The video at link below is of a Live appearance I made in my former Stage Name of Alex-Leroy back in January 1994 on the Morning Breakfast Television Show GMTV which is broadcast on ITV.

This was one of many shows were I DEFENDED STAGE HYPNOSIS and talked about How I was doing all I could to SAVE STAGE HYPNOSIS in light of the Campaign to Ban it that was taking place at the time in England.

It’s because I was involved in SAVING STAGE HYPNOSIS (when it was nearly banned for good in England in the early 90’s) that I am so “Evangelical” about making sure that @everyone PERFORMS SAFELY & LEGALLY at all times and in all ways.

And is why when I see people posting adverts for Stage Shows in England & Scotland and indeed anywhere any relevant laws are in place and they are not using the legally compliant and required wording then I WILL ALWAYS POINT OUT TO THEM what they need to be doing in order to help both them and also the industry as a whole to stay Safe, Legal & Respectable.

Indeed today I saw someone advertising some shows for this years Edinburgh Festival in a Hypnosis Facebook Group and this is what I posted in reply to their advert with the sole intention of HELPING THEM TO REMAIN LEGAL – SAFE & COMPLIENT.

A word to the wise, your website and adverts are not currently Legally Compliant to the conditions of the 1952 Hypnotism Act.

Consequently even if Edinburgh Festival granted you a license with things as they are (which they are allowed to do so it they so desire) you would still technically have invalidated your Public Liability & professional Indemnity Insurance as the conditions state it is only valid if you are abiding by all relevant Laws and Regulations that are relevant to where you are performing.

Therefore ALL ADVERTS (so as not to invalidate insurance by not having complied to the 1952 Hypnotism Act, 1989 Guidelines, 1996 Updated Model Conditions and/or elements of the Licensing Act 2003 and other related laws such as Duty of Care and Health & Safety Relevant ones) must carry a statement clearly stating that all Volunteers who must be aged 18 or over participate of their own free will and may leave the stage at anytime during the performance that they so desire.

The Actual wording I use is covered in the video from my day one talk I gave at the Performing Hypnosis summit which you can watch at this link:

The exact wording I use as do many of my students is

“Volunteers Who Must be Aged 18 or Over, Participate of their own free will & may leave the stage at any time during this demonstration of hypnotic style phenomena presented strictly for scientific and research purposes only”

Also You need a Venue Specific Full Written Risk Assessment in place which has to be checked (and updated as per any venue specific changes) on a DAILY PER SHOW BASIS in order to be 100% Legally Compliant and to be 100% Certain that should anyone ever make a claim (real or false) that your insurance will actually pay out and cover you,

I may sound a little over the top on this, but I lived through Stage Hypnosis almost getting banned completely in the UK in the early 90’s as per the 2 videos links that follow:

and also

(If I look young on those its because Jan 1994 and I was only 18 years old at the time)

In both of those I am on UK National Television DEFENDING the industry and fighting to save Stage Hypnosis which ultimately I (along with many others) was successful in achieving, albeit that additional “Conditions” were added to the granting of Permissions/Licenses to perform.

Bottom Line you’d be wise to study THE TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE as its the World’s Most Comprehensive training on Health & Safety, Duty of Care, Insurance Issues and Licenses, Laws & Regulations in relation to Stage Hypnosis.

And for the record YES THERE ARE SOME VERY REAL DANGERS & POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS OF STAGE HYPNOSIS and all of these are covered and you are taught how to either eliminate the risk entirely or how to mitigate the risk to such a level that you are fully covered legally, lawfully, ethically and insurance wise as well.

WARNING = However at the moment rather than spending $147 at above link to get Just the “Transparency Template” you’d be far wiser to use this link

And at that link for just $299.70 you can get everything that I have ever released (along with stuff from 16 other experts) which bought individually would cost well over $15,000+ to buy and indeed THE ELITE HYPNOSIS BOOTCAMP members area also includes stuff which it is impossible to buy on its own anywhere!

