THE ROYLE ROAD TO INTERNET MARKETING RICHES & SUCCESS FOR ALL BUSINESS OWNERS – 100% Tried, Tested and Proven To Work IM Internet Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotion Secrets Exposed


Dr. Jonathan Royle - Successful Hypnotist

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Successful Hypnotist

(c) 2017 –

Welcome to this short publication within the pages of which it is my intention to remove all the Hype, Bullshit and Confusing Rubbish from the overcrowded world of Internet Marketing Advice.

Along the way, I am also going to share with you the powerful Secrets of How I am able to carefully craft and then pre-record a powerful sales video before broadcasting it on Facebook (and through other outlets) as though it is being broadcast LIVE.

Plus I’ll reveal to you how to do this in such a manner that ensures that it is seen by the maximum number of people possible who can be converted into paying customers for your products and services or those of others that you may be offering on a basis whereby you earn commission on each sale that you help to generate.

But before we get started and get to the real juicy stuff it’s time for you to face the truth about Internet Marketing, open your eyes to reality and as they so often say wake up and smell the Coffee…

You see The Real Shocking Truth is that far too many people out there are selling courses on how to make money on the internet when in truth the only money they have ever made is selling courses to other people on how to make money on the internet.

It really is like the blind leading the blind….

So many get caught in the trap of buying one course and then another and another, the world of internet marketing is sadly at times very similar to a Cult Religion.

I’ve even heard some so called “Gurus” and self proclaimed “Experts” of the internet admit that they only have to be one step in front of their customers in terms of knowledge and experience in order to make big profits selling this information onto their students below them.

They then take the money they get from their students and reinvest some of it into taking courses from people who are a step or two in front of them who in turn do the same until the cycle has continued so long that the money trickles up the ladder and gets to people like Frank Kern and the other Famous Names of the Internet Marketing (IM) World.

With this shocking fact in mind that most teaching internet marketing are just regurgitating what they have learnt from the person above them and the very real fact that most in the IM Arena who sell such courses have never really done anything of any real note in the real world, let me assure you that the information contained herein is very different indeed.

The major difference being that I have done this and continue to do this every day in the real world.

And I do not rely on selling regurgitated information on how to market and sell things to earn my money, rather instead I have for years dominated the marketplaces of Ebay and Amazon with my own unique Hypnosis, Magic and Mentalism Products and have also built up numerous very profitable websites selling my unique products.

In otherwise I’ve truly been there, done it and worn the T-Shirt out numerous times over the past rapidly approaching 25 years at time of this report being published which is February 2017.

So with that said, my first piece of advice to you is to read each and every word in this report all the way through without clicking on any of the links.

Then go back again and watch all of the training videos that I have given you links to and of course click on the links that I will be giving you along the way to discover more about the Insider Tools, Services and Software that I use to run my business almost on autopilot and certainly so that I am consistently earning big profits even when I am in bed asleep at night.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it and state the obvious none the less…

The first thing you need to get started making money on the Internet is a Product or Service of Some Kind to Sell.

Now whilst it is true that you can make money promoting other peoples Products which is known as Affiliate Marketing and is something that I will return to later, to make the most profit it is best to create your own unique products.

With that in mind I have put together these Eight Videos to show you just how easy it truly can be to get started, so please do study and take notice of each of these videos as they are full of PURE GOLD in terms of Helping you to easily start making big profits on the internet.

VIDEO ONE – “The Lazy Man’s Way To Write & Profit From Your Own Book”

VIDEO TWO – “Further Easy Book Writing Strategies & Kindle Profits”

VIDEO THREE – “Your Book Available In Stores Around The World?”

VIDEO FOUR – “Even More Free Ways to Profit From Your Content”

VIDEO FIVE – “Automated Profits From Audio Books & Physical CDs”

VIDEO SIX – “Massive Profits From Webinars, Online Coaching & Live Events”

VIDEO SEVEN – “EXPOSED: Secrets of The Millionaire Gurus”


You can also check them out at this link:

Whilst those eight videos do truly give you a structured plan of how to start making money on the internet, for those who would like to achieve long-term growth and success I would strongly recommend that you invest into yourself and secure a copy of my two Home Study Programmes which are entitled “The Passive Hypnosis Profits System” and “The Millionaire Plan”

The Passive Hypnosis Profits System will have you creating your own products with ease and profiting big from the internet in next to no time, whilst the Millionaire Plan will reveal to you how to dominate Ebay and other similar internet marketplaces and also how to make huge profits selling products mail order through conventional sales letters and/or advertisements in specialist magazines.

