Royle Hypnotist Live in Blackpool – MagicSeen Errors & Hypnosis Truths 

royle in blackpool

Royle Hypnotist Live in Blackpool – MagicSeen Errors & Hypnosis Truths 

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Today I have 3 Things that could interest you greatly..

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royle in blackpool

Magic-Seen Magazine Issue 106 Interview of Jonathan Royle – FULL UNCUT VERSION

Issue 106 FRONT

You can buy a PDF or Printed Edition of Magic-Seen Issue 106 from their site located at 

For this interview I was sent a whole host of Questions by the Magic-Seen Team all of which I gave detailed answers to and returned and some (many) of which have made it to publication in Issue 106 (September 2022) of the Magic-Seen Magazine.

However some answers I gave did not make it to publication (due to lack of space) and I have therefore decided to publish the FULL UNCUT text of all the questions I was sent and all of the answers that I have on this page here.

Page One



(How Royle Accidentally Became a Professional Stage Hypnotist)

What did you get up to during lockdown?

To keep myself occupied during the Pandemic, I set up my Hypnosis Week Podcast and have now interviewed almost 100 experts for the show.

These experts have included Stage Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, Body Language Experts, Spiritualist Mediums and even Magicians & Mentalists all of whom I have managed to get to share invaluable advice, experiences and knowledge, that when followed can help anyone become a far better Hypnotist and in many cases also a better Magician or Mentalist.

Indeed the interviews I’ve done with Legendary Svengali Deck Pitch Artiste Mark Lewis and the one I did with House of Illusion Founder Rodney James Piper are full of Gold for Magicians & Mentalists as is my show with Magician Spyros Melaris about the Psychology behind his Alien Autopsy The Greatest Hoax of all time which can all be watched or listened to free of charge at

I’ve also kept myself busy by converting loads of old live show and Television performance footage from over the past few decades from VHS tapes to digital format and added tons of Magical, Mentalism & Hypnosis clips and videos to my CelebrityHypnotist You-Tube Channel located at

You started off in magic and got into hypnosis by accident?

Yes it’s true I never intended to make my name or the majority of my career as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist.

I was born into a travelling Circus Family and as such started performing aged 3 and a bit as Flap the Clown on Gandey’s Circus with my dad Les-Le-Roy aka Tizzy the Clown and by the age of 8 was performing Magic in professional shows.

But along the way I learnt Hypnosis to help myself overcome the depression caused by bullying of which I was a regular victim of at School due to being seen as “the odd one out” as the Circus Kid.

By the time I was about twelve I was doing a Dove Production Act and also a full Box Illusion act on my family’s Circus Showtime shows,  on Olde Time Music Hall style theatre Variety Shows and at events like The Royal Lancashire show in the VIP tent where one of my Doves flew off and spent around an hour flying around shitting into everyone’s drinks from above.

I always intended to be a full time Magician and Illusionist once I left School, and indeed had a tour of Holiday Parks lined up as part of an Illusion Double Act with my good friend David Arkay from Cumbria which I had to withdraw from at the last minute because my Hypnosis Career took off unexpectedly and rapidly.

How exactly did your Hypnosis Career take off then?

Well for some reason in December 1992 I decided to write to the Cult British TV Show “The Word” which was shown late on Friday nights on Channel 4 here in the UK and suggested to them they should book me Britain’s Youngest  Professional Magician, Mentalist & Hypnotist  to appear on the show.

Much to my surprise they got back to me almost immediately as it turned out that in early January 1993 they were having a Battle of the Hypnotists Competition on the show and ultimately that led to me appearing alongside Hypnotist Peter Powers and as a result of that appearance being given a residency at a Night Club in High Wycombe and a whole bunch of other opportunities came my way and it all just kept snow balling from one thing to another and next thing you know its 2022, I’m fast approaching my 47th Birthday which is in August and it seems I left my dreams of being a full time Magician behind in favour of the Hypnosis opportunities that suddenly came my way.

I shouldn’t complain about it really as Hypnosis has ultimately enabled me to travel, perform and teach all around the world and also allowed me to buy my own home outright for cash with no mortgages or loans required before my 30th Birthday, but I do regret massively not following my childhood dream of concentrating fully on all things Magical.

You did still keep doing some Paid Magic & Mentalism shows though didn’t you?

