The Psychic Secrets of Alex-Leroy (Techniques of Stage Clairvoyants, Platform Mediums, Spiritualist Psychics & Faith Healers, Tarot Readers and Astrologists! PLUS: The Ultimate Work on the Mentalism Questions and Answers (Q and A) Style Act.

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The Psychic Secrets of Alex-Leroy by Jonathan Royle

The Psychic Secrets of Alex-Leroy by Jonathan Royle


Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith is certainly a person who has ‘been there, done that’.

From live shows, TV performances, and training courses, Alex has gained an immense amount of experience and information.

All of this information and experience is crammed into his latest release.

With Alex, what you see is what you get. And this rings true also with his instructional material.

There are no frills or unnecessary garnish, just good solid advice, and this release is full of good solid advice.

If you have any interest at all in the world of the psychic performer, then this book will give you the foundation stones and the building blocks you need to go out there and do it for yourself.”





This is a really interesting read for both skeptics and believers alike

This is a book by a guy who has actually ” Been there done that ” and comes from experience and not just research

I have been fortunate to meet Alex on a number of occasions and he certainly has a wealth of knowledge in his field

There is some really powerful material here , use it as you will but please think of others and their feelings when you do


Jon Scotland




Having purchased products from Alex in the past and performed impromptu many of the mentalism material learned after my own hypnotism show I was looking forward to reviewing this latest publication as i’ve never felt disappointed with any of Alex’s (Jonathon’s) products i’ve viewed.

Firstly I would like to point out that some of the methods revealed, in my opinion are genius in their simplicity to learn and with practised patter may turn you into a what others consider a psychic or medium superstar!

I tend to lean toward readings rather than the medium/contacting the dead angle and their is plenty of material here to get stuck into, especially as this latest publication also has links to video instruction  which is a treasure trove in itself.

The section on astrology is a gem, well explained and so simple to put into play as the system works on easy mnemonics. Included is a system to guide you through any style of reading you prefer, ive used this system as a framework for my readings for years now and once again with a little practise of impromptu patter this system is dynamite, used along with the astrological system this will make your readings awsome.

If you are just starting your journey in the world of psychic entertainment or even an experienced entertainer wanting to make a cross over into another form of entertainment this book is a must!

Ray Ronson – Hypnotist and actor (IMDB Ray Ronson)




Having read – The Psychic Secrets Of Alex-Leroy, and being part of the Paranormal scene since I was 15, I can honestly say, I have witnessed first-hand many of the techniques, used in this pdf- that have both fooled me in the past and many others alike, so called paranormal experts too….

You see although what is taught, may seem simple (it pretty much is) the way peoples minds work, this is what creates the phenomenon, the reaction the hits!!!

Just as with magic, some of the best effects happen, within the person’s own mind!!

This is a great stepping stone into the world of psychic entertainment, but hopefully on the grounds of just that entertainment.. But hey ho I’m not your farther lol…

So to sum it all up… This is yet another great book by Alex, and one that you will refer to time and time again!!

Rick Kirkby C.Ht.
IMdb Accredited Producer for Art Of The Ghost Hunter.
And Paranormal Investigator and Paranormal Consultant.




As always Alex aka Jonathan Royle is overdelivering, and revealing the REAL secrets of the entertainment world.

In this instance opening up completely about the world of psychic entertainment.

This Book is a COMPLETE course on all things psychic, and is clearly the result of many years working as both a psychic performer, hypnotist, mentalist, and all round performer.

Not only are you getting the REAL secrets of how to conduct a full legth psychic/ mediumship show… but you even get the details that would allow you to work full time offering tarot readings, psychic counselling etc.

Not to mention the tips and advice about how to actually get the work through the publicity tips and advice on standing out from the crowd.

The kind of tips that only come from tried and tested routines and real world experience.

I would whole heartedly reccomend this to anyone interested in either propless mentalism, psychic entertainment, or indeed anyone simply wanting to create more ‘imapct’ with thier existing performances, through connecting and resonating with people on a very real, but ‘energetic’ level.”

