I’ve thought long & hard before posting this as I know that…
Firstly many will just dismiss this as some clever subversive Marketing angle to help sales of the new “How to Control Minds” product from Peter Turner & Ellusionist – that it is most certainly NOT I can 100% assure you and indeed that fact should become clear very shortly.
Secondly, some will claim this is only being posted so I can plug some of my own products, whilst it is true that some of my products are linked to below that is only because NOBODY ELSE OFFERS ANYTHING CLOSE to the context of what those particular items teach as will become clearer when viewed in context of entire post.
Thirdly some (especially those who already take delight in posting lies and fabricated defamatory BS about me on the internet) are likely to inaccurately claim that this post was/is made through some kind of jealously or envy rather than the REAL MOTIVE OF SAFETY & PROTECTION OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC & THE HYPNOSIS INDUSTRY in general.
So before I explain WHY EXTREME CAUTION SHOULD BE OBSERVED by those who have (or do) purchase “The How to Control Minds Kit” please let me point out that personally I consider Peter Turner a Friend & respected Colleague and as is illustrated at the next link I had/have absolutely nothing but praise for his previous Ellusionist Box Set entitled “How to Read Minds”
the how to control minds box
Indeed Peter has also in the past been kind enough to speak highly about some of Mentalism Creations (available from all Major Magic Dealers) as per this quote:
“Having Watched Jonathan Royles Egg Sausage Peas Show I can honestly say it’s unique. With Psychic Belly Button Reading being the main hook of the first half around which the Mind Reading experiments are presented, this is most definitely not your conventional kind of Mentalism show. However Royle has some unique, creative and entertaining takes on such classics as the Chair Test, ACAAN, Hoys Tossed Out Deck and the Russian Roulette Plot which are certainly worth a closer look and take them to the next level. At times he had the audience on the edge of their seats and overall this show was top notch”
Peter (The Perceptionist) Turner
Hopefully that link illustrates the only motive for this post is to make a few things clear that the advertising for this new MIND CONTROL set does NOT make clear (certainly not as yet around midday on 25th August 2021) on either the Kickstarter page at
Or on Ellusionists actual website located at:
In England (and some other Countries) a License or Written Permission is required from the Local Licensing Authority for the use of any form of Hypnosis or SUGGESTION intended to influence for Entertainment Purposes at any location.
In England this is regulated by the 1952 Hypnotism Act (and yes SUGGESTION used by Magicians & Mentalists is also to the letter of the law covered by this act & its amendment’s) along with the 1989 Government Guidelines, 1996 Updated Model Conditions and of course elements of the Licensing Act 2003.
In any event despite many uneducated types posting differently over the years STREET HYPNOSIS (or Suggestion for Entertainment) is indeed ILLEGAL in England without the correct permission or license being in place for the location you are giving the performance in and YES THAT DOES INCLUDE ON THE STREET AND IN MANY PUBLIC PLACES as illustrated by the proof I have obtained from the Legal Departments of the majority of UK Council Licensing districts at this link
Incidentally it is not just England that has such laws, there are other places around the world where Hypnosis or SUGGESTION for entertainment requires a License/Permission to be in place or in some places is actually considered to be COMPLETELY BANNED & ILLEGAL
Such License/Permission as mentioned in point 1 above will only be granted to perform Legally when the correct insurance cover is in place which must include cover FOR THE VOLUNTEERS in case they suffer any Psychological or Physical damage or harm during or after their involvement which can be shown to be due to or a side effect of participating in the use of Hypnosis or SUGGESTION.
Standard entertainers insurance is NOT ENOUGH and a specialist more expensive policy clearing stating that it covers the volunteers whilst they are under the influence or Hypnosis or SUGGESTION and are also covered for any side effects which may occur is what is required to be fully covered Legally & Lawfully in many areas of the world.
Usually for permission to perform to be granted and for any insurance policy to remain valid, a detailed written Risk Assessment for the intended activities should have been prepared prior to the performance and submitted to the relevant authorities where required.
Also a site & location specific on the spot Risk Assessment must be undertaken and the findings & conclusions ideally recorded in writing as soon afterwards as possible in case any future (after the event) claim for Physical or Psychological damage by any of the volunteers was ever to be claimed.
This is an area that experienced Health & Safety consultant, Magician, Mentalist & trained Hypnotist Stuart Harrizon Cassels teaches in great depth in “The Transparency Template” training videos which are available from all Major Magic dealers as an instant download.
Whether you call it Hypnosis or Suggestion as the Peter Turner How to Control Minds Kit adverts does, the fact is HYPNOSIS IS SUGGESTION AND VICE VERSA when you truly understand the subject, and like it or not SUGGESTION aka HYPNOSIS CAN IN SOME CASES PROVE TO BE VERY DANGEROUS INDEED
God help you if/when you encounter a Spontaneous Abreaction occurring or accidentally pick the wrong person because you did not follow all of the Health & Safety, Duty of Care and Legal Guidance taught in the Transparency Template as per:
And also available as an instant download version from all Major Magic dealers – https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S19316
There are good reasons why UK Law states that for example Schizophrenics should not be used as Volunteers, but how many Magicians/Mentalists using just a little suggestion in their acts actually ever bother to check out the volunteers Medical History in this context, despite such being a legal requirement under British Law??
There are actually numerous potential very real dangers to the volunteers on both a Physical and Psychological level.
Doing a drop back induction in a crowded close proximity to people in a non ticketed, non advertised, non licensed event is itself potentially EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and I hate to say it but the video clip at Point 8 of the Kickstarter page is a prime example of WHERE (close proximity wise) NOT TO DO SUCH technique.
The video used at point 10 on Kickstarter (for Peters Midas Touch) illustrates INCOMPETENCE as nobody should ever be positioned and stood as close to the edge of a pavement/sidewalk as the person who has their eyes closed and is “feeling the touches” in that video.
Looking at the video in Point 6 (Robin Hood) of the Kickstarter page I am fairly confident that person giving their stuff over is NOT 18, now as I don’t think it was filmed in England that may not have been Illegal where it was filmed but in England IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE VOLUNTEERS UNDER AGE OF 18 for Hypnosis or Suggestion for Entertainment.
The videos for Point 2 (The Force) on the Kickstarter are amongst the most worrying as clearly random passers by are being trusted to catch the person who is knocked over by “Suggestion” and that is something that is EXTREMELY HIGH RISK when you don’t know the people, what state of mind they are in and a whole bunch of other factors. It is something easily made MUCH SAFER by doing it slightly differently and CATCHING THEM YOURSELVES as I demonstrate in this video – https://youtu.be/eMEdvfcUNDI
On the Kickstarter point #1. The Try Principle states that it is:

