REVIEW: THE MIDNIGHT SIDE OF THE MIND by PAUL VOODINI – (A Unique Collection of Paranormal Style Routines For Psychic Entertainer & Bizarre Magician or Mentalist and Hypnotists – Reviewed by Jonathan (Alex William Smith) Royle


A New Book By – Paul Voodini – The Paranormal Entertainer

110 Large A4 Format Information Packed Pages

Supplied As a PDF Document.

Investment: £100 (To Keep it out of the hands of the merely curious)

Available From: 

A REVIEW – By JONATHAN (Alex William Smith) ROYLE


Earlier today I was delighted to find in my email inbox a copy of  the “Hot off the press” PDF Ebook “The Midnight Side of The Mind” by The Paranormal Entertainer himself Paul Voodini.

Now in fairness I’d have much preferred it if this book had been made available as a printed document, especially in this day and age of “Print on demand” publishers where it is both easy and cheap to have things printed professionally, however with that slight negative aside, please allow me to proceed..

For several hours now I have been sat at my computer and have already read this exciting publication from cover to cover twice in a row, and then felt compelled to go back to several sections a couple more times to take an even closer look, such is the potential for mystery, wonder and true amazement that I feel is locked within the pages of this modern day classic.

In essence there is actually next to nothing new in this book whatsoever (by this I mean in terms of the basic concepts) so why do I like it so much and why would I recommend it to any serious student of Mentalism, Paranormal and Psychic Entertainment and even Hypnotists both of the Stage and Therapeutic variety?

The truth is that since the days of Mesmerism and Magnetic Healing and Entertainments there were exponents demonstrating such things as Past Life Regression and the apparent miracle of giving people instant Psychic Ability.

However the old, rare and often hard to find texts on these subjects which detail such activities are all written from the perspective of a true believer, they are the works of a shut eye and it is clear from the descriptions I have seen in such old works that the results obtained were usually far more of the miss than of the hit variety.

It appears that Paul Voodini has independently re-created the idea of giving someone the ability to see spirits and gain so called Psychic Ability using their mind alone and has developed the routine which frankly is worth the price of this book alone to any serious minded professional mystery entertainer, namely “The Kiss of The Clairvoyant”.

The routine without doubt will prove to be both eerie, fascinating, spine chilling and amazing both to those who participate and those who witness its performance.

I would warn you however that there are no gimmicks to make this routine work, indeed this is the case in most all of Voodini’s routines, the truth is that the chance of failure is always there, however for those who proceed exactly as taught these occurrences will be rare and on these rare occasions those who take Voodini’s teachings to heart will still be able to produce a truly memorable and impressive piece of Psychic Style Theatre.

One thing is for sure the method and approach explained by Voodini is Ten Thousand times more reliable than the shut eye nonsense printed in old texts on Mesmerism and Magnetic Healing and is clearly written by someone who has honed this approach and these methods many times for real modern day audiences in the real world, this fact alone saves you having to find out things the hard way and makes the book worth the entrance price alone.

Within the pages Voodini also teaches a way to turn an audience member into a remote viewer where they are able to travel inside their mind into an audience members bedroom (or somewhere else) and with stunning accuracy describe the surroundings, the décor, objects and furniture in the room and more besides, this is the kind of routine that audiences will truly remember for years and in the wrong hands could be used by the dishonest to start a Cult Religion with ease!

Voodini’s ridiculously simple approach to Past Life Regression is awesome and I say that as someone who has performed an entire 2 Hr evening Past Life Show in Theatres & Civic Halls around the Northwest of England and also as someone who has conducted numerous Regressions for one to one clients at Psychic Fairs and also in my consulting rooms.

Voodini goes to great pains to state throughout this book that HYPNOSIS IS NOT USED and yet I would say that is a downright lie!

