(Marketing – Publicity & Success Secrets for Entertainers) 

When: Friday 27th January 2011. 

Time: 7-30pm to 9-00pm. 

Where: Premier Inn, Westover Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2BZ. UK 



During this intensive information packed 90 minute Workshop, Top Television & Media Hypnotist, Psychic Entertainer and Magical Consultant Jonathan Royle will totally transform the way you think about and operate your Magical entertainment business.

Whatever your entertainment talent and whatever your target audience may be from Children’s Shows or Close-Up through to Cruises, Television or the Corporate Arena, Royle will reveal Literally Dozens of Inside Secrets, Ploys and Techniques which you can start using immediately to:

*Gain Far More Bookings for your Acts and Shows…

*Make Higher £££/$$$ Profits for every show you perform…

*Become the most respected and in demand Entertainer in your particular field.

*Gain More Applause, better audience reactions and even regular standing ovations for all of your performances..

*Regularly appear on TV & Radio Shows and receive feature appearances in Local, National and International Media Publications, gaining you celebrity status, increased demand for your services and higher fees..

*Discover how to make massive profits even whilst you are sleeping with your existing entertainment talents..

And that’s just a tiny snippet of the numerous life and business changing techniques that Royle will reveal during this 90 minute workshop.

Royle has been a Professional Entertainer for over 32+ years and has travelled the world with his acts from Magic and Mentalism through to Kids Show, Circus, Illusion Acts and more recently Hypnosis he’s done the lot and earnt great money at it and now for the first time is revealing exactly how you can do the same!

He’s filmed his own European Television Special and Six Part TV Series and has literally 100’s of TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Credits to his name all over the world, having performed from Bahrain to Barbados, Sweden to Spain, Amsterdam to Germany and numerous other places his real world insights will Skyrocket your success.

If you only attend one Magical Entertainment Lecture this year, you can be sure that this is the one that will make you the most profits and increase your business.

See Ya There

Jonathan Royle

PS: You can see Positive Testimonials about my Past Marketing & Success Courses here:

PPS: You can see several more Thousands of Positive Testimonials about my past courses at – (If you’ve ever studied any of my courses please do leave a testimonial at bottom of the page)







Dear Friend or Colleague,

If your reading this it’s probably because to save time I have posted a link to this blog page in a thread where someone has made UNTRUE comments about me which quite frankly are nothing more than downright Defamation of Character.

The people who are doing this are quite obviously either competitors who are Jealous of my success over the years or have serious Psychological Issue’s and a total disregard for the truth, and indeed in most cases they most likely actually fall into both categories.

The main offenders of posting these Defamatory and Wholly Untrue Things about me have been provided with the proof that follows on many occasions that their statements and the UNTRUE websites that they are using to try and support their vicious attacks, are indeed that, totally untrue and yet they have chosen to ignore the TRUTH and continue spreading downright lie’s about me on the internet.

Firstly I would advise you to take a look at this link: as you can see this is a copy of my Personal Alcohol License which was issued in my birth name of Alex William Smith. IN case you don’t know to be granted such a license you have to have a Criminal Records Beureux (CRB) Check and if even a tiny percentage of the untrue defamatory rubbish certain vindictive, jealous and/or unbalanced individuals post about me sometimes on the  web were true then I would not have passed such a CRB Check and as such I would not hold such a Personal Alcohol License which can easily be checked as being genuine and currently valid thus confirming that what certain idiots and trouble causers say about me and/or post on the internet is not and are not in any way true as they’d like you to view things and perceive them.

For those who actually like to have Cast Iron Easily Researched As Genuine and easily checkable as 100% Factually Correct Evidence then the first thing I’d suggest you do is download my autobiography (ages 0 to 30) 100% Free from:

Within its pages you’ll find all of the names, dates, places, and other easily checkable and verifiable as 100% TRUE FACT’s which prove beyond any reasonable doubt than all of the rubbish posted by the people in the thread to which I will have posted the link to this blog page are exactly that total rubbish with no basis in truth, or have no relevance whatsoever to you making the intelligent decision to book a Personal Training Course in Hypnotherapy – Stage or Street Hypnosis – NLP – Mentalism or Marketing Success with me!

