Discover the Real Truth About Jailed Journalist Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Sheikh former employee of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch & Former Journalist for The News of the World of Phone Hacking Fame!

For anyone who does not already know, my birth name is Alex William Smith, I made my stage debut aged 3 as Flap the Clown on Gandey’s Circus and by the early 90’s was Internationally known as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Celebrity Hypnotherapist in the Stage Name of Alex-Leroy.

These days on stage I am better known as Jonathan Royle, in any event I am one of the people that the Crown Prosecution Service are talking about at this link:

Yes indeed I am one of the many people who became a victim of the Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood & his dishonesty despite the fact that I was back in 1998 trying to expose his unethical, immoral and illegal techniques at the time he managed to massively screw me over as will be explained further down this page.

Upon this page you will find a Comical & Satirical Look at Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch and his now disgraced and jailed undercover investigative journalist Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh who used to fabricate stories for the now shut down (due to Phone Hacking & other Illegal activities) News of the World and then later went on to work for the Sun on Sunday where he met his eventual downfall after being found Guilty by all six jury members at The Old Bailey on the charge of Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice along with his driver Alan Smith in the case of the manufactured story that had been run about British Pop Singer Tulisa Contostavlos.

Rupert Murdoch who employed Journalist Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Rupert Murdoch who employed Journalist Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Sadly it seems that Murdoch’s companies and staff will never learn as is illustrated by this recent court case –

Rupert Murdoch Former Employer of Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Rupert Murdoch Former Employer of Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

The ironic thing is its taken almost 20 years since I first tried to expose the Dodgy, Dishonest, unethical and often wholly Illegal techniques used by Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in the “News of the World” Newspaper along with my attempts to expose how many other so called “True Stories” of both a “News” and “Entertainment” basis are often largely or solely fabricated and made up.

Details of my attempt back in 1998 to expose “The Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood can be seen along with information about how he regularly illegally entrapped people, manipulated them into doing things they would never normally have dreamed of doing and at times even regularly just fabricated situations, claims and false evidence to make his false stories appear to have a basis in truth that actually at heart they did not can be seen here at this link:

MAZHER MAHMOOD aka The Fake Sheikh Convicted of Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

MAZHER MAHMOOD aka The Fake Sheikh Convicted of Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

UNTOLD – (The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast) – My Friend & Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Actor John Alford discusses how Mazher Mahmood set him up in this podcast first broadcast on 10th August 2017 –

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Sheikh dishonest journalist for Rupert Murdoch

Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Sheikh dishonest journalist for Rupert Murdoch

UNTOLD = (The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast) = In this episode we discover how Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood learnt the “Dark Arts” he used from Southern Investigations –

The Fake Sheikh aka Mazher Mahmood

The Fake Sheikh aka Mazher Mahmood

I’ll remind you again that there is evidence galore against both Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood and also his former employee Rupert Murdoch and also various associates within the information revealed and also linked to on my explosive blog page here:

Heck if the BBC Panorama documentary into Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Sheikh and how he ruined the lives of people like Former Grange Hill & Londons Burning Actor John Alford and Page three girl Emma Morgan along with people like Boxer Herbie Hides and of course as explained at my earlier blog link myself included then check out
the facts and evidence at these links:






(The Earle of Hardwicke and His Partner Walk Out of Court in 1999)

(The Fiasco of the Red Mercury Case)

If you don’t know Red Mercury Does not and Has Never Existed


UNTOLD – (The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast)


The video above shows me Hypnotist & Magician Alex William Smith aka Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D along with Actor John Alford, Boxer Herbie Hides and Former Page 3 Girl and Glamour Model turned Actress Emma Morgan.

We are all outside the Old Bailey on 21st October 2016 just after The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood had been sentenced to 15 months in prison.

And below is the video of us all on the BBC Flagship News programme Newsnight discussing How Mahmood’s dishonesty and actions has affected our lives.

