Review of The Berglas Effects by Richard Kaufman & David Berglas – Any Card At Any Number – The Holy Grail of Mentalism Secrets Exposed – Ultimate ACAAN and Commercial Mind Reading Mentalism Magic for Stage, Street and Close-Up Audiences

The Holy Grail Of Mentalism – The Berglas Effect ACAAN – LIVE..

Review of The Berglas Effects by Richard Kaufman & David Berglas…

The Holy Grail of Mentalism - ACAAN Any Card At Any Number Style Berglas Effects

The Holy Grail of Mentalism – ACAAN Any Card At Any Number Style Berglas Effects

Having now read the book “The Berglas Effects” by Richard Kaufman, whilst it is excellent in many regards, you need to consider that the newly reprinted second edition of this book will cost you at least $140 (approx £88) to have shipped to you worldwide…

And for that price your essentially going to have to start learning a completely new way to handle a deck of cards in order to learn literally only half a dozen effects all of which are very similar in nature and style, and all of which will take a lot and I mean an awful lot of dedicated practice before you ever have a chance of pulling them off in public.

I’ll continue this review in a moment but first take a few moments to watch these few short videos, bearing in mind that you can learn all of these Secrets and many others (enough for a complete Stage and Close-Up Magical Mentalism Show) for just £60 (approx $94)

See Jonathan Royle perform one of his versions of Any Card At Any Number in this short video…

And then to See His Even Cleaner Version of The Berglas Effect Check this clip out –

In this Admittedly slightly unclear video clip, that was filmed on an old mobile phone in a nightclub bar, Hypnotist Robert Temple Performs another version of ACAAN that is taught in “The Klear Thoughtz” Package..

And in this Clip Stuart Cassel’s performs one of the versions of “The Berglas Effect” Any Card At Any Number that is inside the pages of his book “The Holy Grail of Mentalism” as per –

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Bear in mind that when you order the Klear Thoughtz Package you will learn exactly how to perform all of the versions of ACAAN and The Berglas Effect that you have seen performed in the videos above and also will learn how to peform this variation entitled ANORAK (Any Number on Reverse of Any Kard) as per details at –

And whats more you’ll learn Dozen’s of other Complete Stage and Close-Up Mentalism Routines including amongst many others this Long Distance Remote Viewing Card Routine

And remember you can learn all of the above, along with Numerous other Magical and Mentalism Routines for just £60 (approx $94) and the methods used are far easier to learn and perform than anything you will find within the pages of The Berglas Effects book by Richard Kaufman and David Berglas of that I can assure you.

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Indeed as part of this bumper package you’ll also get the “Holy Grail of Mentalism” book of which personal friend to David Berglas, the man voted Worlds Greatest Mind Reader Mentalist Marc Paul has said:

“Thanks for “The Holy Grail of Mentalism”. There is some seriously good thinking here, I particularly like the section on how to create “real miracles”. I have always believed that truly inexplicable mentalism is only achieved by going that extra mile; you obviously believe the same” 

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I know I may seem a little biased, but I can assure you that not only would you be spending less money by ordering the “Klear Thoughtz” package, but also you’ll be getting access to far more easy to learn and easier to perform real world commercial material.

Take a look at  and also take a look at the details at the links on that page which explain all of the material you’ll recieve and learn for your one time investment of just  £60 (approx $94) and you’ll realise that this Limited Time Only bumper package offer represents the biggest bargain of your magical lifetime.

And Consider that amongst all the Bonus Materials you will also find “Royles Thoughts On The One Ahead Routine” which when published within the pages of Paul Rohamnys Mental Epic Compendium caused Magic Reviewer Cris Johnson to state:

There are so many routines to explore that while I have combed through this book cover to cover, I haven’t retained nearly as much as I like.

Personally, one of the most mind-blowing routines in the entire book is Jonathan Royle’s “Royle’s Thoughts on the One-Ahead Principle.”

I challenge you to read this section of the book and not feel energized by what appears to be a simple card routine. It is, for me, one of the most stunning routines I’ve ever read.

I only wish I could have seen it performed and experienced the impossibility of it before reading about the work.

While I don’t expect any Mentalist who hates using playing cards in his/her act to be totally converted after reading that section, I do believe that this routine has the BEST chance to cause some of these folks to re-consider some of their views.

Cris Johnson,

So the bottom line is, if you’ve got hours and hours each day to practice for the next 6 months (or perhaps longer) then you may well enjoy learning the material inside “The Berglas Effects”

However if you want material that is easy to learn, relatively easy to perform (well actually very easy compared to contents of The Berglas Effects) and would like to get ten times the amount of workable material for both Stage and Close Up for a fraction of the cost then you’d be wise to take a look at whats currently on offer for a Limited Time only at: