Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D Hypnotist aka Professor Alex William Smith Hypnotherapy & NLP Trainer & Expert



I just finished watching Royle’s 10-DVD training on ‘There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis’ and found his presentation style to be captivating and exciting. Many clinical experts out there (particularly here in the US) are good at taking a topic and making it complex and dry, but to me the real brilliance is taking a complex subject, boiling it down to its essence and making it seem simple, which is exactly what Jonathan does in this series. There is a tremendous amount of very applicable, real world advice in this set, even for hypnotherapists like myself using it in the trenches with patients, and I highly recommend it!!”

Eric B. Robins, MD
Board Certified Urologist
Co-author, “Your Hands Can Heal You”
Contributing author, “The Heart of Healing”
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Advisory Board Member, Emotional Freedom Technique

Undoubtedly one of the funniest, most intelligent and hugely entertaining presentations on hypnosis, NLP and therapy I have experienced. Go and see Jonathan – he will rock your beliefs, make you laugh out loud and probably outrage you. The hypnosis and NLP world needs more people like him. Jonathan Royle – APPROVED!
Andrew T. Austin, Chichester, Nov. 2005
(Andrews background is in and with clinical experience in neurosurgery and neurology in his former profession as a registered nurse

Thanks Jonathan, I’m really glad we met, in terms of learning Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis. And so are the 700 US Devil Pups and 750 real, genuine US Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton. The US Government does not let civilians talk to or interact with Marines recruits in boot camp, and because of what you taught me, they broke that rule. That is very rare, and a very high honor. I guarantee you will never have another hypnosis student who will be able to say they did group hypnosis on Junior Marines, or did suggestibility testing on US Marine recruits.
Dr. Ken Kern – Leading Cancer Surgeon,
Consulting Hypnotist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist – U.S.A


I have purchased practically all of Royles DVD training courses and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in either quality of content or volume of information taught! Because of my background in formal education I was originally drawn to studying with a recognised training provider, members of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). My training with them was excellent, however it was greatly enhanced by Jonathan Royles material and indeed Royles material was excellent and far superior to the recognised course. His therapy skills are equal if not greater than the majority of therapists I have met to date and he teaches everything he knows in an open and honest manner. We need people like Royle to raise the profile of Hypnosis and I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to become a better Hypnotist!”
NLP Master Practitioner & EFT Advanced Practitioner
(Holder of Two Royal Charters & Former Health & Safety Competent Person for The National Council of Hypnotherapy)

For the newcomers to hypnotherapy, this Royle Event will , in my view, fast forward them in time and experience by 2 to 3 years, almost like a shortcut to success. For the people who have been therapists for a long time, get yer ass to this event, and listen to what this guy has to say. You might just learn something.  As a training provider myself, and one of the few who has stood the test of time, Alex is probably one of a few that i would actually listen to – and if i was available, I would be sat their right at the front of the class with my gob shut and my eyes and ears open!!’
BRIAN GLENN – INNERVISIONS.- http://www.innervisionsuk.com/ 

I learned a tremendous amount about all sorts of ways of making money, how to get more clients and the right way to approach them! Royle is very honest, outspoken and controversial, he kept me entertained and interested for the full two days and had 100’s of useful tips to impart. In short I would recommend the videos of Royles May 2004 Hypnotic Marketing Success Videos to everybody as they are much better value and contain more information than any other similar seminar or training I’ve’ ever been on!”
Dr. COLIN BARRON – GLASGOW – Former Medical GP.

Just quick note to say thanks for the DVDs – ‘There’s no such thing as hypnosis’. I really enjoyed watching the DVDs. Bought them off ebay from you. I’m a Medical GP and have always been extremely sceptical about a lot of things. Hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, pretty well anything alternative as little other than placebo effect. I’m also an amateur magician – hobbiest – and enjoy fooling people. Been member of Newcastle Magic Circle for 15yrs. Makes me think of the rituals that go on with a visit to the doctors, how people expect certain things. E.g. it’s a waste of time examining people the majority of the time. Most doctors have a pretty good idea of the problem within 30secs of a patient coming in. We have to have our rituals though to establish credibility! Thinking about branching out into hypnotherapy now – think of the credentials – known, respected GP. Clients will be well ‘hypnotised’ before entering the room. A little naughty though as I don’t believe in hypnosis!! Keep up the good work.
Dr. Gary Alford – Medical GP.