There is more details on what is inside the members area of the Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp in this short backstage tour

And in terms of what other STAGE HYPNOTISTS have to say about my training materials bearing in mind everything they are positively raving about is inside the Bootcamp members area take a look at some comments here

Oh and everything that all of these Hypnotherapists are raving about positively at following link is also inside the members area

As is everything that all the people at the next link are praising as well

Plus it all has a One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee details of which are explained on the ELITE HYPNOSIS BOOTCAMP joining page at


For the record all Bootcamp Members gain Lifetime Membership to THE PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATION OF STAGE HYPNOTISTS (POSH) and thus when asked on License Application forms which professional body you are a member of for Stage Hypnotists you can then state POSH and when the Councils contact me (as they regularly do about Stage Hypnotists and whether to grant them licenses) I can then confirm POSH membership and advise them to grant the permission that has been applied for.

I know it all may sound a little over the top but if you do not have in place a Venue and each days show specific written risk assessment in place and anything should ever go wrong (or someone claims it does or has whether true or not is irrelevant) then your insurance may well be invalid and you’d be deep in the Sh*T with the legal expenses to defend yourself.

Best to do things TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW or at the very least using the Loopholes Precisely so ALWAYS 100% WITHIN THE LAW both approaches being covered inside the Bootcamp in major detail.

On a side note GOOD LUCK & BREAK A LEG..

Edinburgh is both great fun and mega hard work as I’ve discovered when helping several of my students with their shows that have appeared there over the years.

This was 6+ years ago at a late night event in Edinburgh where I was helping promote my friend Simon Warner’s “Viva Hypnosis” show of which I was the “Hypnotic Consultant”


Alex Leroy

Performing Hypnosis Summit Poster

Royle Cartoon Hypnosis Show Poster A4






Complete Mind Therapy

EXTREME DANGER – EXTREME HYPNOSIS & Exposing the Dangers of Stage Hypnotism, Street Hypnosis & Comedy Entertainment Hypnotists PLUS HOW TO MAKE IT SAFE FOR EVERYONE


It’s True to State (and most Comedy Stage Hypnotists and Hypnotic Entertainers won’t admit this) that there are MANY very REAL DANGERS involved in performing a Stage Hypnotism Show or a demonstration of Street Hypnosis.

indeed back in 1993 a British Lady Called Sharon Tabarn Died several hours after taking part in a Hypnotist Show presented by part time hypnotist and daytime postman Andrew Vincent.

Despite the fact a Home Office Investigation found NO LINK WHATSOEVER between Hypnosis and her death it did not stop her mother Margaret Harper setting up “The Campaign Against Stage Hypnotists” and trying to get Hypnosis Shows BANNED whilst getting much “Negative” Media Coverage about Hypnosis in the process.

I explain more about C.A.S.H. and this case in this short video of me when I appeared as an Expert Guest on British Television’s Morning Breakfast Show GMTV back in January 1994:


And that same morning they had me back on the sofa another time during the show to discuss matters as per:


As you can see from those video clips I have been trying to make the truth about Stage Hypnosis known on a high profile level since January 1994, some 25 Years and 9 months to date.

Sadly some Vindictive Jealous Hypnotists in the industry tried to FALSELY make out that it was me who in the 90’s caused harm to the UK Stage Hypnosis Industry, as you can see from the above THAT WAS NOT & IS NOT THE CASE.

And as for any Outrageous Publicity Stunts I pulled over the years they were are STAGED & FABRICATED FOR PUBLICITY and thus used STOOGES and PAID MODELS & ACTRESSES.

All is explained here or on one of the many other pages on my website, the BOTTOM LINE BEING that nobody was ever in any danger during any of my shows.

Extreme Danger Extreme Stage Hypnosis the Dangers of Comedy Stage Hypnotism, Street Hypnosis & Entertainment Hypnotists Exposed

IRONICALLY – Several of those so called “Professional Hypnotists” who over the years have made DEFAMATORY & UNTRUE comments about me and tried to make out I was the cause of the Media Witch Hunt on Stage Hypnosis in the 90’s have HAD SERIOUS ACCIDENTS DURING THEIR SHOWS.

I will not mention any names as I do not wish to give them the Oxygen of Publicity they crave so much, but suffice to say at least one of the main culprits who slags off other Stage Hypnotists has had NUMEROUS ACCIDENTS during his shows including someone FALLING OFF STAGE AND INJURING THEMSELVES….

