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On Saturday 27th August the video of me being interviewed on Craig Petty’s Magic TV You-Tube Channel went live as Episode 187 and hundreds of people watched it before it was suddenly taken down we think just before Midnight UK Time on Sunday 28th August 2022.

Well now it is back up (but with approx. 10-15 minutes of the original interview removed due to Legal Threats) and can be watched as a video at the above link and also can be listened to at the link below as an Audio Podcast on The Talk Magic Podcast with Craig Petty as Episode 183.

Those who managed to watch the original UNCUT version before it was taken down to avoid causing any potential legal backlash for Craig Petty and his team (all of whom I had and have absolutely no desire to cause any problems or issues and thus was and am more than happy that to be 100% safe & covered they edited a certain bit out)  will know that I spoke a little about circumstances that led to my Magic Circle Lecture being cancelled back in 2017.

All I am going to say here is that The Jerx published this blog page on 27th June 2017
and none of the people involved or mentioned have ever managed (or tried as far as I know) to have it removed and so it has been there for over 5 years and 3 months now..

Therefore in turn it has from that link above been publicly in the public domain linking to the web archive of my blog page about the matter located on web archive here also for over Five Years & 3 months+ to date: 

And as illustrated on the Solicitors Site below the Statute of Limitations for alleged claims
of Defamation, Libel/Slander etc is 12 months and so that ran out for any parties mentioned at the links above by 26th June 2018.

In any event it always was (and still is) my position that none of the parties involved ever had any claim for any form of defamation other than me having been falsely accused by somebody of having multiple criminal convictions for things which I most certainly DO NOT have convictions for as illustrated at where the real truth behind
my 2 identical convictions for the same thing are all explained at that link.

So with that said if you’d like to:








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AN OPEN LETTER TO MAGICLEAKS & ALL USERS OF MAGICLEAKS. – Cease & Disist with Immediate Effect or Be Warned That Legal And/or Police Action May Be Taken Against You Under Various Internet Anti Harrasment, Anti Cyber Bullying and/or Liable and Defamation of Character Laws.


To Whom It May Concern,

With Immediate effect I Alex William Smith aka Jonathan Royle do hereby give you notice to Cease and Desist from the publication by yourself and/or of others of Defamatory and Untrue comments and/or information about me on the website known as and indeed any and all connected (directly or indirectly) other websites and/or Social Media sites, forums etc which you are in control of as site owner of

You can try and spin or distort things anyway you want, but the simple fact is, in the manner you have published this article, namely with obvious lack of research and total disregard for the easily found facts and evidence of the truth, YOU MAGICLEAKS are GUILTY of publishing stuff on the internet in a manner that could be seen to be INCITING HATRED against an innocent party.

To quote from your article above (of which Screen Shots have been taken as evidence):

“So, if you had anything positive to say about Royle (Alex Smith) you may want to reconsider your position. In the mean time, just check out this hilarious photo (from the previous article):”

That is quite obviously suggesting to people they should not have a Positive Position on me, which is therefore arguably inciting people into Hatred and thats ILLEGAL and very bad Journalism Indeed.

And that is ILLEGAL under various Laws as illustrated at this link –

YOU ARE FURTHER GUILTY of Moderating, Approving and Allowing Comments to appear on and connected Social Media/websites etc from Third Parties which also contain Defamatory, Untrue rubbish and stuff that clearly illustrates THAT YOU AS A SITE HAVE AND ARE INCITING HATRED towards me, when in actuality I am not Guilty in any manner or of anything that you and these third parties have accused me of.

This therefore is YOUR ONE AND ONLY WARNING, Failure to Cease and Desist with immediate effect and failure to ensure that you do not approve or publish any Defamatory and Bullying and Harassing untrue comments or comments containing untrue/defamatory/bullying/harassing elements or content from third parties onto your site will leave me no choice but to report you to all relevant authorities.

You are On Notice..

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle

PS: You would be wise to read every word on the page at the link that follows in
relation to the above warning:

PPPS: As I just replied to one persons comment on the Magicleaks News of The
world Article Page you would also be wise to consider this:


In which Case Anastaysia THINK ABOUT THIS..

I quote you:

A PLH must INFORM the Issuing Licensing Authority of:
any change of address;
any change of name;
any convictions or charges of drink driving;
any drugs related convictions or charges;
any convictions or charges of assault; or
any convictions or charges of any other serious crime, for example, murder or rape

Failure to comply to the above results in charges, convictions, fines and the revocation of a Personal Licence.

MY COMMENTS = IN which case if you truly think I am Guilty of something (WHICH I AM NOT) rather than continuing to be guilty of Internet Harassment and Internet Bullying which itself is ILLEGAL why not do something about it?

MY SUGGESTION – Contact My Local Licensing Authority as per the details shown on my personal license


As you most Correctly have pointed out if I were to be Guility in any manner of any of the above and had not notified them of such then AND ONLY THEN I would be guility as you suggest of not abiding by the rules as per and I quote you again:

A PLH must INFORM the Issuing Licensing Authority of:
any change of address;
any change of name;
any convictions or charges of drink driving;
any drugs related convictions or charges;
any convictions or charges of assault; or
any convictions or charges of any other serious crime, for example, murder or rape

Failure to comply to the above results in charges, convictions, fines and the revocation of a Personal Licence.


After all if I were to be Guility of anything you wrongly accuse me of then that would lead to:

Failure to comply to the above results in charges, convictions, fines and the revocation of a Personal Licence.

Indeed point them to this webpage whilst your at it, after all if I were to be guility (AND I NOT) of anything you accuse me of, then I’d also be guility of CRIMINAL FRAUD by virtue of my denials and posting of information here which I claim shows this rubbish IS NOT TRUE.

The simple fact is IT’S NOT TRUE (in context presented here as earlier explained) and I most certainly AM NOT GUILTY of any of that serious crap in the Fabricated and Engineered Hoax Medxia Article.

But seriously if your so sure that I am Lying, so sure I am a fraud and so sure that I am apparently guilty of stuff WHICH I MOST CERTAINLY AM NOT then please go waste some of your time and also the time of My Local Licensing Authority and REPORT ME TO THEM.

You See I Have Absolutely NOTHING TO FEAR as I know the truth, as does anyone with a braincell who reads the information (and researches it further) that I have already provided.

You don’t get vulnerable children released into your care by Social Services without first undergoing Background checks, Court Checks, Police checks and every other possible check you can think of.

I will Tell you all ONE LAST TIME – CEASE & DESIST with immediate effect from posting UNTRUE defamatory Libelous comments about me anywhere on internet, I most certainly consider it to be Bullying and Harassment under the relevant related laws, and should such continue reports will be made to the relevant authorities.

You Are On Notice.

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith

PPS: At time of posting this is relevant to the two articles that follow:

And this one at:

REVIEW: THE MIDNIGHT SIDE OF THE MIND by PAUL VOODINI – (A Unique Collection of Paranormal Style Routines For Psychic Entertainer & Bizarre Magician or Mentalist and Hypnotists – Reviewed by Jonathan (Alex William Smith) Royle


A New Book By – Paul Voodini – The Paranormal Entertainer

110 Large A4 Format Information Packed Pages

Supplied As a PDF Document.

Investment: £100 (To Keep it out of the hands of the merely curious)

Available From: 

A REVIEW – By JONATHAN (Alex William Smith) ROYLE


Earlier today I was delighted to find in my email inbox a copy of  the “Hot off the press” PDF Ebook “The Midnight Side of The Mind” by The Paranormal Entertainer himself Paul Voodini.

Now in fairness I’d have much preferred it if this book had been made available as a printed document, especially in this day and age of “Print on demand” publishers where it is both easy and cheap to have things printed professionally, however with that slight negative aside, please allow me to proceed..

For several hours now I have been sat at my computer and have already read this exciting publication from cover to cover twice in a row, and then felt compelled to go back to several sections a couple more times to take an even closer look, such is the potential for mystery, wonder and true amazement that I feel is locked within the pages of this modern day classic.

In essence there is actually next to nothing new in this book whatsoever (by this I mean in terms of the basic concepts) so why do I like it so much and why would I recommend it to any serious student of Mentalism, Paranormal and Psychic Entertainment and even Hypnotists both of the Stage and Therapeutic variety?

The truth is that since the days of Mesmerism and Magnetic Healing and Entertainments there were exponents demonstrating such things as Past Life Regression and the apparent miracle of giving people instant Psychic Ability.

However the old, rare and often hard to find texts on these subjects which detail such activities are all written from the perspective of a true believer, they are the works of a shut eye and it is clear from the descriptions I have seen in such old works that the results obtained were usually far more of the miss than of the hit variety.

It appears that Paul Voodini has independently re-created the idea of giving someone the ability to see spirits and gain so called Psychic Ability using their mind alone and has developed the routine which frankly is worth the price of this book alone to any serious minded professional mystery entertainer, namely “The Kiss of The Clairvoyant”.

The routine without doubt will prove to be both eerie, fascinating, spine chilling and amazing both to those who participate and those who witness its performance.

I would warn you however that there are no gimmicks to make this routine work, indeed this is the case in most all of Voodini’s routines, the truth is that the chance of failure is always there, however for those who proceed exactly as taught these occurrences will be rare and on these rare occasions those who take Voodini’s teachings to heart will still be able to produce a truly memorable and impressive piece of Psychic Style Theatre.

One thing is for sure the method and approach explained by Voodini is Ten Thousand times more reliable than the shut eye nonsense printed in old texts on Mesmerism and Magnetic Healing and is clearly written by someone who has honed this approach and these methods many times for real modern day audiences in the real world, this fact alone saves you having to find out things the hard way and makes the book worth the entrance price alone.

Within the pages Voodini also teaches a way to turn an audience member into a remote viewer where they are able to travel inside their mind into an audience members bedroom (or somewhere else) and with stunning accuracy describe the surroundings, the décor, objects and furniture in the room and more besides, this is the kind of routine that audiences will truly remember for years and in the wrong hands could be used by the dishonest to start a Cult Religion with ease!

Voodini’s ridiculously simple approach to Past Life Regression is awesome and I say that as someone who has performed an entire 2 Hr evening Past Life Show in Theatres & Civic Halls around the Northwest of England and also as someone who has conducted numerous Regressions for one to one clients at Psychic Fairs and also in my consulting rooms.

Voodini goes to great pains to state throughout this book that HYPNOSIS IS NOT USED and yet I would say that is a downright lie!

Admittedly it all comes down to your own beliefs on what Hypnosis truly is or isn’t, however in my opinion and experience the moment you get someone to close their eyes, relax and go through any form of ritualistic internal mental exercise or imagery, then THEY ARE HYPNOTISED…

That to be honest is my only Criticism of this excellent publication, and yet that criticism is small as Voodini goes to great pains to mention that Hypnosis should only be used with 100% attention to safety and when you truly know what you are doing for which I applaud him, his attention to the volunteers safety with what he terms his “Dreamscape” routines is also to be commended.

However I can’t escape from the fact that if you use the “Relaxation Process” that Voodini explains, especially when it is used after the selection process experiments (or suggestibility tests as many hypnotists call them) then the fact is that the vast majority of the people WILL END UP IN WHAT IS ARGUABLY HYPNOSIS and as such the scope for Ab-Reactions and/or potential emotional side effects of a negative nature is very real indeed.

To that end I would respectfully suggest that only those well versed, knowledgeable and skilled in the arts of Hypnotism should ever perform the routines generously shared within these pages by Voodini.

I know this will sound like a blatant plug for my own website (and in some ways it is) but for all reading this review I’d recommend that you go to and register 100% Free so that you can get (launch date coming very soon) a 100% FREE copy of my book “Confessions of a Hypnotist” and also some FREE (5+ hrs) of Hypnosis Training Videos.

These Free resources will teach you various Rapid Inductions which can be used to place people into trance and add to the theatricality of the routines that Voodini has crafted and perhaps more importantly will educate you into the ways of dealing with hypnotised individuals both for Stage and Therapeutic purposes, thus ensuring you are prepared for all potential occurrences!

