Manchester Mind Magician Jonathan Royle Take’s A Trance On Success At Manchesters 1st Annual Festival of Magic & Mentalism


Manchester  Mind Magician Take’s A Trance On Success


 Local Lad Proves That Britain Really Does Have Talent…


 Manchester’s 1st Annual Festival of Magic & Mentalism Set to Feature Local Rochdale Lad… 

Jonathan Royle - Mentalist - Egg Sausage and Peas Manchester Festival of Magic & Mentalism 2012

Jonathan Royle - Mentalist - Egg Sausage and Peas Manchester Festival of Magic & Mentalism 2012

Jonathan Royle, aged 36 of Spotland Road, Rochdale (Greater Manchester) has made it through to the Leed’s Regional Finals of the “Britain Does Variety” Nationwide Talent Contest.

He beat off fierce competition from hundreds of competitors to win one of the places in the regional final which is to be held at The World Famous Leeds City Varieties Music Hall on Saturday 21st April.

The show will see him perform his Bizarre Comedy Psychic Style Mind Reading Feats alongside talented Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Musicians, Jugglers and other variety acts all of whom are hoping to win a place in the National Finals which will take place at The Watford Palace Theatre in London on Saturday 23rd June with the chance to win numerous prizes including an appearance performing their act at London’s 02 Arena!

But you don’t have to wait until then to see Jonathan perform his unique show as he is one of the featured performers of the 1st ever Manchester Festival of Magic & Mentalism which is taking place at The Kings Arm’s, on Bloom Street in Salford from Monday 26th March up to and including Sunday 1st April.

On the Monday Royle will be presenting his “Royle Variety Mind Magic” show, on Tuesday his H-Factor Trance Illusion Show and on the Saturday is running a 3 hour workshop teaching the inner Secrets of NLP & Hypnotherapy of which Royle is an Internationally Renowned Authority.

H Factor - Trance Illusion - Jonathan Royle & Harrizon - Manchester Magic & Mentalism Festival 2012

H Factor - Trance Illusion - Jonathan Royle & Harrizon - Manchester Magic & Mentalism Festival 2012

Full details of the Magic & Mentalism Festival’s line up which includes over 20 different events during the week amongst which Famous Magicians Fay Presto & John Lenahan will be appearing can be found at

Royle is also starting a Nationwide Tour with his new Comedy Psychic Show “Egg Sausage & Peas” (E.S.P) which starts on 25th April and repeats on May 30th and July 4th atManchester’s “Three Minute Theatre” inside of AfflecksPalace onOldham Street.

Tickets are usually £10 for this event, however readers can claim a 50% discount (pay just £5 a ticket) by entering the discount code aprileggs for the April Show, mayeggs for the May show and julyeggs for the July Show when booking tickets.

Comedy Mind Reader Jonathan Royle Presents "Egg Sausage and Peas" At The Three Minute Theatre

Comedy Mind Reader Jonathan Royle Presents "Egg Sausage and Peas" At The Three Minute Theatre

Full details of the shows along with how to book can be found at

Additional Notes & Further Information:   

*More Information about the Nationwide “Britain Does Variety” contest of which Rochdale Based Jonathan Royle has got through to the Regional Finals Can be found at:

*A Full Line up of events and more information about The 1st Manchester Festival of Magic & Mentalism can be found at: 

*Jonathan Royles Career Resume can be viewed at –

*Photographs of Royle (which you may use in a story) Can be found by clicking on the thumbnails to get big versions of the images at:

Jonathan Royle Comedy Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer

Jonathan Royle Comedy Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer


A limited number of  Free Tickets are available for Journalists wishing to Review Royles Manchester Shows.

To claim your tickets and/or for more details to add to your story/feature please contact Jonathan Royle directly on:


Telephone:  07956 – 323339

Britain Does Variety National Talent Contest Competition 2012 – Leeds Regional Finals – With Jonathan Royle Comedy Psychic Style Mind Reader Magician

Britain Does Variety – Leeds Regional Finals – With Jonathan Royle

PLEASE Book Your Ticket for Saturday 21st April Now…

Yes its true I today got through the Leeds Regional Heats/Audition’s and have (against huge odds) become one of the lucky Over 16’s acts out of the hundreds who entered to have been selected to perform in the Leeds Regional Over 16’s Final on Saturday 21st April 2012 at 7-30pm at The Leeds City Varieties Theatre.

I Need Your Support To Help Me Get Through To The London Grand Final 

The way the Judging Works for the regional final’s is based on a combination of audience votes for their favourite act and second favourite act combined with the judges marking system.