A technique with unlimited possibilities, seriously. Make people unable to lift a pen out of their own hand, stop them from saying their own name. Stick their feet to the floor. Any single hypnotic feat you’ve ever seen, you can replicate EASILY with this technique.
TRUE FACT = In this video https://youtu.be/56hhbfUWh8w?t=253 Peter claims he devised the TRY PRINCIPLE which is most certainly not the case as it was devised (most say) by Emile Coue who died on July 2nd 1926 (it was actually around way belong he ever lived) so there is certainly nothing new in the Suggestive Power of and use of the word TRY in this context.
Furthermore any other clever Psychological use of the Word TRY has already been fully covered for Entertainment Purposes in various videos and books that I have had out for many, many years including ELMANS BIGGEST SECRET REVEALED (available from all Major Magic dealers) details of which are located here
mind control
(And Yes Peter Turner has indeed previously seen such contents of that book)
For the record everything you see me do in this video https://youtu.be/lf2SfzPIYjc along with versions of pretty much almost everything taught in the Ellusionist How To Control Minds Package, along with tons of stunts, techniques and routines that they do not teach in the Ellusionist set can easily be performed successfully within minutes of having read the book & video set mentioned at the above link & also available here:
Well in short I have originally taught the vast majority or later mentored, coached or advised far more of the truly successful working Stage Hypnotists around the world and also Magicians & Mentalists who use a little bit of Suggestion & Hypnosis within their acts than any other living Hypnosis Trainer a few examples being the Testimonials located here
And also those who are members of THE PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATION OF STAGE HYPNOTISTS as per
You will note that one of the people I Originally Taught is British Stage Hypnotist Chris Lee who is one of the main people Peter Turner has ever studied Stage Hypnosis techniques with.
Also it’s true to say that I’ve been the behind the scenes adviser and consultant on many Hypnosis & Suggestion Style Television and Media Projects around the world over the past almost 30 years including those featuring some of the biggest names in our industries in the world..
In short this is an area I know inside out from DECADES OF REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE
And when it comes to the Health & Safety, Duty of Care and Legal Considerations surrounding Hypnosis & Suggestion in Entertainment I’ve done more Research than perhaps anybody else and certainly established Pro’s around the world consider me the go to expert on such matters as illustrated by comments such as..
“The Transparency Template are the Only Stage Hypnosis DVDS I would Recommend” –
Ray Ronson
“I have watched most of his training programs, and I compare his style to that of Bandler – a shameless self-promoter who is very good at what he does. Royle knows as much as anyone, and perhaps even more than most about hypnosis. He is a walking encyclopaedia and has a firm theoretical foundation not just a few tricks. The content is clear, exactly as promised and extremely good especially for the price. I will take JR, his products and his depth and experience over a to remain nameless real estate guy any day of the week!”
Richard Nongard
“The transparency template is a modern encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis on DVD. With more information than you will ever be able to use it covers the subject in depth. Jammed with inductions, suggestibility tests and just about every aspect of performing stage hypnosis you could think of. It also has well researched sections that cover the legal, health and safety aspects something that every hypnotist should know about before stepping on to the stage. I recommend it for that alone.”
Brian Halliday aka Mindpunisher & Shrink (on Magiccafe Forum)
Jonathan Royle / Alex presents his material very candidly! I appreciate that! I have purchased a number of his training items (living in the States, live-training is a far-reach option for me) and I love each of them. Each item has over-delivered. Being a clinically certified hypnotherapist and a certified stage hypnotist for 6 years, in addition to my initial training, I have taken many additional training courses. Jonathan’s training materials have taught me many items, techniques, insights, perspectives that I never learned in my initial live training courses! Most recently, I purchased the Transparency Template – LOVE IT. Great work, Jonathan, thank you. I’m constantly going back to it, it is beyond just training, it is a resource. The Health & Safety training it contains is worth many times the tiny investment alone! Additionally, Jonathan has extended himself for consult, even simple questions, regarding anything hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy, stage hypnosis, etc. He’s a personal person – the hypnotist’s hypnotist. Thanks, very much, Jonathan!
Matthew Fallon – (USA)
“This is very detailed and comprehensive home study course covering all of the important stuff you simply need to know if you’re even considering setting foot on stage, street or anywhere and calling yourself a hypnotist. One thing that really stands out is that he doesn’t ignore any of the problems and dangers a hypnotist is likely to face. He doesn’t even just give them an honorary mention. He faces them head on and discusses them in the manner of one who has been there, done that and worn the t-shirt and implores you to learn from his own stuff-ups. Rather than just act as superfluous credits on the cover, Rob and other guests are utilized perfectly throughout the course and each is a great presenter and speaker in his own right, demonstrating the same enthusiasm for their chosen art form as the man himself Royle. To say much more would probably be classed as a spoiler, but I have to just add that the bonus DVD (regularly referred to during the main presentation) in my opinion is worth the price of this set all on its own. if this is your first purchase in this field, you’ll probably have little need for very much else.
By all means go and buy the “How to Control Minds” kit by Peter Turner if you are one of his many fans, BUT PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH into the areas I’ve highlighted above BEFORE you ever perform anything of this nature in public or private.
I cannot stress enough that there are VERY REAL GENUINE DANGERS to using even Suggestive Pseudo Hypnotic Methods (which still come under certain laws in many places) and there is ONLY ONE resource on the market that adequately and extensively covers all such matters and that is the TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE as per – https://youtu.be/NRax4XX3g30
(This being available from ALL Major Magic Dealers)
And as for the Most Comprehensive and best value for money resource on Suggestive Entertainment, Pseudo Hypnosis and Hypno-Tricks you’d be wise to take a look here – https://jonathanroyle.sellfy.store/p/mxr1/
Take care and feel free to inbox message me with any questions



