HYPNOSIS PROFITS – 2 Easy Way’s to Earn Big Money From Hypnotherapy, NLP & Hypnosis – (Unique Oppportunity to Earn 40% to 50% Affiliate Commissions)


So there are currently Two Main Products which I am offering Generous Affiliate Commission on as follows:

01) The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp & Passive Profits System – Platinum Edition 2.0 which retails at this link http://www.yescourse.com/store/elite-hypnosis-bootcamp-passive-hypnosis-profits-platinum-edition-20/ for $4997 US Dollars and comes with a Full ONE YEAR – 365 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

NOTE = We can offer you 40% commission on every sale of the above.

And also there is my Live 2 Day Training Event in September 2016:

02) “Hypnotism Exposed” – Live in Greater Manchester – which retails at this link http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hypnotism-exposed-hypnotherapy-diploma-course-advanced-master-practitioner-nlp-certification-with-tickets-24573350553 for £397 UK Sterling (plus eventbrite booking fee)

NOTE = We can offer you 50% commission on every sale of the above.


A) Although the “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” usually retails at $4997 US Dollars, I am prepared to give your customers a discount code thus meaning that you can offer it to your customers at whatever price below that you desire!

But no lower than $497 US Dollars for which the discount code for your customers to enter before checkout would be the following word all in Block Capital Letters – HYPNOTIZE

In the first instance you need to set up your Affiliate Link with YesCourse and to do that please go to this link and complete the information:

Create your affiliate link here:


The affiliate link that will create will show the price at $4997 US Dollars and you can send this to your lists telling them to enter the discount code of HYPNOTIZE by clicking the bit near top right hand corner of page that says APPLY VOUCHER CODE as this will then reduce the price to $497 for them and you will still get 40% of every sale you help generate.

So 40% of $497 = $198.80 for each sale generated which is approx £138 which will be paid automatically each and every time, the very moment and second that a sale is made that you helped to generate.

I would suggest that you purchase a domain name, then create your affiliate link and click on apply voucher code, then enter the discount code of HYPNOTIZE before copying and pasting the new link at top of page that it creates in your browser bar and setting that as the place that your customers get re-directed to when they visit the domain name that you just bought.

This means you can just tell them a very easy to remember and easy to spell domain name and send them to that but it will be sending them to the $497 (Over 90% off usual retail price) Special Offer page but with your tracking affiliate code so that you get paid 40% Commission on each and every sale you help us to generate sent directly to your paypal account that you register with YesCourse at the affiliate creation link of: http://yescourse.com/users/register/?next=/store/affiliate/register/62/

And remember a major selling point of this, on top of the Over 90% off Usual Retail Price that you are offering your customers is the fact they get a FULL ONE YEAR – 365 DAYS – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (as per terms and conditions shown on the sales page)

B) My 2 day live training seminar on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September 2016 in Greater Manchester has tickets which rise in price every week via my own website so that closer to the event people will actually pay £797 UK Sterling to attend.

However I have set up an EventBrite Affiliate Scheme that will pay you 50% Commission on every ticket sale you help to generate.

This link will give you 50% Commission off tickets to my September Live event where those who attend also get access to the Bootcamp –


As you will notice tickets on that page are just £397 UK Sterling plus the small eventbrite booking fee.

This price will never rise, thus meaning that even as the price rises on my own website you will be able to offer your customers tickets Cheaper than I am selling them for..

Oh and remember that all who attend get access AFTER the event to the entire contents of the “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” which usually retails for $4997 US Dollars as per the info given earlier.

Again your affiliate link could be disguised by buying another cheap domain name and redirecting it to your affiliate link.



Get One domain name and set up a very simple one page website.

When people land on that website have a very short video of you explaining that you have negotiated them a massive 90% Discount off the “Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp” usual retail price for a Limited Period so they would be wise to act today, and it is no risk to them due to the full ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee as per terms and conditions on the site.

Explain to them that is the CHEAPEST and BEST VALUE way for them to get their hands on everything that Jonathan Royle has ever released over the past 25 Years, but that if they want to see him live in person then they could grab a ticket for the September Live Event as per details and link under the video.

Then underneath this short video of you explaining this and reccomending people act quickly as the discounts are for a Limited Period etc and seating is limited for the live event, then under the video have two Hyperlinks..

One takes them to your 40% Affiliate Commission “Elite Bootcamp” Link on YesCourse and the other takes them to your 50% Affiliate Eventbrite
Live Seminar Ticket Link.

You can of course use a site such as www.tinyurl.com to also hide such long affiliate links but some Social Media sites block these tiny links and highlight them as “Dangerous” thus the way to avoid this is the use of domain names and redirecting the domain name so it sends people to your affiliate link or a page like described above where there is a short video and then hyperlinks they can click on which redirect them to your affiliate links.

Should you need anymore information please do contact me on royle@magicalguru.com and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

If you’d like to run an interview, podcast or similar to help promote Sales of my items as above to your Customers using your affiliate links then that is also something I am always interested to hear about and help with.

Many Thanks and Good Luck

Jonathan Royle – www.magicalguru.com