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Grab Free Magic & Mentalism From Dee Christopher

Grab Free Magic & Mentalism From Dee Christopher

Says Dee:

“The code ROYLE13 will get your customers 20% off any purchase, but for tonight only, any purchases of my ebooks Deep Shadows or Black Heart and Bourbon will include a downloadable copy of everything else on the store for free.”

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#TheDress – So Is this Dress Black and Blue or Is It Gold And White or Perhaps Off Grey and Brown?? Are your Eyes and Mind Playing Tricks on You? This is the dress that nearly broke the internet!




So My Wife Rachel Smith and also my 5 year old Daughter Asheligh swear blind that the dress in the photo above is Black and Blue…

Whereas I am 100% convinced that the actual dress itself it is Off White and a Goldy/Brown Colour.

However the Shrug looking area does look Blue to me, but the rest that my wife says is Blue certainly looks off whiteish/Grey to me..

What do you think???

Comment Below…

Apparently people all over the web are disgareeing LMAO


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Clear-Volution Card In Clear Box, A Review by Bob Gill on The Magic Cafe Magicians Forum, Like David Penns Mystery Solved, Wayne Dobsons 3-Sixty and David Regals Clarity Box only more Normal Looking, Cheaper and Can do things the others Can’t..

CLEAR-VOLUTION – (Signed Card To Clear Box)

A Review by Bob Gill.

NOTE = This was as images on this page show, posted to the “Ebooks, PDFSs or
Downloads” Review Section of The Magic Cafe Forum by Bob Gill at  Feb 11, 2015 08:14 am.  I am copying and pasting the text over here, as in the past whenever someone
has said nice things about me on The Magic Cafe they very quickly seem to vanish and
get deleted, seems your not allowed to say nice things about me on the Cafe – LMAO.



This is an interesting approach to the current fascination with Folded Signed Chosen Card in Clear Box.

Jonathan Royle is, in fact, a stage hypnotist who has released a number of magic and mentalist items.

This is a $10 download.

The props that you can easily make for yourself (which keeps the cost of this right down) are sourced for you in the 9-page pdf.

Accompanying that is a 15 minute video that explains in painstaking detail how to make the props (10 minutes work with apparatus you will source locally very easily).

There are several other documents you get, with detailed pictures showing you the various props and their preparation.

IMG_9323This is his ad copy:


*There is an Actual FULL Folded Up Card in the box.

*They GENUINELY see the card in the box fall out of the box.

*The Card can be tipped out one handed onto the table or a spectators hand which CANNOT be done with most all other versions.

*They See the card drop from the box and then fall visibly a fair distance through the air onto the table or into a spectators hands.

*The Box is clear and see through at all times and they see the very moment the card drops out of it that the box is clearly then empty.

*The Box can be examined and indeed can even be left with them as its possible to get boxes as cheaply as around 50 Cents or 35p each when you buy them in packs of 8, 10 or 12 at a time.

*If desired you can show the box empty at start and then be seen to place an item into it (eg a Prediction that they see you write and fold up) and then it can be handed to a spectator to hold for safe keeping until you wish to reveal the prediction to be correct later.

*Did I mention none of the other clear box methods allow the box to picked up with one hand and the item tipped out using one hand only onto the table or a spectators hand from a reasonable distance so it can be seen to fall out of the box and down onto their hand or the table?

*The Gimmick is easy to make and all is explained by way of the PDF, Numerous Photographs and Instructional Video and all for the bargain price of just $10 US Dollars which is approx £6.50.


So – is the above an honest set of features of Clear-Volution? Yes, it is.

Then: is this ‘better’ than the models on the market?

As always, it depends on what you’re looking for, and what you regard as the flaws in 3Sixty, Mystery Solved, The Box, Clarity Box etc.

But I will say:

.. it’s well worth the modest cost;

.. it is a workable solution to the effect;

– as with everything, there is a downside to it, albeit a small one: if you look at his trailer, you’ll notice his grip on the box is, on his own admission, a trifle awkward. Whether or not that puts you off is a personal matter. I find it an acceptable compromise.

There is a point that’s been made several times on the Café, by me and a lot of others, who see the clear box solution as a mentalist tool, rather than a card-to-box tool.

I believe the box for card-to-box should be opaque, and the appearance within of the signed folder card should come as a surprise.

This, for me, is more theatrically pleasing as it builds tension where you need it.

I love the use of the clear box for a billet in a prediction effect, with the billet in full use throughout.

For that purpose alone, this is worthy of your consideration – mainly because the box you use is an ordinary box that they will have seen in shops.

For a mentalist, therefore, it is less ‘proppy’ than the other marketed versions.

There are basically three reasons you’d buy this:

– you can’t afford the various models on the market, and see this as a cheap option (which it is)

– you are fascinated by the interest in this effect

– you’re not convinced THE one ideal solution is currently available, or you don’t like the respective downsides of each of the models commercially available.

Even if you have a commercially available model, I commend this to you – Jonathan is a pro (albeit it a stage hypnotist primarily) and has some nice thoughts on presentation and routines. And if this makes you think about the prop you’re handling – that is, in my book, A Good Thing.


