FAKE SHEIKH CONVICTION APPEAL UPDATE = Hypnotist Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith Reveals Latest on his Renewed Grounds of Appeal against Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World Mazher Mahmood Related Conviction on Friday 7th February 2020

Almost 22 years ago now, I tried to Expose Dishonest & Illegal Methods of Rupert Murdochs Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood.
Latest News on my Appeal https://youtu.be/k9GxUzYIxsI

British Pop Star & Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Victim Tulisa Contostavlos alongside Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Hypnotist Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Seeks Second Chance for Justice in his and many others Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood “News of the World” related Sting Story Convictions

British Hypnotist Alex William Smith aka Jonathan Royle Seeks Second Trance for Justice in Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood Convictions Appeal Cases for himself & Other Victims.

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MURDOCH’S FAKE SHEIKH EXPOSED – From Disgraced Journalist Mazher Mahmood to truths about Rebekah Brooks & Piers Morgan, Discover How Corrupt Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Really is & What is it down the rabbit hole they are covering up??? – Exposed by Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist, Magician, Mind-Reader & Campaigner for Justice for Victims of media and press abuse.


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Two Works of FICTION by Mazher Mahmood & Piers Morgan. The Truth behind their lies is exposed on this page.

Two Works of FICTION by Mazher Mahmood & Piers Morgan. The Truth behind their lies is exposed on this page.

BREAKING NEWS – 7th April 2020BYLINE Presents “Triple Whammy”

Watch the short video above which implicates Rupert Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in Illegal Activities against Prince Harry and then also check out the first article in the Eleven (11) part series on The Byline Website located here:


RENEWED GROUNDS OF APPEAL = At the Link which follows you can see my self
prepared final “renewed” grounds of appeal exactly as they will look when they are submitted by signed for tracked postal delivery to the Courts of Appeal in London on Friday 24th May 2019 in the continued quest to get my 2 “Fake Sheikh” related convictions overturned.


The Official Press Release Dated 24th May 2019 along with a link to copy of the Letter I have sent the various relevant authorities demanding an Inquiry into Mahmood is here:


UPDATE: The Revised Respondents Notice from the Crown Prosecution Service dated 15th August 2019, along with my Reply and Corrections document which illustrates all of the many glaring errors and omissions they have made can all be viewed and/or downloaded in PDF format from this link:


Court of Appeal 19th May Say Still Awaiting Summary Writer Before Case can be scheduled for a Hearing

Court of Appeal 19th May Say Still Awaiting Summary Writer Before Case can be scheduled for a Hearing


(As with all images on this page click on them for larger version to appear)

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for your email.

I have updated our system with your contact details.

Your application is currently in a queue for a Criminal Appeal Office Summary to
be completed. When the summary is completed, our list office will then be in a
position to schedule a hearing date.

Unfortunately at this stage, I am unable to give any indication as to when your
case will be scheduled for a hearing.


The Crown Prosecution Service have made Errors and Omissions Galore in their Respondents Notice of 15th August 2019


WATCH THIS VIDEOhttps://youtu.be/SA6sz1HNbXk 







News of the World


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Did Dirty Copes turn blind eye to Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Did Dirty Cops turn blind eye to Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

YES THEY DIDhttps://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2019/02/murdoch-crimes-where-are-cops.html

NOTE = Evidence of Such is mentioned at above link, however there is much more hard evidence of Police Corruption Linked to Mazher Mahmood further down this page.

Sunday Times Self Confessed Blagger John Ford stating that I was drugged & framed by Mahmood.

Sunday Times Self Confessed Blagger John Ford stating that I was drugged & framed by Mahmood.

Former News of the World Journalist Graham Johnson Comment on Mazher Mahmood Hacking Blagging Spoofing

Former News of the World Journalist Graham Johnson Comment on Mazher Mahmood Hacking Blagging Spoofing

Jonathan Royle - Photo Copyright & Courtesy of Karl at Healeylife Photography. As Taken for a Charity Fundraising Calendar.

Jonathan Royle – Photo Copyright & Courtesy of Karl at Healeylife Photography. As Taken for a Charity Fundraising Calendar.

Discover The Real Truth about Murdoch's Disgraced Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Discover The Real Truth about Murdoch’s Disgraced Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

UNTOLD – (The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast) – My Friend & Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Actor John Alford discusses how Mazher Mahmood set him up in this podcast first broadcast on 10th August 2017 –


UNTOLD = (The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast) = In this episode we discover how Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood learnt the “Dark Arts” he used from Southern Investigations – http://www.untoldmurder.com/eps/2017/7/13/season-2-5-masters-of-the-dark-arts  

Criminal Cases Review Commission - CCRC - Letter to Alex Smith

Criminal Cases Review Commission – CCRC – Letter to Alex Smith

QUOTE A: “One or more Commissioners will consider your case. They will decide whether there is any new evidence or argument that would allow them to refer your case to the appeal court”

(As Shown at Link Below CCRC have helped overturn Fake Sheikh Convictions before)


QUOTE B: “The decision to refer can only be made if the commissioners consider that the new evidence/argument would lead the court to overturn your conviction.”

(As shown at the link below none of our cases would ever make it to court today)


COMMENT = Please take a look on this blog page at all of the videos, facts, evidence and external third party links to even more cast iron evidence of the “Fake Sheikhs” dishonesty and of the very real fact that our cases should never have made it to court in the first place had the truth, facts and evidence that is available to us now been openly known to us then as it is arguable it should have been.


Criminal Cases Review Commission – CCRC – Letter to Alex Smith

BREAKING NEWS: The “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood was Jailed for 15 Months on Friday 21st October 2016 for Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

In the Video Above my Good Friend and Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim John Alford gives a statement outside The Old Bailey on behalf of Me Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith, Himself, Boxer Herbie Hides, Actress & Model Emma Morgan and indeed on behalf of all the innocent individuals out there who have been victims of the “Fake Sheikhs” Lies, Dishonesty, Deceit & Deception.  

The Above Video Shows Me featured on BBC’s “Newsnight” TV Show on the evening that Mahmood was Sentenced to 15 months in Prison, namely Friday 21st October 2016 and the following video shows how the ITV News reported on this:

Whilst this is how the BBC Television News which was broadcast and syndicated
all around the world reported on the matter:

To Read The Official Statement That Actor John Alford Released Through Our
Mutual Lawyer Siobhian Egan of Lewis Nedas Law please do take a look at the following link and then read the rest of this blog for the full background on this along with CAST IRON EVIDENCE & TRUTH REGARDS ALEX SMITH aka JONATHAN ROYLE












Media Lawyer Mark Lewis has, once Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was jailed mentioned at least twice on Television News Programmes that His Victims may have been Drugged.!!!

Well one thing I can say for certain is that he did NOT call room service to bring us drinks on the occasions I met with him..

Instead he sent his “BodyGuard” or “Personal Assistant” down to the bar which meant leaving the Hotel Suite we were in, going along the corridor, down several floors in the lift, then finding the bar, queuing up and getting served and bringing the drinks all the way back upstairs (or in lift) the same way.,..

WHEREAS he could just have picked up the phone and ordered the drinks by room service and they would have been brought up and no doubt got there quicker…

Could it be the reason for this was so that one of his behind the scenes staff could tamper with the drinks in some way???

John Alford on his Twitter Account Stating that he, just like me & others were drugged by the Fake Sheikh.

John Alford on his Twitter Account Stating that he, just like me & others were drugged by the Fake Sheikh.

I certainly can’t think of any other logical reason for why you would not just pick up the phone and ring room service, especially when your not in a normal hotel room, but rather are in one of the expensive Suites and thus far more likely to get speedy VIP Service.

My research shows that various Fake Sheikh Victims experienced the same, namely that rather than use room service, he instead sent someone down to the bar to get the drinks.

My research also indicates a number of occurrences where extreme reactions to “drink” are involved in the reports of cases…

My research also shows that date rape drugs like GHB can and have in the past been used by people to make others more compliant both in what they say, do and can easily be manipulated into doing and saying where they would not normally have done so.

Self-Confessed Blagger for the Sunday Times John Ford via his Twitter account accuses Rupert Murdoch & Les Hinton of knowing that Mazher Mahmood was drugging his victims.

Self-Confessed Blagger for the Sunday Times John Ford via his Twitter account accuses Rupert Murdoch & Les Hinton of knowing that Mazher Mahmood was drugging his victims.

And a simple internet search reveals other Fake Sheikh Victims who strongly believe that they were drugged by Mazher Mahmood and his team as far back as Jan 1998
(before I was targeted) as is illustrated by this example:


Similar doubts have been raised about Mahmood’s Newcastle directors‘ expose. Hall and Shepherd claim the NoW had set out to prove they were cocaine users. When that failed they suspect Mahmood, or else a member of his team, ‘spiked’ their drinks in order to elicit their indiscretions.

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/may/09/theobserver.uknews3

Similarly, the snooker player John Higgins, who rarely drinks, was suspicious of drinks provided to him when he was enticed in 2010 into saying he would be prepared to fix matches in return for a large payment. No matches were fixed and Higgins protested his innocence. A subsequent tribunal set up by a World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association withdrew all charges of match-fixing.

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jul/22/mazher-mahmood-fake-sheikh-tulisa-contostavlos

“The tenth Earle of Hardwicke was lulled into a false sense of security at London’s Savoy Hotel, plied with Champagne, possibly “spiked” with the date rape drug Rohypnol, and questioned about his social connections”

From: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Reporter+%27spiked+Earl%27s+drinks+to+uncover+dirt+on+Diana%27.-a060483160

Suspicions have been raised that Lawrence Dallaglio – Former England Rugby Captain may have been drugged by Mazher Mahmood. Indeed his girlfriend said he seemed odd after seeing the reporters. “He has no recollection of what happened. It’s all a blank to him.”

Quoted from: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/news-of-the-world-denies-spiking-dallaglios-drinks-1097039.html 

Then came the sting. After drinks, which John Alford – like so many other of Mahmood’s victims – believed were spiked, he was asked if he could obtain drugs for the prince and his cronies.

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2014/jul/27/mazher-mahmood-thepeople

Giving evidence from behind a screen Mr Mahmood was today asked whether he or his associate, known only as ‘Nish’ had spiked the singer’s drink or offered her any money.

Jeremy Dein QC continued: ‘You and Nish spiked her drink didn’t you?’

The witness firmly responded: ‘That is absolutely outrageous.’

Mr Dein continued: ‘You spiked her drinks to get her to incriminate herself.’

Quoted from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2695791/Former-X-Factor-judge-Tulisa-brokered-cocaine-deal-drink-spiked-offered-3-5million-Hollywood-film-undercover-reporter.html

Tulisa Contostavlos has concluded, in view of the extreme and unpleasant reaction she, GV and Michelle experienced, that the drinks of all three of them must have been spiked,” the document stated.

Quoted from: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10983946/Tulisa-Fake-Sheikh-was-trying-to-persuade-me-to-have-sex-in-return-for-film-role.html


With My Good Friend John Alford

With My Good Friend John Alford

Welcome to this rather long informational page (please bear with me) which you have most likely arrived at after having seen some of the Vicious, Vindictive and downright disgusting allegations and outright lies that various childish, jealous, perhaps even mentally ill individuals have been posting about me in various places on the internet.

NEWS UPDATE: Following the collapse of the Drugs Court Trial against British Pop Star Tulisa Contostavlos, during which Former Under Cover Journalist for the now shut down and shamed News of the World, Mazher Mahmood was shown to have lied in his statement and also on the stand whilst giving evidence during her trial:


and this link reveals more:


And also look at this link for more up to date info:


Fake Sheikhs & Royal Trappings by Peter Durden. A Great Book Revaling many truths behind News of the World, Mazher Mahmood and their Stories!

Fake Sheikhs & Royal Trappings by Peter Durden. A Great Book Revaling many truths behind News of the World, Mazher Mahmood and their Stories!

And also following being sent a disclosure pack by the Crown Prosecution Service as of January 2015 things went in action to appeal my conviction with the aim of it being overturned and revoked.

For the record I was sent one of the disclosure packs and am one of the cases that
the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) talk about at this link:


Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in His Disguise - How Close Was he to Scotland Yard?

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in His Disguise – How Close Was he to Scotland Yard?

More details about this will follow later on this page, but for now this article from The Heywood Advertiser entitled “Hypnotist Set To Appeal Fake Sheikh conviction” 


Guilty Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Guilty Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

At this next link you can see proof that I have now appointed a lawyer to represent me
and take my appeal case to court for me:


Mazher Mahmood aka The Fake Shiekh

And this link shows that some progress has been made with my appeal:


Here is how Zelo Street Reported on my Appeal Application:


And here is how the Guardian Newspaper Covered it at same time:


On the rest of this page you will find CAST IRON EVIDENCE that all the Negative Lies and B.S. they have been posting are indeed exactly just that, Negative Lies and B.S. and I strongly encourage you to check out the validity of all the evidence presented on this page to prove to yourself THAT THESE IDIOTS & TROUBLE CAUSER’S ARE NOTHING BUT LIARS.