Yes now and again I still did the odd bit of Magic or Mentalism, mainly on Television Shows around the world including of course in 2001 filming my Six Part Surreal Comedy European Television Series in Amsterdam called “Life in the Bus Lane” upon which I recently acquired the legal rights to and as such have now made available for all to watch free on my website of

Oh and of course along the way I invented tons of Mentalism Routines and put together a full evening Theatre Show showcasing them all which I called Egg, Sausage & Peas or ESP for short and I was delighted that show got positive rave reviews from many big names in the Magical and Mentalism community including such comments as

“Having Watched Jonathan Royles Egg Sausage Peas Show I can honestly say it’s unique. With Psychic Belly Button Reading being the main hook of the first half around which the Mind Reading experiments are presented, this is most definitely not your conventional kind of Mentalism show. However Royle has some unique, creative and entertaining takes on such classics as the Chair Test, ACAAN, Hoys Tossed Out Deck and the Russian Roulette Plot which are certainly worth a closer look and take them to the next level. At times he had the audience on the edge of their seats and overall this show was top notch”
Peter (The Perceptionist) Turner

What are some of the Magical Highlights of your Life & Career to date?

It was amazing at 4 years old to perform the Head Guillotine Illusion numerous times a day with my Dad on the front of the Paul Daniels Magic Museum which was on the Golden Mile in Blackpool in order to attract a crowd to then persuade them to pay to go into the walk around interactive Magical show which you could kind of say was a Circa 1979/1980 scaled down version of what my Friend Jamie Allan has done recently with his truly amazing Illusionarium & Magic Immersive attractions in the USA.

Another highlight has to be in 1991 when I sold literally thousands & thousands of Svengali Decks and tons of other Marvins Magic Sets and tricks when I became (at the time) their youngest ever demonstrator and in the Bolton Debenhams store that Christmas I regularly sold more than any of the other store demonstrators did including even those in the London Stores like Hamley’s. My book on how I managed to achieve what to many would seem an impossible task called  The Art of The Perfect Pitch (Selling Magic Tricks for Big Profits) is available to download from all Magic Dealers and in paperback from Amazon.

In recent years I have discovered that Svengali Pitch Man Mark Lewis had the Magical Sales Concession inside the Paul Daniels Magic Museum and so it turns out I bought my first ever Svengali deck from him and then in 1991 I was taught his Svengali Pitching Secrets & techniques by one of his students Adam Harmes who was working for Marvins Magic at the time when Mentalist Marc Paul was officially my boss.

What Are you Most Proud of Achieving Magically?

I guess one of the things I’m really proud of magic wise is that along with Jamie Allan & David Arkay I helped to devise, then have built a method of Impaled on a Sword illusion that enabled you to see through the base and had no electronics or mechanics that could ever go wrong in performance. Collectively we sold and supplied this prop to Simon Drake and he used it on his UK Secret Cabaret Live Tour and also at the end of the Rock Group Iron Maiden’s “Raising Hell” Farewell show which was syndicated on Television all around the world and meant that our version of Impaled illusion was seen by many millions more people in one night than any living Illusionist is ever likely to be seen performing any version of it ever again.

What Are your biggest regrets Magically?

My biggest regret is not going on that Holiday Park Tour with David Arkay and seeing where our Illusion & Magic Double Act would have taken us and what else that could have led to.

My second biggest Magical regret occurred when I delivered the Impaled Illusion prop to Simon Drakes house in London and whilst there he convinced me to write a letter and send it to the Magic Circle outlining all the cock ups I’d witnessed over the many, many dozens of times that I’d watched Russ Steven’s truly Amazing Mystique show in Blackpool.

He (Simon Drake) ultimately manipulated me into wording the letter so it sounded like everything had happened in one performance and thus things were largely out of context and things sounded way worse than they ever were.

Despite me not being a Magic Circle Member, the letter bizarrely got published by the Magic Circular and not surprisingly upset Russ Stevens greatly who had been a great friend and Magical Mentor up to then.

So ashamed I was at allowing myself to be manipulated and used in this manner that it took me until 12th October 2012 (around 20 years later) to apologise to Russ, an apology I would sincerely like to make again here and which can also be found on my blog page connected to my website 

Direct link to my Personal Public Apology to Russ Stevens is here:

Have you Ever Lectured for Magic Clubs or Conventions?