Combine the Knowledge contained within both of these step by step video training packages and you will never need to spend another penny on any Product Creation and/or Product Marketing Online or Offline Training with anybody ever again…

And best of all as a reward and thank you for requesting a copy of this manual, I am for a Strictly Limited Period offering Massive discounts off the usual retail price of both of these sets as illustrated at the links below where you will also find more details of both packages:





I can 100% Promise and Guarantee you that the Knowledge, Advice, Secrets and Techniques taught between those two video training packages is EXACTLY what I have used for well over two decades now in order to easily produce 100’s of Unique Products and Sell literally Millions of them to people all over the World.

The videos contain the exact methods I used (and still do) which enabled me to purchase my own home 100% outright for Cash (no mortgages, loans or borrowing required) before I turned 30 years of age in 2005.

For the record I no longer live in that property as I now live in a 3 bedroom house whilst that property is producing a rental income.

Anyway let’s assume that you’ve got a product or service ready to promote, I shall now reveal to you how I use the Power of Facebook and other Social Media to build up my mailing lists and also to directly help me sell products to people.

The first thing you will want to do is join lots of Facebook Groups that are relevant to your Target Niche and then when you are a member of plenty of these, the time will rapidly come that you will want to notify the members of all of these groups about the scheduled time and date of your forthcoming Facebook Live Video Broadcast so that you will be building up your audience and therefore increasing your potential customers.

For this stage of the process there are two relevant pieces of Software that you will want to take a look at, the first one being called “Octosuite” and this is the one that I currently use and have been using successfully for quite some time now.

But be sure that you watch the instructional videos in the members area before you start using the tools, and I would also advise you not to post to more than a couple of dozen groups each day, ensuring that you have a set a time gap between each posting as well.

Further I’d advise that you set up another Facebook account to use solely for the purposes of joining groups and posting adverts to them as then if at anytime someone does report you for “Spam” and the account gets Frozen or closed down, you have not really lost anything and can always set up another Facebook account for this purpose again.

Prevention and Caution is always better than cure so to speak!

It enables you to Join Facebook Groups and Post to them on autopilot as is fully explained at this link:


I have heard from some of my colleagues that they prefer to use a different piece of Software to help them Join and Post to Facebook Groups and that Software called “Ninja Blaster” is available from the following link which you may also want to consider for this stage of the process.


Then You Want the Video you have pre-recorded to be transmitted from your Computer to your Facebook Profile so that it looks as though it is being Broadcast Live in exactly the same way that a normal Facebook Live Broadcast Would be From your Phone and in that regards the solution is a piece of Software called “Facebook Live Engagenator” and it can be obtained from this link:


That software will allow you to take pre-recorded videos on your computer and stream them to your Facebook Profile, Page or Group as though you are doing a 100% Live Broadcast.

The picture above shows me broadcasting to Facebook using this awesome software.

And that shows me watching the video broadcast as it transmits “Live”

Combine that with the power of this next piece of Software Called “LiveLeap” and you can have your “Facebook Live” broadcast stream at exactly the same time on ALL and I do mean ALL of your Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups that you are an Admin and/or Owner of.

The Software can also send out notifications and a link to the Live or apparently Live Video Feed to your Twitter and Linked In Accounts and indeed to your Email List and even Text Message List if you have one.

This has proven to be worth many, many times its weight in Gold to me and you can find out more and get your copy from this link:


Be aware that after you have read that page, there is a tab at the top of it which says “pricing” and that offers a Free Trial and Monthly Options if the One Time Only Lifetime License deal on the page at above link does not appeal to you, although I can honestly tell you that is what I invested into and it has already paid for itself many, many times over.

Now during your Facebook Live Video Broadcast you will want to dangle the carrot of some kind of “Free Gifts” which to claim them will mean that the viewers need to visit the website link (domain name) that you mention to them and then enter their name and email to be added to the “Newsletter” and “Special Offers” List.

