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Born plain Alex William Smith on the 13th August 1975 into a showbiz family whilst travelling with Gandey’s Circus here in England, I made my stage debut aged 3 as “Flap” Britain’s Youngest Paid Circus Clown but am now better known as JONATHAN ROYLE the Celebrity Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Hypnosis trainer and Presenter of the Mind Control Expose Documentary EXTREME DANGER EXTREME HYPNOSIS

Along the way I have also become a multiple Award Winning Magician, Psychic Belly Button Reading Consultant to the Star’s & much more as detailed in my Career Resume which is located at:  www.magicalguru.co.uk

In my Stage name of JONATHAN ROYLE  I am the author of over 30 Books including my most recent one entitled SHITNOSIS which is arguably the Ultimate Self-Help Book helping readers to “Get Over the Shit in their Life” and to “Get their Shit together”Shitnosis Book
I was bullied as a child leading to a suicide attempt due to being “The odd one out” having been born on the Circus and making my stage debut aged 3 as Britain’s Youngest Paid Circus Clown and to be honest having Ginger Hair did not help either.

This ultimately led to severe depression along with Alcohol, Cigarettes, Sex and Cocaine Dependency for a short while which I finally overcame all addictions of using Positive Mind Power Alone and am now on a quest to help others change their lives for the better.

During my life I have had several near death experiences including aged 4 having my Ear Ripped off by a Puma on the Circus and almost being killed, involvement in Road Traffic Accidents & even a serious attempt on my life after a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show I was performing which almost resulted in my death and caused even more scars to be added to those I had already collected both Mentally & Physically over the years. 

Indeed other traumas I have experienced, survived and then positively overcome in my life have included divorce after a failed marriage and also the loss of many friends and family including some in truly tragic circumstances.

Now in January 2023 as I write this, I have been happily married for fast approaching 10 Years and have an amazingly talented (Acting, Dancing, Singing, Musician & More) 13 year old Daughter and can honestly state that I am truly happy.

You can contact me for quickest response via www.facebook.com/alexthehypnotist/ 

I am based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, UK.

PS: I can talk about Hypnosis for Positive Life Changes, including overcoming Habits, Addictions, Fears & Phobias along with its use in Pain Control and to help people with long term Health Issues amongst many other things including the MIND CONTROL HYPNOSIS & NEGATIVE SUGGESTION that is used in all areas of life to manipulate and control us like the powers that be do on us everyday.

PPS: I can also talk from vast experience about running a Successful Mail Order and then Internet Marketing Company both of which I have done now for several decades whilst Marketing my hundreds of different Hypnosis Training & Self Help Products to literally Millions of people around the world.

Indeed I have also released “The Millionaire Plan” and “Passive Hypnosis Profits” systems teaching the true inside secrets of success in these areas. 

And as a Self-Employed individual for all my life I know and can share how to apply positive mind power to the business arena as well for success.The_Millionaire_Plan

PPPS: And should you wish to talk about HOW MUCH OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BREAK THE LAW and also how they purposely Fabricate Stories as well as routinely Lying & Manipulating People then I am your man as I’ve been fighting for truth in these areas since 1998 as illustrated at – www.circusofthemind.net (this has included me spending a short time in prison as a result) and indeed on 30th September 2022 filed a Privacy Intrusion Claim against News Group Newspapers (NGN) in England. 

Yes I am the man who Tried to Expose Rupert Murdoch’s “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood as far back as April 1998 and my fight to expose the truth & get justice for myself and other victims of media abuse has uncovered what can only be called Corruption & Cover Ups between The Police and Crown Prosecution Service along the way as illustrated at:


Royal Courts of Justice




Born Plain Alex William Smith on the 13th August 1975 into a Showbiz Family whilst Traveling on Gandeys Circus, Royle made his stage debut aged 3 and a bit as Flap The Clown and has never looked back since.

This often Shocking, Controversial, Eye Opening and Hugely Entertaining Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of an Autobiography examines Royles first 30 years of Personal Life And Career Success. – (As of January 2023 I am now 47 Years Old)

You’ll discover the truth behind all the rumours, lies and back stabbing on the internet about him, and also brutally honest confessions about his past Alcohol, Drug and Sexual Addictions.

Conquering these and many other issues in his early childhood has enabled Royle to become without doubt the Worlds Leading Hypnosis Trainer with his own Unique creation of Complete Mind Therapy.

Complete Mind Therapy

Discover how in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy he appeared in literally 100’s of TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Features about his Hypnotic Talents, both for Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows and also his own Unique approach to NLP Hypnotherapy.

Discover how he along the way managed to expose some of the Illegal tactics used by the now defunct “News of The World” and also read with amazement as he lifts the lid on dodgy journalists and their fabricated media stories.

He also details how his unique talents of Psychic Belly Button Reading and Dogs Paw Reading (Pawology) have enabled him to make often stunningly accurate predictions for some of the Worlds Most Famous A-List Celebrities.

Become wiser as you read the step by step secrets to how he was able to film his own One Hour “Erotic Hypnotics” TV Show for German RTL back in 1994 and some years later was also engaged to film a Six Part European Television Series.

Indeed within the pages of this book you will also find links (at no extra charge) enabling you to watch Royles Six Part European TV Series and videos of various Live Shows, along with examples of his Unique Style of Live Hypnosis Training.

Not only is this a truly entertaining read, but also for the student of Journalism and/or performers and Therapists wishing to learn how to harness the power of the media and manipulate the media to obtain massive publicity for your business, then this is the book for you.

And most certainly anyone considering taking any form of NLP, Hypnotherapy and/or Stage or Street Hypnosis Course owes it to themselves to read the contents of this book BEFORE they spend so much as a single penny with anyone, anywhere in the world for any form of live course, seminar or indeed even home study products or DVDs.

Discover The Real Truth About Royle and see what Respected Medical GP’s, Plastic Surgeons, Nurses, Dentists and other leading Medical Professionals really think about his unique approach to Mind Therapy.

You’ll also no doubt be surprised to find out what many of the biggest and most respected names in the NLP, Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis Industries actually truly think about Royles Work.

And from a Personal Life Point of view, you’ll be close to tears as you learn of the bullying he suffered as a child which led him to attempt suicide, his often rocky and unpredictable relationships, the shocking sexual encounters and exploits and of course how he quite literally was split seconds from death when he attempted to break a world record for Underwater Escapology.

With his Time and Experiences travelling the world as a Magician, Stage Hypnotist, Juggler, Fortune Teller, Fire Eater, Balloon Modeller, Comedian and Mind Reader amongst other areas of Showbiz he has worked in, Royle has a unique background and skillset to bring to the table, which no other Hypnosis trainer on the planet can rival.

And that is one of the many reasons, all of which you will discover inside the pages of this book, why Royle is the only truly intelligent choice of trainer when you are looking to either learn NLP, Hypnotherapy, Stage/Street Hypnosis and/or to expand the success of your existing practice.

King of Hypnotists



You can contact me for quickest response via www.facebook.com/alexthehypnotist/ 

I am based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, UK.


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