Born Plain Alex William Smith on the 13th August 1975 into a showbiz family, Royle made his stage debut aged 3 as Flap the Clown on Gandey’s Circus.

Later as Alex-Le-Roy he became Known as a Magician & Illusionist, Mind-Reader and Psychic Entertainer before becoming Internationally known as Jonathan Royle World Famous Hypnotist.

Jonathan Royle in his former Stage Name of Alex-Le-Roy performing Large Scale Stage Illusions like David Copperfield

Jonathan Royle in his former Stage Name of Alex-Le-Roy performing Large Scale Stage Illusions like David Copperfield

He started treating people Professionally with Hypnotherapy & NLP back in 1989 aged just 14.

His Hypnotic Stage Shows started Professionally in 1990 aged just 15.

His British National Television Debut as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist occurred in Jan 1993 aged 17.

His first Training Seminar teaching other Hypnotists & Mind Therapy Practitioners was in September 1993 aged 18.

Books by Hypnosis Authority Dr. Jonathan Royle

Books by Hypnosis Authority Dr. Jonathan Royle

As Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D aka Lord Alex William Smith he has dozens of books available on Amazon and from all major book sellers covering all areas of NLP, Hypnotherapy. Stage-Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism, Magic, Mentalism, Self-Help and Marketing.

To date he is arguably responsible for the original training and/or ongoing mentoring and coaching of more people who are now Successful Professional Comedy Stage Hypnotists and/or Hypnotherapy Practitioners all around the World than any other living Hypnotherapy, NLP or Hypnosis trainer today.

LIFE CHANGES - (The Perfect You) Your Bonus Hypnotherapy Treatment Audio

LIFE CHANGES – (The Perfect You) Your Bonus Hypnotherapy Treatment Audio

His Home Study Training DVDS have been shipped to every Country in the World and he has also acted as a Hypnotic Consultant and Adviser to other Famous Name Hypnotherapists & Stage-Hypnotists, Television Life Coaches, Celebrity Mind Therapists and even Famous Name Masters of Mentalism Style Mind Control.

He has been featured using his “Mind Skills” on major name celebrities on TV & Radio Shows around the World as well as regularly being featured in National & International Newspapers and Magazines.

The story about the Lady whose fear of traffic wardens he cured appeared on the Full Front Page (“Fear of the Yellow Peril”) along with a double page feature inside “The Sun” which was Britain’s biggest read newspaper when the story appeared in the mid 90’s.

He was the only British Hypnotherapist to be chosen for and then featured in a therapeutic interaction with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal to help promote their 2002 Film “Analyse That” – This feature first appeared in Americas largest Circulated newspaper “USA Today” and was then syndicated to publications all over the World.

This article with Robert De Niro & Billy Crystal was then syndicated all around the world and plugged his website as can be seen http://tinyurl.com/mhadtxk and also here: http://tinyurl.com/n2paqg9

Association of Complete Mind Therapists - ACMT

Association of Complete Mind Therapists – ACMT

Royle is the President of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT) which incorporates The Association of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists (APHP) and indeed he has been President of The APHP since

He is also the President of The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists (POSH) which incorporates The Association of Professional Stage Hypnotists (APSH) and all members fully abide by all elements of the 1952 Hypnotism Act and an additional Strict code of Ethical & Safety Conduct.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - The Complete Mind Therapy Approach

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach

Years ago he created his own unique one session treatment approach of “Complete Mind Therapy” – (CMT) which is now used by therapists across the globe to help people overcome their Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias and most other things you can possibly think of from A through to Z in a single 45 to 90 minute treatment session.

MELT Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

MELT Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

Whilst in more recent years he has devised “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” – (M.E.L.T) also known as “Make Everyone Lose Trauma” which helps you to M.E.L.T. your clients problems away in a matter of minutes…

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques

And most recently of all he has just started training others in “Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress (C.U.R.E.D) which enables you to give your clients the C.U.R.E (Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotions) for their issues.

