13 thoughts on “FAKE SHEIKH VICTIMS APPEAL REJECTED BY CCRC = Application by Victim of Rupert Murdoch’s Disgraced Mazher Mahmood turned down by Criminal Cases Review Commission in manner which looks wholly Incompetent.

  1. I’ve been following this case although details on it seem somewhat scarce, have all the victims appeals been rejected?

    • As of Friday 22nd June 2018 it is true to say that all victims I know of
      have had their Court of Appeal Appeals rejected, but that happened years
      ago for most of them hence applications went to the CCRC.

      I know that myself and one other person have been turned down by CCRC so
      far but it not my place to say whom.

      All others are awaiting a decision which is due anytime in the next few
      weeks hopefully.

      In any event I am in process of getting NEW EVIDENCE and -will soon be
      re-applying to the CCRC as I don not believe they looked at my case
      properly at all as illustrated by all the evidence I have on this page
      which is just SOME (a small part) of what was submitted to them.

      • Thank you for the response, this case seems to have been going on for quite a long time, only really receiving media attention when Mazher Mahmood was jailed in 2016. I’m not even sure if he has been released despite supposedly serving 15 months, it hasn’t been reported anywhere as far as I can tell. It really has been a hard story to follow. What do you think the likelihood is that other victims of Mahmood will receive justice?

      • I have absolutely no doubt that sooner or later all of us including myself
        WILL get justice and get our convictions overturned. New evidence is coming
        to light every week and so we can reapply (those who need to) to the CCRC
        in the very near future. Were regulations to change then we could get referred
        on the issue of non disclosure which is explained on my blog page.

  2. That’s excellent news, all those who were victimized by Mahmood deserve justice and compensation. Rupert Murdoch certainly needs to be taken down a peg or two. How many civil claims have been made against Mahmood? The last I heard there were 18 claimants and the claims would cost News UK upwards from £800 million. Is this figure really true? I hope it is because seeing corrupt corporations like Murdoch’s get their comeuppance is truly a welcoming thought.

  3. Purely out of curiosity, how long does the legal process take after a CCRC appeal is successful and it is referred to the court of appeal? I’ve heard compensation money can take months or even years to pay out. This seems rather disheartening for the victims. The Murdoch Media Empire needs to pay for its crimes.

      • I hope all victims get justice and compensation money as soon as possible. I have spoken to one of the other victim’s who will remain nameless to protect his privacy, who claims he was told that money has already been set aside for him. Although as you said, all cases are different, were you ever told such a thing?

      • Likely they were referring to the fact that many newspapers in light of the Hacking
        scandal have set aside funds for their legal costs and damages payments. Murdoch
        never pays out without putting on a good legal battle first from what I’ve seen

  4. Hello once again, I have returned. I was wondering if there have been any developments, do you have an update on whether the other victims of the Fake Sheikh appeals have been rejected? I certainly hope not.

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