The Royle Road To Mystery Arts Success – Grab $777 Worth of Training Materials For Just $37 – Thats A Massive OVER 95% DISCOUNT on Usual Retail Prices..

The Royle Road To Mystery Arts Success Front & Back Covers

The Royle Road To Mystery Arts Success Front & Back Covers

As you will discover a little further down this page, the contents of this package are dynamite and worth their weight in gold to anyone interested or involved in any manner or area of Hypnosis and/or Mentalism.

More details of what this package contains follow shortly, but first please consider that The Contents of this Bumper Information Packed Double DVD-ROM Package if purchased separately at their individual retail prices would cost you in excess of $777 US Dollars (which is around £497 Sterling or 595 Euros)

However in this form as a 2 Disk Compilation, the package usually retails at $307 US Dollars (which is around £197 Sterling or 235 Euros)

But for a Strictly Limited Time Only you have your chance to get your hands on this Unique Package for a MASSIVE OVER 95% DISCOUNT on the usual combined separate retail prices!

Thus meaning that when you order today, you will be sent this Double Disk DVD-ROM Package through the Post by First Class or Airmail delivery to your front door for the bargain SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of just $37 US Dollars.

ORDER NOW – Simply Send $37 US Dollars or £23 Sterling or 27 Euros via to the email of before
THE DEADLINE of Midnight (EST) Friday 4th April 2014.

The Royle Road To Mystery Arts Success - Front Cover

The Royle Road To Mystery Arts Success – Front Cover

Contained upon the Two Data DVD-ROMS (For Use on Your Computer) is a grand total of 7.17GB of information which includes invaluable Training Videos, Audio Tuition MP3’s, PDF Ebooks and Power Point Educational Presentations amongst many other things…

Just A Few Examples of the Contents of this package are:

*Contains the Complete Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Training Manual along with all of the Special Effect Audios and Back Up Audios and other stuff required to Easily, Legally, Ethically, Safely and Successfully conduct such Treatment Sessions.

*You Gain Access to almost 12 Hours of Step by Step Easy to follow and implement training videos teaching you Tried, Tested and Proven to work, Advertising, Marketing, Publicity and Promotional techniques and strategies to attract more clients for your Hypnotherapy and also more shows if you work in that arena.

*The Package contains a 60 Minute Video, 55 Minute Audio, Training Manual and Scripts to teach you every element and nuance of my unique “Complete Mind Therapy” treatment approach so that you can start using it with great success straight away to help most any person with most every problem you could think of from A thru to Z.

*There’s a 60 Minute Video and several manuals which will teach you every Secret of The Successful Stage Hypnotist, Whilst this will teach you how to conduct your own Comedy Hypnosis Shows, it also teaches tons of Rapid and Instant Hypnotic Induction Techniques
that will also prove invaluable for Hypnotherapists, and approaches that will prove invaluable when conducting Profitable Group Hypnotherapy Sessions.

*Almost 18 Hours of Audio MP3 that can be loaded onto any listening device of your choice, provide a masterclass taking even the complete Novice to Advanced Master Practitioner Hypnotist Level With ease and YES as part of the package you gain access to various Professional Certifications and Diplomas to use within your business.

*Through Over One and a Half Hours of Video footage, you’ll also be taught the Secrets of Impromptu and Street Hypnosis, how to effectively be confident and competent of being able to hypnotize anybody, anytime, anyplace, anywhere and to be able to do so in a 100%
fully Legal, Lawful, Ethical, Safe, Insured and Where Needed Licensed Manner.

*Hours of Audio MP3’s together with accompanying text documents, take the complete Novice to Knowledgeable and skilful NLP Practitioner, and even established NLP’ers will learn some invaluable tricks, hints and approaches along the way.

*Also included are a complete Accelerated Learning Style Course in Hypnotic Past Life Regression and also a Course in Noesitherapy Pain Control.

*During one 60 minute Audio MP3 within the package, Royle will teach you his slant on The NLP Fast Phobia Cure which you’ll soon find yourself using with great success!