The easiest and cheapest way I have found to design these, what they call “Squeeze Pages” and other web pages for Internet Sales purposes is to use a package of tools called “Profit Canvas Pro” the details of which are at this link:


And of course at some point you will want to Sell them your products and for that the two solutions that I have found and use most are two websites called Sellfy and Yes-Course.

Here are two examples of Sellfy Store’s that I have set up and sell stuff from on a daily basis:

And Also:

The beauty is that they will host (store) the download product on their servers and other than a small monthly subscription you only pay them money when an item has sold thus meaning you are always in profit.

The online template for uploading your product, product image, product video if relevant and advertising copy is simplicity itself and I would 100% unreservedly recommend this as the easy solution to starting your own online store.

It can also be integrated with your own website should so you so desire so that you appear to have an online shopping area within your website.

All payments made by customers go directly to your own Paypal account with Sellfys small commission being automatically taken during the process thus meaning that this removes all complicated paperwork and accountancy and makes things as easy as 1,2,3.

Find out more about Sellfy Solutions and Secure your account at this link:


Sellfy is the perfect solution for selling individual products and small courses, but if for example you wanted to put together a Massive Package of Stuff which would usually take up tons of space to store on your website hosts server and thus cost you a lot of money each month, then the best solution I have found is a website called YesCourse at this link:


You can choose to set this up so it costs you nothing and you only pay them a commission when sales are made, or when you know your doing a promotion and likely to sell a lot of a course you have hosted on YesCourse then you can for that month change over to paying them just a monthly fee and thus keeping more of your profits with the option to switch back to commission only payments the next month when things get quieter again after the promotion.

You can also offer Free Courses using YesCourse which then means you can log into YesCourse and through their internal dashboard email directly all of the people who sign up for the free sample course and promote to them your paid courses thus leading to further sales and profits.

Examples of how I use YesCourse effectively can be seen at this link:

My most profitable package being this one:

The really great thing about YesCourse is that it also has a facility to create discount codes.

For example if you put the discount code of HYPNOTIZE into the discount code box on the previous link I just gave you and it will then turn it into this giving you a massive 90% discount off the usual retail price:

NOTE = For the record my “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” at the above link contains the “Millionaire Plan” and “Passive Hypnosis Profits System” Videos that were mentioned earlier in this report, along with dozens of products that come to you with the product, professionally written sales letters and even ready made website designs that you can start using immediately to promote and profit from these dozens of ready made products.

NOTE = Not only that but “The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” also provides you with access to almost each and every Course, Product and Resource mentioned on every single page at and also at along with tons of other stuff that it is only possible to get your hands on by joining the Bootcamp.

So why not grab your 90% discount right now??

Going back to Yescourse, perhaps even more usefully it also allows you to set up Affiliate Tracking Links so you can offer Commissions to people who promote your products and courses for you to their Mailing Lists and Customers which is a great way of rapidly increasing your sales and profits.

Another tool I have found useful is called “Socivids” and it enables you to take any YouTube video in the world and add your own buy now, call to action bar, JV Zoo, or Paypal button right on top of it.

You can also add your own completely functional opt-in form, too.

That means you can use other people’s videos to build your list, make affiliate sales, and sell your own products.

You can also make way more money off of your own videos, too.

AND then you can use these videos as super cheap Facebook ads, and build a list/sell products from DIRECTLY inside the Facebook newsfeed.

There is more information and a demo video on “SociVids” at this link:


Or if your target market is one that may be weary of having to enter their name and email address into a website before they can get their “Free” gift, then you will no doubt find this tool called “LeadLock” worth it’s weight in Gold.

It enables you to send people a PDF Report which for example is 40 pages long but which will lock at for example page 17 until they then enter their name and email address into the opt in form that appears inside the PDF.


Once they enter their name and email this unlocks the PDF so they can read the rest of it and also enters their name and email address onto your mailing list which in the first instance I would advise you to set up with a company called “Aweber” who can be found at this link:


Indeed you’ll need to sign up with “Aweber” or a similar service to build your mailing list which can be done by offering “Free Reports” and such like using the Tools I have already mentioned and given you links to in this report.

