The Two Words Made Up of 15 Letters of The Alphabet That Could Change Your Hypnosis Business and Life For Ever

Hi Guys & Girls…

So I recently posted the following question on a Facebook Hypnotists forum:

Do you know what the two words are that will change your Hypnosis Business??

Do you know what those 15 little letters of the alphabet are?

The two words and 15 letters that can truly make you rich when you IGNORE 99% of them and just pay attention to the 1%???

I’m off to bed so discuss and I’ll give you the answer tomorrow…

It may well change your life for the better..

Well it went a little crazy with guesses and answers and my inbox was full of emails as well, yet nobody managed to guess the right answer…

There were some damn good ones such as 


Unfortunately only 14 letters though…


And these 15 letters making up 2 words truly are the Key to All Success as a Hypnotist..


Yes that’s it – OTHER HYPNOTISTS

Ignore 99% of them (who are full of shit and have achieved next to nothing) and invest your time and energy into studying the habits of and the methods used by the 1% who have actually been there, done that and got the T-Shirt…

For example check this out –

However there is way more to it than that, oh yes there is!

You see if you ignore 99% of OTHER HYPNOTISTS then you will be getting rid of OTHER HYPNOT STS

Thus leaving you with just the I

And when you read I it means your referring to YOU…

Yes thats right ONLY YOU MATTER…

Stop worrying about what other Hypnotists think, say or do…

Stop trying to emulate or copy others, the path to success is being the best possible and most original you that you can possibly ever be

Only the 1% of Hypnotists who have become truly financially independent in life thanks to hypnosis (see the earlier link) should ever be listened to if you want business advice, otherwise your far better off studying marketing gurus who are seriously rich and learning the methods that will help you grow your business..

The fact is when you get a truly HONEST teacher (and they are very few and far between) then you’ll learn from one small investment everything you’ll ever need to know in order to be a truly confident and competent hypnotist.

Unfortunately way too many (including so called names) are only teaching as they are crap at marketing and not making enough money from real shows and real therapy sessions in the current climate.


That’s why they don’t have the balls or confidence in what they sell or teach to offer a Full ONE YEAR (365 Days) Money Back Guarantee…

They just want to get you to sign up for course after course after course, yes they want you to have a little success to make them look good so they can keep selling more courses on the back of your success and also keep upselling you onto more courses, but they never will tell you the full truth and set you free…

But a rare 1% Will set you free – I’ll say no more than who else do you know who offers a full One Year Money Back Guarantee on their courses???

Check this link out and it speaks for itself –

SO BACK TO THE PLOT – Ignore 99% of OTHER HYPNOTISTS, don’t waste money on joining Hypnotists Associations which are just glorified boys clubs, they don’t want to help you they want to control you and have you abide by rules.

Those who are truly successful DO NOT abide by rules (laws set by governments yes but not rules set by boys clubs) and in truth the truly successful only get where they are by doing things that break all the rules of these glorified boys clubs.


And yes that will make people Jealous who are too lazy to get off their arses and do something new

And yes that will get you attacked on the internet and elsewhere

but you have to remember the very true saying which states “The Time to Really Start Worrying is when they stop talking about you”

Yes you can learn from the 1% of Hypnotists who are truly successful, but IGNORE THE OTHER 99%

Trouble is how do you find out for sure which hypnotists truly are in the 1% ??

Well the answer is quite simply to ask the right questions as explained at this link:

Look closely and the “Famous Names” such as Gil Boyne who people name as examples of those trying to “help the industry” were and only ever had THEIR OWN INTERESTS AT HEART

They put themselves in positions of perceived power and by apparently being seen to try and help other hypnotists they were in fact dominating the market…


To be honest it disturbs me how the majority of OTHER HYPNOTISTS are blind to the act they are being and have been brainwashed by their teaches in order to ensure that whilst they may then achieve a little success (mostly by luck) that in the main they will not overtake or over shadow their teacher….

I personally love it when my students get their own TV SHOWS (as many have around the world) and make more money than many ever dream of.


Indeed when you sort your head out you realize that no OTHER HYPNOTISTS are ever your competition if you market yourself correctly and that applies to both Stage and Therapy..