Admittedly it all comes down to your own beliefs on what Hypnosis truly is or isn’t, however in my opinion and experience the moment you get someone to close their eyes, relax and go through any form of ritualistic internal mental exercise or imagery, then THEY ARE HYPNOTISED…

That to be honest is my only Criticism of this excellent publication, and yet that criticism is small as Voodini goes to great pains to mention that Hypnosis should only be used with 100% attention to safety and when you truly know what you are doing for which I applaud him, his attention to the volunteers safety with what he terms his “Dreamscape” routines is also to be commended.

However I can’t escape from the fact that if you use the “Relaxation Process” that Voodini explains, especially when it is used after the selection process experiments (or suggestibility tests as many hypnotists call them) then the fact is that the vast majority of the people WILL END UP IN WHAT IS ARGUABLY HYPNOSIS and as such the scope for Ab-Reactions and/or potential emotional side effects of a negative nature is very real indeed.

To that end I would respectfully suggest that only those well versed, knowledgeable and skilled in the arts of Hypnotism should ever perform the routines generously shared within these pages by Voodini.

I know this will sound like a blatant plug for my own website (and in some ways it is) but for all reading this review I’d recommend that you go to and register 100% Free so that you can get (launch date coming very soon) a 100% FREE copy of my book “Confessions of a Hypnotist” and also some FREE (5+ hrs) of Hypnosis Training Videos.

These Free resources will teach you various Rapid Inductions which can be used to place people into trance and add to the theatricality of the routines that Voodini has crafted and perhaps more importantly will educate you into the ways of dealing with hypnotised individuals both for Stage and Therapeutic purposes, thus ensuring you are prepared for all potential occurrences!

For those of you who do Psychic – Reading’s, I can tell you from personal experience that offering personal 1 to 1 Past Life Regression Sessions or Past Life Parties can be very lucrative indeed and the approach taught by Voodini within this book is all you’ll need to set you on the right track to profit immensely from this arena.

There’s a lovely way to enable people to meet with their Spirit Guide (or for those into Native American Indians and Shamanism it could be framed as being their Protective Power Animal) that will prove memorable and rewarding g for the sitter, and whilst many may scoff in disbelief at Voodini’s approach to Psychometry I would urge any Fortune Tellers, Psychic Readers and even Mentalists of all kinds to leave their misconceptions behind and to actually give it a fair trial, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the results.

Overall this book contains many routines, along with approaches that with a little thought are easily adaptable and useable in so many other ways that I feel certain this book will inspire a whole host of new ideas, routines and miracles within the minds of everyone who reads it.

It is true this book is without doubt not for the eyes of the merely curious; this material would most likely be destroyed in all but the hands of an experienced performer and ideally in my opinion one who has knowledge, expertise and experience in both Mentalism, Cold Reading and Hypnosis.

This is as close as your ever going to get to REAL MAGIC or Real Psychic Style Phenomena, in closing I would say do not under estimate the power of these routines, approaches and techniques otherwise you will be doing both yourself and your audiences a grave disservice.

In closing I would say that I would unreservedly recommend this publication to any serious student of the mystery arts, but would respectfully suggest that they also grab a FREE copy of my book “Confessions of a Hypnotist” and the 5+ hrs of Free videos that I am giving away in a few weeks time at to ensure that you are fully versed in the art of hypnosis as whatever Voodini say’s its my honest belief that the methods explained in this book will easily, rapidly and due to the non hypnosis presentational context of the routines more deeply hypnotise the volunteers than more conventional approaches.

If you can afford it, If you feel your audiences and yourself deserve the closest thing to Real Magick & Psychic Phenomena as is humanly possible then you owe it to yourself to order this today – 

Indeed whilst your at Paul’s Site you’d be wise to invest in his other books “Reader of Minds” – (priced at £18) – “Pure Q & A” – (priced at £18)   and “The Paranormal Entertainer”  (priced at £18) – Then for just over £150 you’ll have all the material you’ll ever need to work Real Miracles! 

Rating: 9.5  (Out of A Possible Ten) 

NOTE: I would have given this a Ten out of Ten, But I truly do believe that to state the approaches taught are not hypnosis is a little misleading to say the least of the author.  I’m sure that he sincerely believes that to be true, however I shall beg to differ on that one!

Yours In The Mystery Arts

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle –









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