These individuals post links such as this one to a Daily Mail Article – and then try to make out that this makes me some kind of Con Man?

Get Real These TV Shows all knew exactly who I was when they booked me and paid me to appear on their shows and the full story behind each of these numerous worldwide TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Appearances is explained in the book you can download Free from this link:

All the above article does is prove that I am good at manipulating the media something that people have paid me lots of money to teach them and have been very happy at what I have taught them as illustrated at

Indeed the fact I made a fortune for years as a “Media Prankster” is not something I hide its something that can easily be discovered in my books, DVDs and also on my website such as here:

Or they will post this FACTUALLY INCORRECT exert from a Book by Andrew Newton (The Man Who Taught Paul McKenna) –

In a recent book,”All in the Mind” by stage hypnotist Andrew Newton the following material occurs; Dr. Jonathan Royle PhD., an individual who also goes under the name Alex Leroy when he performs stage hypnotism shows in pubs, but whose real… name is Alex Smith, or prisoner number DW4664 as he was known during his tenure at Wakefield Prison, an institution for which he was a guest of Her Majesty following a conviction for handling counterfeit pound coins, amongst other things. Within the profession, he is best known for his claim that he could hypnotise any woman to have sex with him. To back up this immature claim, he provided channel five with a video which apparently shows him having sex with a young lady who appears to be unconscious.

Written by Andrew Newton–  in “All in the Mind” page 347– Literally PublishedLimited-Oxfordshire,UK

FACT: As Andrew Newton now lives in South Africa it is basically impossible to take Legal Action against him for his inaccuracies but please Feel Free to contact Wakefield Prison and you’ll discover that I HAVE NEVER EVER been anywhere near it let alone inside it!

Or they will post a link such as this: which links to a FABRICATED HOAX MEDIA STORY – A Fabricated Hoax Media Story that has indeed been the subject of Court Proceedings and Such Court Proceedings Proved Beyond Any Reasonable doubt that the News of The World Article as portrayed, contained TOTAL UNTRUTH’S and is as shown on the internet totally out of context.

FACT:  As was documented by The Manchester Evening News who covered the Court Case relating to this FABRICATED MEDIA STORY – The Police – The Crown Prosecution Service and even the Judge in the case all stated in an Open Court and as such it is a matter of easily checkable Public Record THAT BASED ON THE CAST IRON EVIDENCE they all agreed that this article resulted due to me attempting to EXPOSE THE NEWSPAPER for the unethical and arguably illegal techniques they use in Fabricating UNTRUE stories on people!

FACT: The full details of this with names, dates, places, times and other easily checkable cast iron evidence and facts are all contained within the pages of my Life Story which you can download free here –

FACT: My life story (ages 0 to 30 – I’m now 35+) which you can download at that link for FREE is the exact same book that has been on Sale for many years via Amazon and all Major Book Sellers around the world as per:

FACT: The publication of the book was Publicized in The Sunday Time’s – The Telegraph – The Daily Mail and other publications and through other media such as various TV and Radio Shows around the world due to the fact I EXPOSE the unethical and arguably borderline if not wholly Illegal actions of several high profile Journalists within its pages and also the actions of some major media publications which are very dodgy in themselves.

FACT:  Were the things published in my book untrue then these Journalists and the Publications involved (those I expose) would most certainly have taken legal action against me but guess what they have not done so because they cannot do so due to the fact that everything in my book is easily proven with cast iron evidence as 100% True and Factually Correct in every manner.

