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Given that Blackpool Magicians Convention in February as per – is the Worlds Largest Magic Convention I thought that the following details may be of interest to you….

It would appear that DEREK LEVER (Of Blackpool Magicians Club) who organises the convention is bringing shame on them by discriminating against Deaf Disabled Magicians…

And therefore indirectly could be bringing shame on Blackpool Council and The Wintergardens venue at which the event is held.

All of the details you should need can be found at the web links that follow below….

(You may need to copy and paste them into your browser to make them work)

Also whilst your looking into this, you may want to investigate and check out whether or not Derek Lever has organised the correct Work Permits and Visas for all of the overseas acts and performers that he has listed for this years event. I assume that all of the correct immigration and similar authorities are aware of the large number of people that are coming over and being Paid and thus engaging in paid employment and I assume that all relevant Tax authorities have been informed about this etc? Obviously I am sure that all paperwork will be in order but it does not harm to check does it?

NOTE = I originally posted the information below on my Facebook Account…

DEREK LEVER – Bringing Shame on Blackpool Magicians Club…

Well Its official Derek Lever is the biggest C**T in the whole of the World of Magic, perhaps even in the whole world of showbiz.

After delivering last year By Far THE WORST F.I.S.M (The World Magic OLYMPICS) event in its History which was regarded by the Majority as the biggest SHAMBLES of an event ever run in the Magic World, Derek Lever has now excelled himself by DISCRIMINATING against Deaf Magicians and Possibly Breaking Disability Discrimination Laws in the Process??

Check out the full story at the link and then please click on “The Petition” Link in top left hand corner and support this campaign.

For those who may not Know exactly how much of a complete Waste of Skin Derek Lever is you would also be wise to check out this link =

And for more on LEVER’S DISCRIMINATION against Deaf People check out –

The Man is a Joke, in the past he has ILLEGALLY posted (without permission or legal rights) Copyrighted Images of mine accompanied by a notice containing DOWNRIGHT LIES and Defamtory Bullsh*T about me.

Only by threatening Legal Action against the Winter Gardens itself did I get the images and lies taken down..

Lever wanted me Barred from the event, he was UNSUCCESSFUL as it was made clear to him that 2 performers who he had already pissed off and were to appear on the Gala show would not perform if I was thrown out…

Need-less to say I remained for the whole weekend much to Levers annoyance.

The man is a complete bully, in the past he has had people locked up (imprisoned against their human rights etc) in a room making them miss an expensive event they had paid to attend at Blackpool, just because he “thought” they had stolen stuff from the dealers hall, it turned out LEVER WAS TOTALLY WRONG…

You only have to search on Google about Derek Lever and “Blackpoo Magic” etc to find out tons of other examples of this mans wholly unprofessional behaviours.

Just check out the links above and you’ll soon discover what a Joke this man is.


Yes its true Stand up to him and HE WILL BAN YOU FROM BLACKPOOL, however if we ALL STOOD UP TO HIM then if he banned us all then there would be no Blackpool Convention..

And I am sure Blackpool Magicians Club would not want that to occur so would finally get the nerve up to somehow get Lever to stand down, retire and piss off to pastures new…


1 thought on “DEREK LEVER – BRINGING SHAME ON BLACKPOOL MAGICIAN’S CLUB…. Discriminating Against Deaf Magicians

  1. Had a few run ins with the little twat
    Never made you welcome at the auctions in
    Manchester and always talked down to people
    A typical little man syndrome
    Wish he would of tried locking me in a room
    I would of put him in his own room in a hospital
    And if your reading this you little prick and
    You want a word face to face let me know but you will need to bring a couple of friends with you cause your not big enough oh sorry you ain’t got no friends you gobshite seen you do magic not impressed

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