audition Process Questionnaire, turn my final response into a PDF so they cannot edit it and then return it to Hannah as requested. And also send follow up email.

My first email of the day with attachements was:

Hi Hannah,

Following our telephone conversation yesterday

(13th December) please find attached in PDF form

the fully completed questionnaire.

in terms of Photographic ID please take a look at: 

That can easily be checked as being me if needed.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Again it is obviously Manchester that is my nearest place to film and perform before the Judges.

Many thanks

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

And that was followed up with:

Hi Hannah,

I forgot to mention in the attached PDF under the question

what is most interesting fact about you the following two


a) At age of Four I was mauled by a Puma whilst on the

Circus. I was just saved in the nick of time but my left ear

was ripped off and had to be reattached.

b) Again aged around 4 and a bit whilst performing with

the Circus at Newbrighton Theatre one of The PG Chimps (Tea

Advert Chimps)  would hit me around the head every day as

we went on stage and they left the stage, always when my dad

was not looking and I’d always say “He’s just hit me again dad”

those are both 100% TRUE Stories and also ones I thought you

may find amusing.

Attached is completed questionairre!

Many thanks

Jonathan Royle

PS: Manchester is my preferred Filmed Audition Venue.

On 16th December, Hannah Warner phones from BGT and talks through all the answers I have given on the Questionnaire and asks me if I can film various things for her to show the Producers to which I make it clear that all they need is on my website, you-tube and in the answers I gave.

On 23rd December 2016, Hannah Warner from BGT calls again to say the Producers Love it & they will be in touch to finalize things after Christmas.

On 6th January Hannah Warner emails about props and stuff needed on stage etc.

Hi Alex,

I hope you are well?

I just wanted to check in with you  with regards to what props etc you will need on the day.

Would you be bringing the pens and card for the audience members etc to write on?

Would you like these on a table on the stage or will you carry them on with you in your pocket etc?

Many thanks



HI Hannah,

Happy New Year and Hope all is well.

In regards to props I will bring Everything, I have the small clipboards, Pens and Cards for them to write on.

Also I have a Table which I can carry on with me OR BETTER STILL can be set for me on stage before I go onto the stage.

Any news yet on a Celebrity Judge Taking part?

And also what Date, Time and Location are we looking at?

I gather it will be The Lowry?

Many Thanks



Hi Jonathan ,

That’s great thank you.

Sure – the table can be on stage before you go on to it.

I’m still waiting to hear about confirmed dates and venues etc.

If Manchester is your preferred city and I can certainly let the producers know this?

We are still waiting to hear about the celebrity judges taking part, as it can take a while to hear back. However, it may be that we aren’t able to and will use audience members. I hope this is okay?

Many thanks


And I email her also on 6th Janaury with more info and ideas as per:

HI Hannah,

Yes Manchester would indeed be best by far and the best
date would be Thursday 9th or Friday 10th as ideally I need
to be somewhere else on Saturday 11th (but could cancel if
absolutely had to)

Indeed we can do the routine with 5 normal audience
members HOWEVER it would make far more visual imagery
for Media Promotion etc to have a shot of me with my finger
in a Celebrity Judges Navel.

Or at very least examining Ant and Decs at side of the stage
or Stephens for BGT More Talent.

Me with my finger in a Famous Persons Navel whilst examining
it with a Magnifying glass is just the kind of visual silly image
that the media would love and talk about, you may wish to
mention this to the producers.



On 11th January Hannah Warner calls me asking if I can go and do a filmed Live audition in front of the Celebrity Judges at The London Palladium on Monday 30th January I tell her no not unless they pay all my expenses.

Then later on 11th January I also send her this email:

Sent:11 January 2017 15:03
To:Hannah Warner

        Hi Hannah,

Just wanted to send a quick email to say SORRY if I sounded a little snappy on the phone earlier, I had a late night and early morning so was not fully with it.

Anyhow in regards to me being able to do Monday 30th January in London, my comments are:

01) Coming to London Would require me to travel a lot further  and ultimately even if I was able to book today a cheaper train ticket than leaving it last minute would cost me around £150+..

02) I’d only be able to get to London Palladium by about 12-30pm

and would have to 100% be GUARANTEED to be able to leave no

Later (and ideally BEFORE) 7pm at night in order to have any chance of getting a reasonably priced train ticket home..