Wayne Dharana


Review in nine sentences of:
– (c) 2015

Disclaimer#1: Been Favored with a Review Copy.

Disclaimer#2: Feeling quite overwhelmed now due to the detailed and eye opening Techniques provided. Their smooth Description blew out quite a Firework of the associated Ideas in my Mind!

The Author, the one and only, the amazing Alex-LeRoy is sharing an astonishingly direct to the point and easy to understand and put to immediate use bundle of tested recipes in effecting and duplicating all the major feats of the famous name psychics whom are “apparently” not just in the business of performing clever tricks.

This Book is neither for timid minds, nor a noob!

Fairly Endorsed for an average self- responsible Amateur as well as an experienced Speaker and even World Class Psychic Performers will no doubt learn a thing or two.

A very comprehensive collection of techniques to ensure your success.

Appreciatively, Holistic Zen Baltilund, aka Your Bottom Line Therapist.
The Netherlands, 25th April, 2015




Whether you want to introduce a psychic element to your magic,
confidently work the Psychic Fayre circuit or put on a full evening of psychic entertainment, this is the PDF you will need.

It comprehensively covers all the bases.

Here we discover the mechanics of numerous effects and routines
with performance notes and, very importantly, explanations of the psychology behind the performance.

Even the choice of background music is covered.

Do not miss this one.

Chris Byng – Professional Tarot Reader and Psychic Entertainer.




This is one of those rare priceless books which not only teaches valuable effects, but it also outlines a whole professional psychic show from Alex’s own personal repertoire.

This is not only valuable for someone who wants to learn how to work as a professional psychic, but it is also a fantastic example of how a working psychic structures a show.

As a working pro myself, I can personally attest to the value contained within this wonderful book.

~Brian (HypnoSwami) Stracner~




Review of ‘The Psychic Secrets of Alex Leroy’

Ok so I have just got through reading a copy of this latest piece by Alex Leroy aka Jonathan Royle.

He covers a lot of ground in this work, not all of it is to my taste and Jonathan himself acknowledges that there are potential moral challenges faced when presenting some of this material.

The argument for sharing the how’s and the why’s of how some of these ‘miracles’ occur is that by sharing this knowledge it will/can open people’s eyes to the scam artists that operate and prey on the vulnerable.

It would indeed be possible for someone to learn this material and to present a show that served to debunk the would-be scammers.

Some of the material I have been familiar with through other sources, most of which Jonathan claims to pre-date (I use the word ‘claims’ simply because I do not possess the knowledge of publication dates to validate nor dismiss the claim), either way it is useful to hear it from another source and in a slightly different way as it gives more food for thought and presentation ideas.

There is one piece in particular in which I disagreed with the information presented. The piece referred to the base chakra as being aligned with the navel. The base chakra (mooladhara) is aligned with the ovaries and gonads, I believe the chakra that he is referring to is the sacral chakra (svadisthana), although this sits below the navel area in the sacral region this would then make more sense with his colour choice of orange – red relates to the base chakra, orange to the sacral chakra and yellow to the navel chakra (manipura; at the solar plexus or navel).

Now it may seem that I am splitting hairs here, especially when considered against the knowledge that it is all trickery, ‘smoke and mirrors’, persuasion etc. However, I am a Yoga instructor amongst other things so this information if presented as part of an act would have destroyed the performers credibility in my eyes. Whilst we as the performers know it to be trickery, we want our audiences to believe and, importantly, they want to believe. Given the number of people who practice Yoga nowadays and the amount of information readily available on the Chakras, it would make sense to get this level of detail right prior to presenting it if you want to keep your audience ‘on-side’.

As I said earlier, Jonathan covers a lot of ground in this work so it’s not surprising that not all of it resonates with me, there is sufficient information contained within to make its reading a worthwhile endeavour and the techniques he shares are simple and they have been tried and tested over time.

If you have an interest in Psychic entertaining then the information contained within this work will be of use to you and the links provided to further external reading/viewing (some free, some not) will also serve to further your career and potential earnings.

