Manchester Virtual Youth Choir (including my Daughter Ashleigh Smith) Singing “These Days” on National Make Music Day 2020 = Dedicated to those with Mental Health Issues during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis

Yes that’s my extremely talented daughter Ashleigh in the top left hand corner of the video/picture below which is introduced by Sue Devaney and which went live Today “Father’s Day” on You-Tube at 10am UK Time.

As explained in the Official “Press Release” located at this link it is also National “Make Music” Day today as we see the Launch Video released for the “Manchester Virtual Youth Choir
Set up by Ashleigh’s Amazing Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach Phil Reynolds, this project which was started as a way to keep some private vocal students focused and engaged in April 2020 has snowballed into a virtual youth choir project complete with original rap, live drums and a multi screen video created by yet another (17 year old) student!.
Amazing singers from across Greater Manchester – many of whom have never met in person, let alone sung together before.
All recorded live on phones and tablets, with NO editing or auto-tune.
Hopefully the first of many (and may even be a live performance after lock-down ends!)
Dedicated to all those young (and not so young!) people suffering with mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown
As you can see in the video below, My Daughter Ashleigh Alexandra Louise Smith
loves every element of Singing, Dancing, Acting and the Performing Arts.

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The Biology of Hypnosis, NLP, Hypnotherapy & Psychological Healing Therapies with Hypnotist Jonathan Royle at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield.

The Biology of Hypnosis, NLP, Hypnotherapy & Psychological Healing Therapies with Hypnotist Jonathan Royle at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield.

Born on 13th August 1975 into a showbiz family whilst travelling with Gandey’s Circus, Alex made his stage debut aged 3 and a bit as Flap the Clown.

He is now better known worldwide as Hypnotherapist Alex William Smith or in his stage name as Jonathan Royle Stage Hypnotist and International Hypnotherapy Trainer & Teacher.

Aged 14 in 1989 he became the youngest ever member of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists (APHP) as founded by Dr. Brian Howard of Warrington, England in the early 1980’s.

Indeed from the age of 14 in 1989, he started treating people with Hypnotherapy and thus to date (17th June 2020) has been conducting Professional Paid Hypnotherapy sessions for almost 31 years with great success.

Aged 15 in 1990 he became a member of the Association of Professional Stage Hypnotists (APSH) also founded by Dr. Brian Howard of Warrington, England in the early 1980’s.

He immediately started presenting public demonstrations of  Hypnosis both for Entertainment and also Educational Purposes.

Therefore to date (17th June 2020) has been doing Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows and also Scientific and Educational demonstrations of Hypnotic Phenomena for almost 30 years.

Towards the end of 1993 (aged 18) he was engaged by Paul Brady, a then committee member of the National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists (NRAH) & the International Association of Hypno-Analysts (IAH)  to present a training seminar for fellow Professional Hypnotherapists teaching his own insights and experiences into both Stage Hypnosis and also Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Techniques.

Therefore to date, he has been presenting training seminars in Hypnosis for Therapeutic techniques around the world to Fellow Professionals including many Medical GP’s, Nurses, Plastic Surgeons, Cancer Surgeons, Dentists and other established and respected Medical Professionals for almost 27 years.

He was awarded his first General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) & General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) approved Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) back in 2004 from Dr. Raymond Roberts of Elestial Training in Wales.

Always one to keep studying and developing, more recently in 2017, he obtained another General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) & General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) approved Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) from Susan Lawrence of Piece of Minds Hypnotherapy.

Since 2017 he has also been a Certified Trainer of NLP from The International Institute of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology & Hypnosis.

Indeed it is highly likely that Alex has arguably got more NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Related Mind Therapy and Psychological Talking Mind Therapy Diplomas and Qualifications than any other living practitioner as he has constantly continued his Continued Professional Development over the past 30+ years.

