LEVESON PART TWO = Please Help Ensure That Police & Media Corruption is EXPOSED and that Victims of Press Abuse Finally Get Justice!

BREAKING NEWS: House of Lords Passes Ammendment Demanding that Part Two of
Leveson Inquiry Must Take Place:


BAD NEWS = We Still need your help to ensure that the House of Commons do note
vote against and/or overule this ammendment so PLEASE Contact your MP now as
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The Recent Jailing of Murdoch’s “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood and the fact so many of his innocent victims are now appealing their Convictions, with many others also taking Civil Action is just one of the numerous very good reasons why we need PART TWO of The LEVESON Inquiry to take place as a matter of urgency.

The Daniel Morgan Murder

The Daniel Morgan Murder

The Daniel Morgan Murder is the most investigated Murder in British History and Still nobody has been charged. Evidence exists that Southern Investigations worked with
Mazher Mahmood for many, many years and also evidence exists that News International
aka The now Defunct News of the World interferred in the proper investigation of Daniel
Morgans Murder. Yet another good reason why we need LEVESON PART 2 as a matter of extreme urgency.

Also Section 40 needs to be implemented as soon as possible so that the only truly independent Press Regulator “IMPRESS” can offer real protection and help to victims of press abuse and so that they will have real powers and thus will act as a real deterrent to stop the media from publishing lies, fabricated and distorted rubbish and indeed ever entrapping or manipulating people in the same manner that the “Fake Sheikh” regularly did.

the-old-baileyThis Link Will Explain More About What Section 40 is and why it needs to be implemented


And this link includes information on why we Need Leveson 2 to take place:




Questions 1, 2 and 3 are about who you are and where you are etc….

Then to give you an example the rest of the questions are as follows (see below)
and here are the answers that I gave so you know which are the right ones to
tick the boxes on of the multiple choice questions and also have an idea of what
to say in reply to the rest of the questions.



4: Which of the following statements do you agree with? (Tick all that apply)

Government should fully commence s.40 now.

5.Do you have evidence in support of your view, particularly in terms of the impacts on the press industry and claimants?


6Please provide the evidence which supports your view. (Maximum 250 words)

Having Studied this at great length and attended events by Hacked Off, it is my understanding that implementing Section 40 will protect publishers just as much as it will those who feel (and can show) that they have been or have become victims of press abuse.

IMPRESS the only truly independent Press Regulator has now been given a Royal Charter and Approval and by implementing Section 40, you can help them to become the logical body of choice for all media to become members of, thus helping to ensure that unfounded attacks on innocent people, untruthful and distorted stories and defamatory rubbish no longer continues to appear in British Media.

Or at very least that if it does appear, those innocent victims of it, can thanks to Section 40 pursue affordably and realistically their legal right of redress to make the truth known and get the justice that they deserve when they have been wronged.

Publishers need not fear this as if they publish only the truth then no action will ever come against them, but even if they did for example accidentally be found of defaming someone, if they have joined a body such as IMPRESS then they too as the Publishers will have a level of protection.

7.To what extent will full commencement incentivise publishers to join a recognised self-regulator? Please use evidence in your answer. (Maximum 250 words)

It is my belief that the ONLY way to incentivise publishers to join a truly independent regulator such as IMPRESS which now has a Royal Charter and is the only truly independent press regulator which does not have involvement or meddling from those whose self-interests are involved due to them being too close to the media which prints things is to ensure that Section 40 is commenced urgently. It is only when people have true protection from becoming victims of press abuse or at very least have an affordable way to defend their position when they have been wronged that justice and truth will ever finally prevail in the British media.

Questions on Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry

Part 1 of the Leveson Inquiry examined the culture, practices and ethics of the press and, in particular, the relationship of the press with the public, police and politicians.

Part 2 was designed to examine wrongdoing in the press and the police and the wider implications for police and press relations.

8. Do you believe that the terms of reference of Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry have already been covered by Part 1 and the criminal investigations?


9. Which terms do you think still require further investigation? (Tick all that apply)


Term of Reference 3 (To inquire into the extent of unlawful or improper conduct within News International, other newspaper organisations and, as appropriate, other organisations within the media, and by those responsible for holding personal data).

Term of Reference 4 (To inquire into the way in which any relevant police force investigated allegations or evidence of unlawful conduct by persons within or connected with News International, the review by the Metropolitan Police of their initial investigation, and the conduct of the prosecuting authorities).

Term of Reference 5 (To inquire into the extent to which the police received corrupt payments or other inducements, or were otherwise complicit in such misconduct or in suppressing its proper investigation and how this was allowed to happen)

Term of Reference 6 (To inquire into the extent of corporate governance and management failures at News International and other newspaper organisations, and the role, if any, of politicians, public servants and others in relation to any failure to investigate wrongdoing at News International).

Term of Reference 7 (In the light of these inquiries, to consider the implications for the relationships between newspaper organisations and the police, prosecuting authorities, and relevant regulatory bodies – and to recommend what actions, if any, should be taken).

10. If you have evidence to support your answer, please provide details below. (Maximum 250 words)

Need I say more than Milly Dowler, Phone Hacking, The Daniel Morgan Murder and Mazher Mahmood?

The Daniel Morgan Murder is the most investigated murder in British History and there is evidence that News International have interfered in the investigation/s, also evidence exists that Southern Investigations were used by News International and Mazher Mahmood for many years and that ultimately combined with Mahmoods boasts of having Bent Coppers in his pocket and his most recent conviction for Perverting the Course of Justice, there is quite obviously a massive can of worms that demands further investigation.

The fact so many who were victims of the same kind of deception, entrapment, dishonesty, lies and deceit at the hand of Mazher Mahmood who evidence shows even perjured himself during the first part of the Leveson Inquiry have now got appeals in process with the CCRC and Courts also calls into question why did the Police and CPS ever believe any alledged evidence from Mahmood and News UK/International when evidence exists that they knew Mahmood could not be trusted as far back as 1998/1999 and possibly earlier.

The fact that Police and Media may have had a corrupt relationship in the past most certainly is of public interest and needs to be investigated in depth and the truth uncovered.

11. Which of the following options best represent your views?

Continue the Inquiry with the original or amended Terms of Reference

12. If you think the Government should take another course of action to those set out in the question above, please provide your views. (Maximum 250 words)

The Government Should and indeed MUST do exactly what has been promised to the General Public for so long now, namely to implement Section 40 as a matter of urgency to give potential victims of press abuse a realistic and affordable right of reply and route to justice and also Start Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry immediatly.

Quite honestly to not do so will look (whether it is or not) to everybody like some kind of attempt by the Government to help Cover up the truth about the Media and Police Corruption which it is becoming increasingly clear has taken place over the years.


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