It is, in summary, a generous offering from Jonathan and I have no doubt that anyone will be pleased with their purchase of it.

Chris Davis Dip.C.Hyp/NLP
Hypnotist, MIND Coach & Psychic dabbler.


PUBLISHERS NOTE: Evidence That I Both Used and also Published
these techniques (the ones Chris is unsure about) before the recent day “Famous Names” is easily supplied by virtue of the fact that Club 71 published many of them in 1996 and 1997 as submitted to them by me in 1995 and The Supreme Magic Company’s Magicgram Magazine published others back in Circa 1993/1994 time.  Also various respectable people who can easily be checked with (should anyone desire) are quoted as confirming that they have seen the evidence and proof that International Newspapers featured me performing these things as far back as 1990/1991 times.



Royle’s thoughts on Psychic Entertainment are invaluable to anyone looking at improving or expanding an existing act, or starting in the business.

There is a lot of psychology based on real world experience over a number of years, within these pages, sure to be of use to open eye mediums, fortune tellers and even magicians and mentalists who might not want to associate themselves with presenting true psychic powers.

I’ve used many of the techniques, ploys and methods described, as taught to me by Jonathan, over the last few years, and have had some amazing reactions!

S. Cassells aka Harrizon The Hypnotist

(NOTE – for reasons which I hope are obvious, I’ve missed-spelt my real last name, and not included a web-address for that side of the business… I don’t want this review falling into the hands of future clients!)




This is many books in one, covering psychic skills, cold reading and tarot reading to name just a few.

Full of links (some secret) to YouTube videos, ebook and more….. Also references to books that will help skyrocket your succes in these areas.

Jonathan/ Alex took 26 years to learn his trade, you can really tell the techniques being taught have been honed in the real world.

The Uri Gellar explanations I found fascinating. I honestly Can’t recommend this enough.

It is easily worth 10 times the tiny price being asked.


Graham Kempster.




Britain has indeed got talent and it need look no further Than Jonathan Royle,
he is in my opinion a must read Author. And in his latest book “The Psychic
Secrets of Alex-Leroy” he reveals all of his, until now, most jealously
guarded secrets for “Psychic Success” Unreservedly reccomended.

MAX KAAN – Master Hypnotist & Mind Expert




The Psychic Secrets of Alex LeRoy is an important addition to the library of any psychic entertainer, magician, or mentalist for two reasons; it provides a wonderful insight into the workings of the fake psychic business, and it is full of practical material.

We all know about the fake psychic business, but most of what we know is guesswork, supposition and speculation.

But Alex has actually worked this business. He has toured the country as a psychic, and his insights are fascinating. In this book you get the nuts and bolts of what it takes to actually run a psychic show.

This is worth the price alone, but the chapter on how to do an actual reading is priceless.

Many books explain the basics, but Alex gives the dirty little tricks that allow you to sell a reading as the genuine thing. His insights cannot fail to make your readings far stronger.

If this was not enough, Alex has also included information on a number of related topics, such as the Abnormal Lift.

All in all this is a highly recommended publication, full of insight and genuine material.

A really Great book, I really enjoyed it.



Review by John Philip Machniak
“If you’re a lay person and want to know how ‘psychics’ perform some of their ‘miracles,’ this book is something that you’ll want to read.  If you’re a mentalist, magician and published author like me (for over 40 years!!) and never tire of learning, you’ll want to read this book, too.
“The best ‘take-away’ from this book is the author’s clear understanding and explanation of the ‘power of suggestion’ and how this power can help to explain so many ‘miracles’ that so many people desperately want to believe in.  It’s as keen a book on the ‘nuts and bolts’ psychology of human nature as it is an expose of some of the techniques and methods used by some ‘psychics.’
“I found especially interesting the author’s expose on using modern day technology to gather information for ‘psychic messages’ and other ‘miracles.’  (Houdini meets Zuckerberg?)
“The author touches on hypnotism, as well, and any hypnotist or psychotherapist would, I think, find pages 39-40 to be most informative.  I’m a certified professional and consulting hypnotist and a master’s in counseling student, and I think that the theories offered on these two pages on why ‘change’ happens, whether in a hypnotic or therapy session, are pretty ‘spot on’ and well worth knowing.
“Lastly, the author gives some web links to his own products as well as a few informative websites — which cost the reader nothing to search — for anyone interested in learning more about how ‘psychics’ perform their seeming ‘miracles.’
“Anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about how the human mind creates the illusion of what it wants to believe  will find some of the answers in this book.”
Anyone who wants to contact me can do so at or “John Philip Machniak” on Facebook.  I’m always interested in connecting with others who share my interests.Review by John Philip Machniak
(Authour of 75 Novel Ways to Use Your Clipboard for Mentalists)

More Reviews will be added as we recieve them, check back regularly…BUY THE BOOK NOW: 


TRUTH ABOUT HYPNODOG – Was Britain’s Got Talent Hypnotist Dog Real or Fake? Are Krystyna Lennon and Princess the Hypnodog Genuine?


OK so let’s cut to the chase, the answer to the question on your mind is YES it is 100% Possible for A Dog to Hypnotize Somebody
and further down this page you will find out exactly how!



The TRUTH is that what was not revealed on the show was the very real fact that everybody who was “Hypnotized” has seen Krystyna Lennon and Princess the Hypnodog for about half an hour BEFORE what we saw on stage took place.

This is revealed by Show hosts Ant and Dec who were also Hypnotised in this article on Simon Cowell’s Official Website:

Read On to discover EXACTLY how what you saw on TV is 100% Possible and Real Life and also how you could learn to easily do the same




“You’re Back In The Room” THAT IS FOR SURE.

Look Into My Eyes Hypno-Dog

On the 1st February 2015 it was reported by British National Newspapers and then by Media all over the world that Simon Cowell had been Hypnotised by a Dog during the
Manchester Auditions for Britain’s Got Talent 2015.

Apparently Comedy Stage Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist Krystyna Lennon from Leeds appeared on the auditions with her Black German Spitz Dog named Princess and when Simon Cowell stared into the doggies eyes it is reported that he “collapsed” and “Felt Funny”.

Hosts Ant and Dec also found themselves forgetting the number seven as they counted to ten together shortly after looking into the dog’s eyes. as these few example articles show.

Hypno-Dog Princess and Krystyna LennonHypno-Dog Princess and Krystyna Lennon

So the big question is whether or not Simon was Hypnotised by the Dog?

Well in truth it was most likely just a wonderful Publicity Stunt engineered on Simon Cowells part to promote the show, something he no doubt discussed with his best friend for whom he is soon to act as Best man World Famous Hypnotist Paul McKenna.

However YES it is possible for a Dog to Hypnotize somebody so long as the person who is going to stare at the dog BELIEVES that such is possible and EXPECTS it to occur.

One thing is for sure, when performing in the normal venues that they do on a regular basis, Krystyna Lennon and Hypno-Dog do not have the pleasure of having people audition to take part and then having them come back for “Call Backs” (a second audition) before deciding who to use in their Stage Performances and thus seeing them (OR ANY COMEDY STAGE HYPNOTIST) Live and In person will always without doubt be 100% more credible and believable than the recent ITV Hypnosis Game Show “You’re Back In The Room” of which I Discuss THE REAL TRUTH about that travesty of a show here:

Simon Cowell and Hypnodog

Simon Cowell and Hypnodog

But by the same token if somebody BELIEVED that staring at a Ventriloquists Dummy would put them into a Hypnotic Trance State and to “Sleep” then if they Believed this was possible and EXPECTED it to occur and take place then indeed most likely it would.

And also by the same token if somebody BELIEVED that staring at a young Baby would put them into a Hypnotic Trance State and to “Sleep” then if they Believed this was possible and EXPECTED it to occur and take place then indeed most likely it would.

You see, in truth HYPNOSIS AS SUCH DOES NOT EXIST, by that I mean there is no Such Thing as Hypnosis, There is only SUGGESTION.

And so if the Suggestion of something occurring is BELIEVED and EXPECTED to occur Enough then most often it will.