03) MANCHESTER (The Lowry) really is so much easier for me to get to and will cost me no more than £20 ish to get there and back with travelling time being a fraction of getting to London.

04) Please remember It was Britains’ Got Talent that contacted and head hunted me, I did not apply to take part.

05) I’m happy to take part, but on a basis that does not cost me Lots of my Time and Money when there is quite clearly a much less expensive and more local option to me available.

06) If they truly want me in London, then it could be arranged BUT

and this is a massive BUT:

a) I’d require Expenses payment of £150 to cover all my trains,

b) I’d need the guarantee of being seen sometime between 12-30pm

and 7pm and indeed that all extra filming (BGT More Talent) etc is

completed before 7pm.

c) I’d need to know 100% for certain BEFORE midnight Friday 13th Jan as I’d have to book cheap train tickets before they are gone.

WHEREAS none of the above is relevant if I am seen at Lowry in Manchester as its closer, costs next to nothing to get too and would not have to rush away as rapidly.

So the sooner you can clarify where/when (if at all) they want me to perform the better please.

Kind regards

Jonathan Royle.

To which Hannah Replies on the 11th January with:


Thank you for your email – I completely understand.

I have spoken with the producers and let them know that your preferred dates are Manchester and they have taken this into consideration.

Unfortunately we are unable to confirm an audition at this point, however I hope to send over any information to you as soon as it’s possible.

Many thanks


On 12th January Hannah Sends email asking for copy of Passport & ID and info on next of Kin etc.

I just wanted to send over some details on things you’ll need if and when your audition is confirmed.


You will need to bring a copy of your passport.

Next of Kin

Please can I ask you to send over your next of kin – name relation and phone number would be great.



I responded with this email:

HI Hannah,

Why the need for a passport as ID lol, my photo is all
over my website at ???

And please don’t say its for insurance as in my other
stage name of Alex-Leroy I have Ten Million Pounds
Public Liability Insurance as I am a Full Equity Member.

Equity Number = M00134479.

As for next of kin I’d put my wife down whose name
is Rachel Smith and her contact number is:


I really would appreciate some answers soon to:

a) I am coming to perform for the judges or not?

B) if so when and where?

REMEMBER PLEASE that BGT headhunted me and contacted me,
I did not on this occasion apply in any manner.

I can’t keep my diary free in February forever so IF they
want me then please do advise them it would be best for them to let me know 100% for sure as a matter of priority.

Kind Regards


(And then shortly afterwards did send through copies of my Passport and other ID)

On 13th January Hannah Sends me this email:

Hi Jonathan ,

Thank you for sending this over.

I have sent over your questions of a confirmed audition/audition date etc to our producers and hope to get back to you as soon as I can.

Many thanks and have a great weekend


On 20th January Hannah Warner Sends me this email:

Hi Jonathan

I hope you are well?

I just wanted to double check which date would be best for you out of our Manchester auditions out of the Thursday and Friday – as I know you said these were your preferred audition dates.

Many thanks


On 23rd January Hannah Warner leaves me a voicemail asking me to return her call, I that same day call back twice and also send her an email.

Hi Hannah,

Sorry I missed your call this morning. I did call back at 10-53am and also again at 3-42pm and on both occasions left a message on your voicemail.

I will now be tied up most of today so best to email me with any questions you have so I can respond tonight.

Or call me tomorrow please AFTER 11am.

Many thanks


On 24th January having heard nothing I call and leave another voicemail for Hannah.

On 25th January again having heard nothing I leave a voicemail and then also send a message to Tom Hutton on Facebook saying:

HI Tom,

Hope your well and that you had a great Xmas.

Hannah Called me on Monday and left me a Voicemail to ring her back (which I have done) but got nothing back.

Below is a copy of the email I just sent her as I figured perhaps something as happened to her email.

Hi Hannah,

Following your phonecall on Monday 23rd, I that day rang you twice and left voicemail messages and also sent you an email. Yesterday (Tuesday 24th) I left another voicemail message and indeed today (Wed 25th) have just done the same and am now sending this email in a final attempt to get contact.

If you are unable to reach me on the phone, then Please do email back and let me know the current status on things.

Many thanks in advance

Jonathan Royle

As I say it occured to me her email may not be working correctly and that perhaps you may have another way of getting this message to her. if not no worries, just figured it was worth a try! Many thanks Jonathan/Alex

To which Tom Hutton Promptly replied:

Hi Alex, I will pass this message over to her. I know she’s in and out of the office due to auditions so she will get back to you as soon as possible, kind regards Tom Hutton.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your email.

