THE LATE PETER HILL – Hypnotherapist & Hypnosis Promoter – REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND



As many of my Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist and other Friends will already be aware, ever since around 1997 (some 22 years ago) one of my closest friends and trusted business partners was Peter Hill from Huddersfield who ran Prospect House Publishing and helped me set up the Mindcare Organisation.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that Peter passed away on the evening of Tuesday 6th August 2019.

Peter had, ever since we first met in 1997 always had health issues with his Kidneys and in recent years they were functioning less and less for him leading to the need for dialysis.

Indeed he was put onto the list for a Transplant but unfortunately this did not become reality in time.

Thankfully he is no longer in pain and no doubt will be having a cuppa and a catch up with his Mum and Dad on the other side.

NEXT WEEK (On Tuesday) I turn 44 years of age and so essentially was fortunate enough to have Peter heavily & positively involved in my life for 50% of the time I have been on this earth and for that I am incredibly grateful indeed.

Not only was Peter the most trustworthy, reliable and truly encouraging & supportive friend that anyone could ever have the pleasure of knowing, but also he helped me immensely (as I hope I did he) in all areas of our respective Hypnosis Related Businesses.

Until just a few years ago, Peter organised, promoted and filmed all my Live Training Seminars and also would often take me to shows and film those as well.

By way of the products we created together and events we worked on, Peter was instrumental in helping me to achieve my dream of purchasing my own home outright for cash with no mortgages or loans or borrowing of any kind before I turned 30 years of age.

In turn when years ago he worked in what he called “The Rat Race” I encouraged and helped him to quit his job and become self-employed, something I know that he was so happy that he was finally able to do.

When he started his own Bottled Water Company (Simply Pure Water) I was chained up, manacled, restrained with various handcuffs and leg irons and then submerged under water in a large industrial wheely bin to perform a Houdini Style Escape to get publicity (which we got tons of, whilst in the process I almost killed myself) for the launch of the business.

When somebody stole Peter’s Copyrighted Products and claimed them as their own, I well remember representing him (as his Lay Legal Adviser) in the High Court and us winning the case hands down 🙂

Indeed I am fortunate to have so many happy memories of the times we spent together both work and pleasure related over the past 22 years..

It would be true to say that Peter was like a Surrogate Dad to me in many ways and without his help, advice, support and positive influence over the years I can honestly say I would not be where I am or who I am today..

Without a doubt he was the most generous, positive minded and truly honest person that I have ever met and had the privilege to know.

In helping me to bring my seminars and training’s to a worldwide audience both offline via Mail Order Physical Sales and then also online via the internet, he has helped me to teach people all over the world and in turn those people have then gone on to Help numerous people to change their life’s for the better…

To say he has positively impacted many peoples life’s would therefore be a massive understatement.

Together we dominated the Hypnosis, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Related Products Market on Ebay and Amazon for close to TWO DECADES and over those years shipped well over a MILLION of my courses and products to all corners of the world.

I also have Peter to thank for helping me to get my first few books published as real books available on worldwide sale from all major book sellers.

My thoughts are of course with his son, His daughter and the rest of his family who, like myself, I trust will focus on all the Happy Memories and Positive Life Changing things Peter did whilst he was with us on this earth.

As you know I am not Religious, but if Angels do exist, then they sometimes walk on earth and one of them was called Peter Hill.

Goodbye my Friend, Business Partner and Surrogate Dad, I truly hope I can continue to make you Proud as I continue to help teach people around the world continuing that which we worked together on for so many years.

I love you my friend, thanks for everything you did, being the person you were and being there for me even at some of the lowest moments of my life,

You changed my life and so many other peoples for the better.


Now it’s time for the Saga of the Giant Yorkshire Pudding..

I suspect Pete Htfc Hill and the rest of his family may well find this amusing when they realize how stupid I was on this day in question LOL 🙂 x

You see some years ago, one weekend I had gone over to My Friend (and business partner) Peter Hills House in Skelmanthorpe Huddersfield to help him get some organisation into his office and some organisation into his Hypnosis Products Filing System.

I stopped over on the Friday and Saturday evening and Peter had arranged to kindly return me to Rochdale on the Sunday late afternoon after I had eaten Sunday Dinner with him and the family.

Well By dinner time I was famished and very much looking forward to eating, especially given the lovely aromas that had been coming from the Kitchen.

I took my place at the table with everyone else and then Pete started to bring plates in and put them in front of everyone including me.

Then He Sat down and I became confused but tried not so show it…

I waited thinking any moment now he would stand up and go get the rest of the food and bring it in.

You see at this point all we all had in front of us was a Giant (size of a big plate) Yorkshire Pudding in front of us..

No Meat, No Vegetables, Just a giant Yorkshire pudding..

Then I realized everyone else had started eating so I did so as not to look rude and before long we had all cleared our plates as the Yorkshire Pudding was absolutely amazing..

I did think some meat and vegetables would have gone with it well though…

Then before I knew it suddenly Peter vanished and reappeared with meat and then Veggies Galore..

Then it dawned on me that the Giant Yorkshire Pudding has just been a STARTER..

I’d never encountered Yorkshire Pudding being a starter before and had always had them on the plate with my meat and Veg so that was entirely new to me.

After we had eaten I confessed to Pete that I’d thought we were only having a Giant Yorkshire Pudding and that caused him to roar with laughter and beam that Cheshire cat smile that made Pete who he was.

So as explained at the link below (and above) Pete was my Close friend as well as business partner for almost 22 years, but he also taught me that in Yorkshire at least, Yorkshire Puddings (giant ones at that) are served as a Starter for Sunday Dinner.

As many of my Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist and other Friends will already be aware, ever since around 1997 (some 22 years ago) one of my closest friends and trusted business partners was Peter Hill from Huddersfield who ran Prospect House Publishing and helped me set up the Mindcare Organisation.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that Peter passed away on the evening of Tuesday 6th August 2019.


Peter’s funeral will take place on Friday 23rd August 2019 at St. John The Evangelists
Church, Denby Lane, Upper Denby, Huddersfield, HD8 8UN at 2.30pm

Click on the images for an enlarged easier to read version..

Pete’s Burial will then take place at 3.30pm at St. Nicholas’s Church,
Cumberworth Lane, Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield, HD8 8NU.

Then the Wake will take place afterwards at The Foresters Arms
Public House in Lower Cumberworth,  2 Shelley Woodhouse Ln,
Lower Cumberworth, Huddersfield HD8 8PH.

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