HYPNOTIC = Is MK-Ultra Style Hypnosis Mind Control Really Possible Like in the New Warner Brothers Film Hypnotic with Ben Affleck ??

hypnotic film c

Hypnotic – Royle Hypnotists Thoughts on New Hypnosis & Mind Control Film with Ben Affleck

Well I have to say that this new film which is out now in USA and is released in UK Cinemas on 26th May looks very interesting indeed..

Check out the trailer for the film from Warner Bros. Pictures here


And YES most if not all of it is possible in real life as I explain here


(The start of the short video above also talks about another different film with the same name Hypnotic)

Indeed there are many videos on MK-Ultra style Mind Control Hypnosis & the shocking true reality of exactly what is possible located here..



Also check out my book and AUDIOS on this subject right here which currently you can get the mega bundle with 50 percent off


In short YES it is possible to make people say and do things against their moral code and/or values..

And YES it is possible to Hypnotize People & create Hypnotic Amnesia, Mind Controlled Assassins and a whole lot more..

Those who tell you it is not possible have clearly not studied the MK-Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control Experiments & Research or any of the other Research Studies that have absolutely proven such is indeed possible..



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hypnotic film c

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