And that is why it is true to say that Hypnosis Exists Only in the Mind of the Believer.

So if you want to learn how to make it look like your Dog or Cat or other pet has the ability to Hypnotise or Hypnotize people then you may wish to take a closer look at one of my unique and unrivaled home study Hypnosis courses –
Hypno Dog Hypnotising People

Hypno Dog Hypnotising People

Or even better come spend 3 Days Live In Person with me in London (England) at Start of July 2015 and learn all of the True Inside Secrets of the Worlds Greatest Stage Hypnotists and also Hypnotherapists including exactly how to duplicate the Hypno-Dog Phenomenon as per

On a side note some people sometimes seem to become “Hypnotized with Fear” if they are scared of a dog and see one, but that is the FREEZE component of the human body’s natural Fight or Flight Response and does not have anything to do with so called real hypnosis other than the fact it is an inbuilt CONDITIONED RESPONSE.

A similar thing occurs with Animals when they are scared or when they are put into certain physical positions which is where the videos on You-Tube of people apparently Hypnotising Chickens and rabbits and such like come from.

In truth that is a natural Physiological Response in the animal, is not really Hypnosis (although it can and often does look like it) and in truth is called Catatonic Immobility  of which this is an excellent little ebook teaching the subject and showing you how to apparently place every kind of animal you could possibly think of into Hypnosis

Hypnotist Hugh Lennon and Oscar the Hypnodog

Pictured above is Krystyna Lennon’s Uncle, the now retired Hypnotist Hugh Lennon who started the Hypno-Dog act in England with Oscar the dog, I am proud to say that in the past I have advised Hugh in relation to the legalities of his show and have enjoyed seeing his world class performances on several occasions.

For more in-depth information on HOW AND WHY IT IS POSSIBLE FOR A DOG TO HYPNOTISE PEOPLE contact me for Media Interviews, Comments and Live Demonstrations and Teaching via 

NLP and Hypnosis Conferences – Why Not Book One of the Worlds Most Outrageous, Controversial and Outspoken Truly Successful Hypnotists and NLP’ers to Speak At Your Events??

Well Hello There,

I today saw a blog posting by an NLP Society/Association asking for people to submit
proposals for “Talks” and “Presentations” they could give at their conference.

On the blog it said the following:

To submit your proposal, please email including the following information –

Your name, business name and contact details (email and phone)
The title of your session
Duration – 45 or 90 minutes (Or perhaps even longer)
Stream it applies to
Delivery style – Presentation or interactive
A short blurb (max 50 words) outlining the session including why people would be interested in attending.


As you can see on my Website at I have
wide experience of Presenting Such talks at such events.

And as you can see on my Resume Page I have Great Success and Experience in
these matters –

Anyhow here just three of the talks I could offer and present…


Passive NLP Profits (The True Secrets of The Millionaire Coaches Revealed)

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Successful Hypnotist

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Successful Hypnotist

My Name is Jonathan Royle,

My business is Magical Guru & Elite Hypnosis & NLP Bootcamp –

My Contact details are as per my website but also

Telephone: 07956-323339.

Duration of session would be 90 Minutes.  – (But can run up to 3 Hours)

Delivery Style – Mainly Presentational but some Interactive Elements.

Stream: Running A Small Business

NAME OF SESSION: Passive NLP Profits (The True Secrets of The Millionaire Coaches Revealed)

BLURB: There are only so many hours in each day and consequently the amount of money you can possibly earn seeing clients one to one is limited. In order to make more money and enter the realms of the Millionaire
Coaches and NLP’ers you either need to dramatically raise your prices, see more clients, both or better still discover the secrets the truly Rich, Famous and Successful names in our industry use to create Multiple Streams of Passive income so that they are earning big profits 24 hours a day (even whilst sleeping). Put these tried, tested and proven to work systems to work in your business and you can be earning more money on autopilot and helping far more people with your NLP and related skills around the world than you perhaps ever dreamed possible. As a fortunate consequence of putting these systems into demand you will also be able to easily and effectively raise your one ot one and group consultation fees massively wihtout meeting resistance. Having Shipped Millions of his Books, Products, Courses, DVDS and other related products to all four corners of the world over the years Royle is pefectly placed to reveal these strategies to you.