Apologies for the delay in contacting you.

The producers have reviewed the acts currently shortlisted and unfortunately you won’t be auditioning in front of the judges this year.

We thank you for taking the time to work with us this year.

I wish you the best of luck with your future engagements.

Thank you again






Please note that receiving this questionnaire does not mean you are guaranteed an audition in front of our judges.

You have been shortlisted and our team will be in touch to let you know if you have been successful to the next stage.

The information you provide about yourself will be used by FremantleMedia Limited and Simco Limited as part of your application/audition process for “Britain’s Got Talent” If you are successful, this information may be used in connection with the production and promotion of the programme.

We may share your information with the broadcaster as part of the audition/selection process and in connection with the production and promotion of the programme.

Your information will otherwise be kept confidential.

If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal information or if you would like to update your information because your details have changed, please contact the data protection officer, FremantleMedia Limited, 1 Stephen Street London W1T 1AL, or send an email to

Please fill out the questionnaire legibly, using dark-coloured ink, or a clear black font typeface if sending in electronically. You must fill out the entire questionnaire.

Do not leave any question unanswered. If any question is not applicable to you, write N/A in the space provided.


Full name (not stage name)

Alex William Smith

Name as you would like it to appear on screen


Age & Date of Birth

41 – 13th August 1975

Job Title

Hypnotic Consultant & Psychic Entertainer

Are you party to a management agreement or arrangement or talent agency agreement?  


If so please state the name of your manager / management company/ agent.


Are you under any contractual obligations to any other person or company that may hinder your involvement in Britain’s Got Talent, for example, recording contracts, publishing contracts, agreements to appear on/ other TV shows, endorsements deals etc. If so, please give full details.


Have you auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor in the past? Please state year/ series and if you were televised.


Who would you ideally be bringing with you to the audition? Please list names, ages & relation to yourself. Please also note that although they will be allowed in the holding room with you this does not automatically mean that they will be able to watch from the side of stage. Your friends and family may only be able to sit in the audience for your own audition, and not the whole audition session.

I would not bring anybody, I am more than happy to come along alone!

Do you have the right to work in the UK? Please list any restrictions on your right to work.

Yes I am a British Citizen.

Do you or any members of the group have any medical conditions or health issues (whether physical or mental) which may impact on your ability to participate in the show? If so, do you have any special requirements or adjustments if required to attend an audition or take part in the show This information will be kept confidential. Please chat to your Researcher if you have any concerns.


Do you or any members of the group have a criminal record (excluding spent convictions) or are awaiting a court hearing in relation to a criminal matter? This information will be kept confidential. Please chat to your Researcher if you have any concerns.


MUSIC / TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS SINGERS You must obtain your backing track from one of the below sources, or if you are already working with a track from elsewhere please let us know immediately where you accessed it from. 1.  Please visit the website.  Upon the website loading or after searching for a track you will be prompted to sign in or enter a promo code.  You can request a promo code from your researcher who will email this across to you. This will allow you to download up to 20 tracks free of charge.  Search for the artist or track you require in the search tab.  You can move the cursor to the Instrumental only box. In general, most “instrumental only” tracks will be marked as such, but in some cases “performance tracks” may not include backing vocals; please review the various versions to find the best one for your audition. 2. DANCERS If you are a dance/variety act your music must be legally purchased from iTunes, cd or other music suppliers. Can you please send a copy of your music to your researcher, listing all the tracks and where they have been purchased from. Please list your 5 music choices. Please include the artist and where you obtained the backing track from.


Please list every single instrument or prop that you will be using in your act.


Please explain in detail exactly how your act runs from start to finish.

In a Nutshell I come onto the stage then 5 people who have previously written the same Proverb onto a Blank Card are invited upon the stage.

The Cards are mixed and there is no way I can know which card belongs to whom.

I then look at each persons Belly Button with a Magnifying Glass and also place my finger into their “Navel” to feel their “Base Chakra Energy” I look at the cards and get “Energy” from the handwriting styles and hopefully am able to match this “Energy” up to the peoples Belly Buttons and thus give each person the correct Card back which they wrote.

As I return cards I also give bits of information about the persons Personality and future predictions etc based on what their Belly Button tells me.