His work and innovations in the field of Hypnosis has led to him becoming only the Fourth Hypnotist in History to date (August 2017) to have ever been inducted into the South African Academy of Hypnotists “HYPNOTISTS HALL OF FAME” as per this info:


Back when World Famous Hypnotist Paul McKenna ran a Company with Michael Breen called McKenna Breen Ltd in London, Paul advised the majority of his staff and also seminar supervisors to study Royle’s “MindCare Organisation” Home Study Course on Hypnotherapy & Stage-Hypnosis and indeed many of them did exactly that.

When organizing The International Hypnosis Conference in London, Valerie Austin invited Royle along as a Guest and his inclusion on the discussion panel was indeed a major talking point amongst those who attended.

When John Cerbone & Richard Nongard came to Manchester England to run one of their “Speed Trance” events, Royle was invited along to act as an Adviser and Consultant on British Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism Laws.

American Hypnotist & Internet Entrepreneur Tellman Knudson engaged Royle to speak on what was at the time (and may well still be) the Worlds Biggest Ever Online Hypnotherapy Training Event “The Hypnosis Event” and also engaged him to take part in what was at the time the World’s Biggest Ever Online NLP Training Event “The NLP Event”

British NLP & Hypnotic Marketing Expert James Lavers aka “The Lazy Coach” sought to interview Royle and this was one of the most positively raved about sections of his “NLP Masters of Passive Income” Study Package.

Leading UK NLP Expert, Authour of “The Rainbow Machine” and founder of Integral Eye Movement Therapy booked Royle to speak for his NLP Meet up group and afterwards he said:

“Undoubtedly one of the funniest, most intelligent and hugely entertaining presentations on hypnosis, NLP and therapy I have experienced. Go and see Jonathan – he will rock your beliefs, make you laugh out loud and probably outrage you. The hypnosis and NLP world needs more people like him. Jonathan Royle – APPROVED!” ANDREW T. AUSTIN – CHICHESTER – Nov. 2005 

He was also invited by “The Incredible Hypnotist” Richard Barker to be the First Ever Headline Speaker on the First Ever “Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise” and for this he received rave reviews from all who attended.

His Hypnosis training Seminars have SOLD OUT in Las Vegas (organised by Jay Noblezada) – California (Organised by Brian Stracner) and in many other locations around the World.

His October 2017 “The Royle Event” one day training as organised and promoted by Television “Fat Families” Presenter and Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve Miller SOLD OUT in less than a week of the tickets being placed onto sale.

This Short Video about “The Royle Event” says it all really:

 His Home Study Courses, Training Books and Live Events have received rave reviews from experts all over the world as can be seen in the numerous video testimonials at this link:


Recently he was made an Honorary Life member of The United Kingdom Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy – (UKBCH) who have also approved and endorsed his various training courses and materials.

Indeed his training courses and materials are also Approved, Endorsed and/or Accredited by:

*The MindCare Organisation Ltd – UK

*Personal Development Associates – USA

*The Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Association – (NLPPA) – UK

*The Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy – (RIHP)

He is considered by many to be the Most Controversial, Outspoken & Daringly Honest Hypnotist of all time and this has led to rumours galore and defamatory lies circulating all over the internet.

The REAL TRUTH behind the negative stuff you may have seen posted can be seen (with evidence of the real truth & facts) at this link:


Rupert Murdoch who employed Journalist Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Rupert Murdoch who employed Journalist Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

And the REAL TRUTH (with evidence) behind how he was also once Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster and back in 1998 attempted to expose the dishonest & criminal actions of the now Jailed & Disgraced Rupert Murdoch Journalist The “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood can be seen at this link:


Rupert Murdoch's Journalist The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed

Rupert Murdoch’s Journalist The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed

His Official Website is at http://www.magicalguru.com/

His online store is at http://www.magicalguru.co.uk/

Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist & NLP Hypnosis Trainer Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith

Celebrity Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist & NLP Hypnosis Trainer Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith

For those who like the Comedy Stage Hypnosis side of things there are tons of clips from Royle’s Hypnotist Shows taken from events around the World over the past 25+ years on his Youtube Channel “CelebrityHypnotist” at these links:


And also at this link there are even more clips…


Full details & Back ground on his Honoris Causa Religious Doctorate Degrees in Psychology, Divinity & Meta-Physics, along with his Honoris Causa Religious Professorship in Hypnotherapy can be seen at this link:


Jonathan Royle is the Current Winner of the Cabaret Magic Trophy as well as the Close-Up Cup and Sly Smith Shield for Best Card Trick from The Order of the Magi

Jonathan Royle is the Current Winner of the Cabaret Magic Trophy as well as the Close-Up Cup and Sly Smith Shield for Best Card Trick from The Order of the Magi

He has literally 100’s of Different Hypnotherapy, NLP and Related Training Courses and Products on Sale with Customers all over the World.

These unique Products collectively total in excess of 500+ Hours of Video and Related Training Materials and a selection of his creations can be seen on the various pages of his online store here:


Jonathan Royle's Books on Magic, Hypnosis & Mentalism are bought by Magicians, Mentalists & Hypnotists Worldwide

Jonathan Royle’s Books on Magic, Hypnosis & Mentalism are bought by Magicians, Mentalists & Hypnotists Worldwide

And as stated earlier he has numerous books on International Sale, a few of which can be seen here:


Considered by many to be one of the World’s Leading Exponents and Experts on “The Power of Suggestion” – “Hypnosis” & “The Placebo Effect” in this short video Fellow Hypnotist (one of Royle Students) Robert Temple Interviews him:

Royle is also an Experienced Magician & Psychic Style Mind Reading Entertainer and has acted as an adviser/consultant to many Famous Television and Media Names in the Industry.

He is an expert in using Magic Tricks & Methods as Metaphors and Visual
Stimulation during the Psychological Healing & Hypnotic Treatment Process.

Indeed he has also won Several Awards for his magical skills as shown here:


And also as further illustrated here:


In this Short Video Royle Demonstrates Hypnotic Arm Catalepsy for Hypnotherapy:

In this Short Video Royle Demonstrates The Power of Waking Eyes Open Hypnosis:

And in this Short Video Royle Demonstrates His “Visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques” treatment based upon “The Speakmans” “Visual Coding Displacement Technique” aka VCDT of which Royle is one of only a few people who has been trained and certified by them in the method.

The Speakmans & Back To The Future Delorian

The Speakmans & Back To The Future Delorian

Despite being renowned as a Creator of Cutting Edge Psychological Treatment Techniques, Royle is also constantly studying the works, approaches and techniques of others in order to constantly stay at the top of his field and at the links that follow can be seen just some of the numerous Diplomas, Certifications and Qualifications that he has earned over the years and holds on file.

PART ONE =  http://tinyurl.com/l68vjrm

PART TWO = http://tinyurl.com/ovwdde7

PART THREE = http://tinyurl.com/olpa4nr

PART FOUR = http://tinyurl.com/nv6t7oe

PART FIVE = http://tinyurl.com/nbjt6b3

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Growing up Royle had to deal with many issues in life and openly admits that on several occasions he both seriously considered and tried to end it all.

It was these early life experiences, combined with his Skills, Training, Knowledge and experience in Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Related Areas that led to him becoming involved in helping to set up and promote the 2017 “Men’s Suicide PREVENTION Campaign”

Fuller details on that campaign can be seen at this link:


(The Legal & Safe Alternative to Cocaine, Cannabis, Ecstasy, Heroin & MDMA)

Hypno High™ is a “world first”: a unique package of audio recordings that hypnotizes its users to relive “highs” and euphoria stored in their memory as a result of past recreational drug use.

The “Hypno-High” Concept has already received Positive Praise and Encouragement from Prince Charles, The former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Various MP’s and numerous Drug Rehabilitation Organisations.