Yes indeed, I lectured at all but one of the Southern England Magic Conventions in Bournemouth and also was lucky enough to appear on one of the Gala Shows alongside the late Alan Shaxon and the Legend that is Fay Presto.

I’ve also lectured Three times at The Order of the Magi, Englands 3rd Oldest Magical Society and on each occasion my lectures had among the highest attendance of any events in the clubs recent history and in all cases led to positive rave reviews of the Original Magical and Mentalism material that I shared at each of them.

In fact one of them was filmed and is available as an Instant Download from all Magic Dealers.

Have you ever contributed articles to Magic Magazines?

During the 90’s I had my own monthly column in my former stage name of Alex-Le-Roy entitled “My Way” in Supreme Magic’s Magigram Magazine and I also had regular articles appear in Repro Magic’s Club 71 Magazine.

In more recent years my contributions were to other peoples books rather than magazines (with the exception of Mentis a Mentalism magazine) and my ideas have been published in such books as Killer Konceptions by Kenton Knepper & Mental Epic Compendium by Paul Romhany to name but two of many off the top of my head.

So yes but not for many years, I really should do something about that real soon and get contributing routines to magazines again.

Have You Ever Entered Any Magic Competitions?

During the brief time that I was a member of the Order of the Magi I entered the Cabaret Competition and the Close-Up Competition and won them both as well as winning the Sly Smith Shield for Best Card trick and thus I held all 3 awards at the same time but I’ve not competed in any since them which were in 2016.

Who are your biggest influences?

Magically my mentor, adviser and teacher from around 1987 was the late Jack Griggs who was for many years the Editor of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) magazine “The Budget” which has now been renamed “Key Ring”.

Unfortunately Jack passed away on 6th January 2019, I was honoured to be able to present a Broken Wand Ceremony at his Funeral and feel proud to have inherited all of his Magical artefacts including a Silver Tankard which he was awarded in 1976 for Bravery by The British Magical Society in recognition of him stopping an armed robbery by 3 armed men during his work as a Police Officer in Manchester and his award making him a Fellow of the Order of the Magi among other to me priceless treasures.

Following his death, I released two of Jack Grigg’s Magical inventions which he kindly left to me, namely his “Chinese Mat Magical Production” and his “Visible Coins through Glass” through Murphy’s Magic.

Obviously Paul Daniels was also a major influence and inspiration to me and I was lucky enough to spend quality time with him on many occasions whilst he was alive.

Also sadly no longer with us the Late Bill Thompson who ran the House of Secrets in Blackpool always gave me great advice over the years such as encouraging me to invest into books rather than the latest Magical Gimmick, Gizmo or Prop.

As for influences who are still alive today, I think Fay Presto is one of the finest performers in the industry, and Wayne Dobson, David Copperfield, Max Maven & Jeff McBride along with Penn & Teller are all true Living Legends who I admire and respect greatly.

I also really enjoy Derren Brown’s output especially some of his TV work which I know includes some odd bits of ideas from some of my Hypnosis training videos most all of which Objective Productions and many of Derren’s advisers have purchased over the years.

Hypnosis wise the Late Dr. Brian Howard who was also known as a Mentalist under the name Hobrin and also the Late Delavar are my main 2 influences.

Why did the Magic Circle Cancel Your Advertised 2017 Lecture?

Well the full story behind the madness that occurred was published by The Jerx on their blog on 26th June 2017 and can still be read on the Jerx’s site, but in short some people complained about me having been booked (who frankly should have known better) on the basis that they objected to me having a book out called Hypnotism & Sex and also on the basis of many untrue defamatory rumours that some vindictive idiots have spread about me over the years on the internet.

Tell us briefly about the on-going court case (not too much info as our US readers won’t have a clue about it) involving Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch?

Well for those who don’t already know about the nonsense defamatory and illegally distorted story that the now shut down & disgraced for Hacking the Phone of Murdered School Girl Milly Dowler British Newspaper The News of the World published about me in 1998 the full details and facts are on my site at  

In short my attempt in 1998 to expose the dishonest and often wholly illegal actions of News of the World Reporter Mazher Mahmood aka “The Fake Sheikh” backfired slightly and landed me with two 6 month Prison Sentences which ran concurrently.