For those of you who do Psychic – Reading’s, I can tell you from personal experience that offering personal 1 to 1 Past Life Regression Sessions or Past Life Parties can be very lucrative indeed and the approach taught by Voodini within this book is all you’ll need to set you on the right track to profit immensely from this arena.

There’s a lovely way to enable people to meet with their Spirit Guide (or for those into Native American Indians and Shamanism it could be framed as being their Protective Power Animal) that will prove memorable and rewarding g for the sitter, and whilst many may scoff in disbelief at Voodini’s approach to Psychometry I would urge any Fortune Tellers, Psychic Readers and even Mentalists of all kinds to leave their misconceptions behind and to actually give it a fair trial, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the results.

Overall this book contains many routines, along with approaches that with a little thought are easily adaptable and useable in so many other ways that I feel certain this book will inspire a whole host of new ideas, routines and miracles within the minds of everyone who reads it.

It is true this book is without doubt not for the eyes of the merely curious; this material would most likely be destroyed in all but the hands of an experienced performer and ideally in my opinion one who has knowledge, expertise and experience in both Mentalism, Cold Reading and Hypnosis.

This is as close as your ever going to get to REAL MAGIC or Real Psychic Style Phenomena, in closing I would say do not under estimate the power of these routines, approaches and techniques otherwise you will be doing both yourself and your audiences a grave disservice.

In closing I would say that I would unreservedly recommend this publication to any serious student of the mystery arts, but would respectfully suggest that they also grab a FREE copy of my book “Confessions of a Hypnotist” and the 5+ hrs of Free videos that I am giving away in a few weeks time at to ensure that you are fully versed in the art of hypnosis as whatever Voodini say’s its my honest belief that the methods explained in this book will easily, rapidly and due to the non hypnosis presentational context of the routines more deeply hypnotise the volunteers than more conventional approaches.

If you can afford it, If you feel your audiences and yourself deserve the closest thing to Real Magick & Psychic Phenomena as is humanly possible then you owe it to yourself to order this today – 

Indeed whilst your at Paul’s Site you’d be wise to invest in his other books “Reader of Minds” – (priced at £18) – “Pure Q & A” – (priced at £18)   and “The Paranormal Entertainer”  (priced at £18) – Then for just over £150 you’ll have all the material you’ll ever need to work Real Miracles! 

Rating: 9.5  (Out of A Possible Ten) 

NOTE: I would have given this a Ten out of Ten, But I truly do believe that to state the approaches taught are not hypnosis is a little misleading to say the least of the author.  I’m sure that he sincerely believes that to be true, however I shall beg to differ on that one!

Yours In The Mystery Arts

Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle –









AN OPEN LETTER FROM EQUITY MEMBER ALEX – LEROY aka JONATHAN ROYLE TO ALL WHO ATTEND OR ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE EQUITY STAGE HYPNOTIST’S – HYPNOSIS HYPNOTISM MEET UP – Wednesday 26th October At Guild House – London From 1pm to approx 4pm (To Discuss Stage & Street Hypnosis – Licensing – Laws – Health & Safety and other issues such as Professional Organisations)


Starts 1pm on 26th October 2011 

at Equity’s Guild House London Head Office

F.A.O: All Equity Registered Hypnotist’s


(Member M00134479)

(Also Known As Jonathan Royle of )

 Email:  Tel: 07050 – 377579

 Dear Fellow Equity Member Hypnotist’s

 The first and to date only Equity Stage Hypnotists meeting took place in Loughborough during May 2003 and it was agreed at that time that it should be a yearly event, a suggestion that was raised and also agreed upon as I understand it at that years Equity AGM, however for some reason the voted for and agreed upon promised yearly Hypnotists meeting never happened again until now!

So here we are, almost Eight and a Half Years later and we are finally being given another audience with Equity, something that I have been pushing for along with my colleague and Hypnosis Student, Former Yorkshire Equity Variety Branch Chairman Chris Lee for quite some time now.

So what has happened in the Past eight and a half years since the last Equity Stage Hypnotists meeting?

Sadly Equity member and Hypnotist Delavar (my original Hypnosis mentor and great friend) who was at attendance at the first meeting in 2003 has passed away, and other greats from the world of Stage Hypnosis such as Gil Boyne and Ormond McGill have also passed away.

However frankly where Equity is concerned very little indeed has happened in the past eight and a half years, they did finally manage to get an insurance policy for members, however at a cost of around £700+ per Hypnotist and amongst other things there were conditions attached to getting this insurance such as you have to be at least 25 years of age and any claims if made have an excess to be paid of £500.

Plus of course you had to be on The Equity Stage Hypnotists Register and agree to their code of conduct and rules in order to be eligible to get the policy, rules that include having no choice but to agree to perform subject to all elements of the 1952 Hypnotism Act and also the Government Guidelines of 1989 as amended in 1996.

Further the Stage Hypnotists Supervision Panel has to vet people and decide if they are acceptable for the insurance policy amongst other things.

These things immediately raise several important questions:

a)    Why has it taken almost eight and a half years for a second Equity Hypnotists meeting to take place?

b)   Why is the insurance policy, which unlike the majority of Equity Members has to be paid for from the Hypnotists own pocket on top of their yearly Equity Membership fee so damn expensive?

c)    Why do you have to be 25 years of age to get the policy? This itself for example meant that my hypnosis student and Equity Member Robert Temple could not get this policy and still can’t until next year when he turns 25 so has had to seek insurance from another source.

d)   Why is the excess payable by the Hypnotist if any claim is made so high at £500 per claim?

e)    Why do we have to abide by everything in the 1952 Hypnotism Act and Government Guidelines in order for the insurance to be valid, when in truth many Hypnotists perform on occasion without such Council Permissions being in place thus invalidating their insurance policy?

f)     Who exactly decides who should be on the Equity Stage Hypnotists supervision panel and what qualifies those who are appointed to decide if someone is suitable to get the insurance or not?

g)    Why is there no mention anywhere of the Hypnotist being obliged to have a current Home Office Health & Safety Executive Approved Risk Assessment for their acts in order for the insurance to be valid?

h)   Why is there no mention in the Equity Register of Hypnotists Rules of Membership that members are legally obliged to have a Risk Assessment for all of their performances, and are legally obliged to abide by all Health and Safety and Duty of Care Laws?

