MagicLeaks & Martin Eastern Publish BADLY RESEARCHED Article entitled “Jonathan Royle/Alex Smith Drug Dealing Pimp” – Check out THE REAL TRUTH with Evidence and Facts right here. THE REAL TRUTH about Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE – Sadly Though MagicLeaks Keep Ignoring it…

In relation to their Badly Researched Distorted article here:

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear…

Magicleaks, with the greatest of respect you are now both scraping the bottom of the barrel and also at the same time demonstrating a severe lack of ability in either doing any real research and a lack of any real journalistic skills.

If you had bothered to look at the link which you yourselves had posted in your other distorted article about me namely the link of:

Then you would quite easily and rapidly have seen this webpage link:

And also this video link –

Between both of which can be found everything (including cast iron evidence) that shows what complete and utter tosh the FABRICATED (yes thats right completely manufactured and made up) News of The World Article was and is in every manner.

To Quote from that webpage above:

Firstly I would advise you to take a look at this link: as you can see this is a copy of my Personal Alcohol License which was issued in my birth name of Alex William Smith. IN case you don’t know to be granted such a license you have to have a Criminal Records Beureux (CRB) Check and if even a tiny percentage of the untrue defamatory rubbish certain vindictive, jealous and/or unbalanced individuals post about me sometimes on the web were true then I would not have passed such a CRB Check and as such I would not hold such a Personal Alcohol License which can easily be checked as being genuine and currently valid thus confirming that what certain idiots and trouble causers say about me and/or post on the internet is not and are not in any way true as they’d like you to view things and perceive them.

The Link that Magicleaks have published in this distorted and badly researched article, links to a FABRICATED HOAX MEDIA STORY – A Fabricated Hoax Media Story that has indeed been the subject of Court Proceedings and Such Court Proceedings Proved Beyond Any Reasonable doubt that the News of The World Article as portrayed, contained TOTAL UNTRUTH’S and is as shown on the internet totally out of context.

FACT: As was documented by The Manchester Evening News who covered the Court Case relating to this FABRICATED MEDIA STORY – The Police – The Crown Prosecution Service and even the Judge in the case all stated in an Open Court and as such it is a matter of easily checkable Public Record THAT BASED ON THE CAST IRON EVIDENCE they all agreed that this article resulted due to me attempting to EXPOSE THE NEWSPAPER for the unethical and arguably illegal techniques they use in Fabricating UNTRUE stories on people!

FACT: The full details of this with names, dates, places, times and other easily checkable cast iron evidence and facts are all contained within the pages of my Life Story which you can purchase on Amazon.

The original version which was on sale from 2006 but is now only available in Kindle format as the company that printed it have gone bust –

However it has been re-released in Paperback Format under the name “Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist” here –

Within the pages of that book, I NAME NAMES and literally Name and Shame Several High Profile Journalists and Media Figures whilst also Exposing how there is next to NO TRUTH in the vast majority of Media Articles you will ever read and I also expose the OFTEN ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES used by News of The World to FABRICATE Stories with no real basis in truth or fact.

All of this shocking information was published back in 2006, and the release of my book led to Feature Articles in High Profile British Respectable newspapers such as The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail Amongst others.

These articles publicized the fact that I HAD EXPOSED THE NEWS OF THE WORLD several years earlier and also that my book EXPOSES the Illegal, Unethical and Dodgy techniques used by Numerous Journalists and Publications and Media Outlets around the world.

Given that I actually name names and give names, dates, places and easily checkable facts, if there was any lack of evidence of what I state in those pages being true then you can rest assured that THE NEWS OF THE WORLD WOULD HAVE TRIED TO SUE MY ARSE OFF (as indeed would Journalists that I name and shame and expose) but guess what?

SIMPLE FACT – Every word I state in those pages is 100% True and easily proven as such and nobody could and indeed nobody ever did or has tried to sue me or take any form of legal action against me for naming them and exposing the real facts about how in the wrong THEY WERE AND ARE.


This Ultimately led to the initiation of THE LEVISON INQUIRY as per –

Now although the main focus of this was originally the Phone Hacking Scandal at News of the World which was the main reason they closed their doors after they were exposed over it, it also investigated all areas of the media, and during its inquiry EXPOSED the News of the World to be rotten to its core (as well as exposing many other media outlets dodgy practices)

Ironically some of the things discussed during the whole inquiry (FABRICATED STORIES AND SUCH) were EXPOSED BY ME almost six years earlier in my Autobiography (first 30 years) as per the links earlier, and that book itself was documented and featured in leading UK Publications such as The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Daily Mail amongst others.