FACT: Again I would advise you to take a look at this link: as you can see this is a copy of my Personal Alcohol License which was issued in my birth name of Alex William Smith. IN case you don’t know to be granted such a license you have to have a Criminal Records Beureux (CRB) Check and if even a tiny percentage of the untrue defamatory rubbish certain vindictive, jealous and/or unbalanced individuals post about me sometimes on the  web were true then I would not have passed such a CRB Check and as such I would not hold such a Personal Alcohol License which can easily be checked as being genuine and currently valid thus confirming that what certain idiots and trouble causers say about me and/or post on the internet is not and are not in any way true as they’d like you to view things and percieve them.

MORE LIE’S THEY POST – Or when they get really desperate they will post a link to a site such as this one – – notice that this is a website than any Jealous Backstabbing Competitor of mine can join and they can do so anonymously and post any old rubbish and untrue vicious lies that they so desire.

FACT:  Whenever I point out to people who post this that it is rubbish they always retort in desperation – “well why haven’t you complained and got it removed” well the answer is simple I HAVE COMPLAINED  and the site merely replied directing me to this page where they make it clear that its not their problem either ethically or in law –

FACT: Regards the Scam.Com Rubbish, please note that I have NEVER lived in any flats in Rochdale that are dubbed “Smack Head Heights” by the locals and I can easily prove such (as I have a copy of the deeds from when I purchased my flat outright for cash with no mortgages or loans) and any Rochdale Resident would confirm that its location is NOT nicknamed “Smack Head Heights”

FACT: Indeed for the record I no longer personally reside in the flat which I purchased outright for CASH (no mortgages or loans required before the age of 30) as its currently rented out to a private tenant and I personally now live in a three bedroom house with gardens.

FACT:  Every word stated on the website of is 100% Factually correct and true in every manner and is easily proven as such.

FACT: You’ll also notice that the links in the article such as – no longer exist that’s because My Space removed them and banned the person who set up the Fraudulent Profile and indeed those suspected to be involved were visited by and Cautioned by The Police Under The Anti-Harassment Act.

FACT:  I would advise you to take a look again at this link: as you can see this is a copy of my Personal Alcohol License which was issued in my birth name of Alex William Smith. IN case you don’t know to be granted such a license you have to have a Criminal Records Beureux (CRB) Check and if even a tiny percentage of the untrue defamatory rubbish certain vindictive, jealous and/or unbalanced individuals post about me sometimes on the  web were true then I would not have passed such a CRB Check and as such I would not hold such a Personal Alcohol License which can easily be checked as being genuine and currently valid thus confirming that what certain idiots and trouble causers say about me and/or post on the internet is not and are not in any way true as they’d like you to view things and percieve them.

FACT:  The mention of a “Millionaire Scam” in the article is an attempt to make out that the courses I sell at these two links – and also at – are in someway untrue! – The Fact is that all the evidence you need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that every word stated is 100% TRUE and Factually correct is contained within the pages of the document you can download at:  (That’s why I have the original testimonials shown on those web pages on file because every word is factually correct as stated)

FACT:  It seems to me and other experts I’ve discussed this with that the individuals who post such rubbish about me on the internet are either very Jealous of the fact of what I have achieved over the years and/or have severe psychological issues and feelings of inferiority that cause them to attack others, their actions incidentally are ILLEGAL and in many cases they are actually committing a CRIMINAL OFFENCE Under The Anti-Harassment Act and in some other cases under UK Stalking Laws.

FACT: Indeed due to continued Harassment and web postings which are untrue and constitute defamation of character and other actions of Libel/Slander by certain individuals, Evidence including screen shots of the rubbish they post, viscous and untrue emails they have sent to me and other people and other evidence which proves that many of these culprits have themselves committed VARIOUS CRIMINAL ACTION’S have been collected and are stored on file any may be used in evidence against them if deemed necessary in the future.