Please be aware that I raise and ask these questions in all seriousness and in light of the fact that I have been able to secure an independent insurance policy for my Stage Hypnosis Students which:

a)    Only Cost’s them £125 per year – Check out this video – (Note since that video due to the uptake of people taking out this insurance policy the price has been lowered from £150 down to £125)

b)   Provides Five Million Pounds Public Liability Cover (but if needed as required by a few UK Councils can be extended to Ten Million Pounds Cover on a “as needed” or yearly basis for a small additional charge.

c)    Clearly states that it covers for shows both indoors and outdoors

d)   Clearly states that it covers for any venues inUKorEurope

e)    For a tiny additional fee can be extended to cover for any other places you may wish to perform in the world on either an “as need” or yearly basis.

f)     Has an excess on any claim of Less Than £500.

g)    Has already been proven by many of my Hypnosis Students to get them licenses granted by Council Licensing Districts all over England,Wales and Scotland with ease…

h)   Anyone from the age of 18 can get the policy and you don’t have to be vetted by some supervision panel before being able to get it.

i)      In short in all cases is FAR CHEAPER than the Equity Policy and in truth is the CHEAPEST policy of its kind available anywhere in the UK Today for use by Stage & Street Hypnotists, and also for use by Magicians and Mentalism Performers who combine Hypnosis with their tricks.

Now admittedly the downsides (although many of these points are also MAJOR POSITIVES) to this £125 a year policy are as follows:

a)    To Qualify for the insurance you must have studied “The Transparency Template” Hypnosis Home Study Course as per – To do this requires a one time investment of just £79-95p payable to or contacting Russell J Hall at Magick via

b)   You must be a member of The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists (POSH) which incorporates The Association of Professional Stage Hypnotists (APSH) and which conveniently you are granted FREE Lifetime Membership to when you have studied “The Transparency Template” DVD’s of which details of their full contents can be seen at this web link:

c)    You must have a Professional Standard Health & Safety Risk Assessment in place for your act, something that is taught in depth on The Transparency Template DVD’s by an experienced Health and Safety Officer who as one of my past Hypnosis Students now also works as a Stage Hypnotist and so is uniquely placed to advise on such matters.

d)   The Policy does not say that it is for Stage or Street Hypnotists and in truth does not mention the word Hypnotist or Hypnosis, however you can still perform 100% Legally (as advised on the DVD’s) advertising yourself as a Hypnotist without any problems and be covered in all manners by the insurance for all your Hypnotic Style Activities just so long as you do them as instructed and advised on “The Transparency Template” DVD package.

e)    The actual Policy states that it is for Mind Magicians – Persuasionists and Psychological Illusionists who use a combination of NLP – Verbal Linguistics – Psychological Trickery and Human Manipulative Psychology in their acts and performances to create Hypnotic Style Phenomena.  Check out the meanings of all those words and you’ll realise that however you look at it the policy DOES COVER HYPNOTIST’S for exactly what we do, especially when you follow the advice and instruction on “The Transparency Template” DVD’s.

Some Other Positive Points To Consider About This Are:

a)    It is a Legal Requirement for any business to have a proper Risk Assessment in place and after studying this package you will most certainly have that, indeed it will be to a level that is far superior to any Risk Assessment you may currently have been using.

b)   The policy is Hundreds of pounds cheaper each year than anything else on the market and for the record is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

c)    Many of my past hypnosis students have already been using this policy for the past year and have had absolutely no issues in getting licenses granted by any Council District.

d)   Indeed one of my students using the policy together with the Risk Assessment put together as per The Transparency Template and also in combination with the application advice given on the DVD’s has successfully had a blanket One Year License granted which allows them to work anytime, anyplace, anywhere in Herefordshire without having to make separate applications for each show as is usually the case, and there is no reason why you could not achieve the same by following the advice given.

e)    It is already a requirement in Americathat all Hypnotists must study a Hypnosis Health and Safety Course and provide proof of such before any insurer will grant them coverage for their acts and it is likely that at some point in the future this may well become the case in England and elsewhere as well. Therefore by studying “The Transparency Template” you will already be ahead of the game as it is FAR MORE COMPREHENSIVE in its contents and training relating to Hypnosis Laws, Licensing, Insurance and Health and Safety than anything else that has ever  been released anywhere in the world – indeed former UK Resident Quicknotist Reg Blackwood of New Zealand has stated that these DVD’s should be mandatory study for all Hypnotists whatever their prior experience as illustrated here –

f)     Indeed as well as that glowing testimonial above UK Equity Member Brian Halliday (aka Mindpunisher and Shrink on The Magic Café Forum) has recently stated:

The transparency template is a modern encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis on DVD. With more information than you will ever be able to use it covers the subject in depth.    Jammed with inductions, suggestibility tests and just about every aspect of performing stage hypnosis you could think of. It also has well researched sections that cover the legal, health and safety aspects something that every hypnotist should know about before stepping on to the stage. I recommend it for that alone.
From: Brian Halliday aka Mindpunisher & Shrink (on Magiccafe Forum)

g)    And for those who may not work in England and are wondering will the contents of these DVD’s actually be of use to them, well be assured we also discuss the Legal, Health and Safety and other issues for performing in all other places all over the world as illustrated by this testimonial:

