Ultimate Hypnosis Course

“Discover All of The Jealously Guarded Insider Techniques, Approaches, Strategies and True Secrets of Hypnotic Success That All The Other Hypnosis & NLP Trainers Either Don’t Know or are Just Too Scared to Teach You!” 

Gain Lifetime Membership To The Association of Complete Mind Therapists

Gain Lifetime Membership To The Association of Complete Mind Therapists

Full One Year (365 Days) Money Back Guarantee 

This package is without doubt the most comprehensive Hypnosis & NLP Home Study Training Package currently available anywhere in the world from anybody and is especially valuable, when you realize that included within this package are the unedited (nothing cut out) videos & audios taken from Royle’s Live 3 day no holds barred intensive Accelerated Learning Advanced Hypnosis Training which he ran in California during 2012 and which led to these mind blowing video testimonials:


Earn Huge Profits with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - The Complete Mind Therapy Approach

Earn Huge Profits with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach


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To secure your package today, simply send $197 U.S. Dollars via http://www.paypal.com to the email of diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk 

But that’s not all by any means, you see FOR THE FIRST
TIME EVER I am also releasing my Controversial, Shocking and Highly Educational “Holy Grail of Hypnotherapy” and my “Holy Grail of Stage Hypnosis” Seminars on Physical DVD-ROM format sent to your front door…

Basically it would be true to say that you will always know next
to nothing about THE REAL SECRET’S of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Stage
Hypnosis until you have studied the package you are about to
have the LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY to get your hands on..



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Imagine Your Delight when the mail man delivers a bumper
package of Hypnosis Training Materials to your front door
which contains all of the following valuable materials:

*11 Hypnotically information packed Physical DVD-ROM’s

*Almost 50GB of Hypnosis & NLP Training Data

*50 Explosive & Eye Opening Video Files

*90 Mind Blowing & Enlightening Audio Files

*127 Ebooks, Docs, PDF’s & Complete Course Manuals

*15 Complete Professional Power Point Presentations all supplied
with course notes, running orders and hand out masters which
will enable you to run one and two day Highly Profitable Corporate
training events on 15 different high in demand topics.

*18 Prestigious Diplomas, Certifications and Qualifications in
every area you will ever need for success, all of which are
approved, endorsed and accredited by The Mind Care Organization
Ltd, Personal Development Associates (U.S.A), The NLP
Association (UK) and The Neuro Linguistic Programming
Practitioners Association.



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*12 Full Length Self-Help Ebooks which come to you with
professionally written profit pulling sales letters and ready
made website templates, along with legal resale rights which
allow you to sell these on for big $$$ Profits.

*5 Professional Studio Recorded Audio Hypnotherapy Treatment
Sessions covering Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Confidence
Issues, Stress Management, Phobias and much more all of which
come to you with Legal Resale Rights allowing you to sell them
for further big profits.

*Bonus Free Lifetime Membership to an Elite Private Members
Hypnosis & NLP Discussion forum where you can learn even more
from fellow Professionals located all over the world.

*Bonus Access to allow you at no extra charge to download (using
the secret link and access info supplied in this physical
package of DVD-ROMs) another 12 hours of training videos which
will teach you in a simple step by step manner how to make
more money than you ever dreamed of using your hypnotic skills. _________________________________________________________________________


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*A Total of Almost Forty Seven (Yes 47) Hours of unrivalled
Video Training in all areas of Hypnosis & NLP.

*Total of Almost Ninety Seven (Yes 97) Hours of Audio MP3’s
teaching you everything you’ll ever need to know to sky rocket
your success in all areas of Hypnotherapy, NLP and also Stage

*Tried, Tested and Proven Profit Pulling Advertising & Marketing
Templates, Press Release examples, Leaflet Designs and even
ready made to use Logos.

*Free Lifetime Membership to The Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy
& Psychotherapy (R.I.H.P) incorporating The Association of
Complete Mind Therapists (A.C.M.T)

*Free Lifetime Membership to The Professional Organization of
Stage Hypnotists (P.O.S.H) incorporating The Association of
Professional Stage Hypnotists (A.P.S.H) _________________________________________________________________________


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*A Printed “Hard Copy” Fast Track Success Guide document which
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this bumper physical training package with the greatest of ease.
(A very real $27 Bonus Value)

*TWO BONUS DVDs containing all of the 18 hours of Controversial
but highly educational training footage from this normally 21
DVD package: http://www.magicalguru.com/ultimatechange.html
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*A Gift Voucher worth $297 which may be redeemed against the
cost of any Jonathan Royle Self-Organized & Self-Promoted Live
Training event anywhere in the world that takes place during the next year.