Royle has been helping people (in person) to overcome their Drug Addictions using “Hypno-High” since the Late 1990’s & now also sells a Home Self-Treatment Version of it around the world –  https://sellfy.com/p/3xVn/





Hypnosis Expert Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D aka Lord Alex William Smith Turned into Cartoons

A Couple of years ago a truly talented Cartoonist named Martin Balaam attended one of my Hypnosis training events in London and we became friends.

Recently I have commissioned him to do some Custom Comedy Cartoons for me of which you can see images below and by clicking on each of them it will enlarge so
you can see and read them far more easily.

If only Cartoons Could become Reality LOL – Then Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch truly would be in trouble


For full details of my real life attempt to expose Dishonesty within Murdochs Media Empire and in particular from Murdoch’s now disgraced “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood check out the information & evidence at this link:
As you can see from the examples on this page, Martin is a truly talented Cartoonist
and I would 100% unreservedly recommend his services to you in which regards he can be contacted on expresscartoonsonline@gmail.comAnd Martin also has a page on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/Express-Cartoons-Online-108181719898832/ 

EXPOSED: Dr. Jonathan Royle Ph.D Hypnotist aka Lord Alex William Smith Magician, Mentalist & Hypnotherapist. – (The Real Truth Behind the Defamatory & Vindictive Lies and the Internet Harassment & Cyber Bullying Towards him from others on the Internet)

So It seems that some Sad Individuals have nothing better to do with their time than to post Defamatory Rubbish and Vindictive Lies on the internet in a manner that is quite clearly pre-meditated Internet Harassment and Cyber Bullying towards myself.

If you’ve seen any of their lies about me on the internet then the contents of this page, along with the information at the links posted below will prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt that these individuals are the only ones Guilty of attempting to mislead and misinform anybody on any level.

In the first instance check out the video above (and this one below) explaining the truth behind the main points and fully exposing the Long Term Vindictive Campaign of Fabricated Defamatory Postings & Attempted Incitement of Hatred by Andrew Newton Hypnotist (The Man Who Claims to have taught Paul McKenna) here:

And now just before I give you the links to the evidence and facts that I mentioned in the above video, here are some images of my Lord & Doctor Certificates and a little bit more information behind how I acquired them all:

Lord Alex William Smith aka Dr. Jonathan Royle

Lord Alex William Smith aka Dr. Jonathan Royle

Some very small minded and based on their internet post either misinformed or purposely vindictive authors of defamatory content have recently kicked up a right stink because I openly admit that I bought my Psychology Doctorate Degree Title from a now shut down non accredited USA University on the basis of it being awarded based on Accreditation of prior learning, Life and career Experience and also submission of a thesis on Hypnosis which is now on sale as a massive Encyclopedic book on Hypnosis on Amazon and from all major book retailers around the world


I also openly admit that years before that I had already got Ordained years ago for FREE (The Key Word there is FREE as there was no cost to get Ordained despite what some trouble causing liars have published stating otherwise) by The Universal Life Church (USA) https://www.themonastery.org/ordination and then obtained a Doctor of Divinity Religious Degree title from them.

I can only imagine how the heads of those people would explode when they find out that I also happily admit that I bought myself the title of Lord of Cork as shown in the image at close to the top of this page.

You could do so too http://www.buy-nobility-titles.com/irish-nobility-titles/lord-of-cork/a-70206/

It is Legal to get Lord added to your Passport http://www.buy-nobility-titles.com/buy-title/buy-your-nobility-title/ and having the title Lord on such things can lead to Courtesy upgrades on flights amongst other benefits.

Revd Alex William Smith aka Dr. Jonathan Royle

Revd Alex William Smith aka Dr. Jonathan Royle

The above image is of my Ordination Certificate from the Universal Life Church (USA)
in my birth name of Alex William Smith. The date on this one is 2004, but in truth I had
registered with them many years earlier, however sadly I lost my documents in a flood
and as I could not find any surviving details of my earlier Ordination I had to register again in 2004 just to make life easier.

Revd Jonathan Royle aka Lord Alex William Smith

Revd Jonathan Royle aka Lord Alex William Smith

The above image is of my Ordination Certificate from the Universal Life Church (USA)
in my Stage name of Jonathan Royle. The date on this one is 2004, but in truth I had
registered with them many years earlier, however sadly I lost my documents in a flood
and as I could not find any surviving details of my earlier Ordination I had to register again in 2004 just to make life easier.

