Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Related Criminal Appeal by Rochdale Magician Alex Smith aka Hypnotist Jonathan Royle – Latest Update from Criminal Cases Review Commission 1st September 2022

Today Thursday 1st September 2022, I have received a letter from the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) in relation to my application submitted to them on 20th May 2022 asking them to take a close look at the massive amounts of new evidence I have that show that my Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Related Criminal Convictions are both Unsafe and also the fact that I likely would never have been taken to court in the first place had the Crown Prosecution Service and/or Police disclosed to me the evidence and facts they knew of (as far back as 1994) that Mahmood should and could not be trusted as a witness of truth in any matters following the collapse of a case back in 1994.

Further details of all that and also proof of how Rupert Murdoch’s now disgraced former News of the World journalist DRUGGED ME as well as being guilty of ILLEGAL PHONE HACKING and unlawful information gathering together with long term Lying to the Police, CPS and Courts whilst also fabricating evidence and intimidating people behind the scenes can all be seen along with full details of my attempt in 1998 to expose the dishonest, unethical, immoral and often ILLEGAL techniques of “The King of Sting” Mazher Mahmood at this link:



Take a look for yourself at my Perfected Grounds of Appeal and also details of the NEW evidence I now have including that which illustrates that both the Police and Crown Prosecution Service both Knew (and discussed the matter with each other) as far back as 1994 that Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Should not and could not be trusted as a witness of truth in any further matters and yet they still carried on taking cases to court on his evidence alone and at no point did the Police or CPS ever disclose this or the many other occasions that Mahmood’s Honesty & Credibility were called into question on numerous occasions over the years during various Court Cases & Legal Matters. 


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