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time bargain this package represents at the Special Offer
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But consider the very real facts that:

*To buy all of the items contained in this package
individually (if you could that is) would cost you far in
excess of $3500 which is approx £2177 or around 2,647 Euros, so
you really are saving a fortune when you order today…

*The almost 18 hours of “Royle Live in The U.S.A” training
videos have NEVER and will NEVER be offered for sale in any
other format or manner than as part of this package, and
trust me when I say I truly revealed ALL and I do mean ALL
the True Secrets of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Success at this event.
Even existing Boot Camp Students will learn a lot from these.

*The around 12 hours of “Holy Grail of Hypnotherapy” and “Holy
Grail of Stage Hypnosis” video training teach secrets that you
will not learn and cannot learn from anyone or anywhere else at
any cost and have NEVER been offered anywhere or from anyone in
physical DVD format before. _________________________________________________________________________


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Yes that’s right I’m so confident in the contents and value
of this Unique Package in helping to make you the most powerful,
effective and successful Hypnotist you could ever become that it
comes with a full one year, that’s 365 days full money back
guarantee as per details on this page.




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If you’ve not already taken action and made the intelligent decision to grab your copy of this unique and unrivalled training package today before the price rises dramatically then take a look at these links (which will open in a separate window) to take a look at a few example comments of the many thousands of similar positive testimonials we have on file from past delighted Students located literally in all four corners of the world…

Hypnotherapy & NLP Comments – www.magicalguru.com/therapystudents

Stage & Street Hypnosis Comments – www.magicalguru.com/stagestudents

Marketing & Publicity Comments – www.magicalguru.com/marketing

Magic & Mentalism Comments – www.magicalguru.com/mindcontrol



To secure your package today, simply send $197 U.S. Dollars via http://www.paypal.com to the email of diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk 

“I have purchased practically all of Royle’s DVD training courses and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in either quality of content or volume of information taught! Because of my background in formal education I was originally drawn to studying with a recognised training provider, members of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). My training with them was excellent, however it was greatly enhanced by Jonathan Royle’s material and indeed Royle’s material was excellent and far superior to the recognised course. His therapy skills are equal if not greater than the majority of therapists I have met to date and he teaches everything he knows in an open and honest manner. We need people like Royle to raise the profile of Hypnosis and I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to become a better Hypnotist!”
Dr. WILF ARCHER – PhD – www.mindskills.co.uk

“A few years ago I attended a training run by Paul McKenna, Michael Breen and Richard Bandler, it was good and I learned a lot but Jonathan Royle ‘s training course make’s them seem like old nannies! There is absolutely no time wasting or useless information and Royle’s unique manner of teaching makes everything very easy to learn and remember. This course is without doubt money well spent!”
FRANK LEA – www.hypnotherapycoventry.net  

“I have trained in NLP and Hypnosis with Paul McKenna, but found this course invaluable. It gives a great deal of information and is written in open, honest and easy to read manner, Jonathan keeps nothing back.  I highly recommend this to anyone interested in hypnotherapy or stage  hypnotism, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert”
MATT CAULFIELD – www.personalchange.co.uk

“Having watched Royles There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis DVD Home Study Course we would say that his training skills and knowledge are second to none! He is down to earth, his demonstrations and teachings are excellent and full of tricks of the trade which you will not find elsewhere! If you desire to become a Hypnotherapist or Stage Hypnotist then you need these DVDS and even if that’s your job already you’ll learn lots of new techniques here!”
TOM BOLTON & BEVERLEY ANDERSON – www.freeway-cer.com 



To secure your package today, simply send $197 U.S. Dollars via http://www.paypal.com to the email of diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk 

“Having previously done a more conventional “approved” NLP course which took many days and cost lots of money, I would have said it was impossible to learn NLP in just two days! However after attending Royle’s course I can honestly say that this is exactly what he does and he also teaches you what you need to know about clinical Hypnosis and his own approach of Complete Mind Therapy, in short these DVD’s are a worthwhile investment!”
DEZ SELLARS – www.completemindtherapy.com