When people book me they book JONATHAN ROYLE  not just another Hypnotist

THERE IS ONLY ONE JONATHAN ROYLE And therefore I have ZERO Competition

And consequently I can charge whatever I want as there is nobody else on this planet who can ever deliver or offer what I do as there is only one JONATHAN ROYLE..

Yes I know that sounds arrogant and egotistical, but I promise and guarantee you that its the most valuable lesson you may ever learn in your life, if the penny has not not dropped yet so to speak, then go back to the beginning and read this entire blog post again and again until the truth and reality of what I have just revealed to you falls into place.


And the easiest way to do that is to ignore 99% of OTHER HYPNOTISTS

I’ll let you decide for yourself if I am in that 1% of Hypnotists you should be wise and intelligent enough to listen to…

But if your even merely curious i suggest you check out after all I offer a FULL ONE YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – how many others actually have the balls and confidence to do that???

But perhaps you’d prefer to meet me in person?

In which case come and get a taste of the lifestyle I’ve had for years and check out:

I’ve only scrape the tip of a huge iceberg of truth in this blog posting…

But meditate and consider the two words OTHER HYPNOTISTS and realize that 99% of them are struggling to pay their bills, or have a “proper” day job as well and then perhaps you’ll start to realize and understand right now how valuable this blog posting can be in changing your life for the better…

Let the discussions begin……

Let people slag me off because deep down they are jealous and struggling to survive..



And the 1% who could help make you richer will only ever deal with you (on a mutual business level) when you have discovered, absorbed, understood and put into pracrise the real harsh truths contained within this posting.

Wishing you all the Success in the World

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle




BLACKPOOL MAGIC CONVENTION 2013 – Long Live The Convention – But Heck Derek Levers Retirement is long Overdue especially given his Discrimination against the deaf and totally screwing up FISM 2012 – (amongst other serious things he has done)


Given that Blackpool Magicians Convention in February as per – is the Worlds Largest Magic Convention I thought that the following details may be of interest to you….

NOTE = I personally have loved attending Blackpool Magic Convention in the past and have many friends who are members of The Blackpool Magicians Club, and indeed In No way whatsoever would I ever wish for this event to be cancelled, however I most certainly do believe that DEREK LEVER should stand down and cease any and all association with Blackpool Magicians Club Ltd (a majorly for profit company) with immediate effect so that The Annual Magic Convention (The Biggest in the World) can return to the way it used to be.

THE TRUTH = Blackpool Magic Convention became the Worlds Biggest mainly through the organizational skills of Tom Owen and Bill Lamb (plus help from others no doubt) and NOT because of Derek Lever as many of the younger magicians around today (or the less informed) seem to think. In other-words The Convention most certainly could continue without him and would (as many would agree) most likely be better and return to as it was when these great people had more input into things!

Derek Lever for the record was once a President and committee member of The Order of The Magi in Manchester

It should be noted that (as I understand it from what I have heard) due to not paying his yearly membership fees on time, members of the Magi Committee finally had the chance to revoke Derek’s  membership knowing that when he was offered the chance to pay his dues his ego would not allow him to and so he became a NON MEMBER of the 3rd oldest magic club in England.

Not only the third oldest magic club in England (founded in 1909) but also for many years one of the clubs with the BIGGEST memberships and attendances, that is until Derek Lever lost his membership, let his ego get in the way and took a personal vendetta against “The Order of The Magi”

That’s when he set up “The Manchester Circle of Magicians” with the sole aim (so I understand) of bringing down the Order of The Magi from which he had lost membership and certain privileges and statuses which he had previously enjoyed and set his aims on poaching all of the “Order of The Magi” members to defect to his new club .

He has unfortunately so far been very successful with lowering the membership of the third oldest magic club in England by setting up his club in competition, where any Tom, Dick and Harry are allowed to join and attend, and where often lecturers perform effects but then won’t explain them as they are aware that people with next to no idea are present.

You only have to look at the joining criteria for Derek Levers   “Manchester Circle of Magicians” and then compare it to the criteria for joining the third oldest magic club in England “The Order of the Magi” to see for yourself that Derek’s aim is not to promote magic, but rather to try and shut down the third oldest magic club in England.