NLP on Steroids – (The Secrets of Complete Mind Therapy & MELT)

Mind Changes - The Psychology of Mental Health

Mind Changes – The Psychology of Mental Health

My Name is Jonathan Royle,

My business is Magical Guru & Elite Hypnosis & NLP Bootcamp –

My Contact details are as per my website but also

Telephone: 07956-323339.

Duration of session would be 90 Minutes. – (But can run up to 3 Hours)

Delivery Style – Mainly Presentational but some Interactive Elements.

Stream: Basic and also Advanced NLP Techniques

NAME OF SESSION: NLP on Steroids – (The Secrets of Complete Mind Therapy & MELT)

BLURB: Royle is the Creator of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and also Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) which is also known as Mental Elimination of Lifes Troubles or Mental Energy Life-Ehancing Techinques! Using these techniques that he developed close to 20 years ago now, Royle has successfully treated within a single treatment session most every person with most every issue you can think of from A through to Z within a single 60 to 90 Minute treatment session. Often for TV & Radio Shows, Theatre Shows and Media Interviews, thanks to his M.E.L.T approaches, he has been able to eliminate Habits, Fears, Addicitons and Phobias wihtin literally a matter of 5 minutes or less. These techniques are like NLP on Acid, the experienced Practitioner will learn tons of use with their clients and the complete Novice will be shot to advanced level in next to no time. Along the way Royle Reveals THE TRUE SECRETS of how and why NLP and Hypnosis related treatment Strategies work (when they do) and conseuqently when you understand this you will become a Far Better and more Successful NLP’er and Hypnotist.



Take A Trance on Success – (How To Sky Rocket Your Client Base & Profits)

Discover Your Own Hypnotic Cash Machine

Discover Your Own Hypnotic Cash Machine

My Name is Jonathan Royle,

My business is Magical Guru & Elite Hypnosis & NLP Bootcamp –

My Contact details are as per my website but also

Telephone: 07956-323339.

Duration of session would be 90 Minutes. – (But can run up to 3 Hours)

Delivery Style – Mainly Presentational but some Interactive Elements.

Stream: Running A Small Business

NAME OF SESSION: Take A Trance on Success – (How to Sky Rocket Your Client Base & Profits)

BLURB: Raising Your Profile and regularly being featured in Local, Regional, National and International Media Publications and on Television and Radio Shows is one guaranteed way to raise your profile and when done correctly also a guaranteed way to massively raise demand for your services and consequently enable you to dramtically raise your consultation fees without fear of any resistance. Royle has over the past 25+ years been featured on Literally 100’s and 100’s of TV and Radio Shows around the world and in print media around the world, often being linked with his “Mind Skills” to some of the Worlds Highest Profile Celebrities including the time he was featured in a large article in Americas Largest Read Publication “USA Today” where he was involved in a theraputic intervention with Robert De Niro as part of the Publicity for the launch of the “Analyse This” and “Analyse That” Films. Royle will reveal the True Inside Secrets and usually jealously hidden insider tricks of the Publicists and Promoters who keep their clients in the headlines. And of course Royle will reveal all the nasty tricks the media use to try and trip people up and make them look bad so you can avoid them and remain looking posiitve at all times! This is your chance to become the “Go To Expert” in your “Niche” area of the industry and grab hold of the success you deserve.




My Name is Jonathan Royle,

My business is Magical Guru & Elite Hypnosis & NLP Bootcamp –

My Contact details are as per my website but also

Telephone: 07956-323339.

Duration of session would be 90 Minutes.  – (But can run up to 3 Hours)

Delivery Style – Mainly Presentational but lots of Interactive Elements.