This video shows me doing Live Belly Button Readings –

And here is me Using the energy of peoples belly buttons to help me give them back personal objects that they had put into bags when I was not looking –

Imagine that BUT MUCH QUICKER whereby people have already (all 5 of them) written a Proverb such as “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining” onto a blank card before I come on stage.

That way I can come on, breifly explain Belly Button Reading and then invite the volunteers up and get to the point of prodding their Navels and giving the cards to the people whose Navels I believe they match up to whilst revealing stuff about them as I go along.

Visually if these could be Four Normal Audience members and ONE FEMALE Celebrity Judge who help me on stage that would give you the chance for example to get a visual image of me knealt on the stage Examining with a Magnifying Glass, whilst my finger is stuck into her Navel, the Belly Button of for example Amanda Holden.

I can predict that a Photographic Image like that with the Heading “What The Heck is Going on Here” or similar would get picked up by the print media and create much interest for the show.

I know that Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Trended on Twitter when I was on “This Morning” back in 2013 as per this video –

YOUR ACT How would you describe your act?

Please see answer to above question.

Worlds Most Unique Psychic Entertainer, namely Belly Button Reading & Navel Gazing Mind Reader.

How long have you been doing your act for?

Specifically Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Mind Reading since around 1995, but first documented during 1996 in a Sunday People Newspaper article in one of my previous stage names of either Alex
Alexander or David Williams.

However I was born into a Showbiz Family, made my Stage Debut aged 3 as Flap The Clown on Gandeys Circus and have performed ever since in most areas of Magic, Mentalism, Mind Reading, Hypnosis and Psychic Entertainment as explained in my Resume on this page:

Why did you decide to get involved in this type of performance?

I had read a book on The Native American Indians Spiritual Belief System of Shamanism and within this were mentioned the seven main energy points in the body called Chakras.

I realised that the “Base Chakra” energy point is roughly in line with the Human Navel and then like a lightbulb being switched on it coccured to me that you could place your finger into someones Belly Button and thus get your finger closer to their Base Chakra Energy Centre.

Effectively meaning that it could be like putting a plug into a socket and tapping directly into their “Energy” I tried this out and amazingly it seemed to enable me to “read” peoples minds, and also get a “Sense” or “intuition” about what had happened in their past or was about to happen in their futures!

Along the way I discovered that The Navel has Physical Traits which kind of like lines and marks on someones hand as used in Palmistry, Can be observed and understood to help give often uncannily accurate information about the persons true inner personality and feelings etc.

Ultimately it proved highly entertaining when I added this to my Live Mind Reading and Mind Magician Shows and I discovered that it divided public opinion with many thinking me a complete nutter finding the whole thing comical and hilarious, whilst others found it fascinating and credible…

I allow people to decide for themselves. This recording of a Radio Interview I did shows how accurate I can often be

Where do you perform? E.g. Pubs, holiday camps, backing vocals, talent competitions etc.

Anywhere that can afford me and is a venue that I fancy working at, but these days mostly Private Functions and Corporate Events. As per info at –

Have you had any professional training?

I went to the Nursery of Nightmares, School of Hard Knocks, College of Calamities and the University of Life…

I developed Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Mind Reading so it was created and developed by trial and error in the real world.

Have you appeared on TV before? Please list all television shows (including contest, game or reality shows) in which you have appeared.

Most recent Belly Button Appearance was “This Morning” as per –

In the period of 1996 to around 2000 I was on tons of TV Shows from The Big Breakfast, Funky Bunker and many others in England to appearances on German RTL and other overseas Stations with my Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Mind Reading Talents.

I also appeared on tons of TV Shows in the 90’s as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist in my former Stage name of Alex-Leroy..

Have you created or participated in any recorded material that has been uploaded to YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, or other content sharing sites? If so, please provide full details.

I have many videos of my talents on my main you-tube channel at:

Have you created, participated in or posted material on any websites? If so, please provide full details.

I have books, training courses, self-help products and other stuff galore on sale on websites all over the world.

My own main pages being.. and also

Who/what are your main artistic influences?

Uri Geller is an inspiration to me as indeed was Paul Daniels when he was alive (and still is).

Who would you compare yourself/selves to?

I am Unique!

Why did you decide to enter Britain’s Got Talent?