Compare the two and decide for yourself…

What is truly ironic is that Derek is allowing any Tom, Dick and Harry to come along and learn Magic Secrets and yet in the past he has tried to have Paul Daniels thrown out of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) for revealing secrets (by way of books and magic sets for the public) details of which can be seen at:

Now that’s what I believe they call being a  Hypocrite..

More recently lets not forget that Derek Lever managed to produce the worst F.I.S.M in living history, something that Paul Daniels no doubt predicted based on his comments in this newspaper article:

If you’d like to know how truly awful Derek Levers attempt at putting on FISM was (including his failed attempt at being voted to a FISM position) then check out the link that follows where you will also find tons more evidence of what a vindictive individual this person can be:

I think Richard Kaufman’s comments in Genii Magazine say it all really..

And lets not forget that if you bother to do a simple Google search that for the past few years now there has been resultant controversy over some of the acts Derek Lever has booked, not just for being crap but also for being racist etc.

Indeed do a simple google search on Derek Lever and Blackpool Magic Convention and any sane individual will soon realise what kind of person we are dealing with here..


Now to top things he is discriminating against the deaf..

I should point out that on 5th Feb 2013 he, by way of Blackpool Magicians Club released a blog saying this is not the case –

However when you look at the following two links (and read the postings especially the ones from the Experienced Health and Safety Officer) you will soon realize what complete cobblers that blog by Blackpool Magicians Club is: 

And the comments here reveal far more:



6th February 2013 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Derek Lever, organizer of Blackpool Magic Convention is actively discriminating against deaf magicians.

Mr Lever has decided to illegally forbid a sign language interpreter from attending his magic convention in February ( Although a private event, tickets are on sale to the general public.

The magic convention is the largest in the world, and thousands of people from many countries attend. Mr Lever has made it impossible for deaf magicians to attend by banning the presence of an interpreter for them.

Within the Equality Act (2010), there is enshrined a concept known as “REASONABLE ADJUSTMENT”. It is this concept, this provision, which means that Derek Lever, and the other organisers, and the venue itself, are all acting unlawfully. A lawyer is being sought to try and force Mr Lever to allowing the interpreter to attend.

Mr John Gapp, president of the Society of World Deaf Magicians said “All we want is for deaf magicians to be allowed the same experience at the convention as those able to hear.”

Putting aside the legal aspect, this is abhorrent and disgusting behaviour and must be stopped. The interpreter is a magician, so no problems about him finding out secrets. Magic conventions worldwide allow interpreters for the deaf, it is a standard procedure and has no impact on other attendees. The interpreter offered their services for free, and even offered to pay for their own ticket to attend so as to put no financial impact onto Mr Lever. Still he forbids it, now citing Health & Safety as the reason.

I spoke with an independent H&S expert who said:

“Signers would not pose any fire risk or danger to life, as suggested by the BMC. In fact having a sign language interpreter at the front of a lecture hall would be a safety advantage rather than a risk. After all they are more in tune with the needs of the disabled than most attending the event, and would reduce the overall risk should there be an incident. In fact, there are far higher fire risks posed by the storage of Pyrotechnics and Flash Products by magical dealers than would ever be created by an able bodied person stood at the front of a room alongside a performer.

In the past there have been over 20 deaf magicians attending the convention, and this has dwindled down to a handful because of Mr Lever forbidding an interpreter for them.

This is 2013. Would Mr Lever also remove wheelchair access? Would he forbid a black or gay person from attending? Of course not, so why an interpreter?

There is no logic or reason for this, apart from disgusting, immoral behaviour.

We call upon you to help promote this ban, and hopefully with enough pressure, Mr Lever will decide to change his mind, and allow the deaf magicians around the world to enjoy the conference the same way as their colleagues with hearing. We also would urge everyone that reads this to email or write to Mr Lever expressing your feelings about this. His contact details are: 01253 810113


For more information, please contact me, Damian Jennings, 0771 47 33 94 or and I urge you to publish and to help spread the word about this immoral action.