So to start I would suggest you watch this video within which the REAL TRUTH behind every perceptively Controversial element of my Career and Life to date is discussed, examined and revealed during this video where I am interviewed by Fellow Hypnotist Robert Temple.

Having watched that video I shall now, starting with the Perceptively worst allegations and B.S. that gets posted about me, deal with each aspect in turn, providing you with all the CAST IRON EVIDENCE you need to fully understand and realize how guilty these sick and sad individuals are of trying to spread Lies, Rumors and Bullshit (B.S) whilst also at the same time trying to incite Hatred and Violence towards me, collectively meaning that many of them are Guilty of breaking either Civil Laws or Criminal Laws and in actuality on many occasions these people are Guilty of breaking both CIVIL & CRIMINAL LAWS.

So let’s begin with an Article that appeared in The News of The World British National Sunday Newspaper on Sunday 12th April 1998.

This is an article that only appeared as a result of me engineering a Media Hoax and Sting against The News of The World in my quest to both Expose them and also the Illegal and dodgy tactics and methods used by many unethical Journalists at the time.

Fabricated News of the World Article Sunday 12th April 1998.

Fabricated News of the World Article Sunday 12th April 1998.

NOTE = At The time of writing this blog page (Saturday 19th October 2013) that Fabricated Article is currently Over Fifteen Years Old and as such could hardly be called Breaking news on any level.

NOTE = You can see the entire text of this Fabricated Article which appeared as part of my Media Sting and Hoax against the News of the World and other dodgy publications and Journalists at the link that follows. JUST REMEMBER – I never said or did the vast majority of what they FALSELY CLAIM in this article. The link to see the full text of the article prior to seeing the evidence here that IT WAS ALL JUST A MEDIA STING & HOAX ON THEM and also that they printed many things that I NEVER SAID OR DID is – http:jrnotw.wix.com/jrnotw

EXTRA NOTE = That link of http:jrnotw.wix.com/jrnotw is a Free Website company that has been used by some anonymous moron to post the wording of the FABRICATED News of the World Article upon, so that they can then post it around COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT and without any mention of the Real Truth and the Real Facts Behind it, obviously in some kind of vindictive attempt to incite Hatred & perhaps even violence towards me, which ironically with those intentions, would mean THEY ARE COMMITTING A CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

NOTE: Mazher Mahmood is listed at the reporter on the article and credits also appear for Conrad Brown & Les Chudzicki for the pictures and such like. 

Anyhow the simple fact is that I engineered that article in a quest to expose The News of The World, whom you should remember have now BEEN PUBLICLY EXPOSED AND SHUT THEIR DOORS FOREVER as detailed here –


An image I used the day the disgraced News of The World shut its doors for good. That weekend I gave my book away exposing them and other journalists for 48 hours.

An image I used the day the disgraced News of The World shut its doors for good. That weekend I gave my book away exposing them and other journalists for 48 hours.

Further it should be noted that this closure and expose of “The News of the World” led to the UK Government starting the Leveson Inquiry into the often Illegal and unethical techniques and methods used by some journalists and publications further details of which can be seen here – http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/

Ultimately it is true that for about 30 minutes I had what I had been led to believe at the time were some Fake Pound Coins in my possession, HOWEVER I KNEW THEY WOULD NEVER GET INTO PUBLIC CIRCULATION as I knew I was giving them to The News of the World as part of the Sting/Expose that I had engineered against them.

I also knew that what I had been led to believe at the time were Fake Coins would be passed to the Police and that ultimately I would reveal the source of the coins to The Police leading to arrests of those guilty of making and supplying them.

Having worked in the past briefly as a freelance undercover journalist, it was my experience that such action would be excused by The Police and Crown Prosecution Service on the basis that I could prove I has engineered the whole media article to occur, knew that the coins would never be publicly distributed and would rather be handed to the Police and lead to investigation and arrest of some real criminals.

However unfortunately for me, as I was doing this all independently and was not on the payroll of a National Media Publication at the time of doing such, it was deemed that I would not be allowed “Journalistic License” for having the coins in my possession for a short time, despite the fact that I gave all relevant information to The Police in order that they could investigate and catch the real criminals.

UPDATE A = At no time were the coins that Mazher Mahmood eventually gave to the Police claiming them to be the ones I handed to him ever Forensically Tested, Yes indeed as unbelievable as that might sound the coins were never tested and there was absolutely no documented evidence or proof that the coins were anything other than 100% Genuine given to the Police or Courts other than Mahmoods testimony which has now been completely discredited following him being Jailed for Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

UPDATE B = Originally I had absolutely no idea where to obtain such coins from in the same way that I had no idea at that time where to source drugs or anything else that was spoken about in the fabricated “News of the World” article. But then as I kept demonstrating that I was unable to get things, pressure was put on me by one of Mahmoods associates to get him some coins and indeed it was this associate who informed me where I could get them from and pressurized me into collecting them using the money that Mahmood gave me upfront in order to make this possible.

UPDATE C = In other words without Mahmood having given me the money upfront
to pay for the coins and without his associate having informed me where I could go to obtain such, it would have proved impossible for me to be able to carry out the transaction which I was pressurized into doing by Mahmoods associate.

UPDATE D = Ultimately I was charged with two separate counts of delivery of counterfeit pound coins, one charge was for delivery of 3 coins and the second
for delivery of 997 coins, a total of 1,000 coins between the two charges. Now this is very odd as the videos showed me giving 3 coins to Mahmood on one occasion (these I know were 100% Genuine as I just gave him 3 coins from my pocket, told him they were samples and he said they were the best fakes he had ever seen) and then on the next occasion the videos showed me giving him a bag which I was sold (by the person Mahmoods associate put me in contact with) as being 1,000 fake coins.
That would make 1003 coins in total that should have been sent to the Police and yet they only ever got sent 1,000 by Mahmood – why was that I wonder?     

UPDATE E = Just like in the John Alford Case (and many others) featured on the 2014 “Panorama” documentary after the collapse of the “Tulisa” trial during which Mahmood was exposed as a Liar and in time was found Guilty and Jailed for this, I was offered the promise of Fame and Fortune, the chance to Present my Own Television Series and that all my wildest dreams would come true if I just “bent the rules” and helped the “Fake Sheikh” to get what he wanted.

UPDATE F =  And just like in the John Alford case, things were printed that I do not recall ever saying and coincidentally some parts of the meetings with Mahmood were so they claimed at the time, not captured on tape which again seems to occur in many of Mahmoods “Stings”

UPDATE G = Mahmood and his associates plied me with Alcohol from the moment I arrived and as mentioned earlier never used room service despite being several floors up from the bar area, opting instead to send his “Body Guard” down to the bar during which time the drinks could possibly have been tampered with.

UPDATE H =  My research shows that the use of certain Drugs placed into someones drink can make them highly suggestible and compliant to orders and instructions from others which would certainly give a logical explanation to as why in my case, that of John Alfords and others, Mahmood often stated things as Orders and Strict Instructions to us rather than as polite requests.

UPDATE I = Although I thought I had engineered the entire situation and original meeting, bearing in mind that it is now clear that my former publicist was a close associate of Mahmoods and that I had previously had discussions with my publicist about how I could possibly go about pulling a media prank on Mazher Mahmood, it now appears that Mahmood and his team were always one step ahead of me and that they
at the very least would have held suspicions that I was going to try and expose their
dishonest, unethical and arguably illegal techniques. No wonder they printed so many things that I either never said, never did, never gave them and most certainly was never reprimanded, charged, cautioned or convicted over. I honestly believe they were trying
to ensure that they had protected themselves and that I could not expose them at the time.

UPDATE J =  That may well also explain why I was never telephoned before the article appeared. Usually just before a Story was about to appear in “The News of the World” they would either confront the subject of the story face to face or would contact them by telephone and inform them that on Sunday an article about them doing XY or Z was about to appear and that this was their chance to make comment on why they did it. Well I can 100% honestly state that nobody ever came to confront me in person and nobody ever contacted me on the phone before the article appeared in the newspaper. But there again why would they contact me if they had realized (likely through their double agent my former publicist) that my intention had been all along to expose their techniques?

UPDATE K = When I was finally sent to Prison after being pressurized in many manners by various people & sources behind the scenes into changing my plea from Not Guilty to Guilty, oddly the “News of the World” never published a story bragging about how they had secured a conviction against me. My educated guess is, that this is because in Manchester Crown Court as you will see in a few moments time below, it was accepted & stated that my intention was nothing more than to create a Publicity Prank, so it would not have looked good for Mahmood or the “News of the World” to report on what was said in the Manchester Crown Court.

UPDATE L = Given the additional information, facts and evidence that has come to
light since Mazher Mahmoods Conviction & Jail term for his proven Conspiracy to
Pervert the course of justice in the Tulisa Trial, it has become clear that it is highly
likely that serious levels of non disclosure of relevant data & facts may well have
taken place by the Crown Prosecution Service. Had such knowledge and facts been
available to our legal teams it could be argued that charges would never have been
brought against us in the first place, or that in the unlikely event that charges had still been pressed, with such facts & information disclosed to us (rather than hidden) I
would have been (as would others) far more likely not to bow to behind the scenes pressure, threats and manipulation from Mahmood’s Associates which is the only
reason I changed my plea from NOT GUILTY to guilty with mitigating circumstances at the very last minute.

UPDATE M =  Finally please remember that it has now become clear through many
sources (see other links on this blog page) that Mahmood had a long track record
of Lying, Dishonesty & Fabricating False Stories whilst often engineering people into situations where he could then make it look as though they had committed a crime, when in truth the real criminal was it has now become clear the Fake Sheikh himself.

UPDATE N =  Also please consider the fact it has now become crystal clear that
compulsive liar Mahmood committed perjury in the first part of the Leveson Inquiry and
that he had regular involvement and contact with the Corrupt Private Investigators
“Southern Investigations” as per https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2014/11/08/did-mazher-mahmood-mislead-leveson-about-the-dark-arts-of-his-past/ .

UPDATE O = Whilst it is true to say that I went into that first meeting with Mahmood knowing who he was, I had absolutely no intentions of doing anything illegal in any manner at any time. I merely intended to ring some escorts from the local newspaper for him then make my excuses and leave (which I did) expecting a story to appear that
Sunday, never did I expect continued contact from Mahmood along with threats and intimidation from behind the scenes from his associates.

UPDATE P = It is also very important to remember that I pleaded NOT GUILTY from the very start all the way up to the first day of trial at Crown Court. I only changed my plea at the last minute to guilty with mitigating circumstances after receiving what I now know to be bad advice from my legal time at the time. This was further compounded by the behind the scenes intimidation & threats I had been getting from Mahmoods associates.

UPDATE Q = When all of this is balanced with the fact that in recent years since the
Tulisa trial collapsed (July 2014) more and more whistle blowers have come out and
admitted that it was regular practice for illegal activities to take place on the part of
reporters at “The News of the World” and other Rupert Murdoch owned publications.
Also the fact that stories were often stage managed, completely fabricated and made
up or distorted to contain only a tiny grain of real truth are also common themes that
these various whistle blowers including (but by no means limited to) The Camera
Assassin “Ian Cutler” and his Friend Bobbie Cummins O.B.E. have stated.

Camera Assassin Book Cover




Pictured is Gerry Brown a former Colleague of Mazher Mahmood and Father of Conrad Brown who became Mahmood's Assistant

Pictured is Gerry Brown a former Colleague of Mazher Mahmood and Father of Conrad Brown who became Mahmood’s Assistant

Consider this quote about Gerry Brown who is pictured above:

“News of the World reporter Gerry Brown was behind many a fake story including Sardine Hostels, the Beckham kidnapping and the Bullets Wizzing Past My Ears rubbish he concocted with Mazher Mahmoud.”

“There were no bullets wizzing around anybody’s ears. I set this picture up at Bisley rifle range in Surrey.”

“Years later after Brown’s death, Mahmoud wrote his obituary for the News of the World. In it the lying bastard used this photo claiming he had taken it.”

Quoted from – http://cameraassassin.co.uk/ 

Conrad Brown is on the Left

Conrad Brown is on the Left

Pictured above on the left hand side of the photograph is Conrad Brown the Son of Gerry Brown. Prior to his death Gerry worked alongside Mahmood concocting stories as exposed by The Camera Assassin Ian Cutler on his site at the link given earlier.

Consider this quote from Guardian Newspaper:

“But the key to Mahmood’s success is the prowess of his technical team and the endless cast of characters at his disposal. Gerry Brown, a former NoW reporter, and his son Conrad, are the ‘sound and vision’ experts, hiding microphones and cameras in vases and picture frames in hotel rooms. Freelance journalists and editorial assistants play the parts of minor Arab royals, minders, chauffeurs and prostitutes.”