But for those who know about using Word-Press Websites or may get one designed for them by a Professional Company and in that regards my preferred Website Designers and also Graphic Designers and Full Colour Printers are this Company:


Then those using a WordPress Site may want to consider investing into this WordPress Plugin called “Mailit” which then removes the need to pay a monthly subscription to a company such as “Aweber” as is explained at their official website here:


Now for those of you who do decide to have your own website you will need Safe, Secure and reliable website hosting and in that regards when it comes to selling products on the internet there is quite literally only one hosting company I would consider and that is D9 Hosting.

They have never let me down and they are used by the vast majority of the Worlds Richest and Most Successful Internet Marketeers so as they say if they are good enough for them then they are more than good enough for you.

Their full range of Services and Products Can be explored at:

Earlier I briefly mentioned Affiliate Marketing and the fact that you can earn commissions by promoting other peoples products and services to your mailing lists and Social Media Networks.

In terms of finding products to promote and earn commissions from and also in terms of finding people who have mailing lists who may be interested in promoting your unique products to their customers on a commission the main two websites to join are and also

Between those two sites you will be able to find a never ending stream of new products that you could recommend to your followers on your Social Media Networks, to readers of your blog and to members of the various Facebook Groups, Google Plus Groups and other internet forums and groups that you may join that share an interest in the item that you have chosen to promote and from which you will earn a commission from on each sale you help to generate.

Doing “Facebook Live” video broadcast “Reviews” of things can be a great way to engage with people and you of course post your affiliate link to buy the product you are “reviewing” in the text that accompanies your video broadcast which of course can be “syndicated” all over the place as explained earlier in this report.

In essence it really is as simple as creating a product or finding one to promote and then letting people who are interested in that kind of thing know about it and encouraging them to visit the website (sales page) which if it contains a well written sales letter should convert a large number of those interested party’s into buying customers.

And the joy of Facebook Groups, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups and Linked-In Groups and other Special Interest Forums and Groups is that you know that the people you are going to post your message, review video and/or website link to are 100% likely to be interested in for example “Hypnosis” as otherwise why would they have joined a special interest group or forum on the subject of for example “Hypnosis” ???

With that realisation it is going to be well worth your while to be able to manage and control all of the various Social Media networks that you can join and use to your advantage from one central control panel and to achieve that end, currently the tool that I would recommend to you is called “SociHub” and it is available from this link:

With reference to You-Tube a tip that is worth its weight in Gold is that when people enter words and phrases to search for things, YouTube search the name of the raw video file you uploaded before it searches the name you typed into the information field when uploading.

So before you upload your video file to You-Tube, right mouse click on it and choose “rename” and then for example if you were selling a course on how to teach dogs to be obedient and well behaved you might rename the video file to “How to Train My Dog to be Obedient & Behave”
That way when the video is uploaded it is more likely to be found and watched by people who are searching for that phrase or those keywords.

And needless to say during your video you will mention your website where they can purchase from and will of course put a link to the site in the YouTube Text Description box under the video being sure that you put http:// before the www. So that it shows as an active link on YouTube.

As you will have pre-recorded your Sales or Review video before using Facebook Live Engagenator to broadcast it as though live and using Liveleap to Syndicate it all over the place, you can of course after your apparent live broadcast upload the video to youtube so it can continue helping you to generate sales there.

On the occasions you may choose to do an actual Facebook Live Video Broadcast from your phone, the Liveleap software will still syndicate it everywhere and then after the broadcast has ended you can follow these simple instructions to download the video file from Facebook.

1) Go to the replay of the video on your Facebook Profile, Page or Group.

2) Click to start the video playing.

3) As the video is playing, right mouse click on the video and choose “Show Video URL”

4) When the video url is revealed click on it to highlight it and then right mouse click and choose COPY.

5) Now Paste that link into another window of your web browser whilst still logged into Facebook.

6) It will for example show a link such as:

You then need to delete the www bit and replace the www with the letter m for mobile as in this example:

which in this example when visited will redirect to this:

In any event when you get to that which is the mobile version of the video, click play on the video so its starts to play.

7) Then right mouse click on the video and choose “SAVE VIDEO AS” and it will allow you to download the raw video file to your computer.

8) At this point re-name the video by right mouse clicking on the raw video file and choosing “rename” of course renaming to something that is a popular phrase people search for who would be interested in buying your products or services or at the very least contains keywords that they may be searching for.

