JUSTIN TRANZ – THE TRUTH EXPOSED… (What Is His Problem??) – False Allegations & Distorted Comments Made By Hypnotist Justin Tranz about Dr. Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith and his Colleague Jay Noblezada and their Forthcoming Las Vegas Training Course in All Areas of Hypnotherapy – NLP – Stage Hypnosis – Street Hypnotism and Mentalism Style Magical Mind Control


So I’ve just discovered that Former “Las Vegas” Stage Hypnotist Justin Tranz has been posting UNTRUE information about both me and my Friend and Colleague Jay Noblezada…

His comments are made in connection to the sales wording and statements made on the webpage for my forthcoming LAS VEGAS HYPNOSIS SEMINAR as per the link of

Although he now has me (and my better half) blocked on Facebook (so I can’t see his posts directly, I do end up seeing them eventually whilst at a Hypnotic Friends House)

In case you have not seen what he posted I shall quote it below and then after that post the REAL TRUTH & FACT’S which for some reason Justin does not seem to want you to know!


(I B THINKIN’) Now for a bit of facts and truth! Notice the reference to me and my TV Show on Playboy TV called the Extreme Truth. The claim that my show Extreme Truth is based on a show called HypnoSex is 100% absolutely the truth. Playboy TV did licensed the show from a UK company. Now with that said, I could never understand why Playboy TV paid for this concept when we changed it drastically, and took it in another direction where it resembles nothing of HypnoSex! Except being about hypnosis & sex, and what a broad topic that is!

But you must ask yourself, what this point has to do with learning hypnosis from Jonathan Royal verses me….absolutely nothing! Just another clever marketing ploy to confuse, misdirect, and baffle you with BS…and it’s all cooked up by Jay Noblezada, a guy who has done absolutely nothing noteworthy in the hypnosis world except sell hypnosis training which he knows nothing about! Jay is a decent magician, but hypnosis….PLEASE!

This is not meant to slam Jay or Jonathan in anyway, but to bring to light the real facts that they are trying to distort for their personal monetary gains! Go figure!

Jay is a master at manipulating the truth, and marketing hype. Jay can’t stand by himself and sell hypnosis. So he aligns himself with others in an attempt to make himself look good! Jonathan Royal is the latest person Jay has teamed with to get your money and build the HTG Brand! And we all know the long winded spamming and truth twisting of Jonathan Royal….lol….

Before you buy anything from any of us do your own research of what we have accomplished, and really do in the real world of hypnosis….NOT WHAT WE TELL YOU WE DID or DO! Make us prove what we claim before you spend a dime on any of us! Ask to buy at least 10 of our shows from begin to end NO EDITS! We in turn should sell you these videos, and deduct that from any training’s or products you want to buy from us in the future. After you have carefully viewed our work, I am sure you will make a wise, and better informed decision for yourself!



1) To Quote Justin Tranz – “(I B THINKIN’) Now for a bit of facts and truth! Notice the reference to me and my TV Show on Playboy TV called the Extreme Truth. The claim that my show Extreme Truth is based on a show called HypnoSex is 100% absolutely the truth. Playboy TV did licensed the show from a UK company.” (Notice this confirms immediately part of what I state to be TRUE)

2) Justin Tranz seems to have forgotten that some time ago he and I publically discussed his TV Show and the very real fact that it was ultimately based on a TV Show whose original format and TV Treatment were arguably and provably originated by me and originally promoted by me to the various UK TV Production Companies and Stations, including the one who ultimately broadcast the show!

During that conversation Justin Tranz THANKED ME for having come up with concept based on my early 90’s National Newspaper, Magazine and Television Controversy as Britain’s Most Extreme and Outrageous Adults Only Hypnotist and the publication of my book “Hypnotism & Sex”

That conversation within which it was pointed out that my original Format was “Far more extreme” than the TV Station in UK had the balls to run with, and in fact was originally far closer to what he ended up doing on Playboy was engaged in by both of us on a FACEBOOK HYPNOSIS GROUP (with tons of witnesses, including some whom I believe regularly take screen shots of such groups) – in otherwords he has suddenly changed his tune – it begs the question of why??