You guys actually approached me, Your Researcher Tom Hudson had seen one of my Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Mind Reading Pages at either: Or it could have been the page at:

Have any of your family members had success/work in the industry of your chosen act?

Not Relevant given that I invented Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Mind Reading.

What are you hoping to achieve from being on Britain’s Got Talent?

To Entertain People with the fun of Belly Button Reading and Amaze them with the “magical” and “msyterious” nature of Navel Gazing Mind Reading Feats.

What is your lifetime ambition?

I’d Love to Have my Own Television Show exploring “Bizarre Paranormal” Talents and Psychic Entertainment Feats where I could also combine my Hypnotherapy Skills to help people change their lifes for the better.


Where do you live?

Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England.

Who do you live with? (If you are under 16 please include the names/ages/jobs of your parents/legal guardian)

My Wife and 7 year Old Daughter

How long have you lived in the area/home?

Lived in the general area for best part of 34 years.

What do you do for a living? If you are retired/unemployed, what did you do before? Please include all previous jobs. (groups please list all jobs)

I am a Professional Hypnotic Consultant, Magical Psychic Entertainer & Mystery Arts Exponent. I have been in Show-business my entire life.

How long have you been doing your current job? Do you enjoy your work?

In some form my entire life as explained at And Yes I love it as helping people to escape the stresses and worries of everyday life by
either entertaining them and making them laugh or using Psychological Techniques such as Hypnosis and NLP is very rewarding indeed.

Are you studying? If so, what, and when do you finish the course?

N/A although I am a constant Student of Life and the Universe.

Do you have any qualifications? (group general overview of qualifications)

Qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Practitioner of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT)

Have you got any children? If so, what are they called and how old are they? How do they feel about BGT?

7 Year Old Daughter named Ashleigh Alexandra Louise Smith. They enjoy watching BGT.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

I am Married.

Do you have a good relationship with your family/ families?


Tell us about your upbringing. Where were you born?

I was born at Cosford RAF Base whilst my parents were travelling on Gandeys Circus and this led to me making my stage debut aged 3 as Flap The Clown on Gandeys Circus.

Who are your main personal influences?

Uri Geller, Paul Daniels, Derren Brown, and many of the great Magicians, Hypnotists and Stage Illusionists of the past.

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you/ group?

My daughter being born was the most Magical Day of my life. In terms of “Belly Button Reading” it was probably the fact that a January 1997 Feature Article in “The Daily Star” in my former Stage name of David Williams or it may have been Alex Alexander…

Anyway in this article I read the Navels of the then only just becoming known “Spice Girls” I predicted that Geri Halliwell would be the first to leave the group to pursue a solo career and that said solo career would not be successful until she became briefly Britain’s answer to Maddona, and sure enough she did leave first and her first hit only occurred when she stripped to almost nothing for the video of Mi Chico Latino.

I predicted that Posh Spice would become involved with a Sports Person and she has of course married David Beckham.

I predicted that Scary Spice would become involved with a Very famous Comedian and indeed she did have a relationship with Eddie Murphy.

So many things I predicted for this published article in January 1997 in The Daily Star newspaper have come true!

What is the toughest thing you/the group have had to face in your life?

Growing up in a World where sadly as a child I was first bullied by the teachers at one of my Schools (Ainsworth C of E) and later then when we moved so I could go to a different school I ended up with excellent teachers but got bullied regularly by many of the kids for being “The Odd One Out” and being the Son of a Circus Clown, whilst also (as was known) performing myself as a Clown and/or Magician and Illusionist on a regular basis.

What are your hobbies outside of performing?

Magic, Mentalism and Hypnosis are a way of life for me.

Have you ever won anything?

Yes indeed this year 2016 I won The Cabaret Magic Trophy from the 3rd Oldest Magic Club in England, The Order of the Magi in Manchester as per:

And more info on that Award at:

I also this year 2016 was inducted into “The Hypnosis Hall of Fame” as per:

And more detailed info on that award can be seen at this link:

What’s the most interesting thing about you/ the group?

Ironically the fact that I invented Belly Button Reading and Navel Gazing Mind Reading is possibly one of the most interesting, certainly the most bizarre thing!

Do you have any other special talents/skills?

I am a highly skilled Magician and Illusionist, Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. I can also Juggle, Fire Eat and various other Circus Skills.

What is your ultimate dream?

I’d Love to Have my Own Television Show exploring “Bizarre Paranormal” Talents and Psychic Entertainment Feats where I could also combine my Hypnotherapy Skills to help people change their lifes for the better.