“Jonathan is a motivational and enthusiastic speaker and on these videos you will see what he was willing to share about how he goes about increasing his business! A week after the seminar my head is still buzzing, normally by now I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt, that’s a tribute to Jonathan as this course was head and shoulders above any of the crap I have been on before. Please don’t sell these videos Jonathan as I don’t want others to know where I got my ideas from!”
MR IAN EVANS  – www.retracforchange.co.uk

“The course contains much unique material, which as far as I know is not taught anywhere else and will certainly make you a better Hypnotist and Therapist, especially when presenting any public demonstrations!”
DAVID BOTSFORD – www.stopsmokingsolutions.co.uk

“At first Jonathan’s style of training blows your mind, loud, proud, profanity is everywhere! But watch these videos you must because you will learn a huge amount of stuff and by the end you’ll love his style! I applaud his level of honesty as to the true secrets of how Hypnotist’s work!”
STEPHEN BISHOP – www.myhypnotherapycentre.co.uk   _________________________________________________________________________


To secure your package today, simply send $197 U.S. Dollars via http://www.paypal.com to the email of diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk 

Should You Have Any Questions Regarding this Package please do email us directly on royle@magicalguru.com



To secure your package today, simply send $197 U.S. Dollars via http://www.paypal.com to the email of diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk 

You Will Learn The True Secrets of Hypnotic Success

You Will Learn The True Secrets of Hypnotic Success                                                                                                      As stated in the advertising for this Amazing Package, there is a 365 day (One Year) Money back Guarantee that is conditional on you having studied everything in this package. Therefore you cannot claim the 365 Day Guarantee until 365 days have passed from the date of your paypal purchase payment for access to these materials, and must (if required) make any refund claim by email to royle@magicalguru.com no later than 372 days from date of purchase. Also the physical items must of course be returned to us by signed for delivery in working good condition to claim such refund along with proof that you have studied all the contents and Attempted to put them to work in the real world. _________________________________________________________________


To secure your package today, simply send $197 U.S. Dollars via http://www.paypal.com to the email of diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk 


THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG.. The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp – CLOSING DOWN SALE – Grab A Mega Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnotism, NLP, Hypnotist Home Study Training Bargain Today – TREAT YOURSELF FOR CHRISTMAS and Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever


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Which Type are you?

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Black Friday For Hypnotists – Pre-Xmas Christmas Discount Hypnosis Hypnotherapy NLP Mind Control Hypnotism Training – Grab a Bargain

BLACK FRIDAY – Xmas HYPNOTIST Special One Time Offer….


Worlds Greatest NLP Hypnotherapy Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

Worlds Greatest NLP Hypnotherapy Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

This bumper package is usually $97, however until Midnight (EST) on
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*37 Hour’s of Unrivalled Step by Step Training Video’s which
will take even the complete Novice to Advanced Master
Practitioner Level in all areas of Instant Hypnosis,
Rapid Hypnotherapy & Stage/Street Hypnotism.

*17 Hour’s of liquid gold dynamite Audio MP3 Recordings
that will change the way you think and operate in any and
all areas of Hypnosis and NLP forever.

*A Comprehensive 550+ Paged Step by Step PDF Training Manual
in all areas of Hypnosis & Positive Mind Control Success

*Several other invaluable resources and aids to make your
education complete.

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Worlds Greatest Hypnotherapy NLP Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

Worlds Greatest Hypnotherapy NLP Stage & Street Hypnosis Hypnotism Courses

Hypnotic Birthday Presents – Jonathan Royle Hypnotist aka Alex William Smith Turns 37 On Monday 13th August 2012 – Grab a $37 Stage & Street Hypnosis, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotist, Hypnotism Bargain …

Hypnotic Birthday Presents – Royle Turns 37 On Monday…

To Celebrate the fact I turn 37 on Monday 13th August and also the fact that I enter my:

*35th Year In Showbusiness (Started when 3 and bit in Dec 1978)

*24th Year in Hypnotherapy (Started Professionally Treating People aged 14 in 1989)

*23rd Year in Stage Hypnosis (Started Doing Paid Hypnosis Shows aged 15 in 1990)

*20th Year as a Hypnosis Trainer (Started doing Seminars in 1993 aged 18)

I am giving you all the chance to grab some Amazing Bumper Hypnotherapy & NLP and also Stage/Street Hypnosis Training Packages for just $37 Each…

These offers end at Midnight (UK GMT) on Monday 13th August (My Birthday)

Check out the link now, but remember if you have The Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp then you already have all these materials

Hypnotist’s Birthday Present Special Offer From Jonathan Royle Sent Saturday, August 11, 2012
Hi There!


Yes its true I turn 37 on Monday 13th August and so to Celebrate I
thought by way of my Birthday Celebration gift to you all I'd offer
you some really special offers as follows...

Well as its my 37th Birthday on Monday 13th August, until Midnight (GMT)
on my Birthday I have 3 very special offers for you...


For just $37 you can gain access to the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD content of
everything mentioned on this page, which usually sells at $77 -


For Just $37 you can have access to everything mentioned on this page:
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Simply send $37 via http://www.paypal.com (Paypal) to the email of
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Yes thats right each of the above two packages can be yours for just
$37 each, so two sets by $37 = $74...

If you'd like both sets send $74 via paypal to diddiwench@yahoo.co.uk
and we will also send you 10O% FREE OF CHARGE the "See-Saw Package" as
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Many thanks

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle

PS: REMEMBER these offers end at Midnight UK GMT on Monday 13th August
2012 which is my 37th Birthday!

WARNING – The 12 Things You Should Ask Any Hypnosis or NLP Trainer Before You Ever Spend A Single Penny With Them…

Do You Want To Learn Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage and Street Hypnosis or even just Hypnosis you can combine with Magic and Mentalism?

If So You’d be wise to read this posting before spending a single penny of your hard earned cash with anybody.


When looking for someone to Teach you Hypnosis and/or NLP check out the following first…

(some of these points are relevant to finding the right teacher for Hypnotherapy and NLP, some for Stage Hypnosis and use of Hypnosis with Magic and Mentalism and some for both areas, but they should help you stop getting ripped off as the majority of courses out there are padded out with useless filler and way overpriced, run by people who have never really done anything with what they claim to teach in the real world, or they have done something in the real world but not really had any mega success with it)

Oh and to save you time in your research, I will give you My answers to these questions which you should be asking any so called Hypnosis or NLP trainer before you spend money with them…

01) How Long has the person been earning their sole income from Hypnosis?

Well I have been doing Professional Paid Hypnotherapy Sessions since 1989 aged 14… And Professional Paid Stage Hypnosis Shows since 1990 aged 15, have also been combining Hypnosis and NLP techniques with Magic and Mentalism since 1990 aged 15.

(Although I have been performing in Showbiz in one area or another Professionally Since December 1978 aged 3 and a bit)

02) What Level of Success Have They Achieved earning money from using their NLP and Hypnosis Skills?

Well I bought my own home outright for cash (no mortgages or loans) before the age of 30, that property is now rented out and produces an income whilst I have now moved into a larger house… I have Zero debts and can do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want with whoever I want without incurring a single penny in debt as i have the cash available (earnt from hypnosis) to give me Total Freedom in life.

03) What Success have they had in terms of Media Recognition?

Well I have been featured in every UK National Daily and Sunday Newspaper on numerous occasions since 1993 including on the Front page (along with a double page spread inside the same paper) in The Sun when I cured a ladies Fear of Traffic Wardens, I’ve worked alongside on the same TV shows with Peter Powers, Ken Webster and Paul McKenna. I’ve been featured on over 100+ TV Shows Around the World and made my own One Hour Hypnosis TV Special for German RTL Channel in 93/94 and also since then a European Hypnosis/Mentalism Comedy TV Series. Magazines, Newspapers and radio Stations around the world have featured my hypnotic talents including Amercias largest circulation paper USA Today where I was featured in an article with Robert De Niro. And that’s just a few examples…

04) Who Have They Worked for & What Have they done in the real world of live Comedy Hypnosis shows?

Just a few examples of my achievements Stage Hypnosis Wise off the top of my head include performing Celebrity VIP Shows for Richard Branson and The Virgin Group in Barbados, Being the headliner for Corporate Companies such as F-Secures Yearly Conference (one of worlds biggest computer anti virus organisations), Being booked to do corporate hypnosis shows for large four and five figure sums for companies including Boots, Rathbones Bread, The Burton Group, Mensa & many others. Doing A hypnosis show in the London Plantetarium, being the first Hypnotist to do hypnosis on Childrens TV (Nickelodeon Channel), I could go on and on but in short I’ve travelled the world (Mainly thanks to doing shows in Hilton Hotels around the world) and done more shows than most UK Hypnotists will ever do in their life.

