#TheDress – So Is this Dress Black and Blue or Is It Gold And White or Perhaps Off Grey and Brown?? Are your Eyes and Mind Playing Tricks on You? This is the dress that nearly broke the internet!




So My Wife Rachel Smith and also my 5 year old Daughter Asheligh swear blind that the dress in the photo above is Black and Blue…

Whereas I am 100% convinced that the actual dress itself it is Off White and a Goldy/Brown Colour.

However the Shrug looking area does look Blue to me, but the rest that my wife says is Blue certainly looks off whiteish/Grey to me..

What do you think???

Comment Below…

Apparently people all over the web are disgareeing LMAO



PS: I think I may take the photo above to my 3 Day Hypnosis Training in London in July and see what colours people think the dress is when they are hypnotised LMAO – Why not come and join us for the Worlds Ultimate Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage & Street Hypnosis Course http://www.hypnotismexposed.com 

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