Once again for more evidence against Mahmood & his associates, including things which seem to indicate that lots of us were Illegally drugged by him, take a look at my eye opening and explosive blog page at this link:

Rupert Murdoch's Journalist The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed

Rupert Murdoch’s Journalist The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed

I talk a little further about Mazher Mahmood and how I attempted to expose him (and other dishonest Journalists) back in 1998 in this video interview I did here:

Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist & NLP Hypnosis Trainer Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith

Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist & NLP Hypnosis Trainer Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith with his Friend and Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim John Alford

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith with his Friend and Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim John Alford

With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Boxer Herbie Hides

With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Boxer Herbie Hides

With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Actress & Former Page Three Model Emma Morgan

With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Actress & Former Page Three Model Emma Morgan

With My Good Friend John Alford

With My Good Friend John Alford

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle



Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D Hypnosis Expert aka Lord Alex William Smith Hypnotherapy & NLP Trainer, Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Mentalism “Mind Control” Guru


I attended a 3 day course run by Alex (AKA Jonathan Royle) in 2015.

I didn’t know what to expect really, but i had heard of Alex’s reputation as the bad boy of hypnosis and his prison sentence, amongst other stories circulating the internet being spread by opposing competitors.

Some probably mean well and believe they really are protecting the public from being manipulated whilst others are just trying to prevent a successful man from advancing in life.

I attended the course for two reasons. One was, at the time i was wrestling with some insecurities that were preventing me from establishing myself in any chosen field and were affecting my relationships with other people around me.

I had a lot of conflict in my life and i was so damned oversensitive. i seemed to be absorbing a lot of negativity to add to what i’d already been carrying around in me and i was getting caught in the vacuum of other peoples dramas too.

Its ironic that you can easily get into a position of having people tell you their problems and then, blame you for knowing and going out of their way to hurt you based upon what you know.

I wanted to offer something to people that didn’t force me to have to listen to all their problems to be able to help them.

I’m not here to save the planet (though if i could, i would) but i do think its a human necessity to offer people tools to help themselves through anxiety, low self esteem and depression when we are needed by people we meet in our day to day lives, who are suffering.

It’s not enough to listen to them whine about life and agreeing to all the wrongs of the world, feeding into gossip and backstabbing etc which is what a lot of people do these days.

Every time you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you (excluding the thumb).

I’d been taking an interest in NLP and Hypnosis and other therapies but this was the first time i’d taken it a step farther to aim for certification and i have to admit, on my first day i was a little nervous.

Other students who attended (around 30 in number) were pleasant and fun to be around. There were all sorts of men and women from all kinds of backgrounds, anything from a TV celebrity to ex policeman and a lawyer, to councilors and hypnotherapists who came to Alex to learn new techniques and then there was me, the cartoonist.
I felt out of place and humbled to be amongst such professionals in their fields. There were some budding magicians there as well who enjoyed showing off at lunchtimes and i saw some amazing sleight of hand, but the thing that blew my mind was the amount of content in Alex’s training.

He crammed so much information into each lesson and presented it in ways that you could absorb and digest the information.

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

He uses every trick in the book to effectively teach as much as he can in the short space of time (over 27+ years of experience crammed into three days) and it was interesting to learn more about the man himself, so in part, the course was autobiographical.

From this information you can get an idea of the ups and downs, the highs and the lows that come through choosing hypnosis as a career (being an entertainer and a stage hypnotist) and not only that, but taking it all a step farther and presenting CMT to the world, for others to learn, practice and apply to helping others free themselves from addictions. It was EPIC in so many ways.

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Hypnotist - Circa 1990

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Hypnotist – Circa 1990

We learned convincers/suggestibility tests, we learned inductions, we learned how to progress a convincer into an induction and we learned deepeners, and we learned Alex’s own scripts and then awakeners.

He showed us what to do, and why it works and he showed us what not to do and why it doesn’t work and from all that, within three days you can pretty much say that everyone in the room was impressed and felt they’d come away having learned something.

The reason i know that is because i’m quite attentive to what people say around me and how they behave, and i could tell everyone was enjoying the experience and then finally, came the moment we were issued our certificates.

I know some people would cast suspicion on anyone who confessed to gaining a certificate after a short time but to be honest, you learn what needs to be learned and after that, its a case of practice practice practice.

