Award Winning Hypnotist & Award Winning Magician Jonathan Royle Aims to Heal the Planet & Set New Record on World Hypnotism Day 2017, – But What did he Achieve during 2016 ???


Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Well as 2016 starts to draw to an end, I took a few moments to look back on 2016 and reflect on the question of..

“What Have I Achieved During 2016”

I ultimately concluded that next year I MUST AND WILL ACHIEVE MORE.

It seems that I’ve only managed to achieve a few things this year….

Some of My Most Notable Events & Achievement During 2016 Have Included:

**On 16th December 2016, The Manchester Evening News reported on my planned World Record Attempt and aim to “Heal The Planet” scheduled for World Hypnotism Day 2017 (Wednesday 4th January) as per:


**On Wednesday 5th October after a long trial at the Old Bailey in London of which I attended most all of it in person, Former News of the World and Sun on Sunday Undercover Journalist Mazher Mahmood aka “The Fake Sheikh” was found Guilty along
with his driver Alan Smith of Conspiracy to Pervert The Course of Justice in the Tulisa
Trial. Mahmoods Verdict of Guilty was unamimous from all 12 jurors:


**On Friday 21st October 2016, Murdoch’s Disgraced “Fake Sheikh” Journalist Mazher Mahmood was Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison and that same day I was featured on
BBC’s “Newsnight” Television Programme and also in various Newspaper Features and
Television News Broadcasts All Over The World as can be seen at this link:


**On Friday 26th August 2016, I was inducted into the “Hypnosis Hall of Fame” and became only the fourth Hypnotist in the World to have ever been given this Award by The South African Academy of Hypnosis as detailed at this link:

This Story was also covered by The Rochdale Observer, Rochdale Online and other
Publications as well:


**On Tuesday 9th August I lectured for the 3rd Time at The Order of the Magi in Manchester which is Englands Third Oldest Magical Club and Society and once again I recieved a Standing Ovation and Rave Reviews. That Same Evening I Applied to Join and
was instantly accepted as a member of the Club.

**On Tuesday 11th October I entered and Won the Cabaret Magic Trophy at the Order of the Magi Comedy & Cabaret Magic Competition in Manchester and details and a short video of my Award Winning Performance can be seen here:

Again this was covered with Features in the the Rochdale Observer and other publications such as Rochdale Online:


**On 21st December, having already recieved a rave review on Magic-Week earlier in the year I finally launched the final de-luxe edition of “The Mentalism & Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic” a massive 3 Volume Encylopedic Set of Professional Mentalist Miracles.


**On 4th August I travelled to Edinburgh to go help my Hypnosis Student, Friend and Colleague Simon Warner and his lovely wife Michelle, Promote their show “Viva Hypnosis” upon which I have on numerous occasions acted as the official “Hypnotic Adviser”

And Also this as well…

I am extremely Proud of them as they got excellent reviews for their Edinburgh Festival Fringe Run of Shows and have this December (2016) also just made their West End debut with 2 nights at The Leicester Square Theatre.

Learn Hypnosis The Simon Warner Way =


**During 2016 I have also released dozens of New Magic, Mentalism and Hypnosis Products which are now available from all Major Magic Dealers around the world and are distributed by “Murphys Magic Supplies”


**I’ve also released Several New Large Format Paperback Books on Mentalism and Hypnosis Related Subjects which are available now from all Major Book Sellers around the world as per:  and also as per


**I’ve also released numerous Hypnosis, Magic and Mentalism Training Products to Rave
Reviews via my own personal store of:


**I’ve taught many, many people face to face, one ot one and also at group seminars in
my unique approaches to Hypnosis and as a result have got rave reviews including many
new video & written testimonials that can be seen at this link:


**On 20th April I was invited to attend and went to the House of Parliament to Take part in an event organised by “Hacked Off” campaiging for Justice for Victims of Press Abuse and
hoping to try ensure that Leveson Part Two definitely take places. To find out more about this and how you can help ensure the Long Term Corruption of the Media, Police and other
High Ranking Officials is exposed by making Leveson Part Two Take Place, Look Here:

**On 27th September 2016, Having attended the Magic Circle the previous Monday night, I was booked by Daryl Rose to present my Magic & Mentalism Lecture at The World Famous Magic Circle on Monday 19th June 2017… I am as you can imagine very excited and proud to have been asked to Lecture at this  Prestigious Magic Club.

I also will probably join the Magic Circle during 2017 as my interest in Magic has now
grown once again and I am seeking out more Magical Performance Opportunities!


**On Friday 2nd December 2016 (following emails since 25th Nov) I spoke on the phone with Tom Hutton a researcher from Britian’s Got Talent, following this we have spoken numerous times and I have now been assigned a “Senior Researcher” who is commuicating between me and the Producers.  As a Result of this, at the time of typing this Monday 27th December I was told on Christmas Eve that The Producers Love my Act (which they have seen on video) and that it is most likely I will be asked to perform before the Celebrity Judges (which would be filmed for broadcast on TV) during either January of February 2017…

So with any luck “Psychic Belly Button Reading” and “Navel-Gazing Mind Reading” are about to go massive during 2017…

And of course this:



Yes indeed and those examples of course don’t make any mention of the people whose lives I have helped to change for the better with my “Complete Mind Therapy” (CMT) and Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) treatments or the people who I have entertained and brought joy and amazement to at the Private Events I’ve performed at during the course of the year…

Yes indeed I have decided I MUST ACHIEVE MUCH MORE DURING 2017..


Watch this Space…


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