CRIMINAL APPEALS CASE = Seeking Justice against Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood & CPS

Due to the high costs of employing Solicitors and Barristers I am now, currently having to represent myself in my Renewed Grounds of Appeal Case against two Convictions for Alleged delivery of Counterfeit Coins.

What is slightly unusual about this case is that it relates to a story Fabricated by the now Disgraced Serial Liar & Criminal with a National Union of Journalists card namely Rupert Murdoch and the shut down News of the World’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood.

This related to an article back in 1998 and a court case in March 1999 all details of which are fully explained at the links which follow along with evidence galore that the matter should never have reached court in the first place back in 1998/1999 had The Police and/or CPS Fully disclosed all the information they had knowledge of in relation to Mazher Mahmood’s long term criminal connections and proven dishonesty as discussed at the links which follow.

In short, after the trial of British Singer Tulisa Contostavlos collapsed in 2014 with the Judge branding Murdoch Journalist Mazher Mahmood a Liar and ultimately it leading to Mahmood being jailed for Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice, at this time I (along with 25+ other people) was sent a disclosure package by the Crown Prosecution Service relating to elements of Tulisa’s collapsed case and how it could shed light on my past case involving Mahmood in a manner which may make me want to consider appealing that conviction.

The Latest updates on how my case stands, what New Evidence has come to light in my favour and all other matters are mentioned in this short 10 minute video –

And then copies of all relevant documents can be seen at these various links:

  1. My Self Penned Renewed Grounds of Appeal (dated 24th May 2019) is at:

2) Images of the Crown Prosecution Services Revised Respondents Notice dated 15th August 2019 can be seen here: 

Or a PDF containing the images can be downloaded from:


My reply (dated 19th August 2019) to the CPS Revised Respondents Notice which illustrates the numerous errors and also omissions they have made can be seen at: 

Or a PDF version can be downloaded from:

ANY FURTHER DOCUMENTS, EVIDENCE, FACTS & INFORMATION relating to those documents above and also the case and circumstances in general are all openly available on my rather long (sorry but there is that much to consider) blog located at

I am looking PLEASE for advice in terms of…

  1. Do you know of any Criminal Solicitors/Barristers who would consider working with me on this on a deferred/conditional payment basis whereby they would agree to let me pay them when/if my conviction has been overturned and thus when/if I am then able to obtain damages from Murdoch’s Media Empire (for which I have a Civil Defamation Lawyer on standby who has agreed to work on a no win/ no fee conditional payment basis) I could then pay them from the proceeds.

  2. Failing the possibility of number one above, If I have to continue representing myself, does anyone know How long it is likely to be before my case is written up by the summary writer and then passed to the 3 judges for their consideration of whether a court date should be set for appeal etc?

(The Courts of Appeal have had my renewed Grounds of Appeal since 24th May 2019)

3) Is anyone aware of any points of law that I have not mentioned in my Renewed Grounds of Appeal, which I should be aware of and which could help me present and defend my case when it finally gets back to court?

4) Can anyone think of anything I have missed in the documents (as per links above) and/or on the page of which could possibly help further strengthen my case in any manner?

5) Obviously I would also be interested in hearing from any WHISTLE BLOWERS who
have any further evidence of Mahmood’s Criminal Connections and Long term
dishonest actions that could help strengthen my Appeal case even further.

Sincere Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to offer any advice, insights, points of Law etc which could help me in presenting and winning my Renewed Grounds of Appeal Case.

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Mind Magician.

PS: I am based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester (England) and am 44 years of Age.

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