Which reminds me people think Key Words means type in one word, well yes it can, but in YouTube and many other websites it would be better if they called it “Key Phrases” as one so called Keyword could be for example “How Can I Hypnotize People”.

So yes whilst it is true that Hypnotize on its own is a Keyword, the phrase “How Can I Hypnotize People” which is made up of 5 words can on YouTube and other sites be considered as one Key Word.

Having shared that nugget with you, I will repeat again that Social Media Sites, especially those that have Special Interest Groups and Pages are where you will easily find customers who want to buy your products and with that in mind it would be wise for you to join all of the major Social Media and start using them effectively which is something that is taught in step by step detail in the Training Packages at this link:

Now I know it says that a Marketing for Therapy Practitioners Package but rest assured the techniques taught are 100% Identical to those that any person wanting to sell any form of product or service needs to follow in order to achieve maximum success.

And you know what as I truly want you to be as successful as possible I am going to give you a 50% Discount on that package when you use this Special Offer Discount Link to secure yours today:

Actually you know what, as I hate people wasting money when they don’t need to, let me remind you of something…

Were you to purchase them separately even using the Special Offer discount links contained in this PDF it would cost you the following to buy the items that I sell directly that will help to ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS.



Cost = $98.50



Cost = $98.01



Cost = $96.75


But all three of those packages above are contained inside the members area of my “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” along with access to 100’s of ready made products with resale rights and even several dozen ready made high in demand products that come to you with ready made websites so you can start promoting and selling them for big profits almost immediately.

And that’s without even mentioning that you also gain access for personal study only (not for resale) to most every other Course and Product which is advertised on every page at and also every page at

That is well over $5,000+ of additional stuff and the truth is when you act now you can get the lot with over 90% off the usual retail price right here:

Why not grab your 90% discount right now??

I can guarantee you that the package called “Secrets of Hypnotic Success” which is included within the Bootcamp at above link or can be purchased individually for $97 from this link will show you exactly how to easily generate massive Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Feature Publicity for your Products, Talents and Services which will lead people to your websites and ultimately have them spending money with you.

And that is the true key to success with so called Internet Marketing, combine several proven strategies and approaches together as you will learn to do with my “Millionaire Plan” and “Passive Profits Systems” which are inside the Bootcamp.

Combine Proven Online Internet Marketing approaches with proven offline Mail Order Strategies, together with using the Media both on and offline to help promote your Products and Services and True Success can indeed be yours far more rapidly than you may ever imagine.

I don’t care what your area of interest is, I don’t care who your target customer is, I don’t care how old you are or where you are located in the world and most of all I truly don’t care what your product, service or talent is that you wish to profit from, in all and I do mean ALL cases the Strategies revealed in this PDF along with the Free Videos and also websites linked to herein are your Key to Consistently Making Big $$/££ Profits even whilst your asleep at night!

I trust that you find the contents of this manual as Profitable and Rewarding as I have done and continue to do so on a daily basis…

Many thanks for your time,



PS: Much earlier in this report I mentioned “Affiliate Commissions” and the simple fact is (as explained in the free videos earlier) offering a sizeable commission of between 40%-60% on every sale that other people help you to generate for your product/s is by far one of the most effective and speedy ways to grow your internet business, increase your sales and ultimately multiply your profits many times over.

So with that in mind I would strongly recommend that you take a close look at “Tapfiliate” which will enable you to offer affiliate commissions and easily track them via your own website.

All is explained at this link:

PPS: As people become more comfortable using mobile technology on a daily basis, the time is upon us now that huge profits can be made either selling access to Apps or using Free Apps as clever Marketing devices to upsell other products and services and with that in mind I would advise you to take a look at this site:

PPPS: Once you’ve got started, you may well find down the line that you’d like more control over things yourself and the desire may grow to be able to easily design your own websites in which case the package that the vast majority of my truly successful internet marketing colleagues are now using is called “Convertri” and you can learn more about it here:

PPPPS: If you’ve found value in this publication please do share a copy of it with everybody you know who may also benefit from its contents and let me remind you that this is in truth basically everybody you know in any form of business who wants to sell more of their Services, Talents or Products!

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle


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