“Look Into My Eyes” My Verdict on the Pilot Show & Discover the Secrets of E4’s New Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show with Archie Manners Hypnotist & Society Magician. Is it Real or Fake? Are They Stooges or Actors?


Learn All The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism.

Look Into My Eyes Archie Manners h

Look Into My Eyes Archie Manners Hypnotist

LOOK INTO MY EYE’S – E4 Hypnosis Show Pilot My Verdict…
Well I had high hopes for the new “Look into my Eyes” show with Archie Manners Magician especially given that it was made by Objective Productions who make Derren Browns TV Shows and also made the last Hypnosis Show to be seen on E4 of “Rajan and the Evil Hypnotists” a show which was VERY FUNNY, unique in lots of its presentation of the content and also as a side not used tons of ideas & routines from my “There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis” DVDS ( https://sellfy.com/p/QHqf/ ) practically Word for word and action for action.
UNFORTUNATELY “Look Into My Eyes” was not a patch on “Rajan and the Evil Hypnotists” the last Hypnosis SHow that E4 Broadcast.
I would stake my life on it based on what we saw on TV that next to nobody was actually under hypnosis, their reactions were so poor and unlike anything I’ve seen in shows over the past 25+ years.
HOWEVER the Real Star of the show was without doubt Archie Manners who played the part of the bumbling toff incredibly well and I truly enjoyed his Character and Persona,
If only the reactions of the alledgely “Hypnotised” people had been even a quarter as funny as Archies Persona then E4 would have had a winner of a show on their hands,
As it is, regrettably it came across as VERY FAKE, indeed at no point did the person apparently scared of heights display anything close to a real Phobic Reaction as any experienced therapist would also testify.
I’ll say it again I liked in fact loved Archie Manners persona and he came across wonderfully, however with the greatest of respect he needs to learn more about Hypnosis, namely how to spot when people are really under or not, and also how to choose those who have FAR BETTER reactions than those we saw on tonights show,
if E4 do comission a Series from this Pilot, I truly and sincerely hope that Archie Manners and Objective will pay some serious attention to getting GENUINELY Hypnotised Volunteers who have more entertaining, GENUINE animated reactions..
Sadly tonights show left a lot to be desired, and from what I can see on Social Media, in general the immediate reaction of the general public is that it came across VERY FAKED as well…
Its such a shame as I truly liked Archie…
So with “You’re Back In The Room” (still the worst Hypnosis Show to ever hit British TV and god help us they are working on the 2nd series as I type this) That’s two Hypnosis TV Shows now in the same year that based on the Social Media Comments I have seen, most people seem to think were VERY FAKE….
Anyone thinking of doing a Hypnosis TV Show would do wise to study BOTH of the packages below, so many of the mistakes these shows have made could so easily have been avoided.
Learn All The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism.
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BOTTOM LINE = The Above Two Packages when Studied together will teach you EVERYTHING that you’ll ever need to know in order to be a 100% Legal, Lawful, Licensed (as needed) INSURED, Hugely SUCCESSFUL and above all else SAFE Comedy Stage & Street Hypnotist.
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Hypno-High Drug Free Hypnosis High


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PERFECT YOU – Free Book When You Purchase “Hypno-High”

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LIFE CHANGES – (The Perfect You) Your Bonus Hypnotherapy Treatment Audio

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Under hypnosis, instead of the drugs, the actual memory of the event now triggers the altered brain functions and hormone releases.

It works exactly the same as the notion that people can feel sad again or even cry because of the memory of a sad event in their past, or feel happy again when remembering a happy occasion.

In both cases, people experience exactly the same physical and mental experience as when the original event occurred, simply because the brain does not distinguish between what is real and what is a memory.

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“Hypno-High” was originally devised by Jonathan Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy back in 1994.

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As the old saying goes, Practise Makes Perfect.

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In May 2015, one of my colleagues Hank Stone, an Amercian Hypnotist did an experiment for Mixmag TV which indicated that the “Hypno-High” style Hypnotic approach can and does work wonderfully well for many people as can be seen here – http://www.youredm.com/2015/05/02/feel-high-without-the-drugs/

And in June 2015 another of my colleagues, Tom Fortes Mayer, a Harley Street Hypnotherapist hit the headlines in an article which once again proves how effective my “Hypno-High” approach can be for so many people as it is in essence the same as his WeAreOne “Hypno-Raves” – http://tinyurl.com/pn7j7h7

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Dr. Jonathan Royle - Mind Coach

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Mind Coach