Have you ever had any celebrity encounters? Who with / when / what happened?

I have read the Belly Buttons of many people including “The Spice Girls”, Lilly Savage, Zig & Zag, Zoe Ball, Rory Bremner, Frank Bruno and tons of other Celebrities over the years.

What is your claim to fame?

That Magic Tricks, Mind Reading Style Tricks and Stage Hypnosis Techniques that I devised and/or improved upon have been used by Famous Performers around the world, including in various Television Shows by Magicians and Household name Psychic Style Entertainers.

And of course that I have read the Belly Buttons of many people including “The Spice Girls”, Lilly Savage, Zig & Zag, Zoe Ball, Rory Bremner, Frank Bruno and tons of other Celebrities over the years.

What is your proudest moment?

Every time I see my Daughter Dancing, Acting or Performing in any Manner.

Finally is ther
e anything else you feel we would be interested to know about you/ the group?

That if I were to get through to the live shows I could do some really EXCITING Belly Button Mind Reading Routine, Possibly perhaps even one with LOTS OF DANGER where there would be apparent chance of injury to myself.

But I am only prepared to so something along these lines (see video link) (but a much speeded up and also made relevant to and with the use of reading someone/s Belly Button) type routine if I was to make the live shows stage.

Ultimately I have much experience of both LIVE and Pre-Recorded Television Shows and a great understanding of how the media works.

I can Predict that the visual image of me for example knealing on the floor with a magnifying glass in one hand and the forefinger of my other hand inserted into the Navel of for example Amanda Holden whilst she makes an odd facial expression WOULD WITHOUT DOUBT be mega visual and attention grabbing and thus make a great visual image for media publicity for the BGT show.

I can also sense that if I were not to get to the live shows, or I did but was then voted off, that it could then make Very Entertaining Television on “Britains Got More Talent” for you to have a resident Belly Button Reader.

I could then Read The Navels of those voted off (or those who get through) and predict what their futures may have in store for them now….

THANK YOU! We will be in touch very soon to let you know if you are through to the next stage of the competition. If there is anything you are unsure of in this questionnaire, please speak to your researcher.


1. This is a questionnaire in respect of your participation in the programme entitled “Britain’s Got Talent Series 9” (the “Programme”) which FremantleMedia Limited trading as Thames and Simco Limited (together, the “Producer”) proposes but does not undertake to produce for ITV (the “Broadcaster”). The information given by you in your questionnaire may be used in the Programme should you be selected.

2. You acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, terms and conditions for the Programme as determined by the Producer (the “Rules”) and you acknowledge that the Rules may be changed (including without limitation verbally) at any time by the Producer at their sole discretion and that you will be bound by such Rules. The Producers’ decisions shall be final.

3. The Producer cannot guarantee that you will take part in the Programme, or that your participation will be exploited in any media at any time. The decision of the Producer is final.

4. You will be asked to provide the Producer with valid and current photographic ID and other documentation in order to substantiate your age (i.e. birth certificate, driving licence and/or valid passport).

5. You must have the right to live and work in the UK and hold a valid passport. The Company will require a copy of your passport or a valid UK driving license prior to you participating in the Programme.

6. Employees and members of their immediate families (including any live-in partner) of the Producer or Broadcaster, any associated parent or subsidiary companies and/or any agencies, sponsors or contractors associated with the Programme are not eligible to apply.

7. All personal details and/or information given in your application either in this form or otherwise must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. You agree to update the Producer if any of the details in this form change. The Producer reserves the right to disqualify you without liability if you have supplied untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information, have failed to abide by the Rules and/or are in breach of the terms hereof, and may withhold your entitlement to share or participate in any prize, and in respect and/or seek damages and other civil remedies against you.

8. In the event that you are invited to contribute to the Programme you hereby grant all consents necessary for the Producer to film and record such contribution and to use recordings featuring your image and/or voice in connection with the Programme and/or ancillary rights in the Programme and to exploit the same in all media throughout the world in perpetuity without the need for payment to you.

9. You will not, without the Producer’s prior written consent, disclose, publish or discuss with any third party, including by way of social networking sites, any information relating to the telephone interview, audition process, the Programme, your appearance in the Programme, the production team or any participants in the Programme nor any other information which may come to your attention during your involvement with the Programme including without limitation any information relating to the Producer, talent, the Broadcaster or otherwise save where such information is already in the public domain.

