Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith Reflects on 2015 and Looks Forward to 2016

Hello There,

As 2015 comes to a close it is for many a time of Reflection, a time to look back on what we have achieved, what we regret not doing, friends we have made and loved ones we may have lost.

Then overnight 2016 is upon us and we all make “New Years Resolutions” most of which people stop keeping too within a matter of a few short days or weeks at best.

In that regards This 100% Free Virtual Online Treatment Session could help you make 2016 your best year ever –

Oh and before we take a look at what I managed to achieve during 2015, make a note in your diary that at 2pm UK GMT (9am Est) which is also 11pm in Hong Kong I will be a guest on Jay Tee’s 24UM alongside 47 other of the Worlds Leading Hypnotists as per:

I was delighted to be asked to speak during the above event which takes place this Sunday 3rd January virtually online, it will be great to add to the resume alongside the fact I was one of the Speakers on the Worlds Largest & Biggest Attended Ever To Date Hypnosis Training “The Hypnosis Event” and also the Worlds Biggest and Most Attended Online NLP Training “The NLP Event” both of which were run by Tellman Knudson and both of which saw me speak alongside the World’s Leading Experts in their fields!

Any Having looked at the list below of what I achieved in 2015 I’ve decided that I really must try harder during 2016…

What do you think?


*Very Early January I received a Disclosure Pack from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which had been sent to me so I could consider appealing my “Fake Sheikh Conviction” following the collapse of the Drugs Trial with Tulisa Contostavlos in July 2014 and the BBC Panorama Expose Documentary of November 2014.

*In February my Local Newspaper reported the fact that I was about to appeal my “Fake Sheikh” Conviction as per:

*My Appeal was also mentioned on sites such as and the Guardian Newspaper as per the link of:

*In Early August my “Fake Sheikh Appeal” was sent to the Courts of Appeal by my Lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law- and Progress continued with my Civil Claim thanks to my appointed Lawyer Mark Lewis of the Phone Hacking Legal Cases Fame.

*My Appeal is due to be heard sometime in 2016 in the Courts of Appeal in London, we are just awaiting the confirmed date.

*Launched my new look website at

*Released a New Paperback book “The Psychic Secrets of Alex-Leroy” now on sale through every major bookstore which many have stated is the best work they have read on the subject of the Q and A style Psychic Act – Indeed Richard Webster has said it is one of the best books he has ever read on the subject!

*Released a New Paperback book “The Perfect You” now on sale through every major bookstore. This is arguably the most Honest, Eye Opening and direct to the point Self-Hypnosis and Self-Help book you will ever read by anyone

*Released a New Edition of the Paperback book “R.O.A.M – The Realiy of All Matter” aka “Ramblings of a Madman” now on sale through every major bookstore as per

*Released the New & Improved “Mobile Magic 2015” package of Animated Gifs for use on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Similar devices by Magicians, Mentalists and Hypnotists as per

*Released Over 50 Digital Download Products Covering all Areas of Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis via the Worlds Largest Magical Distributor “Murphy’s Magic Supplies” as per –

*Became a “Cartoon” Courtesy of the Guys & Girls at Penguin Magic as per –

*Thanks to the Murphy’s Magic Distribution deal this year saw my products being listed and sold on the vast majority of Magic Dealers Websites around the World.

*Released my Book “Royle’s R.A.T System” which teaches how to easily remember the meanings of the 25 Runes, 78 Tarot Cards, 12 Star Signs and 52 Playing Cards in 60 Minutes or Less –

*During July ran a Sold Out Three Day Live Hypnosis Training Event in London At The Crowne Plaza Hotel and released the event on video as per

*During October ran a Sold Out Two Day Live Hypnosis Training Event in Rochdale at True Serenity and released the event on video as per

*Acquired back the Legal Rights to Sell pretty much every product that I have ever made and released over the past 25 Years. I had sold the rights to many of these years back, but this year negotiated deals that mean I now have the legal rights to sell all my stuff again which I have now made available (along with the dozens of new products that I have released over the past 12 months) as individual download video packages and such like at:

*I released literally dozens & dozens (in fact well over a 100+) Self-Help, Self-Healing and Personal Development Products via my new online Healing Store located at

*I wrote, recorded and released the expanded and improved 2015 version of “Hypno-High” as per

*I wrote, recorded and released “Hypno-Tits” to help Women Either Increase Their Breast Size or to at least Feel More Positive and Confident about their body’s as per

*I wrote, recorded and released “Hypno-Grow” to help Men either increase their Penis Size or to at least Feel More Positive and Confident about their body’s as per

*The International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine publish my paper on “The True Keys to Hypnotic Success” as per:

*The Website Self-Growth which is one of the Worlds Biggest and Most Visited Self-Help and Personal Development Sites made me one of their Trusted Authors able to publish Articles and reports on their platform:

*For the Second Year Running I make the shortlist of people voted for the “Lifetime Achievement Award” (but again as I don’t attend the event I don’t win) from the APCTC aka Association of Professional Coaches Trainers and Consultants.

*Perform my Mentalism and/or Hypnosis Acts/Shows for events such as “Dinner with The Stars” and other such events with Celebrity and High Profile Guests in attendance.

*Proudly continue to Coach Select Students and Colleagues around the World by Skype and Personal Coaching Sessions to help ensure they achieve all the success they desire and am delighted that they all got excellent results!

*Helped numerous people to positively change their lifes for the better by way of my
personal one to one and also Group Hypnotherapy Sessions.

