Why Did the News of the World & Sunday Times (2 Rupert Murdoch Newspapers) Not Mention Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood’s 1998 Sting Article when reporting on Magician Alex Smith aka Hypnotist Jonathan Royle in 2000 about his Autobiography & time as Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster ?

Courts of Justice

Yes indeed it is a question well worth asking…

Why Did the News of the World & Sunday Times (2 Rupert Murdoch Newspapers) Not Mention Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood’s 1998 Sting Article when reporting on me in 2000 about my Autobiography & time as “Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster” ?

Among the images below are ones from The Sunday Time’s and also The News of the World’s Year 2000 articles mentioning my time as “Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster” and the fact that aged 25 I had just released my autobiography up to that time. 

Consider the fact that my autobiography contained (and still does) details of how I intended and attempted to expose the Unethical, Dishonest & often Illegal Techniques of Rupert Murdoch’s “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood back in 1998 and you might start to understand why they did not make any mention of me being jailed in 1999 due to Mahmood and his team actually being one step ahead of me (thanks to hacking and other means they knew I was trying to expose them) and using illegal entrapment techniques as this might draw attention to the 1999 Manchester Crown Court Judges comments where he made it clear he knew and accepted (based on the evidence I provided) that my intention was to obtain publicity and expose dishonest journalism rather than to commit any illegal actions.

Media GThe truth and reality of what went on in 1998 when, it is now known Mahmood and his team used Unlawful Information Gathering Techniques and other dishonest methods upon me including I would argue drugging me with a date rape style drug and other things that are fully detailed with links to evidence and facts can all be seen at www.circusofthemind.net 

Also consider this, it was usual protocol for The News of the World to publish an article bragging that one of their stories had secured a Criminal Conviction in the courts when such had resulted and yet they never did any follow up article about me getting jailed in 1999.

Again I would suggest this is because they did not want to draw attention to the article they did on me and the fact that the Judge, Police & other parties clearly stated and accepted in Manchester Crown Court (and prior to it getting to court) that based on the evidence, information and facts that I supplied to the Police & Legal System, they fully accepted that it was all just a Publicity Stunt (me attempting to expose Mahmood’s often dishonest techniques) and that I had no intention of committing any Criminal Offense. 

Media H

The next two images show the article that appeared in the year 2000 in The News of the World, notice they make zero mention of me having been jailed in 1999 as a consequence of the 1998 Sting Fabricated Article by Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood.

And here is a close up on the date that this was published in the year 2000 in Rupert Murdoch’s “News of the World” which also ran the nonsense “story” about me by Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in 1998 as fully detailed & explained at www.circusofthemind.net 


And here is the article that was published in Murdoch’s “Sunday Times” on the same day Sunday Times

The next few images are of similar articles on the same subject of my time as “Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster” that were run by some other newspapers at various times.

Media A

Media D 

The video below explains in some detail my attempt to expose Mazher Mahmood’s techniques back in 1998 which sadly backfired due to the so called “Fake Sheikh” and his team having used Illegal Techniques along the way to always be one step ahead of me and thus creating a situation as explained fully at www.circusofthemind.net where they knew what I was trying to achieve and thus managed to manipulate things in their favour. 

Since the video above was recorded & during the years since the 1998 Fabricated “News of the World” article, (especially during 2021) tons more evidence illustrating my innocence and how I was and am indeed a victim of Mahmood’s Entrapment & I would argue (based on the evidence available) other Illegal techniques has come to light and thus my 2 Criminal Convictions for delivery of Counterfeit Coins (coins that were never proven to be fake as they were never tested) are being considered by The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) as explained with documentary evidence & facts at www.circusofthemind.net 

Alex Smith V NGN Filed A

Also as illustrated by the image above and also by the information located at the next link, on 30th September 2022 I also filed a Privacy Intrusion Claim against News Group Newspapers (NGN) in relation to their 1998 “News of the World” Story and also some other
matters going back as far as 1994.


House of Commons

As well as the truth with evidence & facts about my Criminal Appeals Case being laid out in full on www.circusofthemind.net you can also find the results of my past 24+ years to date research into the dishonest & often illegal techniques used by “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood on his many victims located on my extensive research blog page here 


Incidentally the evidence that both the Police and Crown Prosecution Service knew as far back as 1994 (as mentioned in the above video) that Mazher Mahmood should not and could not be trusted as a witness of truth is mentioned in my Criminal Appeal Documents at www.circusofthemind.net 

These facts were never disclosed to me or the scores of other Mahmood Victims, despite the fact that both the Police and CPS had and have a duty of disclosure and should of made us aware of this fact and also the many other occasions that Mahmood’s honesty was called into question during various legal cases over the years.

Watch this Space as they say as there is I feel sure much, much more that will come to light and the publics attention about the “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood and his dishonesty in the coming months & years..
Hypnotist Appeals 

News of the World

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