They have had the audacity to criticize me (and many others) in the past and yet NOBODY has ever suffered any injury’s during any of my shows that I have done during the past 30 years.

Likely that is because I have always followed the kind of DUTY OF CARE and also HEALTH & SAFETY training that is taught in the TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE more details of which follow below.

These kinds of people are also the ones who have LIED REGULARLY & tried to make out that I am some kind of Criminal with Numerous Criminal Convictions when in fact the truth (with evidence galore in my favor) is all laid out on my extensive Expose Blog page at

These are the kinds of people who criticize”Adults Only” style or Sexual Themed Hypnosis Shows and yet at least some of them can be probably shown to have used EXACTLY THE SAME ROUTINES in their shows for many years, just because they don’t now does not stop the fact it makes them a Hypocrite.

HOWEVER sadly along the way I discovered through my Research that there are VERY MANY VERY REAL DANGERS with both Stage Hypnosis Shows and Street Hypnotism and that is why I spent years doing Research on the POTENTIAL DANGERS and also ways to MINIMIZE ANY RISK AND THUS MAKE THINGS AS SAFE AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN BE.

This led to early 2010 when along with my Colleagues and Fellow Hypnotists Robert Temple, Chris Lee, Stuart Cassels and Nick Davies we put together THE TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE in a quest to help make the world of Stage Hypnosis and Street Hypnotism AS SAFE & LEGAL AS IT POSSIBLY CAN BE ON ALL LEVELS.

The Promotional Trailer for that video training set is here:


Shortly after that I also released a book on Amazon entitled

“The Encyclopedia of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis & Complete Mind Therapy – Vol 2: More Truths About Hypnosis Exposed”

Within that book with the help of an experienced Health and Safety Officer we also covered how to prepare RISK ASSESSMENTS & SAFETY MANAGEMENT PLANS for Comedy Stage Hypnotists & Street Hypnotists to thus further help avoid any situations of potential EXTREME DANGER EXTREME STAGE HYPNOSIS or STREET HYPNOTISM.

Without a doubt THE TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE is the most comprehensive SAFETY FOR ENTERTAINMENT HYPNOTISTS training and resource package that anyone has ever released in any format anywhere in the world ever as is illustrated by the details on the blog page here from 2014:

For the record this short video shows one way that NEGLIGENCE could have killed someone through Hypnosis given how Serious head Injury’s can be:

Fortunately it seems this young girl was OK, but as I detail (with witnesses and evidence) in THE TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE I have witnessed someone nearly fall to their potential death by dropping to the floor into a HYPNOTIC TRANCE and hitting their head with a massive bang at The Ruskin Hotel during Blackpool Magic Convention some years ago.

FORTUNATELY for the INNOCENT victim of the inexperienced, UNLICENSED, INCOMPETENT and UNINSURED Street Hypnotist, Such activity was brought to my attention in time and WE SAVED THE PERSON by getting them out of Hypnosis and then having strong words with the guilty party who had given the suggestion that the person would drop back into trance when ANYONE told them to sleep which meant they could have dropped to the floor like a sack of spuds (as they had already been seen doing inside) and hit their head on the concrete quite possibly leading to DEATH.

That is just one example of why a SAFETY TRAINING PACKAGE like the TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE was and is needed and should be studied by all NEW and also all Existing Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Street Hypnotists and indeed anyone such as Magicians and Mentalists who use any level of Hypnosis or Suggestion within their work.

FRANKLY TO NOT STUDY SUCH IS ARGUABLY INCOMPETENCE ON YOUR PART AS THE HYPNOTIST as I can 100% GUARANTEE that you will Learn Tons of SAFETY elements that nobody else has ever taught you.

Yes it’s true Justin James in USA set up “Safe on stage” and it has an online Safety Training for Stage Hypnotists BUT SERIOUSLY and with the greatest of Respect it does not even Scrape the Surface of the Potential Dangers that could occur during a Stage Hypnosis Show or Street Hypnosis Demo.

THE TRANSPARENCY TEMPLATE is Head and Shoulders above anything else ever offered by anyone anywhere in the world at anytime and the reviews below speak for themselves, these being from ESTABLISHED EXPERIENCED HYPNOSIS ENTERTAINERS.