Stream: Entertainment Hypnosis Secrets & Group Therapy Sessions

NAME OF SESSION = Secrets of Comedy Stage Hypnosis and Street Hypnotism

BLURB:  Having arguably taught the vast majority of truly successful working Stage Hypnotists around the world today and himself having been a Comedy Stage Hypnotist since 1990 having appeared  all around the world and on numerous Television Shows, Royle is perfectly placed to teach you all the innermost secrets of entertainment style Hypnosis. Whether your desire is to perform your own Hypnosis Show or just to use some of these techniques in any public demonstrations you give to attract more Hypnotherapy clients this class will show you exactly how to Hypnotize people anytime, anyplace, anywhere in a fully legal, ethical & SAFE manner at all times! 



My Name is Jonathan Royle,

My business is Magical Guru & Elite Hypnosis & NLP Bootcamp –

My Contact details are as per my website but also

Telephone: 07956-323339.

Duration of session would be 90 Minutes.  – (But can run up to 3 Hours)

Delivery Style – Mainly Presentational but lots of Interactive Elements.

Stream: Induction Techniques For Hypnotherapists & Hypnotists

NAME OF SESSION = Art of Speed Trance Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Induction Techniques.

BLURB:   During this truly eye opening class Royle will reveal the true inside Secrets of how Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Inductions work and how they can work for you both in the therapeutic consulting room as well as for public demonstrations and for TV, Radio & Media Interviews.   Mastering these techniques will help make you a far more confident and competent Hypnotist & Hypnotic Practitioner in all that you do. You will also learn many convincers and suggestion tests that are 100% Guaranteed to work 100% of the time with 100% of the people thus massively increasing your ultimate success rates in all you do.

NOTE = They are listed above Proposal One, Two, Three Four & Then Five.

I would be prepared to deliver ALL FIVE of the Presentations over the course of Two Days or longer.

Indeed any of these could be a complete stand alone one day masterclass should you so desire.

And needless to say I can also offer 1, 2 & 3 day long Seminars and workshops for pre and post convention events upon request.

Testimonials both in video and written format of my Training Style, Knowledge and Expertise can be seen at this link –

It should go without saying, but should you engage me to speak, then I shall reserve the right to offer some of my products for sale at the back of the room and would of course also require a stall in the Dealers/Traders area.

As a matter of course for such events, I also as a rule, usually demand that my travelling and accommodation expenses are covered, however this can be negotiated if you can guarantee a large attendance.

My contact email is –

My Telephone contact is = 07956-323339

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Royle

PS: As is illustrated at I can also offer
full length One, two and Three Day Hands on Trainings in various areas
of NLP and Hypnosis which are both Unique and hugely beneficial for
all who attend.

PPS: By arrangment a mutually agreeable deal could be agreed and I could
also offer either a “Derren Brown Style” Mind Reading Entertainment Show
as per or A Comedy Stage
Hypnosis Style Show as per

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Have You Ever Been Convicted Due to a Mazher Mahmood “Fake Sheikh” Sting? Or Do you Know Someone who was Set up by Mahmood? Either way Please Get them To Contact Siobhain Egan at Lewis Nedas Law Urgently for information on how they could possibly Appeal their conviction!

Mazher Mahmood The Fake Sheikh

Mazher Mahmood The Fake Sheikh

If you or anybody you know has ever recieved a Criminal Conviction as a direct result of a Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Sheikh Conviction then you would be wise to contact
Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law as a matter of extreme urgency.

Her contact details are here:

I myself have instructed Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law and also Mark Lewis of
Seddons Solicitor to Appeal my Conviction, obtained following an apparent “Fake Sheikh”
sting, although there was far more to it and full details of my experiences are at this page:

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Anyhow as I say if you have ever received a conviction as a direct result of a Fake Sheikh
Mazher Mahmood “Sting” then you would be wise to contact Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law today

Details of some of the people Siobhian is already representing in their appeals against
such convictions can be seen at:

And Remember, even if you yourself have not been a victim of the Fake Sheikh, you could
still help by passing this link and information onto anybody you may know who has been
affected by his activities.

