Rest In Peace Colin Fry Spiritualist Medium & Psychic Celebrity Formerly Known as “Lincoln” Physical Medium & Master of Cold Reading Mentalism Techniques!

REST IN PEACE – “Spirit Medium” COLIN FRY.

COLIN FRY (Rest In Peace)

COLIN FRY (Rest In Peace)

I truly and sincerely send my best wishes to his friends, family, loved ones and fans.
53 is no age and nobody deserves to die so young or in this way.
HOWEVER we should also remember that Colin who formerly went under the name Lincoln and ran FAKE Physical Seances as mentioned here – WAS A FRAUD.
Just like Derek Ackorah who is leading the tributes to Colin here – NEITHER of them (in my opinion) have a single Psychic Bone in their body!
Indeed if Derek can contact and speak to people who have passed over then why would he say in that article: “It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my dear friend Colin Fry. Condolences to his family and friends.”
Surely being a “Spiritualist Medium” himself, Derek would not be upset and would just see this as another cycle of life and an opportunity to communicate with the Spirit form of Colin??
OK I admit it I may be both Cynical and a Little Biased in my feelings, opinons (and experiences) in stating that niether Derek or Colin have a genuine Psychic Bone in their body.
But then again I did for years work AMONGST these kinds of people as I explain in my Reveal All Expose Book “The Psychic Secrets of Alex-Leroy” available from here –
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Psychic Secrets of Alex Leroy Cartomancy Questions & Answers Mentalism

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But in honestly the Best Value Package is this one – and studying it contents WILL REVEAL EACH & EVERY TECHNIQUE THAT COLIN USED TO CONVINCE PEOPLE HE WAS TALKING TO DEAD PEOPLE.
If I am wrong, and if Colin (despite his former exposed career as Lincoln Physical Medium) was genuine THEN MAY HE COME AND HAUNT ME.
Personally though I think this link and also this link say it all really.
And I genuinely and sincerely wish his Family, Friends, Loved Ones and Fans (however deluded) all the very best.
I’ll sum up by quoting from the “Bad Psychics” website link above:
I always got on quite well with Colin on a personal level, we had many a conversation over the years, but I could never quite get him to admit to me it was all an act, although not too close to his death I spoke to him and I asked him something, and he replied in a very interesting manner. So I will leave you with what I said and how he replied.
Jon – “When you die can you do me one favour, I want you to haunt me, I want you to do whatever you can to prove you still exist on whatever level you can.
Colin – “I think we both know that will never happen”
For those who knew him, remember the man, not the act, not the gimmick, not the tricks.
For now he is dead, he cannot take a penny more from people to pretend to talk to the dead.
REST IN PEACE COLIN FRY (Formerly Lincoln)

Jonathan Royle –