Its kinda like going for driving lessons to get your licence and then once you have it, you have to apply what you learned from the instructor and go out there into the world and apply it safely.

Complete Mind Therapy

Complete Mind Therapy

CMT is worldwide now, and those people are helping others because they received reliable training from Jonathan Royle.

I felt proud to have DCMT after my name and it feels good to know what i know as a result of the training. i have since explored many other trainers and experienced what they teach, and i can’t say that i have experienced anyone who crams in as much info as Alex achieves.

Everything you need to know to be a successful hypnotist or hypnotherapist (or both) is there in the course and then there’s the follow up.

He is always taking time to reply to students and make sure they’re dealing with any insecurities or obstacles and every student has 24 hour access to the ‘Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp’ where there’s an abundance of learning material.

Books by Hypnosis Authority Dr. Jonathan Royle

Books by Hypnosis Authority Dr. Jonathan Royle

Anything from videos and audio recordings to PDFs of books he wrote in past and he constantly updates everything so you regularly get invites to your email to check out the new added lessons and those are all free for students to access, at any time of any day.

It doesn’t cost a penny more than what we spent for the course itself.

It’s all included and it’s GREAT in so many ways.

LIFE CHANGES - (The Perfect You) Your Bonus Hypnotherapy Treatment Audio

LIFE CHANGES – (The Perfect You) Your Bonus Hypnotherapy Treatment Audio

Infact just this evening, before writing this review, i was watching the videos for his TNSTAH (There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis) course to refresh my memory and it is excellent.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the name of ‘Jonathan Royle’ but i would imagine most of the people spreading rumours and attacking his rep haven’t attended any of his training courses.
They may have seen him on stage, hypnotising a woman to believe everyone is naked or a man sucking on a dildo thinking its an ice cream…that can shake people up, but the stage show is designed to stand out from all others in a very competitive arena.

The course is designed to show you how to pursue a career for yourself and thankfully, there wasn’t any dildo sucking or anything controversial.

It was impressive, it was educational, it was practical, it was fun and it was something i myself, will never forget. i’m sure many other students will say and have said the same.

Martin Balaam – August 12th 2017. Contact:



(Hypnotherapy & NLP Students)

(Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism Students)

(Mentalism & Psychic Mind Control Students)

(Marketing & Business Success Students)







Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle


Royle has performed all over the world and most certainly not just in Pubs as some like to make out, from Theater’s and Universities to Cruise Ships and Five Star Hotels, Royle has performed on them all, some clips from my shows can be seen at:

And also at this link there are even more clips…

And to discover more about his Unique & Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Shows:



And finally to see our full range of Home Study Training Products, Videos, Books, Courses and other Business Building items please visit our store at:

Dr. Jonathan Royle - King of Hypnotists

Dr. Jonathan Royle – King of Hypnotists



Hypnotist Is To Appeal “Fake Sheikh” Conviciton – Rochdale Observer Article Wednesday 11th February 2015 About Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Comedy Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer Applying to Criminal Cases Review Committee (CCRC) to Have His 1999 Mazher Mahmood Related Conviction Over Turned…

Hypnotist is to Appeal Mazher Mahmood "Fake Sheikh" Conviction

Hypnotist is to Appeal Mazher Mahmood “Fake Sheikh” Conviction

As the Text Above is a little unclear to say the least, I have posted below the article which
appears on Page Eleven (11) of the Rochdale Observer Newspaper in the edition dated
Wednesday 11th February 2015, as several much clearer and closer up, easier to read images..

Alex Smith Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Appeals Fake Sheikh Conviction

Alex Smith Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Appeals Fake Sheikh Conviction

And the second part of the article wording that appeared in the Rochdale Observer
Newspaper as published by Guardian Group Newspapers in the edition dated Wednesday 11th February 2015 is:

Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to Appeal Mazher Mahmood Conviction

Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to Appeal Mazher Mahmood Conviction

And the final part of the articles wording can be seen in this final image:

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Set to Appeal "Fake Sheikh" Mazher Mahmood Conviction

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer Set to Appeal “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood Conviction

It is indeed true to state that everything that has been stated in the article is 100% True!