Please help spread the word that anybody who receieved a conviction as a result of
one of his “Stories” would be wise to contact Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law
Today on

Many Thanks

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle



Comedian Howie Mandel Hypnotized by Comedy Stage Hypnotist Chris Jones Whilst Judging on Americas Got Talent (AGT) by Hypnotist Contestant to Overcome his Fear and Phobia of Shaking Hands, Touching People and his Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Is This Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Cure For Real??

Americas Got Talent 2015 Howie Mandel Hypnotist

Americas Got Talent 2015                             Howie Mandel Hypnotist

So it seems that Comedian Howie Mandel who is a Judge on Americas Got Talent has had his Fear and Phobia of Shaking Peoples Hands cured during the Auditions after being Hypnotized by one of the contestants a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Comedian, Magician and Mentalist
Named Chris Jones of

Chris Jones Comedian Comedy Hypnotist on Americas Got Talent AGT Season 10 2015

Chris Jones Comedian Comedy Hypnotist on Americas Got Talent AGT Season 10 2015

You can see a few seconds of it occuring during this trailer video for the 2015 Americas Got Talent Television Show and you will notice that once instructed under Hypnosis that everybody is wearing gloves (which are purely imaginary) Howie is seen to shake peoples hands without any hesitation as though his long term Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) and also Phobia and Fear of Shaking Hands had been cancelled out by him being Hypnotised or overcome thanks to the power of the mind and the Hypnotist using his Hypnotism and Hypnotic Suggestions.

The fact that the Hypnotist was able to get him to do this so easily has caused something of a Media Sensation in American and Around the World and the few links which follow are quite literally just examples of the 100’s of sites and publications featuring this story of his “Miracle Cure”

Howie Mandel Hypnotized Hypnotised on Americas Got Talent

Howie Mandel Hypnotized Hypnotised on Americas Got Talent

The big question lots of people are asking is whether or not Howie Mandels Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and also Fears and Phobia of Shking Hands, Touching People and Getting Dirty Etc could possibly be cured for the rest of his life using Hypnosis?

Well as an Experienced Hypnotherapist and NLP Hypnotherapy Practitioner of 25 years at time of writing this I can state from my hands on real world experience that OCD and issues such as this most certainly can be overcome and cured positively and permanetly forever using Hypnotherapy and Related Hypnotic Psychological Treatment Techniques.

However it would be true to say that for what you will see on screen to last in every day life, a much longer session between the Hypnotist and Comedian Howie Mandel would have to take place back stage before or after the show. But realistically within an approx 90 minute or so targeted treatment session the issue of Mysophobia a Fear of Germs could most likely be overcome forever.

Indeed Hypnotherapy is very powerful, however my technique of Complete Mind Therapy is even more powerful as it combines the best and most powerful proven techniques of Hypnotherapy with the most effective elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creative Visualisation, Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) and other cutting edge Psychological Treatment Methods.

Here in this “Virtual” online 90 minute Treatment Session, you may be able to overcome any Habits, Fears, Phobias, Addictions, Habits or other issues that you may have from A through to Z by simply following the simple instructions in this 90 minute video.

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Mind Changes - The Psychology of Mental Health

Mind Changes – The Psychology of Mental Health

Another thing lots of people are asking is, whether or not it is truly possible to apparently hypnotise people in seconds like you see on Television and in the Americas Got Talent Clip earlier on this page.

Well the answer to that is quite simply YES it is very possible if you get taught by a truly knowledgeable and experienced Hypnotist and in that regard anyone who would like to learn the REAL INSIDE SECRETS OF RAPID AND INSTANT HYPNOSIS INDUCTIONS would be wise to check out our training page:  

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So Yes HYPNOSIS IS VERY REAL INDEED and it truly can help to change peoples lifes for the better.

Yours Hypnotically

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

PS: Here is a short video of Comedy Stage Hypnotist Chris Jones doing his thing in an American College:

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Comedy Stage Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Meanwhile the British Version of the “Got Talent” show is about to begin and on Britain’s Got Talent this year we are going to be treated to Judge and show creator Simon Cowell being Hypnotized by a Dog named Princess and her Hypnotist owner Krystyna Lennon.

Check out the details at the following link:

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

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