A small selection of the literally hundreds of relevant Diplomas and Qualifications that he has been awarded over the decades can be seen by logging into Facebook (on a computer) and looking at this Link:   

Back in August 2016, he was awarded membership to the “Hypnosis Hall of Fame” becoming only the Fourth Hypnotist in the World to be added to and given this honour by The South African Academy of Hypnosis as per the details located here

On the 6th December 2019, Alex was awarded a Special Recognition Award for his dedication and achievements in the World of Hypnosis over the past 30 years by the Pan-American Centre of Ethical Hypnosis aka Cepahiet as per the information here   

Under his Professional Name “Jonathan Royle” he has over Two Dozen Books about Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mind Therapy and Related Areas available on Amazon and from all Major Book Stores.

He has over the past 25+ years also released over 200 Home Study Hypnotherapy & Mind Therapy Hypnosis Courses on DVD (formerly many on Video Tape) to fellow Professionals and an almost equal number of Self-Help & Personal Development Products and recordings to the general public.

Just a few examples of these unrivalled products and courses can be seen listed at and also at

His Television Debut as a Hypnotist was in early 1993 aged 17 on Channel Fours Cult TV Show “The Word” and since then he has been featured on 100’s of TV Shows around the world with his Mind Therapy Skills and Talents.

100’s & 100’s of features on Radio Shows around the World and in National and International Newspapers and Magazines have seen him get the Front Page and a double page spread in The Sun for curing a Ladies Fear of Traffic Wardens and a feature in USA Today where he had a therapeutic encounter with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal to help promote the launch of their film Analyse that.

Early in 2020 he launched his online Video Interview Show “Hypnosis Week” via and to date almost 70 leading figures from the Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis World have been interviewed by Alex on his show, which in the past few weeks has also launched an Audio Podcast version on all major platforms.

He has devised, road tested in the real world and perfected several unique Rapid Mind Therapy Treatment Techniques including:

01) Complete Mind Therapy = CMT

(The Proven One Session Treatment Approach for Most All Habits, Addicitons, Fears, Phobias and other Issues from A through to Z)

02) Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques = MELT

(Use these techniques to help your clients MELT their problems away often in a matter of minutes)

03) Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress = CURED

(Use this to give your clients the “CURE” to their problem to help ensure they leave your office C.U.R.E.D.)

04) Psycho/Physio Energetic Alignment of Changing Energies & Emotions = PEACE

(Use these techniques to give your clients PEACE of Mind and also to help ensure that they have Inner PEACE)

05) Hypnotic Over-Ride Pain Elimination = HOPE

(Use this to Help Clients Overcome & Eliminate Pain Issues and also to give them HOPE for a better life)

06) Inner Revision Therapy = IRT

(A Rapid form of Hypno-Analysis to find the root cause of longterm emotional issues and then to positively and permanently remove the symptons and side effects that used to cause the client issues)

07) Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach.

(The Far more affordable and also Non Surgical and therefore Safer Alternative to Invasive Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery)

08) Person Centered Psychotherapy = PCP

(Positive Emotional Responses & Switch Off Negatives)

09) Drug Release Therapy = DRT

(Dissolve Regrets & Resentment, Understand Guilt & Grief. – Release & Reprogramme Emotional Learnings, Eliminate Anger, Anguish, Anxiety & Stress as you Strengthen and Energise Positively)

10) Hypnotic Plastic Surgery = HPS

(The Non Invasive Alternative to Cosmetic Surgical Procedures)

And he has taught these techniques and approaches to literally thousands & thousands of Fellow Mind Therapy Practitioners around the World by way of his Live Training Seminars & events around the world and also by way of his online “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” as per the details at this link:!elite-hypnosis-bootcamp-passive-hypnosis-profits-platinum-edition-20/1/Lomxz/

Indeed it is true to state that it is highly likely that Alex has taught more people (around the world) who are currently successful working Professional Hypnotherapists and/or Stage Hypnotists than any other living Hypnosis trainer in the world today.