ORDER NOW – Simply Send $37 US Dollars or £23 Sterling or 27 Euros via to the email of before
THE DEADLINE of Midnight (EST) Friday 4th April 2014.

The Royle Road to Mystery Arts Success - Back Cover

The Royle Road to Mystery Arts Success – Back Cover

And There’s Tons More Amazing Information and Resources in this Package:

*Dozens of Ebooks on Magic, Mind Reading and Derren Brown Style Mentalism teaching you more than enough to create your own show, but also to combine with Hypnosis for Public Talks and Demonstrations to attract new clients to your business. And of course they can also make you the life and soul of every party and incredibly attractive to and popular with the opposite sex!

*15 Complete Power Point Presentations (each made up of tons of professionally designed slides) together with master copies for running orders and course note handouts enabling you to run 15 different one and two day Training Seminars on various high in demand Profitable Subjects including NLP, Stress Management, Customer Care Skills, Powerful Sales Techniques, Negotiation Skills and much more.

*You also get a total of 12 Self-Help Ebooks that come to you with Legal Resale Rights and also with readymade professionally written Sales Letters and in most cases also with readymade website templates to help you sell them and make big profits from them as part of your business!

*And you’ll also find four Professionally produced and recorded Full Length Audio Recordings covering Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Confidence Issues and Stress Management & Relaxation that come to you with Legal Resale rights, so that again you may copy and sell them (or give them as back ups to clients) as part of your business.

*And there is tons & tons of other stuff within this package that you will find highly educational and when put to use in the real world will also prove highly profitable for you.

ORDER NOW – Simply Send $37 US Dollars or £23 Sterling or 27 Euros via to the email of before
THE DEADLINE of Midnight (EST) Friday 4th April 2014.


If you’ve not already ,made the obvious and intelligent decision to grab your copy of this package at this One Time Only MASSIVE OVER 95% DISCOUNT Special Limited Offer Price, then consider how useful these Six Full length PDF Ebooks can and will prove to be to both you and the success of your business…

01)  SPEAKING FOR MILLIONS = This 264 Page Ebook teaches you how to make really big $$$/£££ As a Professional Key Note, After Dinner and Seminar/Events Speaker.

02) SELLING PRODUCTS FROM THE STAGE = This 128 Page Ebook reveals the proven techniques of Making Massive Profits with Back of the Room Sales and Product Merchandising at your live public events.

03) MARKETING INFORMATION = A 185 Page Ebook teaching how you can easily create, market and sell information & knowledge in any field for big profits.

04) CONSULTING SECRETS = 246 Pages of Gold Dust on how to start and build a Turbo Charged Consulting business in your own Specialist Field. This is Dynamite Information for Life Coaches, NLP’ers and Hypnotherapists.

05) MARKETING YOUR OWN SEMINARS = A 202 page step by step guide to devising, organising, promoting and presenting hugely profitable seminars and live training events.

06) PUBLISHING FOR PROFIT = 126 Pages reveal how to Triple Your Yearly income and profits within  the next 18 months.

ORDER NOW – Simply Send $37 US Dollars or £23 Sterling or 27 Euros via to the email of before
THE DEADLINE of Midnight (EST) Friday 4th April 2014.


Yes indeed there are also ebooks teaching how to be more successful with the opposite sex using “Hypnotic Seduction”, how to master body language and covert persuasion and how to both make money from and also become desirable as a Fortune Telling Palmistry (Palm Reading) and Tarot Card Reading, Master of Astrology..

NOTE = The Special OVER 95% DISCOUNT OFFER Ends Strictly at Midnight (Est) On Friday 4th April 2014.  All Orders of these Physical DVD-ROMS will be dispatched by either First Class or Airmail Delivery. UK Orders allow 3 days for delivery, Europe allow a week and for USA and Rest of World Please allow around 10 to 14 days for delivery.  ALSO be aware that you may need to download the Free VLC Player Software to play some of the videos if your Codecs are out of date on your Computer.

ORDER NOW – Simply Send $37 US Dollars or £23 Sterling or 27 Euros via to the email of before
THE DEADLINE of Midnight (EST) Friday 4th April 2014.

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