RE: YOUR MAGIC SHOP & OUR MAGICAL SOCIETY – (How To Get A Free Advert for Your Magic Shop on The Order of the Magi’s Club Website)


Dear Magic Shop Owner…

I am writing on behalf of the 3rd Oldest Magical Society in England, namely “The Order of the Magi” in Manchester of which I am a member.

My email is in relation to this page of our clubs website:

I am sending this email because either..

a) You already have a Free advert on our website or:

b) You may wish to obtain a Free advert on our website.

(Details of How to Secure Your No Cost Advert follow Shortly)

If you have an existing Free Listing on our website (thus meaning you have offered some kind of discount or voucher code or exclusive offer to our members) then now is the time to confirm that you would like this listing to continue as our AGM and New Year starts at end of March.

However our webmaster needs to update the website before then so any discount code would need to please be active from right NOW up to and including the last day of March 2019.

NEW MAGIC SHOPS = For those who are not yet listed on the site, all we ask is that you offer our members some kind of voucher/discount code that they can enter at checkout and/or a password they can quote over the telephone or in person at your store to claim a discount off their purchases.

There can of course be a sensible (e.g. £20 or so) minimum order level to claim the discount using the code you supply to be entered at checkout or to be quoted over the telephone.

In exchange we will put your company logo onto this page of our website

And this will of course link directly to your website and thus maybe help to improve your Google Ratings.

It could certainly send visitors from our site who are not Magi members yet to yours and thus help generate full price sales for you from non Magi members.

It is out intention to be starting a major Social Media Advertising Campaign in our clubs New Year and so we are anticipating lots more website visitors and also ultimately new members, both of which can only prove to be positive & beneficial for those who secure their place on our site and offer our members a discount of some kind.


Please get back to me URGENTLY & no later than this coming
Friday on my direct email of

We need to know:

1) Your Website Address you want promoting on our page.

2) What level of discount (and terms) you will offer our members.

3) What voucher code they are to enter at checkout on your site or password they are to quote over the telephone or in person at your store.

4) Confirmation that the codes are active NOW so we can start adding you to the site and informing members.

5) Confirmation that the codes/discount will remain active until at least 31st March 2019.

Many thanks in advance for your time, consideration and anticipated rapdi response to this email.

Yours Truly

(On behalf of The Order of the Magi)


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