 Jonathan Royle / Alex presents his material very candidly! I appreciate that! I have purchased a number of his training items (living in the States, live-training is a far-reach option for me) and I love each of them. Each item has over-delivered. Being a clinically certified hypnotherapist and a certified stage hypnotist for 6 years, in addition to my initial training, I have taken many additional training courses. Jonathan’s training materials have taught me many items, techniques, insights, perspectives that I never learned in my initial live training courses! Most recently, I purchased the Transparency Template – LOVE IT. Great work, Jonathan, thank you. I’m constantly going back to it, it is beyond just training, it is a resource. The Health & Safety training it contains is worth many times the tiny investment alone! Additionally, Jonathan has extended himself for consult, even simple questions, regarding anything hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy, stage hypnosis, etc. He’s a personal person – the hypnotist’s hypnotist. Thanks, very much, Jonathan! Matthew Fallon – (USA) –

You Would Also Be Wise To Consider The Facts That…

 a)    I have sold the rights to “The Transparency Template” DVD’s in their entirety to Russell Hall of Magick in Sheffield– and therefore I do not personally profit any further in any manner at any time from the sales of these DVD’s.

b)   When you have studied the DVD’s and become eligible for the insurance (the source of which is revealed in the training package) you will be dealing directly yourself with the insurance company and I do not get any form of commission or kick back as that would be illegal as I am not an insurance broker. My only involvement has ever been to spend months and months contacting every insurance company in England and negotiating this policy for the benefit of those in the Hypnosis Industry.

c)    I won’t even get to find out that you’ve bought the DVD’s or have obtained the insurance policy (unless you tell me yourself) so you don’t have to let your ego or any personal issues you may have towards me get in the way of saving yourself money and becoming the SAFEST and most COMPETENT Hypnosis performer than you could ever become.

d)   For those who may be put off studying my materials due to believing all the rubbish, rumours and lies that certain individuals post on the internet or the fabricated rubbish they may have read in the media I’d strongly advise you to discover the Real Truth and Facts as revealed here –

e)    Be aware that by studying my materials you will be in good company as I am already responsible for the training of many Stage Hypnotists who are now members of EQUITY and also have trained people who are members of The Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists (FESH) and also people who have been members of The European Guild of Professional Stage Hypnotists (EGPSH) and/or The British Council of Professional Stage Hypnotists (BCPSH) whilst also having acted as a consultant and/or adviser to some of the biggest names to ever make it big in our industry as illustrated at and also at     

f)     Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to you of studying the “Transparency Template” DVD’s is the fact that after extensive consultation with various Legal Experts and extensive Legal Research, you will discover numerous ways to enable you to perform 100% Legally, Lawfully, Safely and in a fully Insured manner without ever needing to apply for any form of Local Council Permission or License (even and especially in Towns and areas of which there are still several who make it clear that they won’t grant licenses for shows to perform in their area) this tried, tested and proven to work information alone can make getting more bookings easier.


 g)   And for those times when you do have to (or choose to) apply for a License from the Local Authority you’ll discover how (in the vast majority of cases) to get this granted FREE OF CHARGE even in areas where you may have been charged by the Council before thus saving you money into the bargain!


 h)   You’ll learn the proven approach to applying for Licenses that ensures they are granted without fail and more importantly granted on YOUR TERM’S thus meaning for example that if you want to perform Human Full Body Catalepsy or similar stunts in your show (as Derren Brown did in his recent tour) then you can choose to do so 100% Legally & Lawfully (as long as all Health and Safety elements are in place as advised) without being restricted by the 1989 Government Guidelines as amended in 1996 which are usually attached as a condition of licenses being granted under the 1952 Hypnotism Act.


So With Reference To Health & Safety – Cheap Insurance – Risk Assessment’s and UK Hypnosis Laws for Stage Hypnotists that’s all I want to say for the benefit of those attending the 2011 Equity Stage Hypnotists Meeting, so now onto the subject of Illegal, Dangerous, Uninsured Street Hypnotists.

In recent years an alarming and worrying ever increasing number of Hobby Hypnotists have been popping up all over the place and going out on the Streets and also into Licensed premises across the land hypnotising people for fun without having the correct insurances, licenses or other health and safety stuff in place (such as the correct safety knowledge and risk assessments etc).

Indeed in many cases these people have not even been taught enough about hypnosis itself and their lack of hypnosis training alone makes them potentially dangerous to their subjects and the hypnosis industry as a whole.

I and many of my colleagues have made numerous attempts to make these almost “cultish” groups aware that they are breaking laws and should have the correct insurances and risk assessments and such in place but to no avail.

Not only have the majority chosen to ignore the advice they have been given, several of those who run courses teaching people “Street Hypnosis” have actually stated on public forums that in their opinion there is no need for licenses etc and that what they are doing is not illegal or dangerous.

Many of these people who are running these “Street and Impromptu” hypnosis courses are actually EQUITY MEMBER’S and thus by their actions are potentially bringing Equity’s name into disrepute, further many of the people they have taught are Equity Members in their professional role of Mentalism or Magical Performer and in many cases are stating on their websites that they offer Hypnosis in conjunction with their magical and mentalism performances and thus again their “Street Hypnosis” activities could potentially bring Equity and also the Hypnosis Industry as a whole into disrepute when a serious accident occurs, as unfortunately is guaranteed to happen sooner or later.

Evidence against one of the main culprits (Anthony Jacquin) whom is an Equity Member can be seen at this link here: (For the record I have nothing personal against Anthony Jacquin, my only objections are to his lack of regard for the laws, Health & Safety and such like)

Now Let me make this quite clear, I have absolutely no personal axes to grind here and in truth have nothing against the idea of Hypnosis being performed on the Street and in public just so long as it is done Legally, Lawfully, in a correctly INSURED manner and most importantly SAFELY.

This also applies to all the Magicians and Mentalism performers who combine a little “hypnosis” into their work, many who have been arguing on the internet that because they don’t do a full hypnosis show they don’t have to have such insurance (relevant to hypnosis) , risk assessments and such like in place which itself is untrue to say the least as such things are legal requirements and to not have such in place is I am advised actually CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE under various laws.

Videos Galore are popping up on You-Tube on an almost daily basis of these “Street Hypnotists” placing people into positions of potential danger by for example hypnotising them close to the edge of pavements as traffic rushes by and such like, where all it takes is for someone to have an abreaction and they could fall or run into the road and get seriously injured if not killed.

