Confessions of A Psychic Hypnotist – The Shocking & Eye Opening Autobiography of Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex-Leroy aka Alex William Smith – THE REAL TRUTH EXPOSED – (Plus Details of his other FOUR NEW Books on Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Mentalism, NLP, Speed Hypnotic Seduction)


(This Book Could Save You Money & also Help You Make Big $$$/£££)

ALEX NEW BOOK“Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist” is a Large Format (almost A4) Book of 346 Pages and is an absolute bargain at just $14.97 (approx £10)

It Chronicles the True Life Story of Britain’s Most Controversial Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle from his birth on 13th August 1975 whilst traveling with a showbiz family (His Dad is Keith Smith aka Tizzy The Clown aka Les-Leroy aka The Amazing Etna) on Gandeys Circus, up to 2005 when he turned 30 years of age and had purchased his own home outright for Cash (no mortgages or loans required)

From his stage debut aged 3 and a bit as Flap The Clown, his time working as a Magician, the years as a Fraudulent Clairvoyant and Fortune Teller, all the way to how he became probably the youngest ever working Professional Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist in the world, its all within the pages of this Shockingly honest autobiography.

The insights into how he has Controlled and Manipulated The Media (TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines) around the world and been linked to A-List Celebrities with his “Mind Skills” are invaluable for anyone working as a Hypnotist (Stage or therapy) or indeed in any field of the entertainment industry and could easily help you make more money and achieve more success in your work, when the insights you will learn are put into action yourself.

Indeed you’ll also discover how he succeeded in exposing many of the often ILLEGAL techniques used by the now defunct “News of The World” and also Exposed the dodgy and unethical antics and fabricated stories of certain other journalists.

As you read this book which is often Shocking, Controversial and extremely eye opening (not for the easily offended) You’ll be taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions and discover exactly what truly goes on behind the scenes and what it truly takes to become a success in the world of Showbiz and also Hypnosis.

From having his ear ripped off by a Puma (Wild Cat) on the Circus, being hit around the head everyday by Chimpanzees, very nearly disfiguring himself for life whilst Fire Eating, attempting Suicide during childhood due to being the victim of constant bullying, overcoming serious Alcohol and Drug issues, right through to almost getting killed whilst trying to set a World Record for Under Water Escapology, this is perhaps the most bizarre life story you will ever have the pleasure of reading.

WARNING = On A side note, although the contents of this book will prove both Entertaining & Educational to anybody connected to the worlds of Hypnosis, Magic, Mentalism and Related fields, I would strongly advise anyone and everyone to read this book BEFORE they ever Spend a Single Penny on any form of Live Hypnosis Course, Seminar and/or event and also BEFORE they spend a single dime on purchasing any form of Hypnosis, NLP or related training DVD’s, Books or other home study materials.

As within its pages you’ll discover what Medical GP’s, Plastic Surgeons, Nurses, Dentists and other Medical Professionals, along with many of the biggest names in the fields of Hypnosis and NLP truly think about Royles Unique Hypnosis Training.

Yes indeed this book finally reveals the REAL TRUTH behind all of the rumors, lies and vindictive BS that many of Royles so called competitors often spread about him on the internet and elsewhere.

BEWARE = When you read this book, your in for some serious surprises and quite possibly the odd tear or two will run down your face along the way, whilst at other times you’ll run the danger of wetting your pants with laughter.




Hypnotism and Sex Speed Hypnotic Seduction Hypnosis NLP

Hypnotism and Sex Speed Hypnotic Seduction Hypnosis NLP

The Above Book IS NOW AVAILABLE – Full Details of the contents of this explosive book and also order info can be found on Amazon At:



Books by Dr. Jonathan Royle

Books by Dr. Jonathan Royle

3 Amazing New Books by Dr. Jonathan Royle

01) Cold Reading & Mentalism For The Psychic Entertainer – 478 Pages. £30 or $47 Post Free.

02) The Encyclopedia of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis and Complete Mind Therapy – Vol One. 514 Pages. £18.59p or $30.

03) The Encyclopedia of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis & Complete Mind Therapy Volume Two. 362 Pages. £30 or $47 again Post Free.

For Full Details of each of the books contents and order details etc check out this link:

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If you could do that it would help the rankings greatly and be hugely appreciated as its my aim by Xmas to make these the Worlds Best Selling Books in their Subject Areas.

I Can GUARANTEE you they are the most informative books ever written on the subjects and contain everything you’ll ever need for succcess!

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