I am indeed being represented by British Super Lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas
Law, who is also representing Actor John Alford and Boxer Herbie Hides as confirmed here:

And also confirmed here:

And indeed it is true to say that I have always since the News of the Worlds alledged
“Sting” article appeared back in early 1998, since then I have always maintained that
I knew who I was dealing with and had set out with the intention of exposing some of the unethical techniques used by both Mazher Mahmood and some other Journalists.

Indeed such was confirmed as FACT in Manchester Crown Court as can be seen in
The Manchester Evening News  Articles covering the Court Case I was involved in at
the time which appear along with more background details at this link:

All of that at above link has been in the Public Domain for many, many years now.

However for obvious legal reasons, at this time I have nothing further to add to what
has been in the Public Domain for many, many years as explained at that link.

Manchester Evening News Jonathan Royle Alex Smith Leroy Article Tuesday 2nd March 1999.

Manchester Evening News Jonathan Royle Alex Smith Leroy Article Tuesday 2nd March 1999.

The Above Press Article (You can see a bigger image of it by clicking on the photograph) was taken from Page Seven of The Manchester Evening News – Early Edition – Tuesday March 2nd 1999.

You can obtain a clear copy from your local library if you wish to confirm what I am about to quote from the article as being true.


*He Knew That The Fakes WOULD NOT be circulated Publically.

*His meetings with the reporters were a PUBLICITY STUNT.

*Judge David Owen Said “I Limit This Sentence because IT IS NOT AN ORDINARY CASE”

*It was a PUBLICITY STUNT to gain media recognition which had backfired.

*Anthony Morris defending said “One of the men he dealt with was Smiths former Publicity Agent, they had been concerned together in earlier SCAMS aimed at getting Smith Publicity, and he knew whatever he said or did would get newspaper exposure!”

*He Has done many outlandish things TO GAIN PUBLICITY

*Smith Knew the Fake Coins WOULD NOT be circulated Publically in what was a ONE OFF offence by a Man of Good character.


*In the actual Court Case, the Judge, Crown Prosecution Service and also the Police ALL CONFIRMED IN COURT that having seen all the evidence that they 100% KNEW that it was all a PUBLICITY STUNT & MEDIA STING engineered BY ME to help gain Publicity for myself and also TO EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS AND JOURNALISM.

Unfortunately Court Documents are of Crown Copyright and they told me I could not post such here, BUT PLEASE DO GET YOUR OWN COPY of the Court Transcripts and you will then see that:

*In Court it was proven and accepted beyond any reasonable doubt that the News of the World article was and is complete and utter BS…

*It was mentioned by all (Police, Judge and CPS) that the entire article came about due to me engineering it as a PUBLICITY STUNT and also a way to EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS.

*It was noted that many things that were printed I HAD NOT EVEN EVER SAID OR DONE IN ANY MANNER.

Feel free to obtain a copy of the Court Records and check this out for yourself.

*In court both the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Probation Service all spoke on my behalf and recommended a NON CUSTODIAL Sentence due to it all being a Publicity Stunt to expose the newspaper.

*When the Judge gave a custodial sentence, everyone agreed I SHOULD BE RELEASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, hence I only spent 46 days inside.

*The Court records will show that I had character references from The Local Rochdale MP of the time, also the Head of the Local Military Police of the time, hardly what you’d expect if any of the other BS they printed in that NOW SHUT DOWN AND SHAMED Newspaper were in any way true.

The Court Hearing was at Manchester Crown Court on Monday 1st March 1999.

It was The Crown “vs” Alex William Smith.

The Judge was David Owen.

Prosectutor was Stuart Duke.

Defence Lawyer was Anthony Morris.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION = At the following link their are numerous other images
and information relevant to the background of this matter, all of which have been in the
public domain and freely available for many, many, years.