A tiny selection of the many thousands upon thousands of similar reviews and testimonials he is regularly sent about his Hypnosis training Courses and Products can be seen at these links:

Plus you also learn all of the Secrets of the Stage Hypnotists and Rapid Inductions for Stage Hypnosis and also for use in Group Hypnotherapy Sessions and more as per the Rave Reviews here:

Just a few quotes (from Medical Professionals) from those links about Alex’s Courses & Hypnotic Skills include:

I just finished watching Royle’s 10-DVD training on ‘There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis’ and found his presentation style to be captivating and exciting. Many clinical experts out there (particularly here in the US) are good at taking a topic and making it complex and dry, but to me the real brilliance is taking a complex subject, boiling it down to its essence and making it seem simple, which is exactly what Jonathan does in this series. There is a tremendous amount of very applicable, real world advice in this set, even for hypnotherapists like myself using it in the trenches with patients, and I highly recommend it!!”
Eric B. Robins, MD
Board Certified Urologist
Co-author, “Your Hands Can Heal You”

Contributing author, “The Heart of Healing”

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Advisory Board Member, Emotional Freedom Technique

Undoubtedly one of the funniest, most intelligent and hugely entertaining presentations on hypnosis, NLP and therapy I have experienced. Go and see Jonathan – he will rock your beliefs, make you laugh out loud and probably outrage you. The hypnosis and NLP world needs more people like him. Jonathan Royle – APPROVED!
Andrew T. Austin, Chichester, Nov. 2005
(Andrews background is in and with clinical experience in neurosurgery and neurology in his former profession as a registered nurse)

Thanks Jonathan, I’m really glad we met, in terms of learning Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis. And so are the 700 US Devil Pups and 750 real, genuine US Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton. The US Government does not let civilians talk to or interact with Marines recruits in boot camp, and because of what you taught me, they broke that rule. That is very rare, and a very high honor. I guarantee you will never have another hypnosis student who will be able to say they did group hypnosis on Junior Marines, or did suggestibility testing on US Marine recruits.
Dr. Ken Kern – Leading Cancer Surgeon,
Consulting Hypnotist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist – U.S.A

“I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in either quality of content or volume of information taught! Because of my background in formal education I was originally drawn to studying with a recognised training provider, members of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). My training with them was excellent, however it was greatly enhanced by Jonathan Royles material and indeed Royles material was excellent and far superior to the recognised course. His therapy skills are equal if not greater than the majority of therapists I have met to date and he teaches everything he knows in an open and honest manner. We need people like Royle to raise the profile of Hypnosis and I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to become a better Hypnotist!”
NLP Master Practitioner & EFT Advanced Practitioner
(Holder of Two Royal Charters & Former Health & Safety Competent Person for The National Council of Hypnotherapy)

For the newcomers to hypnotherapy, this Royle Event will , in my view, fast forward them in time and experience by 2 to 3 years, almost like a shortcut to success. For the people who have been therapists for a long time, get yer ass to this event, and listen to what this guy has to say. You might just learn something.  As a training provider myself, and one of the few who has stood the test of time, Alex is probably one of a few that i would actually listen to – and if i was available, I would be sat their right at the front of the class with my gob shut and my eyes and ears open!!’

I learned a tremendous amount about all sorts of ways of making money, how to get more clients and the right way to approach them! Royle is very honest, outspoken and controversial, he kept me entertained and interested for the full two days and had 100’s of useful tips to impart. In short I would recommend the videos of Royles May 2004 Hypnotic Marketing Success Videos to everybody as they are much better value and contain more information than any other similar seminar or training I’ve’ ever been on!”
Dr. COLIN BARRON – GLASGOW – Former Medical GP.

Just quick note to say thanks for the DVDs – ‘There’s no such thing as hypnosis’. I really enjoyed watching the DVDs. Bought them off ebay from you. I’m a Medical GP and have always been extremely sceptical about a lot of things. Hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, pretty well anything alternative as little other than placebo effect. I’m also an amateur magician – hobbiest – and enjoy fooling people. Been member of Newcastle Magic Circle for 15yrs. Makes me think of the rituals that go on with a visit to the doctors, how people expect certain things. E.g. it’s a waste of time examining people the majority of the time. Most doctors have a pretty good idea of the problem within 30secs of a patient coming in. We have to have our rituals though to establish credibility! Thinking about branching out into hypnotherapy now – think of the credentials – known, respected GP. Clients will be well ‘hypnotised’ before entering the room. A little naughty though as I don’t believe in hypnosis!! Keep up the good work.
Dr. Gary Alford – Medical GP. 