(Back in 93 and 94 at height of UK Hypnosis Craze I was for best part of two years Solid doing at least a show a night and on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays would often do a pub gig, then a working mens club and then a nightclub at end of night and on Sunday may also be doing an afternoon show as well (back in the day when they had the closed doors strippers Sunday afternoon shows) – so would on average be doing at least 10 to 13 shows per week for the best part of those two years alone!

Many who are now training Stage/Street Hypnosis have never done the amount of shows I did in those two years alone in their entire career and most likely never will…. OH and I have been doing shows every year since then, albeit that when the craze died down it was/is far less each week now!

Oh and when people like Peter Powers the World Famous TV Hypnotist was unable to get to a show due to an emergency it was ME he called to stand in for him…

And I suppose the fact that I probably generate more Stage Hypnosis Show bookings for other hypnotists that I have previously taught and pass that work onto them than most hypnotists will ever do shows is relevant as well.

One final thought pops to mind the fact that when Paul McKenna started his Company McKenna Breen he sent all his Staff and Seminar Assistants to me to take my Stage Hypnosis and Complete Mind Therapy training course (proof on file)

05) What Have they notably achieved NLP & Hypnotherapy Wise?

Well shortly after I hypnotised several members of the Wigan Athletic Football Team they ended up in the Premiership.

I could mention that I’ve treated successfully people with practically every issue you can possibly think of, however I think the fact that I have arguably taught more people all over the world who are now successful Hypnotherapists in their own right is more relevant..

As stated in a previous response my Hypnotherapy talents have been featured in major Newspapers, Magazine and on Numerous Television and Radio shows over the past 20 years.

Oh and then there is the fact that I devised my own Unique Approach of Complete Mind Therapy (Combines the most effective elements of Hypnosis and NLP) and this is now being used successfully by thousands of therapists around the world on a daily basis.

One final thought pops to mind the fact that when Paul McKenna started his Company McKenna Breen he sent all his Staff and Seminar Assistants to me to take my Stage Hypnosis and Complete Mind Therapy training course (proof on file)

06) If wanting to learn Entertainment Hypnosis Ask the trainer you are considering if they can sell you at least a 100 different DVDS of them doing shows and ask them to provide a selection that show them performing in every possible type of venue from Pubs and Clubs, through to Theatres and Universities along with Television and every other possible performance arena, I can assure you most so called Entertainment Hypnosis Trainers can’t do this as in reality they have not done many shows and have not had much success (eg not worked big venues for big clients etc) or they know that their show is not very good and don’t want you to see it?

I am more than happy to sell anyone who wants them a selection of 100 different shows in every type of venue you could possibly imagine….

07) Both Entertainment Hypnosis Wise and NLP/Hypnotherapy Ask them for Testimonials about their courses, and ensure they are not just ones in text with peoples names and location on, ensure they have web links to those people and you can easily confirm they are genuine and not made up quotes as many use!

For a small selection of text and video testimonials on my Hypnosis Courses and Trainings take a look at

* http://www.elitehypnosisbootcamp.com

(Stage & Street Hypnosis Comments) – www.magicalguru.com/stagestudents

(Hypnotherapy & NLP Comments) – www.magicalguru.com/therapystudents

(Marketing & Publicity Comments) – www.magicalguru.com/marketing

(Hypnotic Magic & Mentalism Comments) – www.magicalguru.com/mindcontrol

You’ll notice from the above that Many Leading Names in this industry including Stars of Television and Media still come to me on a regular basis for Consultancy and Advice on their Hypnotic Businesses.

Ask yourself why is it that many at the top of their industry consider me the go to person for Hypnotic Advice?

08) What Sort of GUARANTEE (if any) does the trainer offer?

Well I offer an unheard of One Year (365 Days) Full Money back guarantee on my package at http://www.elitehypnosisbootcamp.com

No other trainer that I know of in the world has the confidence in their courses to offer a full One Year Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

09) Will They Give You Some Free Samples of Their Training so you can evaluate their Knowledge, Skill and Training Style and Ability?

Anyone can go to http://www.elitehypnosisbootcamp.com and gain Free Access to over 6+ Hours of Intensive Hypnosis for both Stage and Therapy Training videos along with a full 550+ paged PDF Hypnosis training course which together are more than enough to get anyone started in the business and earning some money so they can then EARN AS THEY LEARN and afford my course fees for the Advanced training by earning the money to pay for it from the stuff I give away free!