For the record in April 2010 I received this letter from The UK Central Governments department of Culture, Media and Sport explaining their position on Street Hypnosis which can be seen by logging into Facebook and then looking at the letter here –

As you can see at the above link in their opinion “Street Hypnosis” is indeed a Licensable Activity despite the trainers of this “new wave” hypnosis and the majority of their misinformed and misguided students stating on various internet forums that in their opinion this is not the case!

To further clarify matters I personally wrote to Every and I do mean Each and Every (in excess of 400+) UK Council Districts Licensing Enforcement Legal Departments to see what their expert legal advisers opinions are on this matter and it was no surprise to me that reply after reply after reply confirmed that I was and am correct that Street Hypnosis is a licensable activity.

A copy of the letter that I sent to ALL UK Councils along with a small selection of the 100’s & 100’s of written replies that I received can be seen by logging into Facebook and looking at this link:

Incidentally copies of all the Original replies from the hundreds that I received are included along with copies of letters expressing various Legal Experts opinions on the matter (which all essentially confirm that I am right in what I have stated) are included within the “Transparency Template” Hypnosis Health and Safety training package available as per –

A Letter from the Experienced Health & Safety Officer Stuart Cassels who is one of my past Hypnosis Students and now works as a Stage Hypnotist (Harrizon The Hypnotist) explaining in a totally rational and logical manner THE REAL DANGER’S OF STREET HYPNOSIS can be seen by logging into Facebook and then taking a look at this link:

And On the Wall of the Facebook Group “Protect The Hypnosis Industry and Stop Illegal Street Hypnosis” you can see a few samples of the numerous videos that there on on you-tube of the accidents that have already taken place

At the hands of so called “Street Hypnotists” – (You may need to click on the link for “older posts” at the bottom of the page to look at these video examples)

Let me repeat again that I have nothing against the idea of Street Hypnosis on condition that people have been properly trained in Hypnosis, and do things in a 100% Legal, Lawful, INSURED & SAFE manner…

I also have nothing against anyone teaching others Hypnosis just so long as they in turn teach their students how to do things in a 100% Legal, Lawful, INSURED & SAFE manner…

I do however feel that anyone who refuses to face up to the facts outlined above and continues to do Street Hypnosis etc or teaches people and does not advise them of the above information and the truth that these are Facts and Truthfully Correct should be thrown out of Equity as to ignore such facts is Negligent to say the least.

I would propose that Any Equity Member whether using Hypnosis for Stage Hypnotism Shows, in the context of Street Hypnosis or just in combination with Magic and Mentalism should be required to prove that they have studied the “Transparency Template” Home Study Course as per the details at – To do this requires a one time investment of just £79-95p payable to or contacting Russell J Hall at Magick via

As stated earlier I have Zero Financial interest or gain to make from the sale of this product, and my only reason for making such a suggestion is the sincere desire to:

a)    Protect The General Public From Badly Trained – Unlicensed – Uninsured & Dangerous Stage & Street Hypnotists.

b)   To Protect the reputation of the Hypnosis Industry.

c)    To help my fellow Hypnotists to get cheaper insurance and to ensure that they always perform 100% Legally, Lawfully, Insured correctly and in a SAFE manner at all times.

If there were some other training resource available on the market to do this I’d be recommending that, but the fact is nothing comes anywhere close to the content of “The Transparency Template” as illustrated by the reviews at the links given earlier and also at this link here:

That’s pretty much all I want to say about Street Hypnosis….

Next I’d like to raise the point of an article that appeared in the Sunday Times on Sunday 22nd August 2010 which was written by Marie Woolf  (Whitehall Editor) and titled “Tories Call Time on Town Hall Snoops” a copy of which can be seen at this Facebook Link –

Apparently the new Government are trawling through acts of parliament to find outdated ones, those that could invade on peoples privacy, and also those which are hardly ever enforced or create too much paperwork for no particularly good reason and one of the things they are proposing to scrap is the 1952 Hypnotism Act.

Now should that occur on the one hand it would make life far easier for all UK Based Hypnotists to work, get shows and earn their livings, however it would be even more important to ensure that all Hypnotists were obliged to have the correct level of training (especially in Health & Safety etc) before they are let loose on the general public.

Remember even if they do go ahead and abolish the 1952 Hypnotism Act as part of this initiative, you as a Hypnotist will still be subject to Duty of Care and Health and Safety Laws and as such it will still be just as important for you to have studied such things to the level they are covered in “The Transparency Template” –

Details of which are at – To do this requires a one time investment of just £79-95p payable to or contacting Russell J Hall at Magick via

And That’s Just About All Folks….

On the subject of work available for Hypnotists its my experience that despite the recession and other factors such as the smoking ban, effects of the Licensing Act 2003 and suchlike that there is still plenty of well paid work available for those who are good at Marketing, Publicity and Promotion.

So to that end if any of you feel you want to be making more money from your hypnosis skills then I’d suggest you sign up now for free here at: – then you’ll get an email in a few weeks time on the official launch date when you will gain access to around 4 hours of  FREE TRAINING VIDEO’s that will show you exactly how to make Far More Money from your Hypnotism Skills…

Theres no obligation to buy anything, the approx 4 hours of training videos will be yours to watch completely Free of Charge and will reveal how to make far more money from your hypnosis business so sign up now at –

So Now Having Read This I Honestly Don’t Think there’s anything else that needs discussing at the Equity Hypnotists meeting so its time for me to go!

Have a great day guys and sorry I can’t be with you in person at the event, but frankly I’ll be too busy earning money from Hypnosis to be there and anyhow I’ve got to go to London that very weekend for the International Hypnosis Conference – at which I am making a presentation.

Have you booked your place to attend yet?

I’ll be at all the events (including the VIP stuff) so look forward to meeting some of you there in person.