When I first ever got ordained by The Universial Life Church as per https://www.themonastery.org/ordination I also took their Doctor of
Divinity Religious Honorary Degree Course and as a result obtained the right to
use the title Doctor or Dr. before my name.

For the record I took the course twice, once in my birth name of Alex William Smith
and again in my Stage Name of Jonathan Royle so that I could have Religious Degree
Certificates in both names, just like can be seen with my Revd documents shown earlier.

UPDATE = After Some additional time spent on the matter, I am now posting below a picture which confirms my Ordination as a Minister of The Universal Life Church dated
August 1995 and also below is an image of my “Doctor of Meta-Physics” and also my “Doctor of Divinity” Honoris Causa Religious Degrees from the Universial Life Church.

For those who may wish to take the Doctor of Divinity route, firstly use the link above to
become a Legally Ordained Minister of the Universial Life Church for FREE and then
check out this link:  https://www.themonastery.org/catalog/drofdivinitycertificatedd-p-68.html

I no longer live at the address shown on the above Universal Life Church Press card, however that is indeed the property that I bought 100% outright for CASH with no mortgages, loans, borrowing or finance of any kind being needed before I turned 30 years of age and the image below is the letter from the British Land Registry confirming that they had just registered me on their database as the owner of the said property.

As I say I no longer reside at that address, as the flat is now producing a rental income whilst I am currently living in a three bed-roomed house, although we are planning to move to an even bigger property in the very near future.

On occasion, one of my “competitors” (and I use the term loosely) will come out on the internet and say but YOUR DEGREE IS NOT REAL  – Well guess what?

I openly admit that I bought it on my courses, in my books and on my dvds and openly admit that is was awarded based on Previous Life and Career Experiences and Accreditation of Prior Learning.

The Company, which at the time I was under the impression was a Genuine University
from where I obtained my Psychology Degree as per image below and also the BSc in Marketing Communications as per above image (after submitting proof of my relevant prior work and life experience, copies of my training products and also a thesis on Hypnosis for one and Marketing for the other) was called Chelsea University and the website they used at the time can be seen at this archived link: http://tinyurl.com/mropcbm

However these next two documents show that my Psychology Doctorate Degree has been Apostilled by The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office here in London (UK) and although this only proves that the Solicitor Who signed such was told that this was a genuine document and thus by signing and stamping it signifies that it should be accepted as such (a genuine copy of the original) in any Country in the world that is subscribed to the Hague Convention, I was tricked at the time into believing that this meant it was worth more than the Non Accredited Degree that it actually turned out to be and which ever since I have always told everybody who attends my events and thus this is also fully disclosed in all of my relevant products released since then!!

In other-words I have never attempted in any manner and indeed never would, to deceive anybody about my “Degrees”…

And the Solicitor also signed and stamped the Degree Certificate that he was presented by Staff of Chelsea University who were the ones that told him it was an original and
genuine document, I was in no way involved in that transaction.

The irony is that I paid several thousand pounds in total to get what eventually turned out to be Non Accredited Vanity Degrees, when in fact I already held a Doctor of Divinity Religious Degree from the Universal Life Church (ULC) in both my birth name of Alex William Smith and also in my stage name of Jonathan Royle.

And it was 100% FREE to get Legally Ordained online at their website link here: https://www.themonastery.org/ordination-form

And then it cost less than $100 to get my Doctor of Divinity Religious Degree in both
my birth name and also my stage name from their website the current link for which is:


And of course one should also consider the very real fact that Doctor (Dr.) is NOT a protected title under British UK Law and consequently anyone may Legally and Lawfully use such title just so long as they do NOT mislead or purposely deceive people into thinking they are for example a Medical GP or other Medical Professional as that would indeed be considered Fraud and a Criminal Offense.