mind control




“Elman’s Biggest Secret Revealed and Other Cool Pseudo Hypnotic Techniques”



Jonathan Royle has clearly stated that HYPNOSIS DOES NOT EXIST and that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HYPNOSIS since the early 90’s…

Those who have followed claiming to teach “Hypnosis Without Trance” or similar have in truth just recycled things they most likely learnt from Royle’s training materials and courses in the first place.

The Late Dave Elman is a true legend in the world of hypnotherapy. Interestingly, he was also a comedy stage hypnotist for many years.

Within his book, “Hypnotherapy,” he hid in plain sight arguably the most powerful and useful technique that any hypnotist or, indeed, any person wanting to look like a hypnotist, could ever use.

This secret technique will enable you to stick people’s hands to walls and make their foot become welded to the floor, whilst also enabling you to make people forget their names and a whole host of other amazing hypnotic feats.

Imagine being able to snap your fingers and then a volunteer is unable to lift a deck of playing cards off the table, or they find that a coin becomes so hot that they are unable to hold onto it any longer.

All of these things become incredibly easy when you have studied the contents of this unique training package.

The truth is that this technique does not use any genuine hypnosis whatsoever!

However, within this package, you will learn how to use these secrets in order to get people into genuine hypnotic trance states rapidly and safely if you should so desire to take things to the next level.

As well as learning “Elman’s Biggest Secret,” you will also be taught Royle’s “2 are Bad Subjects Ploy,” which is arguably the forerunner to Luke Jermay’s “Touching on Hypnosis” approach from his Premise and Premonition DVD Set.

You will learn Royle’s “It’s Almost As If” and “I.I.C” Principles, which are arguably the forerunners to Anthony Jacquin’s Automatic Imagination (AI) Model.

Combining these secrets together will enable you to seemingly be able to hypnotize anybody, anytime, any place, anywhere without ever possibly being seen to fail in any manner.