Alex-Leroy aka Jonathan (Alex Smith) Royle –


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Urgent News Feature – Camp Comedy Hypnotist Take’s A Trance on Success At Guys As Doll’s Gay – Lesbian – Bi-Sexual and Straight Friendly Cabaret Showbar Venue in Burnley Lancashire England on Sunday 14th August 2011



(Outrageously CAMP Comedy Hypnotist Take’s A TRANCE on Success At Burnley Gay Venue)

Controversial International Television & Media Hypnotist & Mind Magician Jonathan Royle, aged 35 of Rochdale, Lancs, will be making his debut at Burnley’s legendary “Guys As Doll’s” Cabaret Showbar on Sunday 14th August 2011.

Presented by Royle who many have said on stage is “As Camp As A Row of Pink Tents” This Hilarious Adults only Comedy Show is like a White Knuckle Roller Coaster Ride to the centre of your imagination and gives you the audience members the real Trance To Be The Stars of the show.

Tickets are just £2-00 & doors open at 8pm and show starts around 9pm for this unique show where thanks to Royle’s Powers of Evangelical Persuasion & Psychological Illusion even the most timid audience members are transformed into superstars.

Men appear to start giving birth to babies, others are instantly transformed by the power of their minds into being the worlds greatest Drag Queens, and yet other men find that their Private Parts have started talking to each other or that they have been transformed into the Worlds Greatest Sexual Psychic Agony Aunt.

Women find that with a click of their fingers their breasts have disappeared, that suddenly they can see those they desire in the audience completely in the nude and that they suddenly are the star of their own highly surreal imaginary episode of the Jerry Springer Show or experiencing explosive Orgasms every time they hear a certain noise.

And they are just the things we dare tell you about here, its true to say that this show is certainly not for the easily offended and indeed in the past Royle has been dubbed as a bizarre cross between Chubby Brown and Bernard Manning with a little bit of Julian Clary thrown in for good measure.

Indeed Sex Toys, Inflatable Dolls & Other outrageous props are used throughout this often shocking yet amazing adults only show which is being filmed and footage of which may possibly be used in a forthcoming television project to be presented by Jonathan Royle.

And perhaps what’s Strangest of all is that Royle has named his new show “I Can’t Believe Its Not Hypnosis” and claims that Nobody is actually ever hypnotised during this evening of Comedy Mind Magic and Psychological Illusion.

So come along and find out for yourself whether Royle is “Lord of the Trance” or just a cheeky “Magical Mind Manipulator” on Sunday 14th August as it really is your Trance To Be The Star Of The Show at The Guys As Doll’s Cabaret Showbar located at133-135 St. James Street,Burnley,BB11 1PD.

More Show Details Here:

Facebook Page –



More About Jonathan Royle’s Bizarre and Controversial Career can be seen at – and also at and of course

*For the Record The Show on 14th August also marks Royles 36th Birthday Celebrations and also the start of his 33rd year in Showbusiness.

*As illustrated here Jonathan Royle is also an experienced ethical Professional Hypnotherapist able to help people in many areas of their life’s and especially experienced in helping people to overcome emotional torments (such as coming to terms with being gay) and of course to eliminate Habits, Addictions, Fears and Phobias from their everyday life’s through mind power alone! 


Images which can be used as part of your feature article may be obtained at  (Just click on the small image to open the large print size version)

Others can be obtained at – and And  And also


Email –

Facebook –

Tel: 07050 – 377579





As far back as 1990 Jonathan Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy was regularly featured in International Media Publication “Psychic News” during which time they dubbed him the New Uri Geller and Doris Stokes rolled into one. 

Over the past 20+ years his “Psychic Style” performances have often included routines where he apparently helps an audience member to develop their own powers so they are then able to read the minds of audience members in a most amazing fashion. 


In more recent years he has even performed routines where a person located anywhere in the world on the end of a mobile telephone line is given the power to read the minds of audience members, again in a manner where all concerned will be truly astounded. 

Routines such as this (and the principles behind them) were used with great effect in Royle’s European Television Series “Life In The Bus Lane” which was filmed in Amsterdam in what is now fast approaching a decade ago. 

We mention this not to show off, but just to illustrate and clarify that Royle has for many of the routines and variations that follow got media and/or video documentation of having performed them for years. 

This is important to note with so many similar sounding routines and ideas having been released in recent months and years. 

We should further like to point out that one of the approaches used in one of the routines is based in part on work by Kenton Knepper and indeed prior to publication we obtained written permission from Kenton who was also generous enough to add some suggestions, advice and insights of his own to the project. 

And for those who notice some similarities in the routines you will learn and which will become possible and practical to you after reading this ebook with those recently released by Kennedy & Colin McLeod, for the record Royle has spoken to both parties about the methods used and has both established that a different methodology is, in the main being used in these routines and more importantly both Kennedy and Colin McLeod were both kind enough to give Royle their blessing in releasing this project. 

Indeed both Kennedy and Colin McLeod were also kind enough to suggest additional ideas and subtleties for one of the main principles and approaches explained within this book. 

The work that follows is not intended for the merely curious or the hobby performer but rather for the serious success minded working professional. 

All of the routines and ideas contained within this unique new “Klear Thoughts” package have been performed in the real world (unless stated otherwise) and the bonus materials that those who secure a copy today will also be sent have as you will see later on further down this page received rave reviews from major names in the world of Mentalism – Magic and Hypnosis. 

Remember this package, as presented here is Strictly a Limited Edition and will without doubt be restricted to a Maximum of 200 signed and numbered copies worldwide. 

Yes that’s right only 200 people will ever have the chance to get their hands on the contents of the “Klear Thoughts” ebook, when these 200 copies are gone this item will be removed from sale and never again be available. 

Therefore in order to ensure that this ebook remains as intended for the limited few serious minded individuals who will appreciate the miracles they will have available to them, it is a condition of purchase that you agree to never divulge the secrets within the pages of “Klear Thoughts” and also that you will never sell, loan or give away your copy to anyone in any manner. 