I could carry on for hours pointing you towards evidence of the kind of person Derek Lever really is, however if you can type Derek Lever and Blackpool Magic Convention and/or FISM into google then you can find out for yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE = Some (mainly friends of Derek) are trying to make out on the internet that I am trying to jump on the “Deaf Bandwagon” – well for the record I am almost entirely deaf in my left ear, it having been ripped off  by a Puma from The Circus I was performing on from aged 3 and a bit, I also suffer inferior hearing in my other ear, so bottom line this is very personal to me also.

And before people starting posting (some already are who frankly should know better ) absolute lies on the internet trying to make out I am some kind of criminal I would suggest that you learn the truth which you can do at the web page that follows and also at the video link that follows:



WARNING = So Remember if its not mentioned at one of the two above links you can be 100% sure that whatever you see is complete lies and rubbish, and if it is relevant to anything posted above, then having looked at the above ONLY THEN WILL YOU KNOW THE TRUTH so be careful not to also fall into the trap of posting Defamatory Lies and untruths about me on the web.


Oh and finally before anyone else raises it again, in answer to the question “Do I Have A Personal Issue with Derek Lever?”

The honest answer is = A BIG FAT NO

However for some reason he does with me!

You see for many years he was fine with me, that is until one day I went into his shop in Blackpool with my showbiz dad Les Le Roy aka Tizzy The Clown and then he realized who my dad was.

From that moment forward, Derek refused to sell me anything or have anything to do with me (prior to that I had spent a fortune with him and he was always happy to serve me)

Turns out years ago (in the 60’s so I understand) my dad was booked to be the headline act for a show for The Showman’s Guild of Great Britain and the rest of the show was to be provided by yes you guessed it Derek Lever.

Apparently Derek Lever arrived at the venue, saw my dad and refused to perform or let any of the other acts (booked through him) perform if my dad was allowed to perform.

Well Derek got his wish, however he was somewhat pissed off to witness the President of The Showman’s Guild pay out my dad his full fee in cash, especially given that proportionally it was far, far more than Derek was getting paid.

And yes he was even more pissed off so I gather when my dad was invited by The President of The Showman’s Guild to sit at the main table and stay as their guest for the night, you see my Dad comes from a firm background of Fairground (Gaffs) and Circus and so was immediately accepted as “one of them” in truth that’s why he was booked in the first place!

Childish behavior on Derek’s part I hear you say! Well Yes, but it illustrates how he has been acting like this for years, bear in mind at the time my dad was (and still is) the only specialty act in the world to ever have been booked for three consecutive seasons in a row at The World Famous Belle Vue Circus (these having been filmed and some broadcast on TV)

Or to put it another way, my dad at the time was (still is) world famous in the Circus World for his Yogi Style Fire Eating, Bed of Nails and Glass Walking etc Acts.

Derek at the time was just working, well lets put it this way not the prestige venues my dad was, who at the time was topping bills and making National Newspaper Headlines on a regular basis.

So you see the one who holds a grudge (for no good reason) is Derek Lever and most certainly not me!

I personally wish Blackpool Magicians Club and Blackpool Magic Convention all the best, although I do personally believe they would and will do a lot better when Derek retires and sells his shares in BMC and lets those with more idea of whats happening in the real world take the realm.


You see today I was sent an email asking me to publish the letter that follows from Collin Richardson who organizes The Southern England Magic Convention –

This is an event that if you do a Google search on it you will soon find articles such as

As you can see (and I am aware of) he has told Acts and Dealers that if they exhibit/perform at SEMC then they will be barred from Blackpool, and he has also poached people from appearing at SEMC weeks before the event by offering them discounted or free dealer stands or bigger fees etc for Blackpool..

BOTTOM LINE = Yet again he (Derek Lever) is the one who has acted unethically and unprofessionally…

Anyway here is the letter I was sent today that raises issues about Work Permits, Taxes, VAT and other issues that may or may not be (I express no opinion on this) an issue regarding Derek Lever and Blackpool Magic Convention..

Although judging by some peoples comments on Magic Forums today, it would seem that some are scared this will disrupt Blackpool.

My only opinion is simply this, if you choose to break any law (and I am not saying that anyone has) then expect to reap the legal consequences.

Oh and for the record as I understand it they are obliged to reply to Collin within 28 working days which is approx Six Weeks, so he should get a reply to this pretty damn soon, whether it will be acted upon for this years convention or next is absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH ME despite what some are trying to make out on various forums,

Anyway in conclusion here is the letter I was sent today and asked to publish by its author Collin Richardson..