Quoted fromhttps://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/may/09/theobserver.uknews3

Indeed Mazher Mahmood himself talked about working with Gerry Brown on many stories in a tribute piece after Gerry’s death in which he said:

“After a recent job in Marbella, where Gerry and I were exposing an Arab terrorist selling a dirty bomb, he turned to me and said, ‘You know something, Maz, you and I could never become top executives because we’ve got investigations in our blood.“

Quoted fromhttps://www.pressgazette.co.uk/gerry-brown-news-of-the-world-investigative-reporter/

Once Gerry Brown had died, his son Conrad Brown became even more important to the Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood as illustrated by this quote:

“Of inestimable importance to Mahmood is Conrad Brown, son of a former NoW reporter, who operates the concealed video cameras and microphones that provide the vital “proof” of Maz’s investigations.”

Quoted from – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/3592327/The-dirty-digger.html

Alan Smith with Mazher Mahmood

Alan Smith with Mazher Mahmood

Mahmood’s long term driver and often accomplice was none other Alan Smith who pictured above right was found guilty along with Mahmood of Conspiracy to Pervert the course of Justice in regards to the collapsed Tulisa Case and whom it was stated in court already had an extensive Criminal Record.

The more you dig the more obvious it becomes that Mahmood was surrounded by dishonest people and those with a provable track record of Stunting, Faking and Fabricating Stories with a complete disregard for reality or the truth.

Former News of the World Executive Greg Miskiw Supplied Phone Hacking to Mazher Mahmood via Glenn Mulcaire

Former News of the World Executive Greg Miskiw Supplied Phone Hacking to Mazher Mahmood via Glenn Mulcaire

Pictured above is Former News of the World Executive Greg Miskiw who openly admits that he on behalf of Mazher Mahmood arranged for Glenn Mulcaire to illegally hack phones for him on many occasions as quoted here:


Seriously look at the rest of the information, facts and evidence on this page and it becomes even clearer that Mahmood operated in an environment surrounded by colleagues for whom fabricating stories and/or acting illegally was to them second nature and so it would seem an everyday occurrence.

Panorama Producer Speaks about Mahmood on Twitter

Panorama Producer Speaks about Mahmood on Twitter

Above a post from Meirion Jones Producer of the BBC Panorama “Fake Sheikh Exposed” documentary which is on Twitter.

Indeed when you consider this quote from the Independent newspaper it starts to become even clearer the kind of person Mahmood was and is.

“After the trial collapsed, Mr Gashi made allegations which led police to launch an investigation into Mr Mahmood, codenamed Canopus. When Mr Mahmood was interviewed under caution he was asked why he relied on people like Mr Gashi. He told detectives he got information from prostitutes and drug addicts, adding: “I’ve got bent police officers that are witnesses, that are informants.”

Quoted from https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/fake-sheikhs-convictions-must-be-re-examined-insists-former-attorney-general-9857241.html

And below is a Tweet from a Former New Scotland Yard Detective about Mahmood’s activities.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL = Perhaps the most important thing of all to consider and realize at this moment though is the very real fact that I was never Cautioned, Reprimanded, Charged or Convicted in any manner for anything mentioned in that article with the exception of having some fake coins in my possession for a short period of time.

Bearing that in mind, what follows are two Newspaper Articles from the Manchester Evening News who covered the Manchester Crown Court Case relating to the Fake Coins..

Manchester Evening News Jonathan Royle Alex Smith Leroy Article Tuesday 2nd March 1999.

Manchester Evening News Jonathan Royle Alex Smith Leroy Article Tuesday 2nd March 1999.

The Above Press Article (You can see a bigger image of it by clicking on the photograph) was taken from Page Seven of The Manchester Evening News – Early Edition – Tuesday March 2nd 1999.

You can obtain a clear copy from your local library if you wish to confirm what I am about to quote from the article as being true.


*He Knew That The Fakes WOULD NOT be circulated Publically.

*His meetings with the reporters were a PUBLICITY STUNT.

*Judge David Owen Said “I Limit This Sentence because IT IS NOT AN ORDINARY CASE”

*It was a PUBLICITY STUNT to gain media recognition which had backfired.

*Anthony Morris defending said “One of the men he dealt with was Smiths former Publicity Agent, they had been concerned together in earlier SCAMS aimed at getting Smith Publicity, and he knew whatever he said or did would get newspaper exposure!”

*He Has done many outlandish things TO GAIN PUBLICITY

*Smith Knew the Fake Coins WOULD NOT be circulated Publically in what was a ONE OFF offence by a Man of Good character.


*In the actual Court Case, the Judge, Crown Prosecution Service and also the Police ALL CONFIRMED IN COURT that having seen all the evidence that they 100% KNEW that it was all a PUBLICITY STUNT & MEDIA STING engineered BY ME to help gain Publicity for myself and also TO EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS AND JOURNALISM.

Unfortunately Court Documents are of Crown Copyright and they told me I could not post such here, BUT PLEASE DO GET YOUR OWN COPY of the Court Transcripts and you will then see that:

*In Court it was proven and accepted beyond any reasonable doubt that the News of the World article was and is complete and utter BS…

*It was mentioned by all (Police, Judge and CPS) that the entire article came about due to me engineering it as a PUBLICITY STUNT and also a way to EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS.

*It was noted that many things that were printed I HAD NOT EVEN EVER SAID OR DONE IN ANY MANNER.

Feel free to obtain a copy of the Court Records and check this out for yourself.

*In court both the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Probation Service all spoke on my behalf and recommended a NON CUSTODIAL Sentence due to it all being a Publicity Stunt to expose the newspaper.

*When the Judge gave a custodial sentence, everyone agreed I SHOULD BE RELEASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, hence I only spent 46 days inside.

*The Court records will show that I had character references from The Local Rochdale MP of the time, also the Head of the Local Military Police of the time, hardly what you’d expect if any of the other BS they printed in that NOW SHUT DOWN AND SHAMED Newspaper were in any way true.

The Court Hearing was at Manchester Crown Court on Monday 1st March 1999.

It was The Crown “vs” Alex William Smith.

The Judge was David Owen.

Prosectutor was Stuart Duke.

Defence Lawyer was Anthony Morris.

Manchester Evening News Tuesday 1st March 1999 - Late Edition.

Manchester Evening News Tuesday 1st March 1999 – Late Edition.

Taken from Page Seven of The Manchester Evening News – Late Edition – Tuesday March 2nd 1999, again as with all images on this page you can see a bigger version of it by clicking on the image above to see the larger version.

You can obtain a clear copy from your local library if you wish to confirm what I am about to quote from the article as being true.


*He Knew That The Fakes WOULD NOT be circulated Publically.

*His meetings with the reporters were a PUBLICITY STUNT.

*Judge David Owen Said “I Limit This Sentence because IT IS NOT AN ORDINARY CASE”

*Smith was a man of good character and had been involved in earlier SCAMS aimed at getting PUBLICITY.


*In the actual Court Case, the Judge, Crown Prosecution Service and also the Police ALL CONFIRMED IN COURT that having seen all the evidence that they 100% KNEW that it was all a PUBLICITY STUNT & MEDIA STING engineered BY ME to help gain Publicity for myself and also TO EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS AND JOURNALISM.

Unfortunately Court Documents are of Crown Copyright and they told me I could not post such here, BUT PLEASE DO GET YOUR OWN COPY of the Court Transcripts and you will then see that:

*In Court it was proven and accepted beyond any reasonable doubt that the News of the World article was and is complete and utter BS…

*It was mentioned by all (Police, Judge and CPS) that the entire article came about due to me engineering it as a PUBLICITY STUNT and also a way to EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS.

*It was noted that many things that were printed I HAD NOT EVEN EVER SAID OR DONE IN ANY MANNER.

*In court both the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Probation Service all spoke on my behalf and recommended a NON CUSTODIAL Sentence due to it all being a Publicity Stunt to expose the newspaper.

*When the Judge gave a custodial sentence, everyone agreed I SHOULD BE RELEASED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, hence I only spent 46 days inside.

*The Court records will show that I had character references from The Local Rochdale MP of the time, also the Head of the Local Military Police of the time, hardly what you’d expect if any of the other BS they printed in that NOW SHUT DOWN AND SHAMED Newspaper were in any way true.

Feel free to obtain a copy of the Court Records and check this out for yourself.

The Court Hearing was at Manchester Crown Court on Monday 1st March 1999.

It was The Crown “vs” Alex William Smith.

The Judge was David Owen.

Prosectutor was Stuart Duke.

Defence Lawyer was Anthony Morris.

You can also find full details of the entire SCAM and attempt to EXPOSE DODGY JOURNALISTS along with the court case in my book which can be got from Amazon:



Other Articles Proving my SERIAL MEDIA HOAXER PAST (and lack of truth in any of the BS people are currently posting about me on a certain Websites and other places)

*Chat Show Favourite Was A Serial Hoaker – April 30th 2002 – Sunday Times by Nicholas Hellen & Mark Macaskill (Half Page)

*Chat Rat Nailed – News of The World – April 30th 2000 – by Paul McMullan

*Joke Was On Me In The End – Heywood Advertiser – Thursday May 18th 2000 – by Alison Pilkington

*The Knack – How to Hoak Your Way onto a Chat Show – by Susannah Prain and Jonathan Royle – The Independent – Friday review Section – May 5th 2000

*on Sunday 28th January 2001 The Sunday Sport ran another half page feature “Trisha Guest was a Dirty Hoaker!”

*Trishas Welcome For A Serial TV Hoaker – The Daily Mail – Wednesday 24th January 2001 – by Mark Reynolds & Tony Bonnici or it could have been – on 24-01-01 a half page feature appeared in The Daily Mail “Trisha Show Turns Blind Eye to Serial Hoaker”

NOTICE = Even the “News of The World” ran an article in their paper on April 30th 2000…

FACT = If there was any truth in the BS that the News of the world previously printed about me (back in 1998) Don’t you think they would have mentioned it again in this article of 2000??

That’s aside from the fact that they NEVER did any follow up article to their 1998 “expose” (which was another of my media hoaxes and was engineered by me to expose them and other dodgy journalists) mentioning me getting charged or convicted for anything serious.


Indeed Here are a Few Copies of Images of those National Media Articles exposing my Past as A Serial Media Hoaker which further illustrate all of the above things I have stated to be True…

Joke Was On Me In The End – Heywood Advertiser – Thursday May 18th 2000 – by Alison Pilkington

Joke Was On Me In The End – Heywood Advertiser – Thursday May 18th 2000 – by Alison Pilkington

The Article Above Makes it quite clear that I only ended up in prison for a short time (46 days) due to A PUBLICITY STUNT SLIGHTLY BACKFIRING.

Chat Rat Nailed – News of The World – April 30th 2000 – by Paul McMullan

Chat Rat Nailed – News of The World – April 30th 2000 – by Paul McMullan

Chat Rat Nailed – News of The World – April 30th 2000 – by Paul McMullan

Chat Rat Nailed – News of The World – April 30th 2000 – by Paul McMullan

If there was any Real Truth in the News of the Worlds Article from 1998, don’t you think they would have made mention of their Expose of me in this article from the year 2000.

The reason they don’t make mention of such is quite simply because it had already been PROVEN IN COURT that there was no truth in their article from 1998 and that in fact it was all part of an attempt by me to Expose Them and Their Illegal Techniques.

Hence obviously they could not make mention of it, as it would have made them as a newspaper look stupid.

Its for the exact same reason that The News of The World NEVER DID A FOLLOW UP ARTICLE after the 1998 Article (the fabricated one) following the Manchester Crown Court Case as to do so would have made them look stupid given the facts and evidence that came out and were presented to the Court which PROVED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that it was all a Media Hoax and Sting engineered by me in an attempt to expose The News of The World.

Further proof that The News of the World Never did any follow up article bragging about
having got me convicted for the coins can be seen along with Proof that Mazher Mahmood “The Fake Sheikh” committed Perjury during Part One of The Leveson Inquiry at this link where you can find the statement of Paddy French:


Trishas Welcome For A Serial TV Hoaker – The Daily Mail – Wednesday 24th January 2001 – by Mark Reynolds & Tony Bonnici or it could have been - on 24-01-01 a half page feature appeared in The Daily Mail “Trisha Show Turns Blind Eye to Serial Hoaker”

Trishas Welcome For A Serial TV Hoaker – The Daily Mail – Wednesday 24th January 2001 – by Mark Reynolds & Tony Bonnici or it could have been – on 24-01-01 a half page feature appeared in The Daily Mail “Trisha Show Turns Blind Eye to Serial Hoaker”

In conjunction with the other articles, this one above further proves my long-term past hoaxing and scamming the media, all of which was part of my research for my book “Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist” within which I name, shame and expose the often Illegal and very dodgy techniques and tactics used by many journalists and publications and also the unethical approaches and disregard for the truth displayed by many others.

