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HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION…… The Royle Interview…

Check out this 100 Minute interview with Jonathan Royle who in his former name of Alex-Leroy was one of the Worlds First Trainers of PUA techniques and without doubt is the Master of Rapid Hypnotic Style Seduction Techniques …

His book “Hypnotism & Sex” was written back in 1992 and published in 1993 and has sold all around the world, indeed its explosive contents have been featured in practically all UK National Newspapers and also publications and TV/Radio Shows around the world…

He rarely teaches “PUA or Seduction” Techniques, this interview is Dynamite..

Things covered include:

*Was The So Called “Mystery Method” inspired by Royles book “Hypnotism & Sex”

*The 7 Real Keys to Success with Seduction, “The Game”, Street & Stage Hypnosis and even Hypnotherapy and a whole lot more..

*The Four Psychological Foundations to increased Success…

*The PURE HONEST Super Power Emotionally Charged approach to Seduction and Positive Mind Manipulation…

*Instantly Accessing Powerful States of Lust, Sexual Energy and more!

*Attracting Them With Ease Like Bees to The Honey Pot..

*Plus Much, Much More….



Thanks to Cassino Serpico Guillermo for arranging such an amazing interview, check it out now and spread the word…

Oh and when you’ve listened, remember to learn EVERYTHING I talk about in more depth you can attend one of my RARE Live Trainings..

LONDON (UK) October – http://deangold.co.uk/breaking-news-training-event-dean-gold-presents-jonathan-royle/

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(Plus Chance for Online Study) http://www.elitehypnosisbootcamp.com/

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