For example if everyone in the audience voted for an act to win, they would not automatically win unless they were in the top 50% of the scores awarded by the Judges for things such as Stage Presence, Use of Stage, Entertainment Value and Originality of act etc…

However by the same token if as an act your in the top 50% of the acts with the highest points awarded by the judges then the real deciding factor could be exactly how many people in the live audience vote for you.

As such I need as many people as possible to book a ticket and to come along on the night of Saturday 21st April 2012 to the City Varieties Theatre in Leed’s –  (England) as everyone who buys a ticket directly from me (and shows up on night as an audience member) is automatically an extra audience vote for my act.

NOTE = However you will also be expected to name a second choice of act that you think should also go through to the final, just as people there supporting other acts (who will obviously vote for them first) are also obliged to select a second name on the voting slip also.

I’ve made that sound more complicated than it really is, but trust me it’s a really fair way of doing things, and due to having to be in the top 50% of the judges scores to have any chance of getting through, it helps avoid the old story of the cute kid syndrome where the crap act with a million supporters gets through over a much better act.

But having said that its still MEGA IMPORTANT that I have as many people there as possible who by their attendance will automatically be counted as one extra vote per ticket for me, thus overall increasing my chances of getting through to the London Finals, just so long as I deliver a good performance on the night.

I won’t let you down I can Promise You Of that…

Whilst we only get a few minutes each in the Regional Final’s, I can assure you that my Comedy Mind Reading Act which got me through today and I shall be repeating on the night is 100% Unique, Original, Entertaining and Amazing.

You’ll have to come along to find out exactly what it is I did to get through and to discover how original it really is..

And to that end if you can get to Leed’s City Varieties on Saturday 21st April 2012 (doors open 7pm for 7-30pm show start time) then please do book a ticket from me today…

The ticket face value is £10 which is a bargain for a full evening Variety Show (about 20 acts in the show) containing Magicians, Singers, Dancers, indeed numerous different variety acts and of course good old Comedy Mind Reading Psychic Entertainer Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle – that’s me!

You can either arrange to meet me in person in Rochdale and pay just £10 cash per ticket you require, or you can send me money via to the email of (receipt will show as Jonathan Royle) in which case it’s £12-00 per ticket.

NOTE = For tickets booked using the total cost you pay is £12-00 per ticket as that then covers the paypal fee’s and also cost of me sending the ticket/s to you by Signed For Guaranteed Delivery.

(For the record every penny of ticket sales money goes to the promoters of this National Competition (to cover all costs of the major prizes for final and theatre hire and well god knows how they can actually make any money out of this, believe me I’ve done the maths!) my only benefit is getting as many people along on the night to support me and increase my chances of getting through to the National Final.

The National Final’s – Please Help Me To Get Through To Them!

There are some great prizes up for grabs at the National Finals in Watford at end of June, but perhaps more valuable is the fact that the entire final will be broadcast on Sky TV’s Showcase TV (and provide great showreel materials) and that there will be major Cruise Ship and Variety Booking Agents and promoters in attendance so who knows what it could lead to…

So if you can get along on Saturday 21st April 2012 to support me it will be greatly appreciated, if your unable to due to distance or any other reason I’ll fully understand, but in that case could I please ask you a small favour??                                                                      

Could you please invite any and all of your friends who may be able to make it to the show to this facebook page and also spread the word via your Forum Memberships, Social Networks and such like?

Obviously informing people that to book tickets they just need to send £12 per ticket via to email of (will show as Jonathan Royle on their receipt) and their tickets will be sent to them by Signed for Guaranteed Delivery.         

You’ll Have A Great Night and Earn A Million Positive Karma Points.. 

Not only is this a great chance and great value for just £12 a ticket (includes paypal fees and signed for postal delivery of tickets) to see a full evening Variety Show, but also you’ll be doing me a huge favour…

A Free Bonus For All Who Book Tickets & Come Along to Support Me…

Yes I know its downright bribery, but everyone who books a ticket from me and shows up on the night to support me, will the day after the event be sent by email a number of Private Instant Download Links for a varied collection of my Hypnosis and Mentalism Training Videos, Audios and Ebooks with a combined usual retail value in excess of £197 UK Sterling…  

That will be my personal reward and thank you (an ethical bribe) to you for booking your tickets and showing up on the night to support me,

That’s why the links to the products will be sent to you by email DAY AFTER the show as I need to ensure as many of you show up as possible to support me!

So If You Can Please Book A Ticket And Come Along and If You Can’t Please Invite anyone you know who may be able to come to the Facebook Page  

If Your able to come, you just need to send £12 per ticket via to email of (will show as Jonathan Royle on their receipt) and your tickets will be sent to you by Signed for Guaranteed Delivery.        


(That Allows me to time to actually have seen the payment and make the refund if needed in between my other Personal and Work Commitments)

Many Thanks

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle