Hypnotherapists – 7 Secrets to Increase Your Therapy Success 

7 secrets therapy A

Hypnotherapists – 7 Secrets to Increase Your Therapy Success

Dear Fellow Therapist, 

We are living in Crazy Times as the war in Russia & Ukraine Continues, Petrol Prices Keep on Rising and the Cost of Living around the World gets more expensive each and every day.

With that in Mind I’d like to present to you Seven Amazing Packages that could help you increase your Success as a Hypnotist & Mind Therapy Practitioner both in terms of results obtained with clients (leading to more word of mouth referrals) and also to increased profits and income from your talents.

The Seven Amazing Packages on Offer today are: 

01) Secrets of Hypnotic Success – Secrets of Getting Media Publicity


02) Passive Hypnosis Profits – (The Millionaire Hypnotists Strategy)


03) How to Run Profitable Group Hypnotherapy Sessions


04) Promotional Videos Package for Hypnotherapists


NOTE = As well as those 4 packages above to help you attract more clients and make more money from your Skills, these final 3 packages will teach you techniques to help you become a Far more Powerful Mind Therapist. *

05) THE NAKED PENDULUM PROTOCOL = Subconscious Wave Analytical Negation 


06) C.M.T. DIPLOMA COURSE = Complete Mind Therapy. 




IMPORTANT = Currently as you will see at the above links these items for the next 48 hours have 80 to 90 percent off their usual retail prices so grab them now..

Good Luck & Success in all you do.

Yours Hypnotically 


PS: You are being sent this email as you have a website or are mentioned on the internet indicating the contents may be of interest HOWEVER this is a one time only email and if YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN MY NEWSLETTER then please use this link to sign up – https://sendfox.com/magicalguru1?

PPS: Details of the World’s Most Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Business Success Course Package (100% GUARANTEED) are located along with a Free Four Hour Training video that will open your eyes at – http://www.ultimatehypnosiscourse.com/  

7 secrets therapy A

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