Chat Show Favourite Was A Serial Hoaker – April 30th 2002 – Sunday Times by Nicholas Hellen & Mark Macaskill (Half Page)

Chat Show Favourite Was A Serial Hoaker – April 30th 2002 – Sunday Times by Nicholas Hellen & Mark Macaskill (Half Page)

This article above, from the Respected “Sunday Times” Newspaper actually plugs the release of my autobiography within which I name, shame and expose dodgy journalists and reveal the full detailed diary of events of how I went about exposing the News of the World which led to their article of complete and utter rubbish, much all of which I never actually said or did in any manner at any time.

Sunday 28th January 2001 The Sunday Sport ran another half page feature “Trisha Guest was a Dirty Hoaker!”

Sunday 28th January 2001 The Sunday Sport ran another half page feature “Trisha Guest was a Dirty Hoaker!”

The Above Article from The Daily Sport, a newspaper whose famous headlines include such Comedy Classics as “Statue of Elvis Found on Mars” and “Adolf HItler Was A Woman” and is generally regarded as more of a Comic and Joke Publication than a serious credible newspaper, leads me nicely into showing you the video of a slot I did for a TV Show called “The Dark Side of Stage Hypnosis” which was originally broadcast on UK Channel Four and since has been broadcast around the world on The Discovery Channel.

They link together in so much as the alleged Porn Movie that The Daily Sport article makes reference to WAS FAKED FOR PUBLICITY…

A Glamour Model was paid to pose for the camera AND EVERYTHING WAS JUST SIMULATED (E.g. No Real Sex Ever Took Place) indeed I have on file the signed Model Consent and Release forms from the Glamor Model.

And even if it were in any manner true (WHICH AS JUST STATED IT IS NOT) the article makes it clear as do all other media articles in the past were it says I have apparently hypnotized women for sex, that in all cases THE WOMEN WERE OF WELL ABOVE LEGAL AGE AND WERE ALL CONSENTING…

But as I say the real truth is, they were all really Actresses paid to speak to the media to create and fabricate a Controversial Sounding Story to gain more Print Media, Radio and Television Publicity and Exposure.

So Enjoy the video, but remember I AM ACTING and playing the part of a “Controversial Edgy Over The Top Adults Only Hypnotist” – I AM NOT LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE.


So with reference to the above video, one other point you should bear in mind is that despite the way they try to portray things I HAVE NEVER BROKEN ANY HYPNOSIS LAWS.

Yes there are Legal Loopholes in the UK’s 1952 Hypnotism Act which in the past I have on occasion used, however using them in the manner that I did is FULLY LEGAL & LAWFUL and means that I was 100% operating WITHIN THE LAW.

NOTE = Also it should be noted that at the time of writing this blog, (Saturday 19th October 2013) that the TV Show from which this clip is taken was broadcast back in September 2003 which is Over Ten Years Ago Now, Once again not exactly breaking news is it, despite what some people on the internet would like to have you believe!


Basic Disclosure Showing No Criminal Convictions At All for Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle.

Basic Disclosure Showing No Criminal Convictions At All for Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle.

 This was obtained from – http://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk/ and shows that at time of getting it I HAD NO CURRENT OR RELEVANT CRIMINAL RECORD WHATSOEVER.

This is further illustrated by the next few closer up images of the document…

Basic Disclosure Showing no Relevant or Current Criminal Cautions, Charges or Convictions on file for me.

Basic Disclosure Showing no Relevant or Current Criminal Cautions, Charges or Convictions on file for me.

And here’s another image….

Basic Disclosure Showing no Relevant or Current Criminal Cautions, Charges or Convictions on file for me.

Basic Disclosure Showing no Relevant or Current Criminal Cautions, Charges or Convictions on file for me.

And Another Relevant Image….

Basic Disclosure Showing no Relevant or Current Criminal Cautions, Charges or Convictions on file for me.

Basic Disclosure Showing no Relevant or Current Criminal Cautions, Charges or Convictions on file for me.

As you can see in the above images Nothing Showed up on my File as at time of getting this done I had (and still have) no current or relevant Criminal Charges, Cautions or Convictions in any manner…

Because of this being a 100% CLEAN DISCLOSURE I was granted a Personal Alcohol License as follows:

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

And here is another relevant image of proof….

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

For the record I no longer Live in or Reside at the address shown on these documents (and yes The Local Council Know my New Address) that address shown is the property that I did indeed purchase outright for Cash, with no mortgages, loans or indeed any form of borrowing being required before I was 30 years of age.

I now live in a HOUSE whilst the Apartment is producing a rental income.

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

Once again the above document confirms that I have no Current or Relevant Offenses on file, the simple fact is, if even a tiny element of that 1998 News of the World Article held any truth in it, then I would most certainly never have been granted a Personal Alcohol License.

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

Personal Alcohol License as granted to Alex William Smith due to Clean Disclosure Documents.

It seems however that the above proof and evidence was not good enough for some of these vindictive and perhaps even mentally unbalanced Cyber Bullies and they have posted pointing out that a Basic Disclosure does not show Convictions Which are Spent.

If your not aware of what a spent Conviction is then I suggest you look at this page:


Well they are correct, spent convictions would not show up on a Basic Disclosure, and given the date on my Disclosure is Over Seven Years from the date that I received the Custodial Sentence mentioned earlier which saw me spending JUST 46 DAYS IN PRISON that would indeed not show up.

They also post trying to make out that I may have been Cautioned, Reprimanded, Charged or Convicted of something else since…

What they seem to forget, is that if that were the case and it were to be anything serious THEN MY PERSONAL ALCOHOL LICENSE WOULD HAVE BEEN REVOKED and yet it is still 100% Current & Valid in All Manners.

They also seem to forget that the Conviction that would have been given to anyone who was actually Guilty of anything to do with Drugs, Guns, Pimping of Underage Girls and such like WOULD MOST CERTAINLY HAVE BEEN WELL ABOVE SIX MONTHS.

And as such had I ever done such things, then as is illustrated at the link of:


Then I would most certainly have been given a conviction of Above Six Months and as such it would remain Unspent and on File and show up on a Basic Disclosure for TEN YEARS and thus would have appeared on the documents that are shown above.

After all the Basic Disclosure shown above was issued on the 6th of June 2007, I was given the Fake Coins Sentence on 1st March 1999, so obviously that does not show as it was by 2007 Spent, however The Basic Disclosure issued on and dated 6th June 2007 would show any Convictions of over six months (if there had ever been any) dating back to 6th June 1997 thus also proving that I have never been found Guilty or done anything of the nature people keep lying about during that time scale either.


They Keep saying this as such a document provided by The Disclosure and Barring Service formerly known as a Criminal Records Bureau Check will indeed show everything including both Spent and unspent convictions, cautions etc as is detailed here –

https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check/overview .

So in an attempt to shut up these idiots I contacted http://www.acorndirect.org.uk/ and got them to get me my CRB Check Done, images of which you are about to see below..

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith - October 2013.

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith – October 2013.

As stated earlier you can click on the image to see a larger version of it…

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith - October 2013.

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith – October 2013.

Remember when you see the information relating to Fake Coins that has all already been fully explained earlier on this page (And was all a Media Hoax and Sting Engineered by me) and I ONLY SPENT 46 DAYS INSIDE A PRISON…

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith - October 2013.

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith – October 2013.

And finally I remind you once again you can click on any images on this page to see larger versions of them.

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith - October 2013.

CRB DBS Document for Alex Smith – October 2013.

As you can see in the Above Images of my CRB Document provided by The Disclosure and Barring Service and dated 7th October 2013, a document that shows ALL and Everything that could have been on file about me (Both Spent and Unspent) the only thing it shows is the Fake Coins Conviction which has already been dealt with and explained in depth earlier on this page.

Now more recently (early 2016) I have been summoned to take part in Jury Service as can be seen in the image below..

I would not be allowed to do Jury Service if even a fraction of the Rubbish Some Vindictive Liars post about me on the Web were true in any manner!

I would not be allowed to do Jury Service if even a fraction of the Rubbish Some Vindictive Liars post about me on the Web were true in any manner!

As it states above, the simple fact is that I would not be allowed to ever do Jury Service if I had ever been convicted of any of the other nonsense (stuff other than £1 coins) that the fabricated News of The World Article made false claims about.

For the record the date of my service has been changed from that shown above, and the actual date has been blanked out of the image below for obvious legal & security reasons.

Jury DeferredAt this link you can get an idea of the reasons why and types of people who are not allowed to do Jury Service – https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/exemptions-jury-service

The simple fact that I have been accepted for Jury Service proves that I do not and indeed never have fallen into any of those categories and is further proof that what the idiots and liars have been saying about me in various places on the web is complete and utter B.S.

Now for those who may believe the idiots who are claiming that I have photo shopped these documents or forged them in some other Illegal manner,  can I please remind you that by contacting Rochdale Council you can confirm my Personal Alcohol License to be genuine and Valid, by contacting Acorn Direct http://www.acorndirect.org.uk/ and quoting my birth name of Alex William Smith and the certificate number of 001420818776 you can also confirm that my CRB Document is Genuine and Valid and same can be said about the Basic Disclosure shown earlier.

It is a Simple manner for anyone who values THE TRUTH to check out and prove to themselves that everything I have stated above is 100% Genuine, Factually and Truthfully Correct and consequently easy for you to discover that all the B.S. People post about me in various places on the internet is exactly that complete and utter Bullshit and Lies.


Indeed a couple of final things to consider on the subject of that 1999 Fabricated News of the World Hoax & Sting on them which I engineered are:

*Since the time of the Manchester Crown Court Case I have Traveled to and worked in such Places as California, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Florida and Las Vegas in the United States of America. Also I have been to places such
as Barbados, Bahrain and other places around the World. Many of  these places have very strict entry requirements and  I would never have been granted either Visa’s or Esta’s to legally enter any of these places if even a tiny element of that News of The World Article had any basis in truth. The Same applies to various other Countries around the world that I have both traveled to and work within over the past 15+ years since that article.

*Finally consider the fact that NO NEWSPAPER OR JOURNALIST HAS EVER SUED ME for the contents of my book originally entitled “Confessions of a Showbiz Celebrity” which has recently been expanded and re-released under the title “Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist” around the world as follows:

U.K. Amazon Paperback – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Confessions-Of-Psychic-Hypnotist-Celebrity/dp/1484941748/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382197018&sr=8-2&keywords=confessions+of+a+psychic+hypnotist

USA Amazon Paperback – http://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Of-Psychic-Hypnotist-Celebrity/dp/1484941748/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382196946&sr=8-1&keywords=confessions+of+a+psychic+hypnotist

U.K. Amazon Kindle – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Confessions-Showbiz-Celebrity-Professional-Entertainer-ebook/dp/B0049H9DQW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382197046&sr=8-1&keywords=confessions+of+a+psychic+hypnotist

USA Amazon Kindle –  http://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Showbiz-Celebrity-Professional-Entertainer-ebook/dp/B0049H9DQW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382196975&sr=8-2&keywords=confessions+of+a+psychic+hypnotist

That is despite the fact that I name and shame various Journalists and also explain exactly how (with easily verified evidence) I engineered things to expose the News of the World and other dodgy unethical Journalists.

Given that the publication of my exposing these people and publications was publicized in various National Newspapers and also led to various Television and Radio Interviews and also because I sent copies to all those I named and shamed in the book, I know for a fact they are all aware that I expose them and their often illegal antics within the pages of my book.

The Simple reason none of them have ever sued me is because the evidence against them is without question!

Oh and take a look at this image which is a screenshot taken from one of the many websites where people often post nasty and untrue stuff about me:

My Ex-Wife Confirming that I was fully Vetted by the UK Social Services Prior to having a vulnerable child released into my care.

My Ex-Wife Confirming that I was fully Vetted by the UK Social Services Prior to having a vulnerable child released into my care.

Long Story cut short, when I was with my Ex-Wife, I helped her to get the biological daughter of herself and her ex-partner released from Social Services care into my care.

As part of this process I had to be vetted by Social Services who did Police, Court and indeed every other check you could possibly imagine to verify whether or not I was a safe person to release a vulnerable child into the care of.

This happened AFTER the Fabricated News of the World Article and also AFTER the Manchester Crown Court Case and so all of the Evidence relating to those matters was examined and taken into account also.

BOTTOM LINE = They found me to be absolutely no danger or threat in any manner either to the general public or indeed more importantly in this context to a vulnerable child. Further details and facts and evidence relating to everything I have mentioned on this page so far can be found in my book “Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist”


Observant ones amongst you will also realize that the above provides proof of the Truth relating to any and all media articles and stories that may have ever appeared about me of a controversial nature anywhere in the world.

The simple truth is they were all Manufactured, Fabricated and Engineered for Publicity and in many cases involved actors or actresses being paid to play parts and say certain things to the media to create an illusion of truth to fool the media into publishing the article, thus creating media exposure for me and ultimately increased demand for my talents and services as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Magician and Psychic Entertainer which on all occasions they most certainly did.