Now Considered by many to be one of the World’s Leading Authority’s on the “Non State Theory” of Hypnosis and the Reality, Use and Power of “Placebo in Hypnosis”, Alex is one of the World’s Most Qualified, Experienced and Hugely Successful Hypnotherapists & Hypnotic Practitioners.

In late 2017, he ran a one day event which was organised by Sky TV’s “Fat Families” Presenter, Clinical Hypnotherapist & FATnosis Founder Steve Miller during which he taught the truth about how and why all Hypnosis and Related techniques truly work.

This event was attended by Professional Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Medical GP’s, Nurses, Psychologists and other related Professionals who all gave Alex two, YES TWO Standing Ovations at the end of the day as can be seen here –

And 60 Seconds of highlights from the day have been collected into this short video here –

Videos of the Full approx. 6 hours of the day can be download FREE of charge from

(Please just be sure to check your junk and/or spam folders in case the download links get sent their by your email client)

Watch those videos and you will be in no doubt that when it comes to Hypnosis, Alex Smith who is better known to many as Jonathan Royle is without doubt one of the leading Experts in the World today.

Indeed he is regularly consulted by Famous Name Television Life Coaches, Hypnotists & Personal Development Guru’s to help them hone their own skills and to also advise on how they can increase their own success and business.

One recent example is that British Television Life Coaches The Speakmans (Of ITV’s This Morning Fame) licensed Alex’s “Complete Mind Therapy” treatment System and used a script written by Alex to produce their “Your Key to Becoming the Best Ever You” Audio Self-Help Compact Disc.

He also acted as a consultant for their “You Can Be Cured” DVD and helped organise and promote the first two of their public training events something he has also done (event organisation and consultancy) for many other Famous Names in the Industry.

When Paul McKenna ran a company called “McKenna Breen” in London during the mid to late 90’s, pretty much all of the Companies Staff and Seminar Facilitators studied Alex’s “Complete Mind Therapy” Course having had it recommended to them (as stated in all their application forms) by Paul McKenna himself.

The list go’s on and on with Alex having regularly advised, consulted for and/or mentored many of the biggest names in this industry today.

In 2019 he presented the Feature Length Documentary on MK-Ultra Style Mind Control & Psychological Persuasion entitled “Extreme Danger – Extreme Hypnosis” as per the preview Web Series which promoted the official Feature Documentary Release as per:

His Main official website is –

With Over 30+ years extensive experience in all areas of Hypnosis & Mind Therapy and given the fact that Alex has either taught or heavily advised many existing Hypnotherapist Members of The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) you can be assured that he is at the cutting edge of all things Hypnosis & Mind Related.

British Hypnotist & Conspiracy Researcher Jonathan Royle

British Hypnotist & Conspiracy Researcher Jonathan Royle

“I have been an admirer of the prolific work of Alex William Smith since I first became aware of him in 2008. I have studied many of his training products and learnt a huge amount from him which I use in my work at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic.
I also share much of the knowledge I have learnt from him when lecturing to doctors and nurses at the College of Medicine and the National Centre for Integrative Medicine in Bristol. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable and productive hypnotherapy trainers alive today.
Trevor Hoskisson Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis Feature Documentary with British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith on Conspiracy Theory Facts & Truth Research


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Use these videos in the ways that I explain during the “Stay At Home & Hypnotize” training videos and other areas of the Bootcamp Training Materials and you will recoup your entire investment back with your very first client…

The fact that you also get a Powerful Press Release Template along with example Script and training insights manual for each of the Eleven Niche areas listed above truly does make this package a true No Brainer that you would be wise to ORDER TODAY by sending £147 UK Sterling via to the email of 

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