Amongst the invaluable routines, ideas and techniques that you will learn from the pages of “Klear Thoughts” are:       


In this powerful routine, the freely chosen friend or relative of a randomly chosen audience member reads the minds of the audience from a long distance over a mobile telephone. Watch this video clip of Jonathan Royle performing this at a training seminar and you can see how impressive the routine is, especially when you consider that there is no pre-show, no dual reality, no stooging or instant stooging of any kind. Watch the video now –   


This is a variation of Royles Hot Line routine which allows a randomly chosen audience member to become the mind reader without any pre-show. Two versions are explained one where the onstage volunteer reads the minds of 3 audience members who are thinking of playing cards they have chosen at random and a second version where they are able to read the minds of 3 (or more) audience members and reveal the randomly chosen words that all of them are merely thinking of with nothing being written down by them at any time. 


A discussion & detailed explanation of the technique which inspired the name for this ebook collection. You’ll be taught a simple way to easily make an ingenious  low cost gimmick that will enable you to turn any audience member into an instant mind reader with the greatest of ease and without any form of pre-show work. 

This is a real time, real world method which used as taught in this publication will truly amaze everyone including the volunteer on stage who successfully ends up reading the minds of audience members. 

With a Little thought those who have a copy of 13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda and some commonsense will easily be able to as suggested within the pages of this ebook duplicate the kind of effects you may have seen performed by the famous names on Televison. 

Yes that’s right not only will this gimmick enable you to turn people into instant mind readers in a manner where all involved will be just as amazed as the watching audience, but also you will learn how to take random audience members and apparently read their minds in the cleanest manner possible. 

Using the gimmick you can appear to read their minds and reveal their innermost thoughts without any pre-show, without anything being written down by them and just by merely asking them to mentally think of a memory from their life, you are then able to reveal the memory they are thinking of and intimate details surrounding the memory which are confirmed by the spectator to be correct.    


Would you like to be able to during your act apparently ask 3 random members of the audience to stand up and then one by one be able to tell them exactly what their Star Sign is without any pre-show work, no stooges or instant stooging, no cueing, nothing written down, in fact this looks as close to pure direct real psychic style mind reading as you are ever going to get and you’ll also discover how this approach could also be used to reveal other pieces of personal information about “random” volunteers which you could apparently have no logical or possible way of knowing. 

As a bonus Royle also reveals how it is possible to turn a randomly chosen audience member into an instant psychic mind reader so they are able to tell three people apparently chosen at random what their Star Signs are! Again no pre-show work and once again a guaranteed audience killer. 


This unique solution to the legendary Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN) made famous by David Berglas is probably the cleanest and most practical method you will ever learn. Only a handful of people have ever been taught this method during a special workshop Royle held inBournemouthas part of The Southern England Magic Convention (SEMC) 2011.

 With this routine a sealed envelope is shown and everyone is told that this contains a prediction which will be referred back to later, then a deck of cards is handed to a randomly chosen audience member who shuffles the deck to their hearts content and then they are handed back to the performer who gets someone else randomly chosen by the first spectator to name a playing card in a very open and fair manner.

 The cards are now once again shuffled by another randomly chosen spectator who is then asked to place them face down onto the table in front of all to see.

 A final randomly chosen spectator chooses any number between 1 and 52 and then they count down to that number in the face down deck on the table. 

The randomness of everything is recapped on and then the prediction envelope which has been in full view at all times is picked up and opened, the contents being removed and much to everyone’s amazement inside the envelope is one playing card which is an exact duplicate of the card which was freely named by the audience member. 

Once the applause has died down the performer instructs the onstage volunteer to turn over the last card they counted, namely the card which was at the position of the number which was also freely selected and miraculously it is discovered to be the exact card that was freely named and it was found at the exact number that was freely named. 

The deck of cards can then be given away to the spectator to keep as they are totally normal and genuine in very manner. 

It is important to note that this method is ideal for table hopping as well as stage work and indeed for close-up performers can be rest in a matter of seconds with ease. 

There is no pre-show work, no cueing, no palming or difficult sleight of hand, no stooging or instant stooging, no clever linguistics required, and no dual reality or similar, indeed the effect on any audience is quite simple and honestly as clean as the miracle you have read above. 

Indeed Tony Black (Anthony Galvin) of has stated on several magic forums after seeing Royle perform this routine at The Southern England Magic Convention 2011 that it is perhaps the most commercially practical version of the “Holy Grail” that he has ever seen!   


This is another Solution for the Any Card At Any Number plot which Royle has been working on for many months, and whilst this has (as yet) not been used in paid performances, Royle has road tested the method on friends and whilst out socially with great results. 

You’ll discover how to make two special decks of cards and then in conjunction with two other real world magical principles that have stood the test of time you will be able to perform what will appear to most audiences including many magicians an incredibly clean version of A.C.A.A.N 

A perceptively even cleaner version (well to magicians at least) which requires you to make four special decks is also explained, although to be honest Royle has found that the two deck version is just as impressive to a lay audience. 

As always the effect to the audience is that a playing card and number are freely named and then an audience member counts down to that number in a deck which they will recall has been in full view at all times to find that the freely chosen card is indeed at the freely chosen number, and yes afterwards the rest of the deck can be shown to be all different. 


The official release date for this publication will be Monday 22nd  August 2011 and all orders will be dispatched as an ebook supplied on a physical CD-ROM that will be signed and numbered and sent by First Class Signed for traceable and insured delivery at no extra cost anywhere in the world. 


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And Consider that amongst all the Bonus Materials you will also find “Royles Thoughts On The One Ahead Routine” which when published within the pages of Paul Rohamnys Mental Epic Compendium caused Magic Reviewer Cris Johnson to state: 

“There are so many routines to explore that while I have combed through this book cover to cover, I haven’t retained nearly as much as I like. Personally, one of the most mind-blowing routines in the entire book is Jonathan Royle’s “Royle’s Thoughts on the One-Ahead Principle.” I challenge you to read this section of the book and not feel energized by what appears to be a simple card routine. It is, for me, one of the most stunning routines I’ve ever read. I only wish I could have seen it performed and experienced the impossibility of it before reading about the work. While I don’t expect any Mentalist who hates using playing cards in his/her act to be totally converted after reading that section, I do believe that this routine has the BEST chance to cause some of these folks to re-consider some of their views.” –   

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