Incidentally the Free 550+ paged PDF is the exact same one that people paid almost £500 for the contents of as a Home Study Course in the early, mid and late 90’s and is the exact course that Paul McKenna Recommended to his Staff/Seminar Assistants to take and study (which they did) at the time.

Also there are tons of Full Length and shorter Training Videos available for free on my two You-Tube Accounts at:



10) Is the Trainer fully conversant and compliant with all Laws relating to Hypnotherapy and Stage/Street Hypnosis, and do they teach all the Legal & Health and Safety Elements?

This is important as many trainers especially the “Street” ones do not have a clue about the laws and send out students telling them its OK to do things which are against the law.

For example Street Hypnosis in UK Is Illegal without having the right Licenses and insurances etc in place as explained at this link:


(Anyone considering learning Stage/Street Hypnosis Should read the information and take note of it at the above link)

And regards Hypnotherapy I do indeed also know, comply to and teach all relevant laws, Health and Safety and Legal Matters.

11) Ask them for the truth behind any negative comments, rumours or such that you may have seen posted on the internet and find out a little more about who they really are?

For the record practically every single negative comment about me on the internet is made up rubbish…

You can see the truth and evidence of such behind these Lies, Rumours and Bullsh*t at this link:


And you can discover even more about “The Truth About Jonathan Royle” in this video interview I did some time back with Robert Temple..


12) Ask them what their opinion of Hypnosis and NLP Diplomas, Certifications and Diplomas are?

Beware the trainers who try to make out that you need certain qualifications to enter this business. The fact is there is no such thing as a Legally Recognised or required qualification or diploma to be in this industry in most places in the world.

There is certainly no need to pay yearly membership fees to some fancy sounding “Boys Club” so they tell you in order to get discount insurance cover and help get more clients.

Yes I give people bits of paper at the end of my courses, but they are as worthless as toilet paper (just like every other hypnosis and nlp diploma out there) and have one use only, that of creating a Positive Belief and Expectancy in your clients.

Mine most certainly do help create that Positive Belief and Expectancy as they are issued by:

The Mind Care Organisation Ltd (UK)

And are approved and endorsed by Personal Development Associates (U.S.A.), The Neuro Lingusitic Programming Practitioners Association (NLPPA) UK, The NLP Association (UK) and also give my students FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP TO:

The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT)

The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists (POSH)

Yes that’s right unlike the majority of others out there I will not rip you off and get you to pay a yearly membership fee to be in some worthless club that is not required in law and will not help you anyway!

You get them FREE when you have trained with me, they are still however only of worth as Perceptional Change Tools for creating Belief and Expectancy with your clients, it’s the same for all Hypnosis and NLP courses….

The bits of paper are only as good as the person who is teaching you (their level of success and skill in both doing it and also teaching you) what really counts is RESULT’S and my students most certainly get those!

The fact is they should also not be trying to get you to spend money on a basic course, then an advanced course, then another and another through to trainer trainer…

(sadly many so called trainers started doing courses the moment they had done their training and have no (or little) real world experience and 99% of what they teach is useless filler to drag out their courses)

In my opinion if they can’t teach you everything you ever need to know within a maximum of 3 days Live Training supplemented by back up video training and other materials which you can then continue to study at your own speed and in your own time whilst you are already earning from the skills you learnt on the live training then most likely they are not very good at what they do.

Any Truly Honest Trainer will get to the point, cut out the crap, teach you what you really need to know for Success and this will be based on their own and their many students provable success using these methods and all will be taught for a value for money ONE TIME ONLY INVESTMENT


I am not saying that just because I have arguably taught more people who are now successful Stage Hypnotists and/or Hypnotherapists around the world than the vast majority of trainers on the planet, that your most intelligent decision would be to either attend one of my Live Training Courses or to invest into the Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp…

What I am saying is DO NOT spend a single penny with any so called Hypnosis Trainer until you have asked them all of the questions I suggest in this posting and have received satisfactory responses.

Then and only then decide who you are going to learn from…

Should you decide that, I am the right person to teach you all you will ever need to know for Hypnosis Success then check out these links:

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HYPNOTIST or THE-RAPIST? – 7 Things You Need To Know…

Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

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Yours Hypnotically

Jonathan Royle

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Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Jonathan Royle Hypnotist