Learn Street Hypnotism & Stage Hypnosis for Magician’s – Mentalists & Hypnotists at Live 4 Hour Pre Blackpool Magic Convention Workshop – 16th Feb 2023

Blackpool Magic Convention 2023 Stage Hynotism & Street Hypnosis Course for Magicians, Magic, Mentalists & Mentalism

Learn Hypnosis Live Pre Blackpool Magic Convention – 16th Feb 2023


I explain all about this Live Four Hour Training Workshop in all areas of Comedy Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism and combining in a Safe & Legal Manner Hypnotic Techniques with Magic & Mentalism in this video


You will learn the Essential Secrets to Legally, Lawfully and Safely…

*Perform a Complete 60 to 90 Minute Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show with ease.

*Duplicate all of the Most Amazing Stunts you have ever seen any Street Hypnotist, Mentalist or Psychological Illusionist achieve with Hypnosis and/or Suggestion.

*Discover how to effectively combine Hypnosis & Suggestion Techniques with your Magic and Mentalism Performances.

*How to Hypnotize People Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere and get them to do almost anything you can possibly imagine in a Legal, Lawful & above all else SAFE manner. 

*Learn how to help people overcome Habits, Addictions, Fears & Phobias Rapidly and in an apparently miraculous manner.  


All who attend in person will walk away with access to this bumper package of Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism Training Videos, Manuals & Gimmicks https://jonathanroyle.sellfy.store/p/ok1J/ worth $397 = approx 300 UK POUNDS.

So what are you waiting for already about 80 percent of the available tickets
have gone so now is the time to secure your place to attend here 


I look forward to seeing you in Blackpool on 16th Feb from 2.30pm to just before 7pm for this unique event


JONATHAN ROYLEBlackpool Magic Convention 2023 Stage Hynotism & Street Hypnosis Course for Magicians, Magic, Mentalists & Mentalism

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