Aside from the fact that my Personal Alchohol License as per was only granted because I passed a CRB CHECK (Criminal Records Bureaux Check – ) and then only granted because there is NO NEGATIVE INFORMATION ON MY RECORD… Or to put it another way the check GAVE ME THE 100% ALL CLEAR..

It should also be considered that In Feb 2013 this year I went and performed in Florida and then taught/performed in The Bahamas, In October Last year I went and taught/performed in Sacramento California.

BOTH ARE IN U.S.A – And to do such I had to get all necessary and legally required permissions/paperwork granted, which DUE TO THERE BEING NO TRUTH AS PORTRAYED IN THE NEWS OF WORLD ARTICLE I was easily granted…

If there were even an ounce of truth in the Rubbish Published by them, then I most certainly would never have got through Customs and Passport Control, mind you the same can be said about shows and events I have done all over the world since that FABRICATED BULLSHIT STORY appeared.

Never Have I had any issues entering any Country in the world, and rest assured if there was any truth in any of that then I would have been refused entry to many places as they are very strict.

So you can try and spin or distort things anyway you want, but the simple fact is, in the manner you have published this article, namely with obvious lack of research and total disregard for the easily found facts and evidence of the truth, YOU MAGICLEAKS are GUILTY publishing stuff on the internet in a manner that could be seen to be INCITING HATRED against an innocent party.

To quote from your article above (of which Screen Shots have been taken as evidence):

“So, if you had anything positive to say about Royle (Alex Smith) you may want to reconsider your position. In the mean time, just check out this hilarious photo (from the previous article):”

That is quite obviously suggesting to people they should not have a Positive Position on me, which is therefore arguably inciting people into Hatred and thats ILLEGAL and very bad Journalism Indeed.

And that is ILLEGAL under various Laws as illustrated at this link –

Whats also MOST IRONIC OF ALL IS the conversation between magicleaks and the “Informant” who gave you this NON STORY…

Clearly this is another Magician and/or Hypnotist who has issues with me, my accurate and educated guess is that they are connected to the ever growing group of ILLEGAL, Unlicensed, Uninsured, often Badly Trained and overall quite dangerous UK Street Hypnotists (many of whom have magical connections).

They themselves have clearly IGNORED THE FACT that the TRUTH with Evidence is already out there all over the internet and has been discussed at length on many Magical and Hypnosis Forums over the past 15 years or so, ever since the FABRICATED article appeared…

Such is the lengths they will go to in order to try and divert attention away from their own ILLEGAL and often dangerous Activites.

Finally one final thing that further illustrates your lack of research, is the very real fact that AFTER this article appeared in the News of the World (which was instigated and fabricated by me to expose them as was proven in Court) I WAS FULLY INVESTIGATED AND CLOSELY VETTED BY THE UK SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT.

This had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ARTICLE, however it became necessary, as with my now Ex-Wife, we were both going through the Courts in order to get full legal custody of her daughter from a previous relationship.

Every single Aspect, Fact and Moment of my life was investigated, analyzed and closely looked at under the microscope including of course my time both as a Media Prankster and amongst that the incident of me Trying to Expose the News of the World which led to the publication of that ridiculous article.

BOTTOM LINE = They Did Police Checks on me, Court Records Checks, Background Checks, indeed each and every type of check you can possibly think of and FOUND NOTHING TO BE BOTHERED ABOUT WHATSOEVER…

Ultimately My Ex-Wifes Daughter was Released from Social Services Care into our home, something that most certainly would not have occurred if there was any element of truth in the bullshit and distorted crap that people post about me (most often completely out of context or whilst purposely omitting some of the facts such as is the case here)

I don’t really think there is anything else to add, except to say, it is usual practice in Journalism (to cover yourselves legally) to give the person a reasonable length of time to have their right of reply before the article goes to print or publication.


I suggest Magicleaks, that in future, before printing stuff OUT OF CONTEXT and without mentioning the other RELEVANT FACTS that show things in a very different light (as I have now done here) that you ACTUALLY DO YOUR RESEARCH PROPERLY and then having done so REPORT THE FACTS PROPERLY..

The Article here is quite frankly laughable in its lack of research, and arguably has overstepped the line legally under anti harassment and similar laws, as it clearly is worded so as to attempt to instigate a negative reaction and view upon and towards me..

Oh and in reference to your other distorted article on me, for those who have not yet
discovered THE TRUTH I suggest they check out this link:

All Very Sad Indeed..

Please Get Your Facts Right in Future..

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith