Navel Gazing – Omphalomancy – Omphilomancy – The Art of Psychic Belly Button Reading & Personality Analysis by Dr. Jonathan Royle

The Art of Psychic Belly Button Reading & Personality Analysis
By Dr. Jonathan Royle

Also Known as Navel Gazing – Omphalomancy – Omphilomancy

As Seen On “Big Brothers Bit On The Side” 2012

Royle on BBOTS Big Brothers Bit On The Side TV Show Action Photo

Royle on BBOTS Big Brothers Bit On The Side TV Show Action Photo

And As Seen on ITV’s “This Morning” Show on
Monday 28th January 2013

For those who have found this page wanting to Learn More About The Art of Psychic Belly Button Reading the links to our Large Format (Almost A4 Size) information packed 106 page training manual follow:











Take a few moments and be totally honest in your answers to this short questionairre about your Belly Button and it will Instantly give you a little insight into the true you!

Obviously this is just for fun and could never be as accurate as having your Navel
examined by an experienced Navel Gazer such as myself, or by studying the contents of my book above which will teach you how to accurately read your own and other peoples Navels.

So visit the link and take the test now:



Sun TV Critic Ally Ross Gets His Facts Wrong

Sun TV Critic Ally Ross Gets His Facts Wrong

THE REST OF THIS RIDICULOUS ARTICLE WAS THEN FULL OF LIE’S – According to Ally Ross I told Christine Hamilton she was Pregnant – watch the video earlier on this page and you will see THAT IS NOT TRUE.

I actually predicted that someone in her family will be having an addition to the family in the future so there is still time for someone in her family network to get Pregnant this year and thus prove my prediction to be 100% Correct. He also seems to totally ignore the major hits I got with the other guest!

Well thats modern day journalism for you!








Any Television & Radio Production Companies, Programmes, Stations or Researchers looking for a Lively, Entertaining and Unusual Guest, and also for any Magazines and Newspapers Around the World who may like to do a “Celebrity Navel Reading Predictions” Feature for your publication please contact Jonathan Royle’s Management via – 

Or Email Your Inquiries directly to his office on

Jonathan Royle Psychic Entertainer

Jonathan Royle Psychic Entertainer

In The Past ROYLE has displayed his talent of “Navel-Gazing” to reveal Celebrities pasts, present and futures on such TV shows as Big Brothers Bit On The Side, ITV’s “This Morning, “UTV’s – “The Kelly Show”, BBC’s – “FOT”, UK Livings – “Live at Three”, C4’s – “The Big Breakfast”, ATV’s – “The Warehouse”, Granada’s – “The Zest Health & Beauty Show” and Sky’s – “Psychic Livetime” amongst numerous other feature TV appearances as a Psychic Entertainer on German RTL and Pro 7 Stations to name but a few! 

And He has consistently made accurate Psychic Revelations and Predictions on various radio shows including those for BBC Radio Scotland, Dublin FM, BBC Radio Belfast, GMR, 210 FM, Talk Radio UK and every morning for a week on Derby FM’s Breakfast show amongst many others.

Celebrity Life Coach & NLP Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy

Celebrity Life Coach & NLP Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy




Royle has demonstrated his bizarre talent of Psychic Belly Button Reading on TV & Radio shows all over the World! By examining the persons Navel, Royle is able to tell them all about their past, present and future in a way that has proved to be uncannily accurate. The most amazing readings are obtained when Royle is face to face with the person whose Navel he is examining, although slightly less accurate (but still amazing) readings can also be obtained from good clear photographs of the persons navel for newspaper and magazine features!


Just like Navel Reading, Royles bizarre approach to Psychic Healing is also based on the Ancient American Indians Belief that we have seven energy points in our bodies called “Chakras” and that one of these the base chakra is practically in line with the human navel. All Royle then has to do is place his finger into the persons navel and tap into their energy to tell their past, present & futures or place a pointed quartz crystal into their navel and send positive healing energy into them to help speed up their healing in conjunction with and not as an alternative to conventional medicine. Royles “Psychic Strongman”, “Bucket of Ice” and “Strong Arm – Weak Arm” experiments are highly visual and prove beyond doubt that Navel Healing actually works!


Navel Mind Reading is Jonathan’s demonstration of how he is able to tap into the Base Chakra in line with the Belly Button to read the minds of his volunteers and this makes for compelling viewing with his “Lie Detector” and “Psychic Proverb” experiments.


Pawology is the name given to Royle’s bizarre technique of palm reading for dogs! By looking at and feeling the dogs Life, Head, Love, Luck & Health pads on its paw, Royle is able to reveal much about the dog (and its owners) past, presents and future with results which are amazingly accurate. The most accurate readings are achieved when Royle is with the dog for real, however good readings can still be achieved from a clear paw print and clear close up photograph of the dogs paws which also makes this talent ideal for radio shows and publications who can get their listeners or readers to send these things in!


Royle can also duplicate all of the stunts which made Uri Geller and other so called genuine Psychics famous such as: making metal objects visibly melt, twist, bend and snap at his fingertips, making broken watches start and compass needles move by mindpower alone, making the hands of watches move on hours whilst held in their owners hands, making objects move without touching them, so called Psychokinesis, dowsing to find hidden oil and diamonds, in fact Royle can duplicate just about every Psychic Feat you could possibly imagine and as such can tailor material to suit your TV or Radio show.


Royle is also available to demonstrate other so called Psychic talents and practices such as Fire Walking, Psychic Surgery, Spiritual Healing, Remote Viewing, Astrology, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Crystal Gazing, Psychometry and indeed just about everything and anything you’ve ever seen or heard of a so called genuine Psychic doing!

He can duplicate amazing ESP experiments with ease, predict the newspaper, sporting or lottery results weeks in advance and in short using his talent for trickery combined with GENUINE INTUITION,  Royle can convince your viewers, listeners, readers or audience that he’s a real bona fide Psychic and then explain just enough about how it was all done so that they realise that Psychics don’t exist!



Firmly Established and Recognized as one of the Worlds Leading Authorities on all Things Hypnotic, Royle is both able to Hypnotize your Guests to perform Amusing and Entertaining things as well as being able to Eliminate Habits, Fears, Phobias, Addictions and other problems in a matter of minutes making for often Dramatic, Emotional and truly uplifting Television & Radio Feature Slots and engaging Media Articles.


Dr. Jonathan Royle - Mind Coach

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Mind Coach


Tipped By Many To Be The Next Television & Media Face of Mind Reading, Paranormal and Psychic Style Entertainment, Royle also offers UNIQUE Live Shows for Prestigious Venus and Clients all over the world…

In the Video Below you may be a front row V.I.P Guest to see his Mind Blowing show “Egg Sausage & Peas” that toured the U.K. in 2012…

(Please Skip To 5 Minutes In Above Video for Start of Show) 

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Notable achievements of Navel-Gazing include when in my former stage name of David Williams I was featured in The Daily Star during January 1997 and it is documented in print that by examining The Spice Girls Belly Buttons…

I predicted that Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) would be the first to leave the group to follow her own solo career and further predicted that her solo career would not be totally successful until she became Britain’s answer to Madonna.

Well she did become the first to leave the group and she didn’t get a UK Number one until she appeared very scantily clad in one of her videos rather like Madonna did in her earlier career!

Secondly this Daily Star article of January 1997 Predicted that Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) would become married to a footballer and have a baby boy. Well once again these two things have become fact with her marrying David Beckham the Manchester United Footballer and having a baby boy which she has named Brooklyn.

Also an Essex Evening Standard article of late 1996 detailed how Psychic Navel Gazer David Williams (that was my former stage name) had cancelled a press conference in Essex with Girl Band “Intrigue” because having looked at photos of their Navels he had predicted the IRA’s Bomb Threats to London which brought the City to a standstill on the day in question.

Celebrities who have in person (face to face with me on TV) received the Navel Reading Treatment include: Frank Bruno (British Boxer), Miss Ireland 1996, Cleo Rocus, Cynthia & Brittany (The Sweet Valley High USA Twins!), Sharon Davis (Olympic Swimmer), Rory Bremner (Top TV Impressionist), Craig Charles of Red Dwarf fame, Julia Carling, Lowry Turner, Sean Meo, Bella Emburg (Blunder-Woman), Zoe Ball, Keith Chegwin, Lily Savage, Zig and Zag and numerous others.

Whilst Celebrities for whom I have been commissioned to read the Navels of for features in major media publications include: The Spice Girls, Madonna, Tom Jones, Cher, Claudia Schiffer, Sean Connery, Jeremy Beadle, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and numerous others.

For TV/Radio shows where the celebrities cannot be present and for many media articles it will be easier if I am given good clear close-up photographs of the persons Navel to do the reading from.

Now obviously these taken from Photos readings will not be quite as accurate as if the person were with me in person, but they are possible both by looking at the visual characteristics of the Navel through a magnifying glass and also because of another belief which is strongly held by Native American Indians and followers of the religion Shamanism.

This other belief states that each time your picture is painted or your photograph taken that part of your soul, life-force or Spiritual Energy (call it what you will) is taken from you also and enters the pictorial representation of yourself.

This means that a small tiny fraction of The Base Chakras Energy is within the photo and as such you can still tap into this for inspiration during the reading, which in this case is very akin to the Psychic art of Psychometry in which you hold peoples personal objects to reveal things about them – well how more personal can you get than a photograph of themselves?


Navel-Gazing which is the technical name for Psychic Belly Button Reading and is a way of examining a human beings Navel in order to reveal their Past, Present and Future!!

Navel-Gazing is based on beliefs and experiences, which are hundreds of years old, including those of The Native American Indians.

The Native American Indians have a Religion called Shamanism and amongst their many beliefs is the fact that we all have Seven main Psychic Energy Points in our body called “Chakras”.

The Chakra most commonly used by Psychic Readers and most often talked about by the public is the Chakra located in the centre of our foreheads which is often referred to by many as “The Psychic Third Eye!”

However my studies showed me that there is a Chakra almost perfectly in line with the Human Navel, and this Chakra which is called “The Base Chakra” is the Chakra (Psychic Energy Point) used by me for Belly Button Reading.

Interestingly enough it is also the Base Chakra, which is almost in line with the Navel that is spoke about in The Karma Sutra and in many publications on Tantric Sex.

Apparently if both the male and female imagine the energy from their Base Chakras being transmitted from their Navels and joining together with the energy stream being sent out of their partners Navel, then the sexual experience will be out of this World as will any Orgasms achieved.

As my studies revealed, most all forms of Psychic Divination have the reader tap into some form of Psychic Energy Source in order to gain their inspiration and information for the readings and indeed much the same thing is done in Navel Gazing.

I decided that whilst you could tap into the other Chakras and Energy points within the Human Body I would use the Base Chakra located almost perfectly in line with the Navel as this is the point to which you can get closest by physically sticking your finger into the Volunteers Navel.

When in a relaxed state I discovered that the moment I placed my finger into a persons navel that it was rather like sticking a plug into its socket and energy would flow from the Chakra through the Navel and then up through my finger and into my body.

 At this point images would appear rapidly on the Blank TVScreen which I had been imagining in my minds eye and it is these images and the meaning of them that I would then relate to the Volunteer with often stunning accuracy.

These Images would enable me to tell the Volunteer about Past, Present and Future Events in their life and then as a further convincer that this was a serious method of divination I would reveal their TRUE Personality to them and the audience.

In other words the person they really are inside and not the person they pretend to be and this makes for dramatic viewing.

I would reveal their True Personality thanks to the Unique and Individual Physical appearance and traits of each human beings Belly Button.

These Traits I have discovered through many years trial and error can be read rather like the lines and markings on the hand are read during Palmistry.

Indeed in much the same manner as the Human hand the Navel has dents, lines, bumps and other characteristics all of its own.

For example I have found that in general:
1) The more a Persons Navel sticks outwards, the more extroverted and confident they tend to be.
2) The more a Persons Navel sticks inwardly, the more introverted and shy they tend to be.

3) People with Navels that neither seem to stick outwards or inwards and instead seem to be level with their chest tend to have Split Personalities and are very unpredictable and often emotionally unbalanced indeed.

4) People with a Horizontal line/dent across their Navel tend to be very down to earth, they call a spade a spade and are very realistic and relaxed about life.

5) People with a Vertical line/dent across their Navel tend to be very headstrong (as line points to their head). They can be very stubborn indeed, they have one hell of a temper
and when they lose it boy do people know about it. Once their minds are made up they won’t listen to reason even if it means shooting themselves in the foot in the long-term.

6) People with lots of dots/dents in their Navel tend to be very stressed/worried individuals who then worry about the fact they are worrying. Also this could mean they are very
analytical thinkers and spend far too much time analysing things before coming to a decision.

Many people have said to me in the past that these theories are all well and good and my results often amazing but then they say “Doesn’t the Navel just end up the way it is because of the manner in which the Umbilical Cord was cut off at birth?”

Well say I to these doubting Thomas’s, this may be correct but my belief is that everything that happens to us from the moment of our conception through to our birth and right back to the death of this physical body are all predestined and set out as a matter of Fate/Destiny.

Therefore Fate/Destiny orchestrated the action of your Umbilical Cord being removed in a certain manner in order that your Navel would fit you like a Fingerprint and like a good picture would speak a thousand words about you – and its these “words” which are observed in Psychic Belly Button Reading.

The above is just a very brief guide to the types of things I am looking for in a persons Belly Button when doing a reading for and it should be noted that for truly accurate readings I often like to have the person Day, Date and Time of Birth as well so that I can combine an element of Astrology to proceedings as well.

I am also able to demonstrate many Mind Reading Experiments using the Belly Button and can demonstrate Belly Button Healing which can be used to help people overcome many issues in their lifes.

All Inquiries via –

Or Direct Email:




Here’s the Link to Information about my 2012 Appearance on Big Brothers Bit on The Side for Channel Five Television:

Egg – Sausage & Peas (E.S.P) – Book Now – Bizarre Comedy Psychic Style Mind Reading Psychological Illusionist, Entertainer & Mind Magician, Hypnotist – New Live Show Reviews

Egg – Sausage & Peas (E.S.P) – Jonathan Royle Psychic Entertainer Live

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Then To Book The Show For Your Next Event and/or to Book tickets to the next public performance visit:

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IMPORTANT = Due to the nature of Mind Reading Experiments, the content
Of each show will vary from night to night and venue to venue, thus ensuring that each evening is a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for all who are there!

Reviews & Comments About This Unique Show…

This is not just a Mind Reading or Mentalism show this is a truly memorable THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE…

“”Having Watched Jonathan Royles Egg Sausage Peas Show I can honestly say its unique. With Psychic Belly Button Reading being the main hook of the first half around which the Mind Reading experiments are presented, this is most definitely not your conventional kind of Mentalism show. However Royle has some unique, creative and entertaining takes on such classics as the Chair Test, ACAAN, Hoys Tossed Out Deck and the Russian Roulette Plot which are certainly worth a closer look and take them to the next level. At times he had the audience on the edge of their seats and overall this show was top notch”
Peter (The Perceptionist) Turner

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“Jonathan Royle performs very direct Mentalism and Mind Reading that anyone would find accessible. ESP is a cleverly structured show with moments that stir up the full range of emotions. There are effects in there that most would struggle to work out, that includes other mentalists.”
Owen Mc Gough –

‎”Jonathan Royle leaves others in the field of mentalism and mind magic wanting, new and original takes on some old favourites and enough new material to leave you wondering “How on earth did he do that?” Fast paced, punchy and engaging, Jonathan always delivers. There are many performers in this field but only one true master. Don’t just take my word for it, look at the hundreds, if not thousands of “Testimonials” from others all over the world.”
Robert Phipps (Television Body Language Expert)

Having viewed the Jonathan Royles E.S.P Show I was Amused, Entertained, Bewildered. Amazed, Informed and Educated in equal measures! Jonathan’s performance was clearly that of a seasoned veteran on the stage.
Demonstrating an ability to explain most tricks as they were being performed, yet still bringing pleasurable delight to the audience.
A must watch for other professionals in the business, those wishing to learn more about how the mind operates and anyone who wishes to enjoy a couple of hours of action paced entertainment.
Brian Foley –

“Very good show! The routines flowed nicely, very brilliant!
I was truly very impressed!”
Jay Magicman Hankey

“Absolutely Brilliant, I Really Enjoyed The Show”
James Anthony –

“Really good show, loads of great material & a really nice finish”
Nick Davies –

Book Your Tickets Now —

“I consider Jonathan Royle’s show first-class entertainment and a must-see event for anyone interested in comedy, psychic-style, mind reading. It is tongue-in-cheek, but great fun too.”
Phillip Solomon – 

“Just wanted to say thanks for a wicked show last night… really enjoyed it! It was funny, fresh, fast-paced and very clever! Loved your ‘Table of Doom’ routine… and lots of great routines that I’ve never seen before! Can’t wait for the next one.”
Robert Temple –

“Great Show, totally unexpected moments, really enjoyed it, really glad I came out tonight for it”
Wayne Moore –

Book Your Tickets Now —


“Twas a very good night, great show, enjoyable and funny.”
Keith Taylor –

“Great night thanks for an awesome time.”
Grant Saunders –

“Amazing show, some moments are truly scary, some moments are educational, some moments are very, very funny. Every moment is Brilliant. Thanks”
Alistair Stevenson –

“Thanks for a very entertaining night Really enjoyed it 🙂 ”
Jon Scotland – http://

“Lots of amazing effects, very funny, off the wall, and for me the highlight of the evening was the Table of Doom – impossible! Thank you. And good luck with the rest of the tour.”

Gary Kennedy –

Book Your Tickets Now —

Alex/Jonathan is back on stage in his new show Egg, sausage and peas. A combination of mentalism, hypnosis and comedy. Knowing Alex personally all I can say although controversial in nature, he delivers on what he promises and his new show is exactly that. I enjoyed all the different routines and it shows that the audience did too which is what is most important. Alex is like marmite you either love him or hate him but one thing they both have in common is they both sell!
Dr Robert Dodge. –

“I went to see to “Eggs, Sausages and Pea’s” show performed by Jonathan Royle at the Three Minute Theatre in Manchester. I have to say I did not really know what to expect, However I wasn’t disappointed! Jonathan was funny and yet fascinating at the same time. He engaged the audience in all of the mentalism routines. The entire show left me amazed, wondering how he did the tricks. I was even part of the show and Jonathan made me feel completely at ease when I was on the stage. There was one trick called “The Table of Doom” which really did have me and every audience member on the edge of their seats, WOW. I won’t say any more but to go and see the show for yourself. Jonathan Royle is engaging, amazing and a true showman.
Adam Cowming –

“An Absolutely Brilliant Show – Well Done!”
Gordon Park –

Book Your Tickets Now —

“Royle’s show is a masterful blend of comedy and mentalism, with belly button reading being not only a hilarious skit but a skilful display of his wide repertoire and ability as an entertainer,  hypnotist and magician. The show builds to end with a fast paced crescendo of predictions that will delight all those who love psychological magic.Taking in to account the show I saw was his debut for this act, I can only see it going from strength to strength, and look forward to seeing it again when time has polished it to perfection.”
Nathan Welch –

“Thanks for a great night of entertainment, thoroughly enjoyed it & look forward to seeing you again!”
Raoni Wood –

“Many thanks for a great evening. Really enjoyed it. Very nice intimate venue added to the magic of the show.”
Rob McManus –

Book Your Tickets Now —

“The Psychic Belly Button Reading Routine was Pure Genius, its
Destined to become a Classic!”
Brian Stracner –

“Thank you for a fantastic and magical evening. Truly mind blowing. The highlight for me was the table of doom’s “Do you want to change your mind because you’re not suppose to” Brilliant, funny and scary at the same time.”
Ben Hughes –

“Great night Jonathan Royle never ceases to amaze people, great show”
Terry Wells –

“Jonathan, In all honesty I thought the first half of the show way to slow in the pacing and the length of time to do the effects. Having said that, you did pick up the pace for the second half and hold it well. Two of my favourite effects, which I have performed many times, are Hoy’s Tossed Out Deck and the Ultimate Lift. Your variations on both were outstanding. I particularly liked showing the power of words with the signs for the Ultimate Lift. I saw a number of effects, if they were not original, you certainly changed them so much they might as well have been.”
Ray Thompson

Book Your Tickets Now —

“Fantastic Show Jonathan, we had a great night, spookily accurate predictions, we will see you soon.”
Michele Smith –

“This is the most Theatrical and Emotional Mentalism Show that I have ever seen, full of original new and thought provoking routines”
Stuart Harrizon Cassels –

And Yet More Positive Review….

“If you like Derren Brown then your going to love this show!”
Chris Lee –

“I think this is an excellent show.  I particularly like the Nail (Russian Roulette) presentation. Well done and I hope it sells well for you and wish you every success with it. Such a nice change from television style acts.  Best wishes Eddie”
Eddie Burke –  

Book Your Tickets Now —

“Just watched part one of your Egg, Sausage and Peas Show. I have always had my doubts about mixing comedy and mentalism until I watched this. It really works well although I am glad to see that the mentalism was stronger than the comedy. Your presentation was excellent and there was plenty of audience involvement. I really enjoyed your lie dectector routine, I feel this always plays well with a large audience. Your psychometry routine was absoluely hilarious. I have never seen belly buttons used before to give character analyses. This is an absolute gem. The finish with the specs ring was also strong. The book test was well positioned in your show. As Cassidy says you should never open with a book test otherwise your audience will think you are using a confederate. The spectator synchronicity with cards was very baffling and the magic square made for a very strong finish. All in all a very enjoyable show.”
Roger Curzon – (Creator of The Miracle Signed Card in Envelope) 

“Having watched jonathans egg, sausage, and peas show i have to say
i was greatly impressed. His combination of Comedy, and Mentalism
were brilliant. the whole structure of the show and its routines were all individually excellent but the way he combines them to produce these
amazing results is nothing short of spectacular. i even was asked up as a volunteer and i must honestly say the routine i was involved with i tried my best to make it as difficult as i could, i was gob smacked at how he did the trick with this particular routine especially as i was holding and shuffling the cards. If there is one show you must see this year make it Jonathan Royles egg, sausage, and, peas you will not be disappointed.”
Al Shea – The TranceFormer – Hypnotist

Book Your Tickets Now —

Jonathan Royle’s Egg, Sausage and Peas

A review by Roslyn Walker (master escape artist, sideshow performer, magician and mentalist)

The problem with writing a review, for the person writing it at least, is where to begin. And it is no different for me this time round trying to find the words to describe Jonathan Royle’s new show Egg, Sausage and Peas (ESP). Finding the right starting point is a bit of a conundrum. Should I comment on the finale of the show, expose the twists and turns or tell you about my favourite routine?

I’ve decided to answer no to all these questions and begin by telling you a little bit about Jonathan as a performer, then I’ll move on to the show as a whole. Leaving the twists and turns a surprise for those of you who decide to go and watch the show yourselves.

Jonathan is quite obviously a professional performer who has put a lot of effort into designing his on stage persona. From the moment he walks out on stage in his bespoke suit you can tell.

Before watching ESP I had not seen one of Jonathan’s shows before and to be honest I was expecting to see another Derren Brown clone. I’m sure many reading this will know what I’m talking about. Those mentalists with a little beard who use “psychology, magic, misdirection and showmanship” to create a poor recreation of Derren’s show.

This was not the case with Jonathan. Yes, he makes claims to using psychology. Yes, to the highly trained eye of the magician he uses magical techniques. Yes, he misdirects his audience with the expertise of a top showman. But when you watch him do it you’re not thinking to yourself: “well he’s obviously got the Mind Control box set permanently playing in every room in his house”.

Jonathan is a unique performer that has put his own spin on what has become a very factory line area of the magical arts.

So, what of the effects?

In a nutshell what Jonathan gives to his audience is of an extremely high quality. The effects themselves are baffling and there are many aspects that will fool even the more knowledgeable of magicians and mentalists. I have seen more magic shows than I care to admit to and I have sat through more bad magic shows than good.

This isn’t one of the bad ones.

There were many plots that I’d seen before, but Jonathan performed them in his way rather than just rehashing what had come before. What was a breath of fresh air was to see a fair number of effects that I can only assume are unique to Jonathan, as I had never seen them performed before.

The first half of Jonathan’s show is a selection of classic mentalism effects that build from a simple one-in-three chance to tackling the Holy Grail of mentalism (ACAAN) in a very clever way.

I enjoyed the first half immensely. The belly button routine was simultaneously unique, clever and very funny. However, I felt that Jonathan should have ended on his penultimate effect rather than the think of a number effect. I didn’t like the way this played out at all. And although he managed to get away with it, this isn’t how I would personally want to end the first half of my show; namely by just getting away with it.

For me, I would have liked Jonathan to end this half of the show on the card trick. It’s strong and seems completely impossible. This was a three-phase routine that has a truly killer ending. Even if the final trick had worked as it was supposed to it still would have been very anti-climatic to what had come before: Less being more and all that.

The second half adopts a change of pace that is mimicked by Jonathan’s change of costume to a more casual look.

This half of the show sees Jonathan play with the idea of celebrity, tell a tale of the demise of his grandmother’s mental faculties (resulting in her destroying her own house) and play a game using his daughter’s DVD book. But for me the highlight has to be the game he plays with a 6” nail. He calls it the table of death, but magicians will know it as the Russian roulette plot.

I have to say that this routine was not only the highlight of the second half, but the whole show. It is absolutely fantastic. From start to finish Jonathan builds the suspense to a point where the room is quite simply electric.

Members of the audience mix a cup with the nail under it with five others that don’t contain anything at all.

Then, and this is where Jonathan’s routine differs from others I’ve seen, he allows audience members to name numbers at random. He then crushes those named cups with his bare hands.

What I especially loved about Jonathan’s Russian roulette routine is the fact that the final spectator was allowed to change their mind. And when they did Jonathan simply crushed the number they’d switched to and revealed the final cup to contain the spike!

The Table of Death is simply stunning and a real magician fooler.

So to sum up.

In short Jonathan Royle’s show Eggs, Sausage and Peas (ESP) is a fantastic example of modern mentalism done well. He is one of those rare performers who stand out as unique among a host of bearded clones in a crowded field. ESP is a fun, heart warming and highly entertaining show that will make you laugh one minute and gasp in amazement the next.

I’m so glad I took the time to see it and I recommend that you do too.

Roslyn Walker –

Book Your Tickets Now —

“Jonathan has a stage presence that is undeniably honest. This true persona shines brightly during his latest ESP Show aptly titled Eggs, Sausage, Peas! Consisting largely of original material, Jonathan’s routining is a valuable lesson to amateurs and professionals alike. Rather than presenting one experiment, then the next, and then the next, etc., Jonathan blends large portions of the show together so cleverly, demonstrating efficiency with audience volunteers, items chosen and things written down, bringing a breath of very fresh air to the typical ‘mentalism’ show. This clever efficiency is responsible for the mind-blowing, multiple climaxes (yes, you read that right!) in most of Jonathan’s material. His smartly-devised, mult-phased routining and effects rule out reverse-engineering as a possible tool to try to figure out how he does many of his very original and entertaining effects. A routine that begins like the classic “Seven (in Jonathan’s case, five) Keys to Baldplate,” takes approximately 5 sharp turns, each with its own huge kicker, ending in an impossible birth year prediction that opens the combination padlock, releasing a volunteer’s wedding band. Strong, commercial material here. His Russian Roulette involving a jumbo, steel nail, is very strong: 2 hands, 6 cups, 1 nail and audience members steering the direction (no forcing) of the cup-smashing. Jonathan adds the right amount of drama needed to sell this effect to a lay audience and magicians ‘who know,’ will be scratching their heads at his presentation. Jonathan’s endearing story of his daughter, leads us to his “DVD Book” test which is strongly unique with an apparent ‘Magi screwed up-type ending,’ but actually ends correct as a visual and mental stunner – a very commercial piece. His closing piece involves ESP cards, but before you sigh, “really?!…”, bite your tongue, sit down, watch and take notes. The way that Jonathan gets audience members to pair up matching ESP cards is uncanny, the reveal is strong (seeing a theme here?), stretched out over time giving his audience one more unbelievable, compounded routine with multiple climaxes. Most excellent! …I need a cigarette.”
Matthew Fallon

Book Your Tickets Now —

Egg Sausage Pea’s — Show Review by Ben Hughes (Freelance Journalist)

Jonathan Royle smashes his hand down onto a polystyrene cup that could hide an upturned sharpened spike within.

The absence of screaming, and the lack of blood, tell his audience
that, thankfully, it doesn’t — this time. But there are three more cups to go. Does he guess right?

You’ll have to go along yourself to Jonathan’s new show — oddly titled Eggs, Suasage, and Peas — to find out.

And once you’ve sat through the numerous videos of the illusion going horribly wrong, you’ll rather wish he does. If only to ensure you’ll get at least one chance to see him in action again.

I was not alone in the audience, I’m sure, in hoping he’d announce
after the gory videos that he wasn’t daft enough to perform the trick after all, and could anyone think of a card, any card?

My heart has only just left my mouth and returned to it’s rightful
place in my chest.

This was just a taster preview of Jonathan’s new mentalism show, held at one of my favorite pubs The Kings Arms in Salford. The full show will be revealed next month.

After an opening half full of mysterious illusion, the second half of
the show was a little darker with tales of his dead grandmother.

I don’t want to give too much of the show away, but if you get a
chance to see it then I recommend you do. The man is unique.

I hope to see more from his amazing mind in the future. Can’t wait for the full show in April.

Reviewed By: Ben Hughes (Freelance Journalist)
Published on Magicweek on Sat 31st March 2012.

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Oh And Here’s a Few Things That Media Publications and Such Have Said About Jonathan Royle’s Psychic & Mind Control Entertainment Talents Over The Past Two Decades…

“An Amazing Psychic Talent”

“Uncannily Accurate Psychic Predictions”

“An undisputed star!”

“He has a thoroughbred show business pedigree.”

“He’s a cheeky showman”

“The New Uri Geller & Doris Stokes Rolled Into One”

“Jonathan Royle should be your first choice anytime you want
A true Hypnotic or Psychic Specialist”

“He’s in control of an amazing power, even as I interviewed him I keep having to avert my gaze”

“His comic timing is excellent and his patter is superb.”

“This man is a star – even veterans agree that his act puts him into a class of his own.”

“There should be more of him and people like him on British TV!”

“Royle is one of the Top British Hypnotists!”

“The Stage Svengali entranced the audience with his
Hilarious two hour show”

“Royle has appeared on a broad range of ITV and BBC shows
Over the past nine years, he’s notorious!”

“There’s no hypnotising gorgeous girls into bed, it’s all pretty tame and safe. It’s a bit like Carry One style humour – so it’s harmless”

“A very talkative and confident manner. A great way to entertain people.”

“Tonight I have seen the future of British hypnosis and without a doubt that future is Jonathan Royle. In my opinion he’s the best in the business!”

“As a hypnotist, Jonathan Royle starts where Paul McKenna finishes.”

“The funniest and most original hypnotist I have ever seen.”

“Mesmerising powers from the stage showman with the magnetic eyes!”

“As a hypnotist, he has come to bed eyes!”

“Once he had me under, I was totally under. In the morning, I just couldn’t believe it.”

“He’s brilliant. He’s going to drag hypnotism kicking and screaming into the 21st century!”

“Britain’s youngest, fastest, funniest and most outrageous comedy stage-hypnotist.”

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Jonathan Royle Comedy Mind Reading Show
A Review by Magician & Mentalist – Myke Phillips

Jonathan Royle graces the stage with his ability to second guess decisions you will make,predict impossible things and even scare the living S#* t out of you.

He will cause a spectators family member, “called on the phone” to name three random cards selected by three audience members.

He will predict things that no normal person should be able to foresee.

Jonathan will show you a video of other magicians failing at the most dangerous trick known in the world of magic, and why you should never try this at home. He then proceeds to smash his hand down on five polystyrene cups, avoiding a nasty 6″ sharp nail.

You will see spectators impossibly draw the same picture, even though they are six feet away.

What Jonathan’s show has, is an edgy feel to it. These experiments don’t always go according to plan. So if you want to be a part of something unique, then his show is a once in a lifetime thrill that you won’t forget.

The best part of Jonathan’s performance, is his ability to motivate you and make you leave feeling positive that you can achieve anything, as long as you have belief.

Jonathan claims he is using NLP, body language and subtle cues to know what your thinking, but I think you will leave believing he can really read your mind.

You will even have the chance to be a celebrity for the night as he predicts random decisions you make.

Jonathan’s combination of hypnosis comedy and mind stunts will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A roller coaster ride of excitement.

Reviewed By – Myke Phillips –

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I would like to thank Jonathon for allowing me to review his show Eggs Sausage Peas and I will do this in 2 parts, so here is part 1. The show overall was excellent and I urge anyone who has the opportunity to see this to pencil a date in your diary as a must, if the show is in your area.

Ok the show itself was well routined a mixture of old techniques and Jonathans own unique effects and twists and variations on old techniques modernised for a modern audience. The opening of his show was in my opinion the weakest effect of the night a 3 card routine which might have been better placed elsewhere as i expected a strong and visual opening, but then what was to come made up for this.

The ACAAN was possibly the best version of the effect I have ever seen and the belly button reading was hilarious, variation after variation and multiple reveals and this slayed the audience.

The second half was faster paced and had a serious element with his version of Russian Roulette and 6 cups were used, not 4 or 5 that some other mentalists use, and I’ve even seen mentalists use just 3, so with the opening showing video footage of accidents and the Halloween theme belting out, this created atmosphere, and when mixed up and then the audience picked the order of cups he was to hit, made for a dramatic and tense moment and the successful conclusion was rewarded by a huge cheer and clapping.

The show ended with a revelation/prediction based on an ode to his Gran and with other revelations coming fast and furious, the show ended at great pace to huge applause, excellent show and great performance by Jonathan.
Byron Rodriquez – Mentalist

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Part 2 of review of Eggs Sausage Peas. As a mentalist and hypnotist albeit for 18 months, i think its an excellent idea to use the show as the basis of a mentalists training course. I already have 2 training courses from Jonathan and he is an excellent teacher and guide and will aid beginners into becoming more successful and more seasoned ones better performers.

There is a lack of mentalists training courses out there, in fact none as far as I know yet there are many books and effects on the market, however these cant teach you how to put a show together, the best opening and closing effect, audience management, routining a show and marketing a show etc, that would benefit the genre.

I use ACAAN and have 2 versions, yet Jonathon blew me away, and I use a chair test, yet Jonathan had audience members stand up for a variation unique to him and again excellent.

Now not everyone will want to do a Russian Roulette type effect, but again everyone will have their own unique style of performing, so its getting the right effects for your style, and so there is a need for a concise training product.

I don’t expect Jonathon would give away performing rights with this training package, but if he did it would be the must have mentalists product of the year, however even without that, its still a package that all budding mentalists need to add to their library as his training and teaching are second to none .
Byron Rodriquez – Mentalist

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Jonathan Royle takes to the stage and commands the respect of his audience from the outset!

Having seen the show that lasts for over 2 hours of Mental Magic, with E.S.P. hence the shows title Egg, Sausage and Peas, he wastes no time in getting 5 volunteers up onto the stage, and what for, of all things to do a great set of ESP finishing off with an hilarious belly button reading routine that had the audience in stitches.

The first half of the show closes with one of the best MAGIC NUMBERS SQUARE You are ever likely to see, as its not expected from anyone until the final reveal, taking everybody by surprise even Magicians as when you realize its to late!

After a short break Jonathan aka Alex does a costume change, looking smart and casual and again takes to the stage with more E,S,P, and mind reading plus as a bonus a little Hypnotic effects and again lots of audience participation, If I remember correctly he had over 20 people up on stage during the 2 halves.

One very funny routine involves 5 members of the audience choosing his daughter a cartoon character to read for a bedtime story, at the end the audience are duped into thinking the trick has gone terribly wrong for Jonathan, How wrong they are when Jonathon takes the paper bag off his head to reveal he knew all along what they had chosen, I won’t give the ending away to this, as I do not wish to spoil it for anyone.

So I suggest you go and see Egg Sausage and Peas LIVE you will Not be disappointed, and the show is really good value for money.

Lastly Jonathon performs a trick I also perform Smash and Stab? But I have to say His version blew me away, and is totally different version to mine or in fact to any version I have seen, and I have absolutely NO idea how he did it.

Starting off with a warning Video on the big screen of other magicians getting it really wrong and warning the audience of the dangers and NOT TO TRY THIS THEMSELVES.

Using 6 cups ( not the usual 4 ) the spectator puts a 6inch metal nail onto one of the cups facing straight up, then the spectator mixes them up so no one knows where the nail is, the cups are then numbered 1 to 6 and Mr. Royle simply just asks 5 audience members one at a time to simply choose a number…

and then as each number is chosen that is the cup he slams his hand down onto, I have not got a clue how he did this and in a way I’m happy about this fact as I loved it.

So for a great night out, and to see a great show performed by a Mentalist who really knows his craft, you could not really do any better than popping along and seeing the show Egg, Sausage, and Peas, LIVE for yourself, and take along some friends especially the skeptic ones it will really kick them right in there heads!

It’s a show you will enjoy and walk away wondering If he has powers or was it just good trickery,….who cares it’s a good show…..

Review by Carl De Rome – 

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