This article in the Guardian confirms that Doctor (Dr) is NOT a protected title and that anyone may use such Legally & Lawfully so long as they do not for example claim to be a Medical GP: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2006/apr/22/badscience.uknews

This post on the UK House of Commons (British Government) website also makes for interesting reading and confirms that as long as I don’t claim to be a registered Medical Practitioner (which I have never done and never would do) then in other regards the title of Doctor (Dr.) is NOT protected under British Law and so I can indeed use such even if I did not have bits of paper saying they granted me such right.


The most important thing to consider and remember is that you can easily see at some of the links already posted above, that I openly ADMIT on my own Blog that my degree is not accredited, there is absolutely no deception on my part and indeed on the vast majority of the products I sell I make it very clear as well, just as I do at all my live training events.

An even bigger irony is that I have over the years taught and then received hugely positive Testimonials and Praise for my Hypnosis & NLP Teaching Methods and Content from such Medical Professionals as Medical GP’s, Cancer Surgeons, Dentists, Nurses, Plastic Surgeons, HIV Nurses, Midwifes, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors and established “industry name” Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists and even Stage-Hypnotists of all types as can be seen from the small selection of the many testimonials we hold on file at the links which follow:

The numerous Testimonials here – http://tinyurl.com/mxsnkoh speak for themselves…

As do the ones at the following links as well:

(Therapy Students) – http://www.magicalguru.com/therapy-student-testimonials

(Marketing Students) – http://www.magicalguru.com/testimonials

The above image is just one of the many, many certificates that I have on file which I gained by attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hypnosis and related training courses with other Professionals in the Industry.

The above one is dated September 2004, and for the record I actually organised and promoted that event for the Speaker in question. 

And above is another one from the same speaker from another event that I organised and promoted (I gave the speaker a second chance despite the fact that some people walked out of their first event and demanded a refund due to their obvious lack of knowledge in certain areas and their inability to answer certain questions that were asked) this one is from May 2015.Notice that this is at least twice that this person has issued Certificates stating that those who received them could now call themselves “Advanced Hypnotic Consultant” and yet this is a person who has the audacity to criticize others when they do the same.
Shortly after this the individual stabbed my business partner and myself in the back and
ever since seems to have been on some kind of vindictive vendetta, which recently has turned into both Internet Harassment and Defamatory Cyber Bullying towards myself.

In regards to all the Defamatory Rubbish, Lies and Vindictive accusations this person (and in the past some others) have posted on the internet you would be wise to check out THE REAL TRUTH BACKED BY HARD EVIDENCE AND EASILY VERIFIABLE FACTS:


Are You A Member of Any of These Fake Organisations?

(All the Above Organisations are 100% GENUINE as explained at the link below)




Well all I am going to say to that is the numerous Testimonials here – http://tinyurl.com/mxsnkoh speak for themselves…



http://tinyurl.com/mhadtxk and also at http://tinyurl.com/n2paqg9



(And The Cars, Degree & Controversial Media Articles Etc)




Some are trying to make out that this initiative is dangerous and have missed the point that its about PREVENTION and we will NOT be treating anybody with Suicidal Thoughts.

All is explained at the following link where the replay of a Radio Interview I did can also be listened to:




In regards to me having been Inducted into the “Hypnosis Hall of Fame” as set up by The South African Academy of Hypnosis, this is not some lie on my part or indeed anyone’s part and the truth of the matter can be seen at this link:




Some Internet Liars have stated that I have only ever done a few
Stage-Hypnosis Shows and they falsely claim that these were all in Rochdale.

Well the fact is I have performed all over the world and most certainly not just in Pubs as some like to make out, from Theater’s and Universities to Cruise Ships and Five Star Hotels, I have performed on them all, some clips from my shows can be seen at:


And also at this link there are even more clips…


And for those who look closely at those links you’ll also soon discover that “The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists” – (P.O.S.H) has hugely successful Stage Hypnotist members all over the world and not just one member (me) as again wrongfully stated and published by some complete liars on the internet.


As I explain in the video below I was Bullied as a Child at School, However Fortunately now as an Adult, Online & Offline Harassment and Cyber Bullying are now considered very serious Criminal Offences as illustrated at this link:



Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner











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