Fast forward to 2022 and in January I was in the Royal Courts of Justice in London appealing against my convictions which are now currently being considered by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) and I am now extremely confident that due to all the new evidence I’ve obtained in the past 12 months or so my convictions will be overturned in the very near future,  

Also as proof has now come to light that Private Investigators were used to intrude on my privacy and Illegal Phone Hacking was carried out on me I have started Civil Proceedings against Rupert Murdochs News UK in the High Court to obtain substantial damages. 

This attempt to expose the “Fake Sheikh” in 1998 is ultimately also responsible for many of the untrue & defamatory lies that have been posted about me over the years on the internet.

Have you changed over the last 10 years? You’ve been quite controversial – have you mellowed? 

All areas of my life (both personal and business) and my attitude & approach to them massively changed on 16th August 2009 when my now 12 year old daughter Ashleigh Alexandra Louise Smith was born.

I’ve finally realised what the most important things in life are such as spending quality time and making memories with Family and Friends.

And I’ve also realised as several of my closest friends and some family members have passed away over the past few years including my long term business partner Peter Hill who ran all the product sales end of my projects that life is too short to give up on your dreams and that is why I am starting to do more and more in the areas of Magic and Mentalism again, although these days I’m too old to be doing the Stage Illusions as that is a young persons game!

Tell us a bit about your family?

Well my amazingly patient wife Rachel is a hugely talented Memory Magic Expert and indeed features on the Memory Magic Video training set I have out through Murphy’s where she demonstrates and then teaches The Knights Tour, Various Magic Squares and a whole bunch of other amazing Maths and Memory Feats in her maiden name of Rachel Houghton.

And my daughter is what they call in Musical Theatre a Triple Threat as She is extremely talented in Dance, Drama & Singing. In fact she also is talented in playing several musical instruments and yes does a little bit of Magic as well. She’s done a fair bit of Television and film work in recent years and indeed played the part of The Curious in the BAFTA Award  Winning BBC & Netflix Kids show “Creeped Out”. You can see her in action on her Facebook Fan Page

I am extremely proud of them both and thankful for having them both in my life and how they patiently put up with the madness that is living with me, I’m truly a very lucky person indeed.

Which effects do you always do in close up?

When I do Close-Up I always like to perform Chinese Poker by Mo Howarth as it is one of the most visually Magical Packet Tricks out there and indeed so impressed I’ve been with the reactions it has got me over the years that when I got the chance to purchase the rights to sell the trick from Kevin Potter of Aladdins Magic in Stockport who the Late Mo Howarth had sold the rights to in recent years after many years earlier licensing it to Ken Brookes Magic Place I jumped at the chance and its now available as a download from all Magic Dealers.

I also love the impact that Metal Bending of Spoons and Forks has on people, do that along with a little bit of Character Analysis style Cold Reading and you are guaranteed to be talked about more than any other Magician who may also be performing in the room at the same time.

What is your Favourite Stage Magic or Mentalism Routine?

Without a doubt it has to be a routine that I devised (with the help of my wife Rachel) which is now available from all Magic dealers under the name of  “Ashleighs DVD Comedy mentalism book test” and if you type that name into You-Tube you will see performance videos of me presenting what without fail has always got me a Standing Ovation.

The routine was inspired a trick called “The Red Carpet” by Ari Soroka as released by Jason Palter but it is oh so much more powerful and has FOUR separate massively powerful reveals built into the routine which is based around an emotionally charged story about my daughters bedtime ritual as a toddler.

What was the last thing you released?

The most recent thing I’ve released Magically via Murphys is entitled “Almost the Berglas Effect – Numerous Real World Solutions to ACAAN the Any Card at Any Number Plot” by Jonathan Royle, Robert Temple & Stuart Harrizon Cassels and it really does contain several truly commercial methods for use both on Stage and in Close-Up situations of this amazing miracle style effect.

What Are Your Magical Ambitions?

Oh there are so many! I’d love to Lecture and also perform at The Blackpool Magic Convention, I’d love to share a bunch of advice on how to build & sustain a Showbiz Career on Craig Petty’s excellent Magic TV You-Tube Channel & I’d love to do a Penguin Live Lecture sharing a combination of my Magical, Mentalism & Pseudo Hypnosis routines and Techniques. But ultimately overall it is to get back more involved in Magic, both performing it more and also creating and releasing more items through Murphy’s Magic who already distribute around 200 of my Products to all the main Magic Dealers.

