Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D A WARNING The Truth Exposed on Hypnotist Lord Alex William Smith aka Hypnotherapy & NLP Hypnosis Expert Dr. Jonathan Royle

Well if you’ve seen any of the Ridiculous Websites and Vindictive and wholly defamatory lies posted about me on the internet by Jealous so called “Competitors” in the NLP, Stage Hypnosis and/or Hypnotherapy World, especially if you’ve been alerted to the Libel that is the claims that I Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D aka Lord Alex William Smith Hypnotist, Magician, Hypnotherapist and Hypnotism Trainer am some kind of Fraudster, Conman or Criminal then NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE TRUTH..

This Long Term Campaign of attempted incitement of hatred and publication of Fabricated Defamatory Lies about me on the internet by various people (although the main culprit over the past year has been Hypnotist Andrew Newton) has gone on far too long hence this FOUR HOUR EVIDENCE VIDEO has been compiled to Expose them.

The Naked Truth about Dr Jonathan Royle can be found at all of these following internet
web links and you will also find Cold Hard Evidence Galore that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the negative rubbish posted about me on the internet is exactly that Defamatory Libel & fabricated Lies posted by Vindictive Unbalanced individuals.








The irony is that the most guilty of those people who have posted Fabricated Lies and Defamatory Libel about me on the internet actually has a somewhat out of the ordinary past of their own that they would sooner people were not aware of as you can see here:


The truth with Evidence and Facts about the Conviction I got in 1998 due to a Fabricated Fake Sheikh aka Mazher Mahmood “News of the World” Sting for Murdochs Sunday newspaper and which is currently in the process of being appealed can be seen at this link:


And proof that when I use the title of Dr. I am doing so always in a 100% Legal and lawful manner can be seen at this link with images of my Doctorate Degrees in Psychology, Divinity & Metaphysics.


Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Oh and here is proof that all of the Organisations that I run and the qualifications I issue are also 100% Legal and Lawful in all manners despite what the idiots say:


And for the record here is what Experts Around the World including Medical Doctors
have to say about my unique and unrivalled Hypnotherapy & NLP Hypnosis Courses:


And of course my main official website is at www.magicalguru.com

And my online Store can be seen at www.magicalguru.co.uk


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