THIS TIME A DISTORTED TRUTH – Sometimes they will post this link as well and yet it seems they have not read and fully understand it

FACT – The Advertising Standards Authority Got it all wrong in this case, the true fact is there is NO such thing as any form of Legally Recognised or Required Qualification for Hypnotherapy etc anywhere in UK – and as for the product the post relates to it has had numerous highly satisfied customers from around the world including some of whom’s testimonials appear here –


Other times they will try to say I am not a real hypnotist and claim I teach “Con-Hypnosis” they sometimes claim I have never had any real training from others which is untrue as illustrated by just some of the copies of my various Hypnosis – NLP and Related Qualifications which can be seen here: and also at this link: (And trust me they represent only a tiny fraction of the Continuing Professional Development that I have done over the years with some of the biggest names in the industry)

And then often they will come out and say but YOUR DEGREE IS NOT REAL  – Well guess what? I openly admit that I bought it on my courses, in my books and on my dvds and openly admit that is was awarded based on Previous Life and Career Experiences and Accreditation of Prior Learning.

FACT: However the document shown here: proves that my Psychology Doctorate Degree has been Apostilled by The Uk Foreign and Commonwealth Office here in London (UK) and as such is 100% Legal for use (as I use it due to being able to prove that I have the knowledge and expetise that such qualification signifys) in any Country in the world that is subscribed to the Hague Convention.

FACT – Every word of my Career Resume here is provable as cast iron fact as are all of the testimonials from my delighted customers around the world..

Stage & Street Hypnosis Comments:

Mind Control & Mentalism Comments:

Marketing & Success Commments:

Hypnotherapy & NLP Comments –

FACT: Those who post this UNTRUE DEFAMOTORY RUBBISH have not even got a tiny percentage of the amount of easily checkable testimonials as I have just provided you above let alone the many thoushands that appear on my Ebay Sites regarding my Hypnosis and other Training Products such as:



When your considering Training with someone consider what success they have truly had in their career and how successful their students become (see above links) and then take a course where the person is so confident of what they can teach you that they even offer a full One Year – 365 Days Money Back Guarantee as per some of the Live Training Courses and products which you will find here: and also my Magical and Mentalism products many of which can be found here: 

Finally if you’d like to see further positive reviews about my products and trainings and/or would like to arrange for me to run one of my seminars in your area and/or Country then take a look at this:!/note.php?note_id=174886292548925

Yours Hypnotically

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

PS: When using different stage names in Showbusiness and the media becomes an offence let me know because apparently the idiots who post this rubbish seem to think I’ve done something wrong having various stage names over the years – the truth is all explained inside the pages of this book –

PPS: Check out some recent Video Testimonials about my Training Courses all from people who KNOW THE REAL TRUTH about the Lies & vindictive rubbish that some idiots post about me on internet –

PPS: Today on date of making this posting a so called “professional” Stage Hypnotist who is guilty of trying to add fuel to a feul-less fire by spreading rubbish about me and making untrue comments and posting links to UNTRUE sites such as those mentioned above tried to intimate on Facebook that I’m not good enough as a Hypnotist and asked why are’nt I doing shows? – Well for the Record Here are links to TWO SHOW’S (one of which paid a good four figure fee) that I’ve perfomed within the past four weeks alone –   (This one also features some of my past hypnosis students and seminar attendees demonstrating how successful my teachings are for them) (This one from my headline show as one of the acts on Opening night of Manchester Gay Pride 2011 – not exactly the most responsive subjects admittedly but the show paid A SIZABLE FEE (more than most UK Hypnotists get paid) and went down really well…

Oh and there are numerous other videos of my shows on You-Tube and Google Video showing me performing AROUND THE WORLD including on Television Shows and in Large Theatres and venues (and for clients paying large 4 figure fees) most Hypnotists only ever dream of performing for.  I’m not saying any of this to appear arrogant or egotistical (and I apologise for the fact it does sound that way) but the Fact is those who throw rubbish in my direction always have an obvious motivation for doing so when you take a closer look at the REAL FACT’S and consider all of the information that I have provided you within this blog posting..