What is your biggest strength as a performer?

I think one of my biggest strengths is being truly adaptable thanks to the experiences I’ve had over the past 43+ years of performing in every imaginable venue. Over the years I’ve performed Magic, Mentalism and/or Hypnosis Shows surrounded in the Circus Ring, in front of many thousands at The G-Mex Exhibition Centre in Manchester, at Shopping Centres, in Schools & Nursery’s, in Theatres across England, on Cruise Ships, at Holiday Camps, at Corporate Events, in rough Pubs and Working Mens Clubs, at High Class Hotels and numerous times on Live Television and Radio shows around the world among just a few of literally every possible kind of venue and audience demographic and age ranges you can possibly think of. Very little if anything ever phases me now as quite frankly if it can go wrong it has done at some point and I’m now ready if those things ever happen again!

What was your most memorable TV spot?

Oh so many to choose from, but I have to say I’ve always enjoyed the TV Shows where I’ve been demonstrating my unique creations of Pawology (Psychic Dogs Paw Reading) and/or Navel Gazing (Psychic Belly Button Reading) as these I always present tongue firmly in cheek and with a touch of humour and yet its amazing how accurate my readings & revelations always seem to be and what impact they have on people. I went Viral on Twitter the day I was on ITV’s “This Morning” magazine show reading Celebrity Belly Buttons in the Studio and it really annoyed some jealous members of the Magicians of Facebook Group who posted angrily about it.

You Once Claimed to be a Genuine Psychic Didn’t you?

OK yes it’s true, back in the very late 80’s & early 90’s (my early teenage years) I was performing as Alex-Le-Roy presenting an apparently genuine Theatre Show of Stage Clairvoyance called “Bridges From Beyond” and International Publication “Psychic News” dubbed me the New Uri Geller and Doris Stokes rolled into one. I stopped doing them after a couple of years though as frankly my conscience got the better of me and also one night my mind played tricks on me shortly after my Granddad had died and I thought I saw him stood at the side of the stage which scared the shit out of me to be honest.  I remember fondly telling the Late James Randi about it all (much to his amusement) when we spent much time together at the 2009 Blackpool Magic Convention. 

What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing you’ve ever done? 

Oh that one’s easy and without a doubt it is when in 2004 in order to help get Publicity for a Bottled Water Company called “Simply Pure Water Ltd” that I had a business interest in, I was chained up from head to toe along with leg irons on my ankles, 3 pairs of handcuffs on my arms and a neck brace collar all padlocked together and then submerged into a wheely bin of freezing cold water. Its no joke to say that I very nearly died that day and learnt a few very valuable lessons including don’t just hire a bunch of Escapology gear and have one rehearsal before going under water, also don’t go ahead with the stunt if the correct container has not turned up and you end up having to use a wheely bin which smelt of chemical fumes and had to be filled up at last minute by the fire brigade with freezing cold water just before the media arrived.

You were at Blackpool – what were your impressions of it?

I was indeed and given the Pandemic of the past 2 years I honestly think that the organisers Russ Stevens, Russ Brown & Guy Barrett along with their amazing team at Blackpool Magicians Club did a truly amazing job of presenting such a wonderful event which truly provided something for everyone’s taste (although they could do with a good  Lecturer on Hypnosis for Magicians & Mentalists LOL) In fact I actually went to more lectures this year than I normally do as there were so many things that took my interest.

It’s so nice to be welcome back at the Convention after years of being on Derek Levers “Banned List” which only happened when he found out who my dad was, namely someone he had a disagreement with decades ago when they were both doing Fire Eating Acts on the Circuit. Until then Derek had actually always been really helpful and supportive to me as a Child Magician, but once he discovered who my dad was that ended and culminated in me having to get the Winter Gardens Security & also behind the scenes the Police Involved one year at Blackpool Convention to have defamatory posters taken down that Derek had posted up warning people that I was not to be trusted and claiming I would try to spend counterfeit money with the dealers. Anyhow they got taken down, I was let into that years convention but never returned (as Derek made his feelings clear) until Harry Robson informed me that Derek was no longer involved and kindly told me I was more than welcome to start attending again.