Hypnotist Is To Appeal “Fake Sheikh” Conviciton – Rochdale Observer Article Wednesday 11th February 2015 About Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Comedy Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer Applying to Criminal Cases Review Committee (CCRC) to Have His 1999 Mazher Mahmood Related Conviction Over Turned…

Hypnotist is to Appeal Mazher Mahmood "Fake Sheikh" Conviction

Hypnotist is to Appeal Mazher Mahmood “Fake Sheikh” Conviction

As the Text Above is a little unclear to say the least, I have posted below the article which
appears on Page Eleven (11) of the Rochdale Observer Newspaper in the edition dated
Wednesday 11th February 2015, as several much clearer and closer up, easier to read images..

Alex Smith Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Appeals Fake Sheikh Conviction

Alex Smith Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Appeals Fake Sheikh Conviction

And the second part of the article wording that appeared in the Rochdale Observer
Newspaper as published by Guardian Group Newspapers in the edition dated Wednesday 11th February 2015 is:

Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to Appeal Mazher Mahmood Conviction

Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to Appeal Mazher Mahmood Conviction

And the final part of the articles wording can be seen in this final image:

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Set to Appeal "Fake Sheikh" Mazher Mahmood Conviction

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Set to Appeal “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood Conviction

It is indeed true to state that everything that has been stated in the article is 100% True!

I am indeed being represented by British Super Lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas
Law, who is also representing Actor John Alford and Boxer Herbie Hides as confirmed here:

And also confirmed here:

And indeed it is true to say that I have always since the News of the Worlds alledged
“Sting” article appeared back in early 1998, since then I have always maintained that
I knew who I was dealing with and had set out with the intention of exposing some of the unethical techniques used by both Mazher Mahmood and some other Journalists.

Indeed such was confirmed as FACT in Manchester Crown Court as can be seen in
The Manchester Evening News  Articles covering the Court Case I was involved in at
the time which appear along with more background details at this link:

All of that at above link has been in the Public Domain for many, many years now.

However for obvious legal reasons, at this time I have nothing further to add to what
has been in the Public Domain for many, many years as explained at that link.

Manchester Evening News Jonathan Royle Alex Smith Leroy Article Tuesday 2nd March 1999.

Manchester Evening News Jonathan Royle Alex Smith Leroy Article Tuesday 2nd March 1999.

The Above Press Article (You can see a bigger image of it by clicking on the photograph) was taken from Page Seven of The Manchester Evening News – Early Edition – Tuesday March 2nd 1999.

You can obtain a clear copy from your local library if you wish to confirm what I am about to quote from the article as being true.


*He Knew That The Fakes WOULD NOT be circulated Publically.

*His meetings with the reporters were a PUBLICITY STUNT.

*Judge David Owen Said “I Limit This Sentence because IT IS NOT AN ORDINARY CASE”

*It was a PUBLICITY STUNT to gain media recognition which had backfired.

*Anthony Morris defending said “One of the men he dealt with was Smiths former Publicity Agent, they had been concerned together in earlier SCAMS aimed at getting Smith Publicity, and he knew whatever he said or did would get newspaper exposure!”

*He Has done many outlandish things TO GAIN PUBLICITY

*Smith Knew the Fake Coins WOULD NOT be circulated Publically in what was a ONE OFF offence by a Man of Good character.


*In the actual Court Case, the Judge, Crown Prosecution Service and also the Police ALL CONFIRMED IN COURT that having seen all the evidence that they 100% KNEW that it was all a PUBLICITY STUNT & MEDIA STING engineered BY ME to help gain Publicity for myself and also TO EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS AND JOURNALISM.

Unfortunately Court Documents are of Crown Copyright and they told me I could not post such here, BUT PLEASE DO GET YOUR OWN COPY of the Court Transcripts and you will then see that:

*In Court it was proven and accepted beyond any reasonable doubt that the News of the World article was and is complete and utter BS…

*It was mentioned by all (Police, Judge and CPS) that the entire article came about due to me engineering it as a PUBLICITY STUNT and also a way to EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS.

*It was noted that many things that were printed I HAD NOT EVEN EVER SAID OR DONE IN ANY MANNER.

Feel free to obtain a copy of the Court Records and check this out for yourself.

*In court both the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Probation Service all spoke on my behalf and recommended a NON CUSTODIAL Sentence due to it all being a Publicity Stunt to expose the newspaper.

*When the Judge gave a custodial sentence, everyone agreed I SHOULD BE RELEASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, hence I only spent 46 days inside.

*The Court records will show that I had character references from The Local Rochdale MP of the time, also the Head of the Local Military Police of the time, hardly what you’d expect if any of the other BS they printed in that NOW SHUT DOWN AND SHAMED Newspaper were in any way true.

The Court Hearing was at Manchester Crown Court on Monday 1st March 1999.

It was The Crown “vs” Alex William Smith.

The Judge was David Owen.

Prosectutor was Stuart Duke.

Defence Lawyer was Anthony Morris.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION = At the following link their are numerous other images
and information relevant to the background of this matter, all of which have been in the
public domain and freely available for many, many, years.

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) PractitionerDr. Jonathan Royle - Mind Coach

Watch Out Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood – Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle has instructed Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law to Appeal his 1999 Conviciton…


Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Psychic Entertainer has set out to have his conviction overturned…

Siobhian Egan of Lewis Nedas Law Has been Instructed by Alex Smith to Appeal his 1999 Conviction…

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle (aka Alex Smith) Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Psychic Entertainer.


Dr. Jonathan Royle - Mind Coach

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Mind Coach

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