These are the ultimate secrets of pseudo hypnosis — even those taking part will come to believe that they have genuinely been hypnotized.

Also included are links to well over six hours of training videos. Included are those from the “Secrets of Dual Reality Hypnosis” set, which usually retails on its own at $47, and the videos from the “Hypnotic Mind Control Made Easy” set, which usually retail for $30.

Also included are other video links that would usually cost you at least another $47.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn from these bonus videos are how to:

*Mentally glue their hands to a table top so they are unable to lift them up until you tap the back of their hands, saying that their hands can now be lifted up once again.

*Weld their foot to the floor. They will find it impossible to lift their foot or leg off the ground until you remove your mental influence from them.

*Make their own name vanish into thin air. They will be unable to say it or remember it until you touch them on the chin and snap them out of their apparent “trance” state.

*Stick their eyelids together. They will be unable to open their own eyes until you allow them to do so (two different methods taught and explained).

*Hypno-Heat – The legendary hot-foil-in-hand trick is demonstrated and then taught and correctly explained. (Not suitable for minors as the “hypnotist” or as a volunteer.)

*Magnetic Fingers – Discover how to apparently, through pure suggestion, make people’s fingers draw together like magnets — with them unable to resist.

*Locked Hands – As the title suggests, you’ll learn a truly NO FAIL way to lock people’s hands together so they are unable to separate them until you tell them they are able to.

*Animated Arm Illusion – Royle reveals how to apparently demonstrate telepathic mind control hypnosis on people so that, with their eyes closed, the audience witnesses that they only move their hand and arm up and down when you have NON VERBALLY signaled to the audience what the volunteers will do. It looks like telepathic mind control to those who are watching.

*Reality Changer – This is a technique whereby you can demonstrate that your verbal suggestions can change someone’s view of reality in a few short minutes. Indeed, you then demonstrate in a manner that nobody can deny (including the volunteer assisting) that proves 100% that the person’s reality has indeed changed following your suggestions. Best of all, there is no dual reality and this, as taught, works perfectly each and every time.

*Mobile Magic – You are supplied with an animated hypnotic spiral disk, for use on your phone, that will enable you to apparently place people into deep hypnotic trance states within seconds of meeting them. It will also enable you to perform (if you so desire) a complete act or show of comedy hypnosis stunts, routines, and demonstrations without ever having any fear of failure. This is dual reality at its best, used in a manner where the person who is “hypnotized” can, and often truly does, end up sincerely believing that they have been hypnotized.

NOTE = Here is a video link of me apparently Hypnotizing Paul Voodini at Blackpool Magic Convention using the supplied spinning Hypnotic Disc Spiral on my mobile phone:

WATCH NOW = https://youtu.be/EuSFSdjTFvU

*Hypno-Tron – For the first time on video, Royle reveals his electronic speed hypnosis device that enables you to make people feel as though they are being hypnotized. Consequently, they are far more likely to become genuinely hypnotized. However, even if they don’t, they will still say they “felt like they were being hypnotized.” This makes you appear to be a genuine hypnotist indeed!

You will learn all of the above and, along the way, will also gain insights into how to use these “hypno-tricks” and “mind control stunts.”

These are practically guaranteed to work every time — they can help you become a far more powerful and successful exponent of real hypnotism as well.

And that really is just a tiny example of what you’ll learn from the over 6+ hours of video training included in this package.

You’ll learn more than enough routines and techniques to be able to perform a complete hypnotic-style show for close-up, street or even stage, cabaret, and theater performances.

For example what you see demonstrated in the next short video you will be easily able to duplicate when you have studied this book and it uses no Genuine Hypnosis Whatsoever (unless you later decide to use such as well) as its all HYPNO-TRICKS.

WATCH NOW = https://youtu.be/lf2SfzPIYjc 

NOTE A = This Product was first released by Magic Dealers worldwide on 29th December 2016 (fast approaching 5 years ago) and indeed was already on sale directly from the author much earlier that same year.

NOTE B = Some (just a small selection) of the information Royle Shares in this step by step course was also included as a Large Chapter in SOME EDITIONS of the Book entitled “Hypno-Effects by Peter Turner – Volume 11” which was also originally released in 2016, HOWEVER there is FAR MORE REAL GOLD in this massively expanded and heavily supplemented by training videos release.

FACT = It is true to state that I, Jonathan Royle have taught more of the truly Successful Working Comedy Stage Hypnotists, Street Hypnotists & Hypnotic Mind Control Experts in the World than any other living trainer as illustrated by just some of the many such similar testimonials we have on file such as these


And also illustrated by those who have become members of THE PROFESIONAL ORGANISATION OF STAGE HYPNOTISTS after studying my courses and trainings as illustrated here




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