10. Should you be selected to take part in the Programme you agree and undertake to enter into further contracts with the Producer and you agree to abide by the terms therein. Failure to do so may result in you no longer being considered for the Programme. The Producer’s decision is final.


REVIEW: David Icke The World Wide Wake Up Tour 2016 & 2017 by Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

David Icke World Wide Wake Up Tour

David Icke World Wide Wake Up Tour




(Review of David Icke World Wide Wake Up Tour at Manchester Apollo)
The event ran from 10am until 10pm on Saturday 14th January 2017 at The Manchester Apollo in Manchester.
Having Watched the Video above, I Recommend a Look at the following links..
(This is the book I mention several times)
I forgot to mention this book in the video, but it’s a great overview for those who are just starting their journey into the truth of what is really going on (and has really been going on) in this world..
(This Details my attempt to Expose Mazher Mahmood 18+ yrs ago, along with other undeniably shocking and eye opening information about the World Media.
A good example of how the Media Brainwash, Manipulate and Control the Minds of the General Public At Large:
This is the result of my years of investigating and studying most all religious texts and reveals the real truths that those truly in power have been trying to hide from the masses for centuries..
And YES the advert is TONGUE IN CHEEK and the actual contents do show you the reality of what the truth is behind the “miracles” and such in these texts.
#DavidIcke #ConspiracyTheory #ConspiracyFact #Conspiracy #Illuminati

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Your V.I.P Invitation to Free World Hypnotism Day Event – Help British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to Heal The Planet & Set New World Record on Wednesday 4th January 2017 at 7pm UK GMT on Facebook Live Video Broadcast




I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody around the World A Happy New Year and indeed I would like to go one step further and HELP YOU MAKE 2017 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER…


Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Join me on World Hypnotism Day (Wednesday 4th January 2017) at 7pm UK GMT here on Facebook for the 90 Minute Facebook Live Interactive Hypnotherapy, Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) Life Changing Session.



And to that end Please Read This Manchester Evening News Article Here:


Dr. Jonathan Royle - Hypnotist - Circa 1990

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Hypnotist – Circa 1990


And the official events page to invite all your friends to is:

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner


And the official Press release is at:

Mind Changes - The Psychology of Mental Health

Mind Changes – The Psychology of Mental Health


Many Thanks in Advance for Sharing..

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle.

PS: For anyone who is interested here is a short list of my major achievements during 2016…

Dr. Jonathan Royle - King of Hypnotists

Dr. Jonathan Royle – King of Hypnotists

#WHD #WorldHypnotismDay #WHD2017 #Hypnotherapy #Hypnosis #NewYearsResolutions

Award Winning Hypnotist & Award Winning Magician Jonathan Royle Aims to Heal the Planet & Set New Record on World Hypnotism Day 2017, – But What did he Achieve during 2016 ???


Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Well as 2016 starts to draw to an end, I took a few moments to look back on 2016 and reflect on the question of..

“What Have I Achieved During 2016”

I ultimately concluded that next year I MUST AND WILL ACHIEVE MORE.

It seems that I’ve only managed to achieve a few things this year….

Some of My Most Notable Events & Achievement During 2016 Have Included:

**On 16th December 2016, The Manchester Evening News reported on my planned World Record Attempt and aim to “Heal The Planet” scheduled for World Hypnotism Day 2017 (Wednesday 4th January) as per:


**On Wednesday 5th October after a long trial at the Old Bailey in London of which I attended most all of it in person, Former News of the World and Sun on Sunday Undercover Journalist Mazher Mahmood aka “The Fake Sheikh” was found Guilty along
with his driver Alan Smith of Conspiracy to Pervert The Course of Justice in the Tulisa
Trial. Mahmoods Verdict of Guilty was unamimous from all 12 jurors:


**On Friday 21st October 2016, Murdoch’s Disgraced “Fake Sheikh” Journalist Mazher Mahmood was Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison and that same day I was featured on
BBC’s “Newsnight” Television Programme and also in various Newspaper Features and
Television News Broadcasts All Over The World as can be seen at this link:


**On Friday 26th August 2016, I was inducted into the “Hypnosis Hall of Fame” and became only the fourth Hypnotist in the World to have ever been given this Award by The South African Academy of Hypnosis as detailed at this link:

This Story was also covered by The Rochdale Observer, Rochdale Online and other
Publications as well:


**On Tuesday 9th August I lectured for the 3rd Time at The Order of the Magi in Manchester which is Englands Third Oldest Magical Club and Society and once again I recieved a Standing Ovation and Rave Reviews. That Same Evening I Applied to Join and
was instantly accepted as a member of the Club.