Following the Collapse of The Drugs Trial involving British Pop Singer Tulisa Contostavlos, the former undercover Journalist for the now shut down and shamed “News of the World” Newspaper Mazher Mahmood has been suspended from The Sun on Sunday Newspaper and is currently being investigated by the Police as detailed at these links:


And also check out:


As a result of this Trial Collapsing the Crown Prosecution Service decided to put together Disclosure Packs and to issue these to some of the people who had in the past been given a conviction which involved evidence being given by Mazher Mahmood as the result of one of his “Stings” as is detailed here:


I was one of the people referred to at that link, one of the people the CPS sent a full disclosure pack to and having received such, and also due to new evidence in my favor that has recently come to light, I have now applied (Jan 2015) to the Criminal Cases Review Committee to appeal my case with the aim of getting the conviction revoked and overturned.

With this in mind I am delighted to say that British Super Lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law has agreed to represent me relating to the appeal of my conviction and the civil law side of things will be handled as I understand it by Mark Lewis of Seddons.

Both Siobhain and Mark were instrumental in the Phone Hacking Legal Cases against News International and are the best people I could possibly wish for to represent me in these matters as they truly are at the top of their game.

The following link confirms that Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law is acting for me in these matters:


At this moment she is also representing Former “London’s Burning” and “Grange Hill” Actor John Alford and Former Boxing Champion Herbie Hides in a similar manner:


The next two Links give copies of News Stories relating to the fact that my application has gone into the CCRC in this matter.


And also:


For obvious legal reasons I am currently unable to say anymore on this matter, which could possibly even take years before it is rectified and concluded one way or the other.

But for those of you who may have missed the Expose on Mazher Mahmood and the highly dodgy and unethical techniques he uses (some would argue even illegal) that was broadcast as a BBC Panorama investigative documentary, then please do take the time to watch this video…

The week after that BBC Panorama “The Fake Sheikh Exposed” documentary aired my lawyer Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law can be heard discussing these matters on BBC’s “The World at One” show alongside Conservative MP John Whittingdale.



To Contact My Civil Lawyer Mark Lewis Please Visit his Page of:


the-old-baileyAnd to Contact My Criminal Appeals Lawyer Siobhain Egan Please Visit:


BREAKING NEWS: The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed for 15 Months for Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice on Friday 21st October 2016, fuller details
are at the link which follows which is BBC Televisions official report of events:


Whilst at this next link you can see Television Station ITV’s report on things:


Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith with his Friend and Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim John Alford

Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith with his Friend and Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim John Alford

And Here is how The Financial Times Reported on the event, where you will notice I
am referred to as Alex Smith the Magician within their article at this link:


With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Boxer Herbie Hides

With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Boxer Herbie Hides

This is how the Daily Mail reported on Mahmood’s Prison Sentence, notice you’ll
see they have used a picture of me stood outside court with John Alford:


With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Actress & Former Page Three Model Emma Morgan

With Fellow Fake Sheikh Victim Actress & Former Page Three Model Emma Morgan

The Third Picture down in the following Daily Mirror Article on his Prison Sentence shows me outside The Old Bailey as Mahmood arrives to find out his fate.


With John Alford outside the Old Bailey Waiting for Mazher Mahmood to Arrive to discover his Fate!

With John Alford outside the Old Bailey Waiting for Mazher Mahmood to Arrive to discover his Fate!

Here is the Telegraph newspapers report on it, within which you will see a video which
I can be clearly seen in as John Alford delivers a statement on behalf of us all


Pictured are Actor John Alford, Boxer Herbie Hides, Model & Actress Emma Morgan and Hypnotist & Mind Magician Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith

Pictured are Actor John Alford, Boxer Herbie Hides, Model & Actress Emma Morgan and Hypnotist & Mind Magician Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith

There is another video which I can be seen in within the article that the London Evening Standard ran on his Prison Sentence



Some Other Resources that you may wish to look at which all contain much invaluable
information and evidence and facts about Mazher Mahmood and his past Lies and
unethical, immoral and arguably illegal actions and behaviours are as follows:















With Former News of the World Journalist turned Whistle Blower & Byline Journalist Graham Johnson

With Former News of the World Journalist turned Whistle Blower & Byline Journalist Graham Johnson





(The Earle of Hardwicke and His Partner Walk Out of Court in 1999)


(The Fiasco of the Red Mercury Case)

If you don’t know Red Mercury Does not and Has Never Existed




UNTOLD – (The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast)



My Friend Former East 17 Pop Star Brian Harvey in Parliament trying to expose how Murdoch Lied About Him & used illegal techniques.

My Friend Former East 17 Pop Star Brian Harvey in Parliament trying to expose how Murdoch Lied About Him & used illegal techniques.

Brian Harvey has evidence that appears to implicate “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood and his right hand man Conrad Brown in the fabricated stories that were made about him and indeed such is mentioned in the video with Peter Jukes below.

In the audio recording above Journalist Peter Jukes of Byline is heard speaking with Brian Harvey about documents and evidence he has in his possession. It seems that
this shows a direct link between Mazher Mahmood and Phone Hacking and/or tapping.

With James Doleman Who Live Tweeted the Mahmood Trial

With James Doleman Who Live Tweeted the Mahmood Trial

On Thursday 19th April 2018 the Press Gazette Newspaper ran an article about
Dr. Akbar Ali Malik who was a close associate of “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood
and indeed it is said he played the part of a 2nd “Fake Sheikh” alongside Mahmood
on some occasions in the past.

Dr. Akbar Ali Malik of the now closed down Malik Law Chambers. A close associate of Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Dr. Akbar Ali Malik of the now closed down Malik Law Chambers. A close associate of Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

This article which appears at the following link, states that the Law Firm run by Dr. Akbar Ali Malik has been shut down over dishonesty suspicions.


At the next link is mention of Akbar Ali Malik and the fact that he would on occasions
act as a stand in “Fake Sheikh” for Mazher Mahmood.


In the video above you can see Rebekah Brooks speaking at The Leveson Inquiry and she admits that she has paid Police (which is Illegal) for information in the past.

And in the video below you can hear Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood speaking at Leveson and admitting that he does overstep the line and break the law, however
he insists that he is covered by it being for “Public Interest”

Remember this is the same Mazher Mahmood who has in the past been quoted as openly stated that he has “bent Police officers” in his pocket.

When Mahmood thinks nothing of using bent Police Officers and Brooks has admitted paying Police for information, it makes one wonder if that is why the Police & CPS were so often so willing to arrest and then charge people who in truth had not really done anything wrong and who were clearly set up, which would have become obvious to all at the time had the alleged “evidence” been properly stress tested which most often it
has now become clear it was not.

You will also no doubt find these two videos of great interest as well…

And Part Two…

I would also suggest that anyone wanting to learn more about how the mainstream media manipulates and brainwashes people with so called “Fake News” – Propaganda and “Social Engineering” should listen to this podcast recording:

And then listen to this even more eye opening recording as well in which I reveal more about “Media Brainwashing” – “Social Engineering” and such like:

I also think people should remember that “The News of the World” was shut down for the Dishonest & Wholly Illegal Actions of Phone Hacking including Hacking the phone of Murdered School Girl Milly Dowler and that despite what he would obviously say to the contrary to protect himself, it seems hugely unlikely that the Owner of at the time “News International” and now “News Corp” namely Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch would not have known what was going on.

Indeed as you will have seen at earlier links on this page, there is mounting evidence that Murdoch knew exactly what was going on with his chief investigations reporter “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood and was, some say in regular contact with him.

Certainly Murdoch says things behind the scenes which contradict what he may be saying at the same time in public as is illustrated by this video:

The image that follows is of a short excerpt from an article that appeared in the Scottish
Daily Mail on the 6th October 2016 after Mazher Mahmood had been convicted.

The article was entitled “Stars Could Sue for 800m as the Fake Sheikh Faces Prison” and within it there is mention that my application to the Court of Appeal has been turned down, but remember this occurred before Mahmood was convicted and also before further evidence came to light which of course has now been given to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) who are currently reviewing mine and several other Mahmood “Sting Victims” cases.


These four images which follow below are of the document from the “single judge” who decided in early 2016 to turn down my appeal, it should be noted that this occurred before Mahmood was found unanimously guilty by the entire Jury at The Old Bailey of Conspiracy to Pervert the course of Justice in the Tulisa case and that importantly the Judge confirms within these documents that based upon the available evidence he believes that I knew who Mahmood was and that I believed the coins (that I was manipulated into collecting & supplying by one of Mahmoods associates) would never get into Public Circulation.
It is important to remember that without Mahmood having provided the money upfront to pay for the coins and without one of Mahmoods associates manipulating me behind the scenes and pressurizing me into supplying the “Fake Sheikh” something, then the truth is that I would never have been in a position to supply such at the time.

Also remember that the coins were never forensically tested and as such there was actually no evidence of any kind at any time to prove whether they were real or fake.

Further as the astute ones who study this page will notice below, the judge here mentions 997 coins, and yet in actual fact a total of 1003 coins were handed to Mahmood during the course of events and of those at least 3 were 100% genuine
as they came from my pocket as explained earlier on this page.
In other words he made it happen, however as previously stated, although I was pressurized and manipulated behind the scenes by Mahmoods associates, I knew that I could prove (as I did to the Police, CPS & Courts at the time) that I knew I was dealing with Mahmood, that I had absolutely no Criminal Intent and that I was of the opinion that as I knew the coins would never get into public circulation and would get handed to the Police that I, like Mahmood would be covered by Journalistic License.
Unfortunately as I was not directly on the payroll of a National Newspaper at the time,
and was not, at the time a member of the National Union of Journalists, I was not afforded the same “Journalistic License” that Mahmood was despite the fact that the Police, CPS and Court accepted the fact that I knew who Mahmood was and that my intention was to help expose his unethical, immoral and arguably illegal methods.In truth I feel that the Judge did me a massive favor, as by turning down the appeal application in early 2016, it means that since then there has been time for more & more truths to come out about Mahmoods Dishonesty and also it means that I was then able to apply to the CCRC to have my conviction sent for appeal, the outcome of which is currently still being considered and investigated by the CCRC along with numerous other similar cases where Mahmood followed essentially the same modus operandi.

And most significantly on the 21st October 2016, “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood was
jailed for 15 months for Conspiracy to Pervert the course of Justice.

I think it is fair to say that the transparently obvious and very crystal clear facts and evidence speak for themselves…

Sadly though as exposed in the BBC Panorama Documentary entitled
“Last Chance for Justice” which was broadcast on BBC One here in England on Wednesday 30th May 2018, it seems that many experts are now saying that they have discovered that the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) may well not be fit for purpose and that many who deserve justice have been wrongly denied it.



The Crown Prosecution Service aka CPS has been accused of regular Non Disclosure of Key Evidence in Court Cases

The Crown Prosecution Service aka CPS has been accused of regular Non Disclosure of Key Evidence in Court Cases

The article published on Tuesday 5th June 2018 at the link which follows shows that it has now been discovered that the Crown Prosecution Service has on numerous occasions failed to disclose key evidence and information which had it been disclosed would most likely have led to the trial collapsing or at the very least the person accused
(often wrongly) being found NOT GUILTY.



Whilst those articles are largely focused on Rape Cases, it does beg the question of how many other cases have been affected by Non Disclosure by the CPS and could any of the Fake Sheikhs Victims possibly have suffered also due to non disclosure?

It certainly seems that the CCRC is heavily under budgeted and under staffed by mainly by people who have no legal qualifications.


Nazir Afzal former Chief of the Crown Prosecution Service in Northwest of England.

Nazir Afzal former Chief of the Crown Prosecution Service in Northwest of England.

“One is mindful about the fact there is little regulation on undercover newspaper work and citizen investigators which perhaps needs to be looked into.”
Nazir Afzal – Former Chief of CPS in Northwest.

Quoted From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3825033/Fake-Sheikh-s-Page-3-victim-sue-sting-ended-career.html

Lord Peter Henry Goldsmith QC, British Barrister & Former Attorney General

Lord Peter Henry Goldsmith QC, British Barrister & Former Attorney General

“The fact that somebody who has been accused by a judge of apparently not telling the truth may be instrumental in those convictions would certainly be a reason to look at those convictions again and to examine them to see whether they are safe,”
(Goldsmith told the Fake Sheikh Exposed Panorama Documentary)
Lord Peter Henry Goldsmith – Former Attorney General

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/nov/12/fake-sheikh-panorama-expose

“I will first deal with unlawful and improper conduct within News International and other newspaper organisations.”

“The Conviction of Mazher Mahmood also raises issues of an entirely different species of unlawful and improper conduct”

Above comments are quoted from Sir Brian Leveson’s letter to the UK Government dated 23rd January 2018 within which as you can see at link below he made it clear that he felt that Leveson Part 2 should go ahead and indeed its remit should be widened.


The Crown Prosecution Service issued me and many other Fake Sheikh Victims with Disclosure Packs and invited us to appeal our Fake Sheikh Convictions following collapse of Tulisa case.