(You may need to click on it to see the bigger image to be able to read it)

Letter from Collin Richardson of Southern England Magic Convention SEMC to Prime Minister About Blackpool Magic Convention and Derek Lever

Letter from Collin Richardson of Southern England Magic Convention SEMC to Prime Minister About Blackpool Magic Convention and Derek Lever

REMEMBER = I did NOT post, write or have any involvement in this letter and only learnt of its existence today when it was emailed to me by the author who is named on it and asked me to publish it.  So don’t believe everything you read on Magic Forums from people who are either Derek Levers Friends and/or are just too scared to TELL THE TRUTH and stand up to the bully who they know will ban them from Blackpool and Manchester Circle of Magicians if they have the balls to speak out and say the truth….

I have nothing to lose given that the moment he found out who my dad is he banned me from his shop, convention and well you get the idea…

Those with the balls to speak out against Derek can add me on Facebook at

Or email me directly on



Hi There,

Given that Blackpool Magicians Convention in February as per – is the Worlds Largest Magic Convention I thought that the following details may be of interest to you….

It would appear that DEREK LEVER (Of Blackpool Magicians Club) who organises the convention is bringing shame on them by discriminating against Deaf Disabled Magicians…

And therefore indirectly could be bringing shame on Blackpool Council and The Wintergardens venue at which the event is held.

All of the details you should need can be found at the web links that follow below….

(You may need to copy and paste them into your browser to make them work)

Also whilst your looking into this, you may want to investigate and check out whether or not Derek Lever has organised the correct Work Permits and Visas for all of the overseas acts and performers that he has listed for this years event. I assume that all of the correct immigration and similar authorities are aware of the large number of people that are coming over and being Paid and thus engaging in paid employment and I assume that all relevant Tax authorities have been informed about this etc? Obviously I am sure that all paperwork will be in order but it does not harm to check does it?

NOTE = I originally posted the information below on my Facebook Account…

DEREK LEVER – Bringing Shame on Blackpool Magicians Club…

Well Its official Derek Lever is the biggest C**T in the whole of the World of Magic, perhaps even in the whole world of showbiz.

After delivering last year By Far THE WORST F.I.S.M (The World Magic OLYMPICS) event in its History which was regarded by the Majority as the biggest SHAMBLES of an event ever run in the Magic World, Derek Lever has now excelled himself by DISCRIMINATING against Deaf Magicians and Possibly Breaking Disability Discrimination Laws in the Process??

Check out the full story at the link and then please click on “The Petition” Link in top left hand corner and support this campaign.

For those who may not Know exactly how much of a complete Waste of Skin Derek Lever is you would also be wise to check out this link =

And for more on LEVER’S DISCRIMINATION against Deaf People check out –

The Man is a Joke, in the past he has ILLEGALLY posted (without permission or legal rights) Copyrighted Images of mine accompanied by a notice containing DOWNRIGHT LIES and Defamtory Bullsh*T about me.

Only by threatening Legal Action against the Winter Gardens itself did I get the images and lies taken down..

Lever wanted me Barred from the event, he was UNSUCCESSFUL as it was made clear to him that 2 performers who he had already pissed off and were to appear on the Gala show would not perform if I was thrown out…

Need-less to say I remained for the whole weekend much to Levers annoyance.

The man is a complete bully, in the past he has had people locked up (imprisoned against their human rights etc) in a room making them miss an expensive event they had paid to attend at Blackpool, just because he “thought” they had stolen stuff from the dealers hall, it turned out LEVER WAS TOTALLY WRONG…

You only have to search on Google about Derek Lever and “Blackpoo Magic” etc to find out tons of other examples of this mans wholly unprofessional behaviours.

Just check out the links above and you’ll soon discover what a Joke this man is.


Yes its true Stand up to him and HE WILL BAN YOU FROM BLACKPOOL, however if we ALL STOOD UP TO HIM then if he banned us all then there would be no Blackpool Convention..

And I am sure Blackpool Magicians Club would not want that to occur so would finally get the nerve up to somehow get Lever to stand down, retire and piss off to pastures new…