Russian Roulette Mentalism – Spike Nail Dangerous Mind Reading – Randi Rain & Bizzaro Tetanus T2 Sterile – The Mentalists Cook Book DVD’s Jonathan Royle Mind Reader

Hi There!

Firstly here’s a link to me performing Randi Rains 100% Safe Russian Roulette Method “T2 Sterile” which I would unreservedly recommend.

The presentation, music, use of visuals and the patter structure etc are all of my own creation though:

And in this second video, you can see me perform a different methodology for this routine which is also, due to the methods used 100% safe unlike many versions which are available on the market, many of which people have been injured with whilst performing.

This methodology is mine and will be included on a future DVD training package which is expected to be released in Mid August 2012.

I hope you enjoy the two videos and would urge anyone wishing to perform a totally safe version of Russian Roulette Spike/Nail routines to either invest in Randi Rains T2 Sterile package and/or to look out for “The Mentalists Cook Book” DVD set which is due for release in August 2012.

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