PPPS: To put it short and sweetly check out the career resumes of those who slag me off and are guilty of spreading this UNTRUE RUBBISH and then take a look at mine – and it becomes obvious to a blind man who the Jealous, Vindictive, Liers are in these situations…

PPPS: I’ll leave the final word to a REAL DUMMY that actually knows what they are talking about rather than the JEALOUS IDIOT’S & DUMMIE’S who are the ones GUILITY of spreading all the lies and rumours about me –


SERIOUS QUESTION? – Do You Want To Know The REAL TRUTH About Hypnosis & NLP?

SERIOUS QUESTION? - Do You Want To Know The REAL TRUTH About Hypnosis & NLP?
Hi Guys & Girl's..
I Want to ask you a serious question, there's nothing for sale and nothing to buy here, this is purely what they call market research and your answers by way of comments at the bottom of this facebook note will be very much appreciated so many thanks in advance... 

This is SERIOUS MARKET RESEARCH and as such I'd really appreciate your answers to be completely HONEST as in the long term that will help all students of Hypnosis and NLP...

If you were to suddenly find out that, for the First Time Ever, an Experienced Internationally Successful  Hypnotist was going to reveal the TRUE INSIDE SECRET'S which have enabled them, for the past 21+ years, to travel the world from Spain to Sweden then from Bahrain to Barbados and numerous other countries in between both as a high in demand Celebrity Hypnotherapist and also a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, how eager would you be right now to find out more?

What if the Hypnotist in question also had literally 100's of Feature Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine credits to their name that have appeared all over the world, including having filmed their very own Hour Long European Television Special and also their own Six Part Television Series to boot and they were also prepared to teach you how to achieve these things for yourself?

How eager would you be to learn the secrets of how to date they have supplied in excess of One Million of their DVD's, CD's and other training course products to practically every Country in all four corners of the world and how they have become responsible for the training, mentoring and coaching of arguably more people who are now themselves Successful Professional Hypnotherapists, NLP Coaches and even Comedy Stage & Street Hypnotists (including many who are themselves now famous names in their countries) than any other living trainer of these Secrets??
How would you feel being given the opportunity to finally learn the techniques that will enable you to NEVER FAIL when hypnotising people whether for therapeutic purposes or even in the Stage or Street environment, and by NO FAIL I truly mean that?

How valuable would it be to you to learn a proven step by step multi phase marketing system for your Hypnotherapy Practice, which is incredibly low cost to operate and can easily generate you anywhere from £1,000 ($1500+) to £2500 ($3850+) each and every week for a maximum of around Ten Hours work treating clients? 
What if you were to find out that the MAJORITY of what you'd previously been taught and learnt about so called Hypnosis and NLP was completely wrong and you suddenly realised that you had the chance to learn the Secrets and Techniques that other trainers either don't know or are just to scared to teach you as they are scared of the competition it could create for them?

What if you were given the chance to gain INSTANT ACCESS (from anywhere in the world) to:

*77+ Hours of Exclusive Unique Unrivalled Video Training...

(Including at least TWELVE (12) Hours of UNIQUE Video Training that has never been available anywhere in the world before and would only ever be available EXCLUSIVELY to students of this New Package assuming that I can ever get the Hypnotist in question to give me permission and the final green light to go ahead with this project. Incidentally I just finished watching this 12+ hours of Footage and was TRULY BLOWN AWAY - in my honest opinion this Knowledge alone will make ANYONE a Far Better Hypnotist for both Therapy & Stage and just one of the marketing ideas revealed alone could easily earn you a fortune every week)

*39+ Hours of Amazing Audio Tuition

*The Ten Most Informative Written Hypnosis and NLP Training Manuals Ever Published.. 

*15 Complete Home Study Power Point Training Presentations..

*Numerous other Invaluable Resources including ready made advertising templates, sales letters, promotional examples and logos for use in your marketing, along with Professional Certification and Lifetime Membership to the arguably the Worlds Largest Organisation for Professional Hypnotherapists and also for Stage Hypnotists..

