Hypnosis Hall of Fame Inductee British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Has been Appointed as Adviser to the “Men’s Suicide Prevention With Hypnosis Week” Campaign

March 27, 2017 (FPRC) —

Hypnosis Hall of Fame Inductee, British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle is proud to announce that he Has been Appointed as an official Adviser to the “Men’s Suicide Prevention With Hypnosis Week” Campaign by Merseyside (Liverpool) based Hypnotherapist Phil Steele the founder of the Campaign.

Royle, aged 41 of Spotland, Rochdale, Greater Manchester has been appointed as Session Structure & Safety Adviser for the Campaign due to his role as President of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT) and also the fact that he was one of Phil Steeles original Hypnotherapy teachers.

Scheduled to take place from Monday 24th April up to and including Sunday 30th April, the idea is that Hypnotherapists and other Mind Therapy Practitioners around the World offer some Free One to One or Group treatment sessions to help Men who are suffering from Extreme Stress, PTSD, Anxiety and other issues that are often contributing factors to people feeling that there is no escape and taking their own lifes.

Figures show that around 76% of Reported Suicides each year are Men and it is likely this is because Men are usually far less likely to go and seek help from a Professional.

Of the 5,981 deaths by suicide in the UK in 2012, more than three quarters (4,590) were males.

In the US, of the 38,000 people who took their own lives in 2010, 79% were men.

On the 9th of January this year, the British Prime Minister Theresea May announced a new Suicide Prevention Strategy with a focus on high risk individuals like young and middle aged men.

With these alarming figures in mind, the aim of the week is for Hypnotists around the World to offer support, help and Self-Hypnosis Training at no charge and to ultimately make it more socially acceptable for Men to feel comfortable and safe enough to seek Professional help when they need it rather than trying to cope on their own.

The initiative was created by Liverpool (UK) based Hypnotherapist Phil Steele and has been supported by “The Association of Complete Mind Therapists” (ACMT) and its President Dr. Jonathan Royle who has put together a “Complete Mind Therapy” Treatment Session Structure and Health & Safety Advice package which is available at no charge to all therapists who wish to take part during the campaign week.

These complimentary events are intended as a preventive measure for those suffering from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and other similar issues.

They are not intended for people who are currently suicidal, such people should contact their Medical GP as a matter of urgency and of continue taking any medication they may have been prescribed.

Dr. Jonathan Royle the President of “The Association of Complete Mind Therapists” has also recorded a virtual online treatment session for those who may be housebound or currently unable to attend a live event for other reasons and this can be participated in at no charge via his website.

Hypnosis is kind of like anti-virus software for your brain and using Self-Hypnosis techniques it is often possible to remove negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and programmes and replace them in our personal neck-top computers with far more positive and empowering ones.

Keep an eye on your Local Media and the Social Media pages of your local Hypnotherapy Practitioners to see where and when they announce they are running one of these sessions as part of the campaign.

And above all else remember that Suicide is nothing more than a permanent solution to what needs only ever be a temporary problem when you seek help from a Professional as a matter of priority.

It’s time for Men to stop suffering in silence and realise that it is not weak or cowardly to accept the help that is out there for them, from their Medical GP to the Samaritans and during the last week of April from Hypnotists around the world at no charge!



And this Press Release Can also be seen (and downloaded as a PDF) from:


Association of Complete Mind Therapists - ACMT

Association of Complete Mind Therapists – ACMT


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