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) PractitionerDr. Jonathan Royle - Mind Coach

John Alford Actor, Herbie Hide Boxer and Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotherapist, Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Psychic Entertainer (Formerly Britain’s Biggest Ever Television Talk Show & Media Prankster) All Apply to CCRC aka Criminal Cases Review Commission to Have Their Convictions Overturned after receiving disclosure packages from The Crown Prosecution Service CPS following the collapse of The Tulisa Contostavlos Court Case which revealed Former News of the World undercover Journalist Mazher Mahmood Lying in Court….

herbie-hide-john-alfordAlex Smith aka Jonathan Royle HypnotistMr Hide, Mr Alford and Mr Smith all sustained convictions as a result of separate ‘sting’ operations by Mazher Mahmood, “The Fake Sheikh”.

All three men received disclosure packs from the CPS thanks to comments made by the Recorder of Southwark, HHJ McCreath, in July 2014, and have now applied to the CCRC (Criminal Case Review Commission) to have these convictions reviewed and referred to the Court of Appeal.

All of them are being represented by British Super Lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law –

If you have also been affected by this issue, or have received a similar disclosure pack from the CPS, you would be wise to contact Siobhain Egan at Lewis Nedas Law, who is currently working with Mark Lewis of Taylor Hampton Solicitors (dealing with relevant civil claims), by telephone on 0207 387 2032 or complete their online enquiry form here:

NOTE = In relation to Alex William Smith aka Jonathan Royle some brief details of how he attempted to expose Mazher Mahmoods disregard for the truth almost 17 years ago now along with some other relevant information can be seen at this link:

EXPOSED: The Fake Sheik Mazher Mahmood, BBC Panorama Exposes his arguably illegal and certainly dishonest entrapment techniques and Fabricated Stories and Evidence!

EXPOSED: One of the World’s Most Dishonest & Dodgy Journalists….

Mazher Mahmood Exposed

Formerly of the Now Shut down (and shamed) News of the World, and more recently of the UK National Newspaper “The Sun on Sunday” This 30 Minute Programme entitled “Panorama – The Fake Sheik Exposed” reveals SOME OF THE TRUTH about DISHONEST Undercover Journalist Mazher Mahmood.

FOR THOSE OUTSIDE ENGLAND = If you are outside England you may need a spoof ISP to give the impression you are in UK to watch this. Sites explaining how to do this are located here –


I personally know people who have been paid money by Mazher Mahmood to help entrap people ILLEGALLY and also I personally engineered a plot to EXPOSE HIM and his arguably ILLEGAL and certainly unethical and immoral Techniques, which did result in it being acknowledged in the Crown Court that I HAD SET UP A STING ON HIM in an attempt to expose his Dishonest and often arguably Illegal Techniques…

Indeed I published many of the facts about this in my autobiography which has been on worldwide sale for years, and this book when published was featured in the major respectable National UK Media and also in some International Media.


You can discover more about the REAL TRUTH behind all the bullshit my jealous competitors and certain vindictive idiots post about me on the internet here:

As I say I know for a fact that what they mentioned in this documentary is just the tip of a huge iceberg of incidents and ways in which Mazher Mahmood has Fabricated and Engineered completely untrue stories for years…


Believe me that was just the tip of the iceberg…..

I’m just glad that slowly but surely the truth is finally coming out, and all thanks to Tulisa Contostavlos and the court case against here falling apart EXPOSING THE VERY REAL FACT that Mazher Mahmood had lied and frankly engineered the whole untrue situation.

I can honestly state that my own experience with Mazher Mahmood was such that he not only lied in his statement to the Police, but also he messed with a certain piece of evidence involved in the case.

It was certainly his intention to engineer a perceptively negative story about me and entice me into breaking the law by any means possible including those that are certainly unethical and immoral and those which arguably should be illegal if they are not already!

If you’ve not already taken a look, more information can be seen here:

Finally the time is fast approaching when the truth will come out on a level that will be truly noticed….

Almost 17 years ago I set out to illustrate Mazher Mahmoods and other Journalists apparent disregard for the truth, reality and facts and indeed my attempts to do so were acknowledged in the Crown Court as illustrated at the previous link, now almost 17 years later Real Justice may finally be done.

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