What Magic Have you Bought Most recently?

My most recent purchase was the Quantum Deck by Craig Petty which with over 5 hours of tuition videos included I have to say is truly amazing value for money,, the effect is mind blowing, truly practical, is instantly reset for the show and is pretty damn easy to perform as well. I got to spend some time with Craig in the Ruskin at Blackpool Convention and he was so generous with his time and knowledge teaching me (and others) useful card controls and routines.

If you weren’t a performer, what would you be?

Having studied a lot about Copyright & Intellectual Property Right Laws and having taken such cases successfully to court and won on every occasion including in the High Court where the Judge commended me, I’d likely do something in the legal profession, maybe a Barrister as a good Barrister has the skills of a Hypnotist & Persuasion Expert combined with being a great Actor & Performer.

What Have you been working on recently?

My biggest project Magically I’ve been working on now for several years and only recently managed to get it completed and released in a form that I am now happy with. This being the publication of “The Mentalism & Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic – Trilogy of Volumes 1, 2 & 3” which are 3 encyclopedic books containing all of the Mentalism and Mind Reading materials that were ever published in Repro Magic’s Club 71 & Magician Magazines including material from some of the biggest names in Magic & Mentalism. Years ago Mike Danata obtained the rights on all things Repro from Geoff Maltby and in more recent times I obtained permission from Mike to be able to put these 3 highly important works together details of which can be found on

Last time you cried laughing?

At a live event it was during The Magic Podcast Live with Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes at this years Blackpool Convention. You had to be there but trust me when I say Bob the Legend is a true Legend and that his involvement in the Magic Podcast Live made it one of the funniest experiences you could ever witness as a Magician.

On Television it was watching British Comedian Jimmy Carr’s Latest Netflix Special “His Dark Materials” which personally I feel is a work of Comic Genius, although so many find it truly offensive!

Last movie you watched? 

I don’t watch that many films these days, however I did watch the Netflix Film “Hypnotic” and despite what many so called Hypnosis Experts say I can categorically tell you everything in that film is possible and yes you can make people do things against their morale code & values with Hypnosis. Indeed Hypnosis & its use as a Mind Control Tool were studied by the CIA and MK-Ultra and I cover such things and also how we are all Hypnotized & Manipulated from all areas of our daily life’s from Cradle to Grave in my feature documentary “Extreme Danger – Extreme Hypnosis” which originally aired on Truth Researcher David Ickes “ICKONIC” online Television Channel and sold via Amazon on Demand but during the Pandemic we decided to make it available for free to help wake people up to the truth and it can be viewed on my site of

If you were on the psychiatrists couch, what would you be talking about? 

Most likely I’d end up having to give them therapy when they realised their low level outdated Psychological Treatment techniques & Strategies were not working on me and I then made them aware that I’ve arguably taught more of the World’s currently truly successful Hypnotherapists and Hypnotic Psychotherapists their skills than any other living Hypnosis Trainer.

Your guilty pleasure is?

I really love Comedy that is close to the truth, Character Psychics Like Iain De Montford (Tom Binns) and Clinton Baptiste (Alex Lowe) both make me cry with Laughter as there is so much truth in what they do, same with Steve Coogans Television Presenter character Alan Partridge, heck I’ve worked with numerous people like that over the years. Oh and what many would call offensive comedy, I love it, Jimmy Carr is a Genius in my book and Magically Mel Mellers is truly the master of acerbic wit.

Tell us one thing people may not know about you?

Well I invested money into helping Penn Gillette of Penn & Teller fame to make his film “Director’s Cut” and as a result my name is on the credits of the film as one of the many financial backers of what is without doubt the best weird ass crazy crowdfunded movie of 2018.

When you pop your clogs, how do you want people to remember you?

As someone who got back up and carried on every time he was knocked down.  As someone who worked (and still does) hard in a quest to get justice for victims of media abuse, lies and illegal actions and of course as someone who truly loves all things Magical.

Any Final Thoughts?

Just that it was back in issue 10 of MagicSeen when you interviewed me about my Hypnosis Career and my reputation as “The British Bad Boy of Hypnosis” and now here we are approaching almost 100 issues later…  don’t leave it as long this time, keep in touch OK.

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