Urgent News Feature – Camp Comedy Hypnotist Take’s A Trance on Success At Guys As Doll’s Gay – Lesbian – Bi-Sexual and Straight Friendly Cabaret Showbar Venue in Burnley Lancashire England on Sunday 14th August 2011



(Outrageously CAMP Comedy Hypnotist Take’s A TRANCE on Success At Burnley Gay Venue)

Controversial International Television & Media Hypnotist & Mind Magician Jonathan Royle, aged 35 of Rochdale, Lancs, will be making his debut at Burnley’s legendary “Guys As Doll’s” Cabaret Showbar on Sunday 14th August 2011.

Presented by Royle who many have said on stage is “As Camp As A Row of Pink Tents” This Hilarious Adults only Comedy Show is like a White Knuckle Roller Coaster Ride to the centre of your imagination and gives you the audience members the real Trance To Be The Stars of the show.

Tickets are just £2-00 & doors open at 8pm and show starts around 9pm for this unique show where thanks to Royle’s Powers of Evangelical Persuasion & Psychological Illusion even the most timid audience members are transformed into superstars.

Men appear to start giving birth to babies, others are instantly transformed by the power of their minds into being the worlds greatest Drag Queens, and yet other men find that their Private Parts have started talking to each other or that they have been transformed into the Worlds Greatest Sexual Psychic Agony Aunt.

Women find that with a click of their fingers their breasts have disappeared, that suddenly they can see those they desire in the audience completely in the nude and that they suddenly are the star of their own highly surreal imaginary episode of the Jerry Springer Show or experiencing explosive Orgasms every time they hear a certain noise.

And they are just the things we dare tell you about here, its true to say that this show is certainly not for the easily offended and indeed in the past Royle has been dubbed as a bizarre cross between Chubby Brown and Bernard Manning with a little bit of Julian Clary thrown in for good measure.

Indeed Sex Toys, Inflatable Dolls & Other outrageous props are used throughout this often shocking yet amazing adults only show which is being filmed and footage of which may possibly be used in a forthcoming television project to be presented by Jonathan Royle.

And perhaps what’s Strangest of all is that Royle has named his new show “I Can’t Believe Its Not Hypnosis” and claims that Nobody is actually ever hypnotised during this evening of Comedy Mind Magic and Psychological Illusion.

So come along and find out for yourself whether Royle is “Lord of the Trance” or just a cheeky “Magical Mind Manipulator” on Sunday 14th August as it really is your Trance To Be The Star Of The Show at The Guys As Doll’s Cabaret Showbar located at133-135 St. James Street,Burnley,BB11 1PD.

More Show Details Here: http://guys-as-dolls.eventbrite.com/

Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=215920028444789



More About Jonathan Royle’s Bizarre and Controversial Career can be seen at – http://www.magicalguru.com/roylesresume/ and also at http://www.hypnotorious.com/tvradioshows.htm and of course http://www.hypnotorious.com/mediacomments.htm

*For the Record The Show on 14th August also marks Royles 36th Birthday Celebrations and also the start of his 33rd year in Showbusiness.

*As illustrated here http://www.magicalguru.com/roylesresume/ Jonathan Royle is also an experienced ethical Professional Hypnotherapist able to help people in many areas of their life’s and especially experienced in helping people to overcome emotional torments (such as coming to terms with being gay) and of course to eliminate Habits, Addictions, Fears and Phobias from their everyday life’s through mind power alone! 


Images which can be used as part of your feature article may be obtained at http://www.hypnotorious.com/photogallery.htm  (Just click on the small image to open the large print size version)

Others can be obtained at –http://www.4shared.com/photo/jnW7YSGd/kingofhypnotists.html? and  http://www.4shared.com/photo/VZIxlL3j/g04.html? And http://www.4shared.com/photo/fREMpu76/roylevegas.html?  And also http://www.4shared.com/photo/VK0ub-wx/A3poster.html?


Email – royle@magicalguru.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/jonathan.royle

Tel: 07050 – 377579

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