HELP – Magician’s – Mentalists & Psychic Entertainers Wanted To Review My New 2 Hour Comedy Psychic Style Mentalism Show – “Egg Sausage & Peas” with Jonathan Royle

Do You Fancy Reviewing My New Mentalism Show For Me?

I’m looking for a few people who are Magician’s, Mentalists or Psychic Performers  to take a look at the video recording of the first ever debut performance of my New 2 Hour Comedy Psychic Style Mind Reading Show and to then also write me a short review about what they think of the show and the ORIGINAL routines that I have created..

Reviews that have come in already can be seen here –

Does that Sound Like Something you’d be interested in?

Well if it is, please consider these 4 points and if your happy with them, then please inbox me directly on or via my page on Facebook at

1) You must be able to spare 2 hours to watch the private video link I would send you.

2) You must agree to send me your written review within 72 Hours of me sending you the video link and…

3) You should have a website address that you can promote at the end of the review (proves your a real person and I did not just make it up, or if you don’t have a website you must at least have a Twitter, Facebook or Myspace page that I can link to) and be happy for me to publish your review on my website…

4) You should not share the private video viewing link that I send you with anyone, others will ultimately have to pay to see the show live or buy the DVD when released, so please remember the link sent will be for Your Eyes Only.

I’m putting together a brand new home study course for Mentalists and Mind Magicians much of which will be based on this NEW 2 Hour Show and as such I need comments from Magicians, Mentalists & Psychics about what their opinion of the show content is…

You see a large section of the Home Study Course I am putting together is about how to create totally original material and also how to adapt and alter existing material so that it becomes so different that nobody else will be performing the same stuff as you…

It will also be a Masterclass in how to structure and routine a Professional Show from
start to finish and thats why I need as many Magicians, Mentalists and Such to take a
look at my new show which will be used as the “Case Study” for this new Home Study

For the record here are some of the Reviews and Comments the show has already received from Magicians, Psychics, Mentalists and the general public which should

whet your appetitie..

Thanks for reading this and I hope some of you will be able to help, those that do will find it an enjoyable and eye opening experience I am sure!

NOTE = This Offer & Opportunity Ends on Friday 13th July at 9pm UK GMT – you need to have inboxed me on BEFORE then to be considered for the chance to be a reviewer of the Private Videos.

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