The Crown Prosecution Service issued me and many other Fake Sheikh Victims with Disclosure Packs and invited us to appeal our Fake Sheikh Convictions following collapse of Tulisa case.

“The CPS said it was in the process of providing the defendants in 25 cases with material that “might cast doubt upon the safety of any convictions”. It said there were no cases in which defendants were still in prison, but that it had identified three live cases where “there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction” after reexamining evidence provided by Mahmood”

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/dec/04/fake-sheik-mazher-mahmood-cases-reviewed-cps

And further comment about this can be found on the Crown Prosecution Services own blog page here: http://blog.cps.gov.uk/2014/12/action-on-cases-involving-mazher-mahmood.html

Returning to the subject of the Police and/or Crown Prosecution Service not disclosing things to people which would have helped them to be found NOT GUILTY this BBC Panorama documentary entitled “Getting a Fair Trial” is eye opening indeed.

Next let’s take a closer look at what Mazher Mahmoods former Photographer had to say about how the Fake Sheikh Fabricated, Manufactured & Engineered his Stories.

Steve Grayson worked with Mazher Mahmood for years and has now blown the whistle on how Mahmood entrapped people and manipulated them into doing things they would never normally do.

Steve Grayson worked with Mazher Mahmood for years and has now blown the whistle on how Mahmood entrapped people and manipulated them into doing things they would never normally do.

Steve Grayson, who worked with Mahmood on numerous stories in the 1990’s including this one, said of the takedown: “He is a drug dealer, we’re drug dealers, we have paid this guy to supply the drugs to give to her.”

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/nov/12/fake-sheikh-panorama-expose

Jonathan Rees who was Daniel Morgans business partner at Southern Investigations a firm Mazher Mahmood used many times,

Jonathan Rees who was Daniel Morgans business partner at Southern Investigations a firm Mazher Mahmood used many times.

It seems the Police knew that Mazher Mahmood was an unreliable witness for over a decade before the Tulisa trial collapsed due to his links to the Private Investigation firm Southern Investigations as illustrated here:



I recently discovered that back in 2012, Channel Four Television here in England ran a documentary called “Undercover at the News of the World” within which jockey Kieren Fallon and politician George Galloway help to show how dishonest Mazher Mahmood always was and how his “stories” cannot be considered anything but works of fiction.

In 2012 Channel Four ran a documentary called "Undercover at the News of the World" exposing Mazher Mahmoods tactics.

In 2012 Channel Four ran a documentary called “Undercover at the News of the World” exposing Mazher Mahmoods tactics.

Unfortunately I have not been able (as yet) to find a copy of that documentary online, (perhaps legal action was taken by Mazher Mahmood to stop it being shown?) however I have found these 2 relevant newspaper article features:



Lawyer Siobhain Egan said: “The CPS special prosecution team, as it was then, dealt exclusively with these prosecutions and in my view did not seek to test the weight or the veracity of the evidence.”

“As I say, there was a certain MO Mahmood would employ. The same assertions were made by reputable defence teams time and again to the CPS, which were ignored.”

“You also have the Met Police. We now know there were internal investigations by the anti-corruption team at New Scotland Yard into Mahmood’s relationships with serving police officers.”

Quoted from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37571614

“Over the last 25 years, innumerable lives have been ruined by the dishonest actions of Mazher Mahmood. People have lost their livelihoods, their homes and relationships, with some spending time in prison.”

“When the public used to read “Fake Sheikh” articles in British newspapers, they would know there was a criminal at the heart of the story. Until now, readers didn’t realise that the criminal was the “Fake Sheikh” himself.”

Quoted from: https://tinyurl.com/ybom76cy

Ben Rose is the Lawyer that represented British Pop Singer Tulisa in her case which collapsed in 2014 and exposed Mazher Mahmood for the Serial Liar, Manipulator of Evidence and Fabricator of Stories that he most certainly is and at the following link he gives his insights into the whole matter.

Quotes from the link include:

“The real scandal in this case is that Mahmood was allowed to operate as a wholly unregulated police force, ‘investigating’ crimes without the safeguards which apply to the police.  As a journalist, he was able to rely on unnamed ‘sources’ and was not required to give full disclosure of his investigation to the defence.  As Tulisa’s defence lawyers, we were prevented from properly testing the strength of his evidence.”

“It was obvious from the outset that Tulisa should never have had to go to court.  If Mahmood’s evidence had been properly stress tested instead of accepted wholesale by the CPS, we are confident it would have come to the same conclusion.”

https://www.hickmanandrose.co.uk/site/about/press-releases/details/ben-rose-on-mahmood-conviction“Red flags were raised about the reliability of Mazher Mahmood’s stings over decades but the police ignored them.” – Dr. Evan Harris.

Quoted from: https://hackinginquiry.org/press-release-mazher-mahmood-conviction-underscores-need-for-leveson-part-2-to-start-now/  

“It appears perverse that, while the law protects against the state causing citizens to commit illegal acts, it does not protect against private parties doing the same thing, where often the participation of the private ‘entrapper’ goes beyond that which would be deemed appropriate by law enforcement officers. Many newspapers stings involve an expensive and targeted campaign on one individual, based on limited or no intelligence, where the inducement is persistent and the primary incentive is to sell newspapers, not to prevent crime.” – David Sleight – Kingsley Napsley Solicitors

Quoted from: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2014/11/17/mazher-mahmood-lawyers-kingsley-napley-private-entrappers-like-fake-sheikh-often-go-beyond-law-enforcement-officers/
“Mahmood’s methods debase journalism. They often amount to entrapment and, on occasion, appear to involve the use of agents provocateurs. People have been encouraged to commit crimes they would not otherwise have conceived. As if that wasn’t enough, the public interest justification advanced for such activities by the NoW is almost always highly debatable.” – Professor Roy Greenslade – Journalist

Quoted from: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/why-i-am-out-to-nail-mazher-mahmood-6103585.html

In the short video/audio below George Galloway MP explains how he tried to
expose Mazher Mahmoods Identity & illegal Activities many years ago now.

Other Relevant Links to George Galloways encounter with Mazher Mahmood are:



“Panorama increases the strength of the case considerably for a new inquiry… There is a severe question mark over over the tactics he [Mahmood] used… We are dealing with convictions which may not have been properly obtained.” – John Whittingdale MP

Quoted from: https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2014/nov/20/john-whittingdale-backs-call-for-inquiry-into-mazher-mahmood

“There is a huge danger of accepting Mr Mahmood’s word in respect of any matter.”  Stephen Solley QC

Quoted from: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2014/07/30/other-dark-arts-at-the-news-of-the-world-fake-sheikh-investigated-by-police-just-before-phone-hacking-operation/

“I am minded to refer the whole of this matter to the Attorney General to consider the temptations to which money being offered in return for stories, in particular about celebrities, gives rise to – and the way in which newspaper investigations may have a detrimental effect on – the ultimate court proceedings.”
Judge Simon Smith

Quoted from: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2014/07/30/other-dark-arts-at-the-news-of-the-world-fake-sheikh-investigated-by-police-just-before-phone-hacking-operation/

Alistair Parker of Brett Wilson has said that more immediately and specifically, there must also be a review of Mazher Mahmood’s previous work. There is a long rap sheet of complaints from Mahmood’s previous targets. All those claims previously dismissed as ‘special pleading’ now sound eerily similar to Contostavlos’ reports, namely that either:-

  • Mahmood offered inducements to ‘create’ the commission of a crime that would never otherwise have been anticipated,
  • Mahmood manipulated or ‘spliced’ audio recordings, thus providing police with inaccurate impressions about what was said, or the context of it,
  • Mahmood misled law enforcement about the ‘originator’ or ‘instigator’ of a criminal enterprise when in fact the origin was either Mahmood, or someone in his pay.

Quoted from: http://www.brettwilson.co.uk/blog/reality-strikes-fake-sheikh/

“We’ve had the case of Mazher Mahmood, the ‘fake sheikh’ who perverted the course of justice to secure his ’scoops’ and left scores of previous convictions unsafe.”
Tom Watson – Labour MP

Quoted from: https://www.tom-watson.com/thrown_to_the_wolves

Other relevant links relating to Tom Watson & Mazhmood include:



The other thing you might want to look at though is the PCC code: “Clandestine devices and subterfuge. The press must not seek to obtain or publish material acquired by using hidden cameras or clandestine listening devices or by intercepting private or mobile calls, messages or emails…” etcetera, etcetera. And of course it goes on to say: “… unless there’s a clear public interest.”
Alistair Campbell – MP

Quoted from: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2014/07/25/comments-on-mazher-mahmood-in-front-of-lord-leveson/

“Curiously, he’s (Mazher Mahmood) never been charged with the illegal purchase of cocaine, although there are no legal grounds on which he can do this to perpetrate a sting.” – Peter Burden – Author of Fake Sheikhs & Royal Trappings.

Quoted from: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2014/07/25/comments-on-mazher-mahmood-in-front-of-lord-leveson/

“I am responsible for innocent people going to jail. I tricked them, (to help Mazher Mahmood) and I’m ashamed. It’s time to tell the truth.”
Florim Gashi – Former Colleague of the Fake Sheikh

Quoted from: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/why-i-am-out-to-nail-mazher-mahmood-6103585.html

Also check out these letters about Florim Gashi’s work with Mazher Mahmood:


William Southcott at Ashcott Solicitors has successfully defended a serving police officer from allegations of ecstasy dealing brought following an apparent undercover investigation by the now infamous Mazhar Mahmood (he of the ‘Fake Sheik’ fame) of the (joyously now defunct) News of the World.

Journalists and a Photographer from the News of the World claimed to have the unfortunate target on tape and film supplying them from a bag containing up to 50 ecstasy tablets. Mr William Southcott was however able to expose lies, half truths and errors within the Crowns evidence resulting in an acquittal of all charges,

Quoted From: http://www.ashcottsolicitors.co.uk/trial-by-media/

David Friesner, for the prosecution, told the Crown Court in Manchester that the CPS had serious concerns over evidence relating to tape recorded and telephone conversations between Mr Rhodri Giggs and the News of the World.

Judge Stuart Fish formally acquitted Mr Giggs, then asked whether charges of inciting to supply drugs and illegal possession had been considered against the reporter, Mazher Mahmood.

Quoted from: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/reporter-may-face-charges-in-giggs-case-284853.html

Mr Quinn Hawkins prosecuting (pictured above) said: “The position is that the Crown can no longer rely on Mr Mahmood as a witness of truth in this case, and for that reason, I offer no evidence against Mr Gordon on behalf of the Crown.”

Quoted from: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/another-fake-sheikh-case-dropped-30612217.html

Serious questions have been asked by many about The Crown Prosecution Service along with suggestions that they may have had far too close of a relationship with
Mazher Mahmood & The News of the World.


There have also been serious allegations that Mazher Mahmood and the Metropolitan Police were too close for comfort as illustrated here:


And if you have any doubts whatsoever that Mazher Mahmood in the majority of his stories used dishonest, unethical and illegal techniques to entrap people and manipulate them into apparently doing things they would never normally do then be sure to watch the BBC Panorama Documentary “The Fake Sheikh Exposed” again

Bearing in mind everything we have looked at so far, may I now draw your attention to the one and only single thing that I was charged of as follows:

I was charged under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 which can be seen in full at this link: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1981/45

I was given two charges under Part Two of  Section 15 of the act which covers “Offences of Passing Etc. Counterfeit Notes and Coins” and which clearly states:

“It is an offence for a person to deliver to another, without lawful authority or excuse, any thing which is, and which he knows or believes to be, a counterfeit of a currency note or of a protected coin.”

Quoted from: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1981/45

You will also notice at the above link that according to the Law, the action of Mazher Mahmood purchasing Counterfeit Coins was itself Illegal on his part unless he could prove he had lawful reason and/or excuse, which in short would mean proving that he had acted in the Public Interest and that the story and his actions to get it were truly
in the public interest which as I am sure you already realize having watched the Panorama documentary and looked at this blog page, they most certainly were not.

The above is an image of my DBS aka CRB or Criminal Records Bureau check document which shows quite clearly that according to the Police Charges and Court Records I was charged for TWO separate offences of “delivering Counterfeit coin to another” and that they say BOTH took place on the same date of Thursday 9th April 1998 and I was then convicted on the 1st March 1999 after changing my Not Guitly
plea at the very last minute to Guilty with mitigating circumstances due to the behind the scenes pressure and intimidation I had been facing from Mahmoods associates and also due to the what I now know to be bad legal advice.

FACT: The above is inaccurate as on Thursday 9th April I only delivered one package of coins to Mahmood, namely the 1,000 pound coins that he had provided the money for up front and his associates had provided the information of where to obtain and placed pressure upon me to do such, thus it was Mahmood who made it both possible for this to happen and also manipulated, engineered and intimidated so that it did.

As you can see above the Manchester Evening News who reported on my case printed their report on 2nd March 1999 which was the day after I was convicted.

However The Single Judge who turned down my application to the Court of Appeal in 2016 INCORRECTLY states that I was convicted in February 1999.

He also incorrectly gives the impression that I was only convicted of delivery of 997 counterfeit coins, when in fact as mentioned earlier on this page on one day (which was not the 9th April) I gave Mahmood three (3) Genuine coins from my pocket as apparent “samples” these being the ones he said were the best fakes he had ever seen.

Then on another later meeting on 9th April 1998 AFTER being given the money by Mahmood to enable the purchase of the coins and AFTER being given the information from his associate of where to obtain such along with intimidation that I better get them and keep his boss happy, I finally delivered 1,000 what I was led to believe at the time
were fake coins to Mahmood.

It does not take a Math’s Genius to work out that 3 coins plus 1,000 coins = 1,003.

So why did the Police only ever get sent 1,000 coins in total from Mahmood???

And why was I then charged so it seems with delivery of 3 coins on one visit and just 997 on the second?

Plus how exactly did the Police get the impression that both things took place on the same day (which they did not) of Thursday 9th April?

Close-up (click on it for larger image) from the Manchester Evening News Court Report Published on 2nd March 1998

Close-up (click on it for larger image) from the Manchester Evening News Court Report Published on 2nd March 1998

Could this be pointing towards manipulation of evidence on the part of Mahmood?

Might it be highly likely that he edited video and/or audio footage to DISHONESTLY give the impression that both events happened on the same day?

And how exactly could any of his or his associates actions be considered as “in the public interest” which they would have to be to give him as a Journalist working on such a story lawful excuse to buy counterfeit coins?

Oh and why were the coins never forensically tested, but instead it seems they just took Mahmoods word for it that they were counterfeit?

On the 25th May 2018, the Criminal Cases Review Commission came to a provisional decision that they would not refer my case to the Court of Appeal, but they gave me until 23rd of June to submit anything new I may have for them to consider.

Those observant ones reading this will easily spot the various errors that the CCRC have clearly made both whilst carrying out their review (my case was passed to
numerous different people over the years) and also making their decision.

Click on any of the images and that will make them enlarge so you are then able to read them and spot the various errors made by the CCRC.

One clue I will give you is to look earlier on this page at the images of the Single Judges decision from the Court of Appeal which I got before the CCRC looked (or claim to have) into my case properly and you will notice that for the most part it just looks like they have lazily copied and pasted what the single judge said.

Anyhow they gave us until 23rd of June to submit anything we felt was new
that they should consider and in that regard the following letter was sent to them from my Solicitor Siobhain Egan of Lewis Nedas Law.And along with that letter was a document prepared by my wife which laid out relevant points that the CCRC seemed to have ignored in making their initial decision.

As mentioned earlier by clicking on any of the images on this blog page you will find they enlarge and thus it makes them easier to read.

That was all sent to the CCRC on Monday 4th June 2018, amazingly they have they claim looked at everything and considered all the points fully in just one week as their FINAL DECISION arrived dated Monday 11th June 2018 and again they have stated they will not be referring my case to the Court of Appeal.

On a side note back on Friday 18th May 2018 the CCRC wrote to me stating that they were coming close to the end of their review and that my case worker would be passing my file to a decision maker sometime soon.

Then on Friday 25th May they sent me their provisional decision. Given that 18th May was a Friday and they are off at weekends, do they honestly expect me to believe that the decision maker considered everything fully in less than a week??

Unless of course it is possible that the case reviewer (of which I have had several
over the years) did not give them a huge amount of material to consider? 

For example I have recently contacted Journalist John Sweeney who made the BBC Panorama documentary “The Fake Sheikh Exposed” and he has confirmed that the CCRC have not contacted him about my case, which as I am sure you will agree is ridiculous given what he uncovered during the making of the show. 

I have also contacted Meirion Jones who was the Producer of the “Fake Sheikh” Panorama Documentary and he also has confirmed that the CCRC have never contacted him despite him being named in the documents I submitted both to the Court of Appeal and also the the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

The same pattern of the CCRC having not contacted the people I mentioned in the documents I submitted to them as being able to confirm Mahmood’s long term dishonesty also continued with Tim Fenton who runs the Zelo Street Blog Page.

I have also confirmed with Journalist Professor Roy Greenslade, and a whole host of other people who I named and mentioned to the CCRC in support of my application that they have not been asked for anything specific to my case from the CCRC.

All of the above just being further evidence (and I have even more on file) that proves that the CCRC have not properly looked into or investigated the information and evidence that I submitted to them.

For the record, back in 2015, the likes of Professor Roy Greenslade, Panorama Producer Meirion Jones, Investigative Journalist Peter Jukes and also Paddy French who runs the Press Gang Blog Page all kindly gave detailed statements which were submitted with my original over 500+ page bundle to the Court of Appeal.

When you realize that it also starts to illustrate how the Single Judge for the Court of Appeal missed the point entirely and so it seems totally ignored many of the issues raised in my “bundle” including but not limited to the issues of Non Disclosure by the relevant authorities at the time of me being taken to court in this matter in 1998/1999. May i once again draw your attention to the BBC Panorama documentary entitled “Last Chance for Justice” that was broadcast on Tuesday 5th June 2018 as per:


Sadly i Can relate to the complaints made in that investigation about how the CCRC may not be fit for purpose, for several main reasons:

a) They seem to have been extremely Lazy and just Copied and Pasted things the Single Judge said to compile their decision.

b) There are factual errors in their documents such as saying I was convicted in Feb 1999 when it was in fact 1st March 1999 and also the number of coins mentioned etc is also wrong as explained earlier on this page.

c) They have not contacted the vast majority of people who are mentioned on this blog page and linked to on this page. This is important as this page and its contents DID
form part of my application to be reviewed and it seems to have largely been ignored.

d) They have concluded that everything I sent them was already considered by the
single Judge in my earlier appeal which again is NOT TRUE as new information regarding the fact I and other Fake Sheikh Victims were drugged has come to light since the single judge looked at my case.

e) Other important things have occurred and come to light since the single judge looked at my case not least of which is Mahmood was convicted for Conspiracy to Pervert the course of Justice.

f) Despite several assurances over the years that my case would be looked at in conjunction with all the other Fake Sheikh victims cases that were/are with the CCRC at the same time, it seems that only the case of Boxer Herbie Hides was actually considered along with mine, despite the fact Mahmood used the same Modus Operandi with all of us.

Ultimately I do not believe for one second that my case has been looked at properly and/or investigated fully.

As I type this latest update on Thursday 14th June 2018, it is now Twenty Years & Nine Weeks exactly since Mahmoods work of fiction about me was published in the now shut down News of the World.

Rest assured I/we shall NOT be giving up until Justice has been achieved and my conviction (and those of my fellow victims mentioned on this page) are overturned.

Even if that means getting a Judicial Review into how the CCRC made their decision,
whatever it takes this fight for Justice and Truth is not over yet.

The image above from 2016 shows that the Single Judge turned down my application for appeal before Mahmood was found Guilty of Conspiracy to Pervert the course of Justice in the Tulisa trial. It also shows that as I have extremely good reasons why I did not renew the application to the court in 2016 (as I was advised to go directly to the CCRC) that arguably I could now apply directly to the court of appeal for an extension of time.  Indeed Two Barristers have kindly confirmed this to me also as follows:

The image above dated 27th June 2018 shows some Free Advice that The Secret Barrister Kindly gave me via his twitter account of https://twitter.com/BarristerSecret 

I have also been fortunate enough on 24th June 2018 to have kindly been given some Free Advice from Barrister Matt Stanbury who runs the excellent informative website of https://appealsbarrister.com/ within which he stated to me:

“I think it is fair to say that this is something of a grey area, but I did a case only last week where the client had applied for leave in 2011, been refused by the single judge, and the Court agreed to list the case for a renewal hearing in 2016 when we received some fresh evidence. This eventually resulted in the case being referred to the full court.”

Another Solicitor who wished to remain nameless for now kindly also spoke to a Barrister colleague of his about my case during September 2018 and as you can
see in the above image which will enlarge when you click on it, the opinion is that I most certainly have a route back to the Court of Appeal to get my conviction cancelled out.

It is also wise to remember that since I was given the advice above during September 2018, that as you will see below I now have evidence from The Royal Mint that despite what the CPS claimed, the coins were never sent to the Royal Mint for testing and thus
were never proven to be counterfeit in the first place.

Also since being given the above advice, more and more extremely strong albeit as yet circumstantial evidence that many of us (including me) were Drugged and/or Spiked without our knowledge by Mahmood’s team on his instruction has come to light as can
be seen much nearer the top of this blog page.

The document above dated 2nd September 1998 shows that originally I was only
charged with one count of delivery of a total of 1,000 Coins.to Mazher Mahmood which took place on Thursday 9th April 1998.
However for some reason as shown by the above document dated 21st October 1998, this was later changed (without my knowledge as far I can recall) to two charges, namely that on Thursday 2nd April 1998 that I gave three £1 Coins to Mazher Mahmood and so they say on Thursday 9th April 1998 then gave him 997 coins, making a total of just 1,000 coins between the two charges.

The above document shows that the records kept by the Courts and CPS seem to be extremely inaccurate to say the least as the above document indicates two charges, one for 3 coins and a second for 996 coins which would be 999 coins total.

In truth it was 3 Real Coins from my pocket on Thursday 2nd April 1998, followed by 1,000 coins which were supplied from the person Mahmood’s associate put me in contact with and for which Mahmood provided the money to get them upfront.

Between these two meetings there had also been other contact both via the telephone and also physically in person both with Mahmood (posing as Perry Khan) and with his associates which included veiled threats & direct intimidation.

The above document (from Courts & CPS records) proves that my Barrister Advised me to change my plea from Not Guilty to Guilty with Mitigating circumstances on the first day of Trial at Manchester Crown Court (something I only did both due to bad advice and behind the scenes intimidation I had been getting from Mahmood’s associates) which was as reported by Manchester Evening News on 1st March 1999, in other-words their documents saying I plead guilty on 1st Feb 1999 are wrong just like many other errors they seem to have made along the way.

It turns out as illustrated by the above image that the Crown Prosecution Services decision submitted to the Single Judge within which they stated they believed my conviction to be safe was from the Chambers of Sarah Forshaw QC.

This is interesting when you consider that SEVERAL MONTHS AFTER submitting such document to the Single Judge, it was Sarah Forshaw QC who on behalf of the CPS Prosecuted Mazher Mahmood & Alan Smith resulting in them being convicted at the Old Bailey.


As someone who was present at every day of that trial, I know first hand that Sarah Forshaw QC must now be aware of the non disclosure issues that myself and other Mahmood victims have faced, along with the immense evidence available of Mahmoods long term dishonesty & illegal techniques, and so I sincerely trust that she would see things differently now should my case of appeal cross her desk again in the near future.FINAL NOTE =  Look at the above CPS document again and bear in mind that in truth I never knew (and still don’t) whether the coins were real or fake as they were never forensically tested at any time, I merely stated that I was led to believe that they were counterfeit by Mahmoods associate who informed me where to obtain them, something I was only able to do AFTER having the money given to me upfront, AFTER being told were to obtain them from and AFTER being heavily pressurized & intimidated into doing such.

Oh and the coins were never seized from me, how could they be as Mahmood had apparently “bought” them from me and so at that point they were HIS COINS…

Royal Mint Proof Coins were never tested or proven to be Counterfeit

Royal Mint Proof Coins were never tested or proven to be Counterfeit

Click on the image above and you can see the email dated 16th August 2018 that I got from Mr. Chris Inson the Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer for The Royal Mint within which he confirms that they do have records on file of any Counterfeit Currency sent to them for testing & authentication from the time period in question and that they are sent stuff by Law enforcement and CPS etc to confirm if it is real or not and yet THEY HAVE NO RECORDS AT ALL relating to me or the coins that I picked up from the contact  suggested by Mazher Mahmoods associate.

As the Crown proceeded against me on the basis that they said & alleged that “I Knew” the coins to be Fake (which I did not ever know for sure) as opposed to “I believed” surely they should have been liable to provide proof that the coins were indeed fake and that would have meant contacting the Royal Mint which the proof now illustrates did NOT ever take place!.

This also illustrates further how the Legal Advice I was given at the time was “bad” as
surely this lack of any existence of evidence of the coins either being real or fake should have been flagged up by my representation at the time as illustration that the CPS did NOT do what they should have done.

The document shown above is from a document showing what details Arco has
about me on the Police National Computer (PNC) as of 25th July 2018.
As you can see according to them I was charged & convicted for two offences of delivery of counterfeit coins. However they INCORRECTLY state that both offences took place at 5pm on the same day of Thursday 9th April 1998.

Firstly how could I possibly commit 2 identical offenses at exactly the same time in
the same location?

Secondly please note that no coins were ever seized from me, indeed once in Mahmood’s possession I never saw them again, they were by him handed to
the Police and thus never in any manner seized from me as he at that time was
the owner of them having “bought” them from me.