3) For the Record Jay Noblezada DID NOT write a single word of the sales copy that appears on the page of http://htglive.com/elite-hypnosis-bootcamp-live/ – each and every word was written by me, Alex William Smith aka Jonathan Royle.

And perhaps more importantly each and every word on that page is documented as fact either by way of National and International TV/Radio shows upon which I have appeared, or by way of Newspaper and Magazine articles that I have been featured in, or by legal documents or other cast iron evidence…

The fact is I am more than aware of Jealous Competitors who try to stick the knife in (it happens a lot) and am also more than aware of the Legal Implications and potential ramifications and consequences (of breaking them) of The Distance Selling Regulations, Advertising Related Laws and other Laws relevant to Marketing and the internet which would mean that were I not able to prove every word on that website at http://htglive.com/elite-hypnosis-bootcamp-live/ beyond any reasonable doubt to, for example a UK Judge, then I could stand the chance of facing CRIMINAL ACTIONS for FRAUD & OBTAINING MONEY BY DECEPTION amongst numerous other possible consequences.


It’s quite simply not worth the risk to do so, and also claiming stuff that you can’t prove is ridiculous (like saying you’ve hypnotized over a Million people in your career for example, something someone Justin Tranz was advertised as running a seminar with earlier this year which then got cancelled seems to get away with despite the fact that its simply laughable and the figures simply don’t add up with what they have done in their career lol ) and of course having been over the years the target of vindictive attempts by Jealous Competitors to sabotage what I do and the success of it, There is absolutely no way I would give anyone the chance to get such ammunition against me, hence I only ever post things that are documented and/or easily legally proven FACTS & TRUTHS.

4) I agree however with Justin Tranz point about checking out what your potential trainers have truly done and achieved before spending a single dime with them and to that end I would suggest that you check out this link where I offer some very Important Tips on Finding the CORRECT HYPNOSIS TRAINER FOR YOU:


5) I also Agree with Justins comment of which I will quote now of:

“Ask to buy at least 10 of our shows from begin to end NO EDITS! We in turn should sell you these videos, and deduct that from any training’s or products you want to buy from us in the future. After you have carefully viewed our work, I am sure you will make a wise, and better informed decision for yourself!”

As you’ll have noticed at the link at point four I am more than happy for you to do that with me…

6) And finally before anyone (and I am not saying that Justin would ever resort to doing such) starts posting downright Lies and Untruths about me, then I would suggest that you check out this video and blog page which give THE TOTAL TRUTH ABOUT JONATHAN ROYLE

The Web Page –


THE VIDEO – http://youtu.be/EFqrVknKAGs


It’s a great shame when a so called fellow professional resorts to name calling and trying to twist things to make themselves look better and deflect from the fact that there are indeed EQUALLY AS GOOD IF NOT ARGUABLY FAR BETTER HYPNOSIS TRAINERS out there, ones who have Successful Students all over the world (many with TV and Media Success as well as at the box office) and ones who have indeed themselves had (and still continue to have) an extremely successful (unrivaled by the majority) Hypnosis Career.

BOTTOM LINE – Take A Look at the links and info above and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF – don’t be misled by anyone, do your own research and invest your money carefully.

Hypnotically Yours

Jonathan (Alex William Smith) Royle.

PS: As you’ve just seen above in the video interview with me conducted by Robert Temple, there is a lot of UNTRUE shit that people throw around me on the internet, but one key thing I will add is the very real fact that I do not have any form of Court Order or Judgement Outstanding against me anywhere in the world at the moment of posting this (and never have had) and that perhaps people should remember the saying “Those in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Bricks or Stones!”

Do a simple google search on the phrase “Justin Tranz Complaints” or even more enlightening search the phrase “justin tranz Justin T Parker” on google and do your own research.

NOTE = I am not saying that any of the stuff posted about Justin by others which you will find using those search terms is in any way true or factually correct, indeed I have no way of knowing. Its highly possible that its all been concocted by jealous competitors and such in much the same manner as I describe in the video interview earlier in this posting. HOWEVER As Justin himself advises in his original post (which I quoted at the start of this) DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and find out what people have or have not done before spending any money with them!

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