*Award Winning Artist Mark Metcalfe asks me to let him do a Portrait of me, ultimately I agree on condition that I will gain ownership of it, which should be ready for me early 2016. Some of his past works can be seen at this link:

*During December I Recieve an Award from the Facebook Magic Group “The World Magic Network”. The Comical Award declares that I am the Winner of the “Serial Promoter And Marketeer of Magic & Mentalism (S.P.A.M.M) as per this video –

*Started to upload and prepare all the other materials I’ve released over the past 25 years so that they are all available in one “Members Only” area that is easy to Navigate, Easy to Use and mega Value for money which will be officially released via a network of affiliates during early 2016 as soon as the official webpage (which is not the one at link that follows) is done:


*Plus Various other Projects were started during 2015 with various people, however I cannot currently go into any detail about them due to the Non Disclosure Agreements and Legal Contracts that are in place. But I can say WATCH THIS SPACE as 2016 Promises to be most interesting indeed.

*As a Family we went on Holiday, ate out extremely regularly in lovely Restaurants, went to Live Shows and Performances and most of all continued to be VERY PROUD of our daughter Ashleigh who is doing really well at School and has a mega busy diary of after school clubs and classes such as Swimming, Dance, Drama and Art Classes.

*Before the end of December all of the content and also the Cover Designs were ready so that production can start in early Jan 2016 on my Two NEW PHYSICAL Products. One is a Bumper Package teaching Fortune Telling Techniques and the other is the Ultimate Self-Help Package. Both will be sold Mail order and also “Back of the Room” at the live Speaking engagements that I intend to be doing during 2016.

*The Year ended with me on 30th December releasing my new book “The Art of the Perfect Pitch” subtitled “Insider Secrets of Pitching and Selling Magic & Novelties” which has overnight already gained critical acclaim from Mark Lewis, Devin Knight, Russell J. Hall and others as per:


With That Thought in Mind….


And take a look at the fuller details here:

Or for details of my other Services and for ideas of how we could perhaps work together during 2016 visit my official website of:


Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

KISS MY ARSE = K.M.A Public Relations = Public Relations, Publicity, Advertising, Marketing and Promotion Company Set up in late 1995 by Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Celebrity Life Coach & Hypnotist

KISS MY ARSE = K.M.A. Public Relations.

Jonathan Royle - Photo Copyright & Courtesy of Karl at Healeylife Photography. As Taken for a Charity Fundraising Calendar.

Jonathan Royle – Photo Copyright & Courtesy of Karl at Healeylife Photography. As Taken for a Charity Fundraising Calendar.

For reasons that are irrelevant here, I found myself tonight searching on google for the phrases “K.M.A Public Relations” and also for “K.M.A Public Relations Alex Smith” and also for “K.M.A Public Relations Jonathan Royle” and other phrases such as “K.M.A Public Relations 07050 377579” amongst others.

For those who may not know back in around 1995 (some 20+ years ago) I set up a Public Relations Company which I named:

K.M.A Public Relations….

This was short for Kiss My Arse Public Relations..

And we had a great logo of the letters K, M and A that looked like a set of lips kissing someones backside….

My company secured Local, Regional, National and International Newspaper, Magazine, Radio and Television Publiciity and Features for many people whose names you would probably recognise including myself of course…

Anyhow I wonder if the Company (at the link below) who bought the domain name back on the 13th May 2010 (as shown on Whois Searches) know that I was using the company name some 15 years BEFORE they registered that domain name…

More interesting and amusing is whether they know that K.M.A can stand (and did with me) for KISS MY ARSE….

NOTE = I have ZERO Connection to the company who own this domain name and business!


All of the techniques and insider secrets I used during my time running “K.M.A Public Relations” are revealed in easy to follow step by step detail in my home study video package “The Secrets of Hypnotic Success”

If you’d like to learn how to generate Massive FREE Media Exposure for your Theraputic Skills, Showbiz Acts, Talents or Services then these shockingly honest and direct to the point videos are well worth watching..


‪#‎KMA‬ ‪#‎KissMyArse‬ ‪#‎KMAPublicRelations‬ ‪#‎KissMyArsePublicRelations‬
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Carl De Romes “Heat” aka HYPNO-HEAT aka HOT HEAT aka THE HOT FOIL IN HAND MIRACLE. The Ultimate Pseudo Hypnosis Hypno-Trick & Mind Magic Trick for Mentalism Seance & Bizarre Magick.


Hypno-Heat aka The Hot Foil in Hand Miracle


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The Names of just some of the routines taught in this package are:

Heat, Pay The Ferryman, Technology, Voodoo, Heat Suggested, Hatered, Sin Eater, I Bet I Can, Strength, A Card Location, Sex Test & Hell.

Containing Five Video Files with a combined teaching length of approx 60 Minutes, together with several PDF Ebooks this is a truly comprehensive package that not only teaches ideas and routines suitable for Close-Up Magic, Mentalism, Cabaret, Bizarre Magick and Seance, Stage Hypnosis Shows and even for use in Hypnotherapy, but also and perhaps more importantly teaches you how to perform this Chemical Miracle in the safest manner possible.

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“HEAT is the best, It’s going into my new show”
Luke Jermay

“This is SO MUCH fun to perform. I’ve been using HEAT at the IVY and it gets an unbelievable reaction. BE WARNED: As the spectator starts freaking out, the whole room stops to watch. This starts off a close-up effect, but very quickly turns into a ‘stage’ effect’, as it grabs everyone’s attention! This is a great closer to any walk-around session!”
Dominic Reyes

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