BOTTOM LINE = If you do or intend to do any form of Hypnosis for Entertainment THEN YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND THE SAFETY OF YOUR VOLUNTEERS TO STUDY THIS SET and to be honest even Hypnotherapists who intend to do Group Hypnotherapy Sessions or Public Demonstrations to attract more clients would be wise to study it also.


EXCITING NEWS = The Package has now been UPDATED & EXPANDED with additional training materials and resources and is now available to stream online or download from VIMEO ON DEMAND from this link:

And at just around £77.92 for the package not only does it now CONTAIN MORE training videos but also it is slightly cheaper than it was before.

“The Transparency Template are the Only Stage Hypnosis DVDS I would Recommend” –
“I have watched most of his training programs, and I compare his style to that of Bandler – a shameless self-promoter who is very good at what he does. Royle knows as much as anyone, and perhaps even more than most about hypnosis. He is a walking encyclopaedia and has a firm theoretical foundation not just a few tricks. The content is clear, exactly as promised and extremely good especially for the price. I will take JR, his products and his depth and experience over a to remain nameless real estate guy any day of the week!”
“The transparency template is a modern encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis on DVD. With more information than you will ever be able to use it covers the subject in depth. Jammed with inductions, suggestibility tests and just about every aspect of performing stage hypnosis you could think of. It also has well researched sections that cover the legal, health and safety aspects something that every hypnotist should know about before stepping on to the stage. I recommend it for that alone.”
Brian Halliday aka Mindpunisher & Shrink (on Magiccafe Forum)
Jonathan Royle / Alex presents his material very candidly! I appreciate that! I have purchased a number of his training items (living in the States, live-training is a far-reach option for me) and I love each of them. Each item has over-delivered. Being a clinically certified hypnotherapist and a certified stage hypnotist for 6 years, in addition to my initial training, I have taken many additional training courses. Jonathan’s training materials have taught me many items, techniques, insights, perspectives that I never learned in my initial live training courses! Most recently, I purchased the Transparency Template – LOVE IT. Great work, Jonathan, thank you. I’m constantly going back to it, it is beyond just training, it is a resource. The Health & Safety training it contains is worth many times the tiny investment alone! Additionally, Jonathan has extended himself for consult, even simple questions, regarding anything hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy, stage hypnosis, etc. He’s a personal person – the hypnotist’s hypnotist. Thanks, very much, Jonathan!
Matthew Fallon – (USA) –
“This is very detailed and comprehensive home study course covering all of the important stuff you simply need to know if you’re even considering setting foot on stage, street or anywhere and calling yourself a hypnotist. One thing that really stands out is that he doesn’t ignore any of the problems and dangers a hypnotist is likely to face. He doesn’t even just give them an honorary mention. He faces them head on and discusses them in the manner of one who has been there, done that and worn the t-shirt and implores you to learn from his own stuff-ups. Rather than just act as superfluous credits on the cover, Rob and other guests are utilized perfectly throughout the course and each is a great presenter and speaker in his own right, demonstrating the same enthusiasm for their chosen art form as the man himself Royle. To say much more would probably be classed as a spoiler, but I have to just add that the bonus DVD (regularly referred to during the main presentation) in my opinion is worth the price of this set all on its own. if this is your first purchase in this field, you’ll probably have little need for very much else.
Reg Blackwood –
EXCITING NEWS = The Package has now been UPDATED & EXPANDED with additional training materials and resources and is now available to stream online or download from VIMEO ON DEMAND from this link:

I am now trying to make the World as a Whole a SAFER PLACE for everyone to Live by helping to wake people up to the truth of how the powers that be are Hypnotizing, Brain washing and Mind Controlling them from all angles of your life on a daily basis as explained in the Feature Documentary Film and Encyclopedic Book EXTREME DANGER – EXTREME HYPNOSIS available here:


Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis Feature Documentary with British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith on Conspiracy Theory Facts & Truth Research

Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis Feature Documentary with British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith on Conspiracy Theory Facts & Truth Research

Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis with British Hypnotist & Conspiracy Theory Truth Researcher Jonathan Royle

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