**On Tuesday 11th October I entered and Won the Cabaret Magic Trophy at the Order of the Magi Comedy & Cabaret Magic Competition in Manchester and details and a short video of my Award Winning Performance can be seen here:

Again this was covered with Features in the the Rochdale Observer and other publications such as Rochdale Online:


**On 21st December, having already recieved a rave review on Magic-Week earlier in the year I finally launched the final de-luxe edition of “The Mentalism & Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic” a massive 3 Volume Encylopedic Set of Professional Mentalist Miracles.


**On 4th August I travelled to Edinburgh to go help my Hypnosis Student, Friend and Colleague Simon Warner and his lovely wife Michelle, Promote their show “Viva Hypnosis” upon which I have on numerous occasions acted as the official “Hypnotic Adviser”

And Also this as well…

I am extremely Proud of them as they got excellent reviews for their Edinburgh Festival Fringe Run of Shows and have this December (2016) also just made their West End debut with 2 nights at The Leicester Square Theatre.

Learn Hypnosis The Simon Warner Way =


**During 2016 I have also released dozens of New Magic, Mentalism and Hypnosis Products which are now available from all Major Magic Dealers around the world and are distributed by “Murphys Magic Supplies”


**I’ve also released Several New Large Format Paperback Books on Mentalism and Hypnosis Related Subjects which are available now from all Major Book Sellers around the world as per:  and also as per


**I’ve also released numerous Hypnosis, Magic and Mentalism Training Products to Rave
Reviews via my own personal store of:


**I’ve taught many, many people face to face, one ot one and also at group seminars in
my unique approaches to Hypnosis and as a result have got rave reviews including many
new video & written testimonials that can be seen at this link:


**On 20th April I was invited to attend and went to the House of Parliament to Take part in an event organised by “Hacked Off” campaiging for Justice for Victims of Press Abuse and
hoping to try ensure that Leveson Part Two definitely take places. To find out more about this and how you can help ensure the Long Term Corruption of the Media, Police and other
High Ranking Officials is exposed by making Leveson Part Two Take Place, Look Here:

**On 27th September 2016, Having attended the Magic Circle the previous Monday night, I was booked by Daryl Rose to present my Magic & Mentalism Lecture at The World Famous Magic Circle on Monday 19th June 2017… I am as you can imagine very excited and proud to have been asked to Lecture at this  Prestigious Magic Club.

I also will probably join the Magic Circle during 2017 as my interest in Magic has now
grown once again and I am seeking out more Magical Performance Opportunities!


**On Friday 2nd December 2016 (following emails since 25th Nov) I spoke on the phone with Tom Hutton a researcher from Britian’s Got Talent, following this we have spoken numerous times and I have now been assigned a “Senior Researcher” who is commuicating between me and the Producers.  As a Result of this, at the time of typing this Monday 27th December I was told on Christmas Eve that The Producers Love my Act (which they have seen on video) and that it is most likely I will be asked to perform before the Celebrity Judges (which would be filmed for broadcast on TV) during either January of February 2017…

So with any luck “Psychic Belly Button Reading” and “Navel-Gazing Mind Reading” are about to go massive during 2017…

And of course this:



Yes indeed and those examples of course don’t make any mention of the people whose lives I have helped to change for the better with my “Complete Mind Therapy” (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) treatments or the people who I have entertained and brought joy and amazement to at the Private Events I’ve performed at during the course of the year…

Yes indeed I have decided I MUST ACHIEVE MUCH MORE DURING 2017..


Watch this Space…


BREAKING NEWS: British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Aims to Heal the Planet & Set New Record on World Hypnotism Day 4th January 2017.




Firstly let me assure you despite that almost Religious Sounding Title, nothing in this Post is Religious or Anti-Religion in any manner.
You see Wednesday 4th January 2017(just over 2 weeks away) is World Hypnotism Day and to celebrate this I am Hoping to Set a NEW World Record, whilst at the same time helping to HEAL potentially Millions of People Around the World.