And what if you were also given Lifetime Access to an exclusive invitation only Private Members discussion forum where you could share ideas and continue your Advanced Education into all things Hypnotic with some of the worlds brightest minds on the subject?

How valuable would you find it to also have Free Personal Access (by direct email, skype and/or telephone) to This Best Selling Hypnotist, Authour and Trainer to ensure that your future success is GUARANTEED?

What if the whole Instant Access (Private Members Website Download) Home Study Package came with a 100% Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction?

That's right what if I was able to persuade the Hypnotist in question to put their money where there mouth is so to speak and got them to stand by what was on offer on the basis that you have to be 100% SATISFIED with the package and after studying the contents have to be 100% HAPPY & also know then as 100% FACT that this is the most comprehensive, most revealing, most truthful and most practical package of its kind ever released by anyone, anywhere at anytime on the subjects of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage & Street Hypnosis...???

And what if that GUARANTEE even extended to established Professional Hypnotists (not just new students) on the basis that even established Professionals with decades of experience are GUARANTEED to learn numerous new techniques from the package which are literally GUARANTEED to both make them a far more proficent and competent Hypnotist (whether for Therapy or Stage) but also will help to make them FAR MORE MONEY from their businesses than they perhaps ever thought possible?     
I know this all sounds too good to be true, but I am currently in negotiations to make this "dream" a reality, thats why I need your feedback so I can then use your HONEST comments to show the Hypnotist in question in an effort to try and persuade them to agree to let me reveal all this truly amazing stuff to the Hypnosis Community Worldwide..

Personally I am aware from my time spent with the Hypnotist in question that if you were to buy all of the indvidual home study training components that make up this proposed package the cost to you would be almost £3250 (around $5,000) and that would not include the cost for personal direct consultation with the man himself or THE MOST VALUABLE 12+ HOURS OF VIDEO TRAINING that he has never sold, given or shown to anyone before..

(I'm truly lucky to have been the first person to have had the privallidge to view them and boy do I wish I'd had the information they contain years ago as that would have made my life so much easier on many levels and earnt me an additonal small fortune)
So as well as the obvious bottom line question of what would you like me to say to this Hypnotist to convince them to make this package available, the other obvious question is do you think if I am able to make this happen that a retail price of say around £250 (around $397) would reprsent remarkable value for money?

Or do you think the package should be priced more expensively to keep it out of the hands of the merely curious hobbyists who may misuse the powerful psychological secrets and human manipulative psychology secrets that it contains?

I nearly forgot to mention that the bumper package that I am trying to persuade the Hypnotist to release through my company would (if it ever happens) cover EVERYTHING that you'd ever need to know about Hypnotherapy & NLP (for therapy) - Stage & Street Hypnosis and also the use of Hypnotic Techniques in the Dating & Seduction Arena, Persuausion and influence Secrets for Sales and Marketing and well in short you would be a TRUE MASTER POF MIND CONTROL & PERSUASION after learning this successful hypnotists lifetime of hard earned methods and approaches all of which have been proven to work in the real world...

So please leave your comments at the bottom of this note and let me know your thoughts and what you feel so that I can pass these comments on and use them to help persuade the Hypnotist in question to "sign the contract" and allow my company to make this available to the world...

I'm truly excited and want to make this work as i know that anyone who gets to see the 12 hours of video alone (the stuff only I've been allowed to watch until now) will NEVER have to spend a single penny, cent or dime ever again on any other form of Hypnosis or NLP Training Book, Manual, Video, Audio or even Epensive live training course...
How much would that be worth to you - would £250 ($397) be a fair price to pay or do you think thats too cheap?

Thanks in advance for your comments which as I say I intend to use to persuade the Hypnotist to allow this proposed project to become a reality...

Cheers Everyone


Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

PS: The Link to The Facebook Note TO MAKE YOUR COMMENT'S is -  

PPS: If your not on Facebook then Make A Comment Below The Posting on my My Space Blog here -