Thirdly, as other documents on this page illustrate I gave him 3 coins (real ones)
on Thursday 2nd April 1998 and then another 1,000 coins (supplied via the contact
his associate gave me) were delivered on Thursday 9th April 1998. As such there was
never any possibility of two offences taking place on the same date, same time and
at same location proves the errors on the Arco Police National Computer and also thus
the errors with the information on my CRB documents shown earlier on this page.

I also recently got sent my Subject Access Request file from Rochdale Police Station
where I was finally arrested well over week after the News of the World article dated Sunday 12th April 1998 appeared in the publication.

The only document relating to Counterfeit Coins that they have sent me and thus the only one they say they have is as per the above image and relates to one offense of
1,000 coins only.

You will notice that although the article was published on 12th April 1998, the offense was not reported by Mazher Mahmood and the coins not handed over to the Police by him until Sunday 19th April 1998, why exactly did he wait a week to give them the Coins (they only ever got given 1,000 coins in total so 3 were missing as explained earlier) and to hand his files over to the Police?

I had already gone into the Police Station in Rochdale the moment the newspaper came out on Sunday 12th April 1998 and was told they were not interested until such times
as the offense was reported by Mazher Mahmood & News of the World.

indeed I’d mentioned I was going to be meeting an undercover reporter to members of
the Rochdale CID & Police whilst drinking with them the week before in The Flying Horse Hotel where they used to meet on a Friday for drinks.

For the record it was members of Rochdale Police who in the Flying Horse gave me the information on prices of Drugs, Guns and such like so I could try to look convincing whilst attempting to expose Mahmood’s dodgy, unethical and arguably illegal techniques.

This is one of the reasons they happily gave me a character reference to present to the Judge as they knew I had absolutely no Criminal Intentions in any manner.

Rest Assured this Legal Battle for Truth and Justice is far from over yet…

It seems that as far back as 1998 (possibly earlier) that The Police and Crown Prosecution Service were already aware of Mazher Mahmood’s dishonesty, illegal activities and fabrication of fake stories.

These are things that were never disclosed to me (or other Fake Sheikh Victims) by the Police and/or CPS before or after our cases came to court.


The photo above shows  Jeremy Wright QC who is the current Attorney general at the moment of typing this in June 2018.

At the following link in an article dated 14th June 2018 he is quoted as saying:

“Nothing is more important in the criminal justice system than that principle.(disclosure) I will be as clear as I can be, that we have got to get to grips with this at a senior level. We have been behind the curve.” 

In response to the question whether the thought of innocent people being wrongly convicted kept him awake at night, Mr Wright said: “Yes, and it should, and to what extent we can sort out the system.”

Quoted from: https://www.irishlegal.com/12959/england-attorney-general-says-new-cps-head-must-fix-disclosure-system/

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT given that the Metropolitan Police (and arguably the CPS) both knew of Mahmood’s dishonesty & illegal activities as far back as early 1998
as is illustrated at this link:


Sir Richard Henriques’ has stated that Police must stop training ‘presumption of guilt’.

His comments follow the collapse of three rape cases in which it was found that the police had withheld evidence from defence lawyers or failed to investigate them properly.

Although these were Rape Cases it is becoming clear that the issue of Non Disclosure by the Police and/or CPS is relevant to many other issues including many of the “Fake
Sheikh” convictions which are now clearly unsafe and should be overturned.


Pictured above is Lord Justice Peter Gross who on 19th June 2018 gave a speech on the subject of Non Disclosure which he stated is summed up briefly as follows:

My theme tonight can be summarized in a number of propositions:

  • The law is satisfactory; the application of the law is not
  • Disclosure must be seen as integral to the criminal justice process – not as a tiresome add-on
  • The police need an “investigative mindset”
  • Terminology needs to change, differentiating where appropriate between “complainants” and “victims”, while treating all with respect
  • There is no place for lingering fallacies
  • Resources must be addressed
  • Robust case management is and remains essential
  • Technology created some of today’s problems; technology/ AI will very likely solve them but not imminently
  • https://www.judiciary.uk/announcements/speech-by-lord-justice-gross-disclosure-again/Now things need to be changed so that the CCRC are allowed to refer things back to the Court of Appeal where evidence of Non Disclosure can be shown as it exists in my case and also in the cases of many other “Fake Sheikh” victims.

On 25th June 2018 Michael Mansfield QC opened the evening by reflecting on his 50 years as a barrister. ‘I reckon, probably more than most, I’m entitled to have observations about what has happened during my working lifetime,’ he said. “When I started things were going wrong then. There were problems with legal aid, problems with disclosure and representation. What I find shocking is that things have got worse.”

The human rights lawyer flagged up the recent Crown Prosecution Service review launched in the wake of a series of collapsed rape cases starting with the Liam Allan case before Christmas. The CPS revealed that problems with disclosure had been identified in 47 of 3,637 cases reviewed. ‘That is a lot,’ Mansfield said. ‘We know it is not restricted to sex offenders.’

Quoted From: http://www.thejusticegap.com/2018/07/guilty-until-proven-innocent-book-launch-report/

Professor Roy Greenslade

Indeed let’s not forget that the evidence of Professor Roy Greenslade proves that Mazher Mahmood has had a total disregard for honesty & truth throughout his career.

in 1988 some 10 years before his sting on me and some 26 years before his sting on Tulisa, Mahmood tampered with evidence at The Sunday Times to try and cover his tracks to hide the fact he had either made mistakes or purposely misinformed about
elements of a story he was working on.

He resigned just before Professor Roy Greenslade could sack him as per:



Judge Alistair McCreath

There were “strong grounds for believing that the underlying purpose of these lies was to conceal the fact that he had been manipulating the evidence in this case” by getting another witness to change his account” Judge Alistair McCreath told the jury.


Tulisa Contostavlos

She said: “Mahmood has now been exposed by my lawyers openly lying to the judge and jury. These lies were told to stop crucial evidence going before the jury.”

She added: “Thankfully, the lies have been uncovered and justice has been done.”



Jeremy Dein QC who was Tulisa’s Barrister on Thursday 6th October had this to say about other Mazher Mahmood related convicitons:

“People who have been locked up in the past are now able to say there is compelling evidence that this man was prepared to lie on oath in order to secure a wrongful conviction, so there’s now a platform for others to come forward and say ‘the same thing happened to us.'”

Quoted from: http://talkradio.co.uk/news/tulisas-barrister-says-fake-sheikh-conviction-will-allow-sven-goran-eriksson-and-others-come

When you take the time to investigate what was revealed about Mazher Mahmood
during the Leveson Inquiry then it starts to open up a massive can of worms.


It’s clear that Mahmood misled Leveson about his use of the Dark Arts:


And there is strong evidence that a Leveson Part 2 would have had much more to
investigate in relation to the Fake Sheikhs Activities as outlined here:


Indeed as Paddy French of Rebecca TV & Press Gang has proven, Mahmood regularly lied about how many convictions his stories had obtained:


Indeed when you also realize that the Police & CPS knew that Mahmood could not
be trusted for many, many years (close to two decades) before the Tulisa trial collapsed the Can of Worms gets even bigger…


Lets also not forget that Mazher Mahmood has a long track record of blatantly lying in his stories just as he did when he wrote about obtaining Fake Passports in the Czech
republic where he purposely misled the reader as he has done many times before & since.



Indeed Mahmood’s own “autobiography” is arguably the biggest work of Fiction you are ever likely to read, I defy anyone to read it after having watched all the videos (especially the Panorama “Fake Sheikh Exposed” Documentary) and looked at all the evidence and links on this blog page which expose the real truth behind his lies, fabricated stories & long term dishonesty.

The above image is of page 46 of Mahmoods book and by clicking on the image above it will enlarge making it easier to read.On this page Mahmood reveals his views on how he practiced to be able to give “a good performance before the jury” when in a court of law and how he considers courts to be “pure theatre” amongst other such comments.

The image above is from page 102 of his book “Confessions of a Fake Sheik” subtitled “The King of Sting Reveals All” where Mahmood reveals that after the Beckham Kidnap Story related Court Trial, John Kelsey-Fry QC once told him that his performance in the witness box was the best that he had ever seen in his career.

As such I wonder why, when in 2016 John Kelsey-Fry QC ended up defending Mazher Mahmood in the Old Bailey against charges of Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice (which he lost) that Mahmood was never called to the witness box?

Seriously look at every link on this page, read all the evidence at the links provided, watch all the videos and then read Mahmoods book and you will see just how often he blatantly lies and/or drastically distorts the truth again and again within the pages of his so called autobiography.

The Story surrounding Mahmood’s Sting on Footballer & TV Presenter John Fashanu is a most interesting one and raises many questions in itself.

As mentioned here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Grobbelaar in 1994 The Sun Newspaper ran a story about Match Fixing, but ultimately in 1997 all involved were
found innocent and cleared at trial as detailed here:


It comes as no surprise that Fashanu would be seen as an ideal target for the Fake Sheikh and his team and indeed in July 2003 the “News of the World” published a story claiming that Fashanu had offered to do various things, however BEFORE the article
was published he went to the Police himself as explained here:


And as also detailed here as well:


What I find interesting is fact that here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Grobbelaar it mentions that Bruce Grobbelar pleaded NOT GUILTY claiming that he was only gathering evidence with the intent of taking it to the police.

Having been the subject of a Sun Newspaper Sting some years earlier, I am sure Fashanu would have been even more on guard than normal and so I suspect there may well me more truth to Fashanu’s claims that he was collecting evidence for the Police than Mazher Mahmood and his colleagues at “News of the World” would ever have admitted at the time or would ever want anyone to realize now for obvious reasons.

Pictured above is Barrister Daryl Hutcheon of Matrix Chambers who at the link that follows gives his Professional Legal Opinion on how those who were lied about by Mazher Mahmood and/or entrapped, pressurized & intimidated into doing things they would never normally have dreamed of doing could go about seeking damages & redress in relation to what was done to them.


However at the next link Celebrity Phone Hacking Lawyer Mark Lewis is quoted as stating that the Civil Claims could easily dwarf Phone Hacking compensation claims.


Back in 2006 Sven-Goran Erikkson was the subject of a Fake Sheikh Sting:


Despite a period of around 10 years having passed by, Sven it appears is one of the first people to have successfully taken Legal Action and obtained financial damages
and compensation in relation to the Mazher Mahmood News of the World story which was run about him as detailed here:


On Sunday 14th April 2019, the Daily Mail Reported that The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s Damages Case against Rupert Murdoch’s Company in relation to the
“Sting” that the Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood conducted on her had collapsed.


However I suspect that may be misleading when you look at this quote:

“In a document filed at the High Court, both parties agreed ‘the claimant discontinues all of her claims against the defendants’.”

Another quote from the article of interest is:

“No order was made regarding who would pick up the bill.”

Surely if the case had collapsed,  a case which she instigated, then surely costs would have to be paid by her??

But there is no mention of that making me think that some kind of “Secret” keep it out of court type settlement deal may well have been agreed??

After all when you consider that just like Sven Goran Erikson she did say the things that were claimed, the cases seem similar and he has already been paid out a settlement as shown earlier above.

Royle in Parliament April 2016 #HackedOff

Royle in Parliament April 2016 #HackedOff

As shown in the picture above on Wednesday 20th April 2016 I attended Committe Room 14 within the Houses of Parliament in London after having been invited by #HackedOff to come along to their “Lobby Your MP for No More Broken Promises” Event.

In Parliament Again with Hacked Off on Tuesday 20th March 2018 to Lobby for Leveson Part 2 to Occur!

In Parliament Again with Hacked Off on Tuesday 20th March 2018 to Lobby for Leveson Part 2 to Occur!

To fully understand the importance of this event I would suggest that you take a look at the information on their own Website and also sign the Petition to demand that Leveson Part 2 is allowed to take place as previously promised at this link:


About to enter Parliament with Hacked Off to Lobby for Leveson 2 to Occur - 20th March 2018

About to enter Parliament with Hacked Off to Lobby for Leveson 2 to Occur – 20th March 2018

Then having looked at that page, if you have not already done so, please take a few moments to visit the following link and complete the form to Contact Your Local MP and ask them to lobby The British Prime Minister to ensure that victims of Press Abuse get Justice and that Leveson Part Two Actually takes place to investigate and expose the Media & Press Corruption (and likely even worst) that has been going on for years.

Take a few moments to help make a real difference in the World:



As illustrated by the short video above of Labour MP Tom Watson speaking in parliament on Tuesday 5th June 2018 and also by the news article at the above link, it seems that the Tory Government are choosing to ignore the very real and shocking truth about Rupert Murdoch, his businesses and his employees & colleagues illegal activities.

Rupert Murdoch with his right hand man of many years Les Hinton

Rupert Murdoch with his right hand man of many years Les Hinton

On Monday 4th June 2018, Rupert Murdoch’s right hand man of many years Les Hinton held his book launch in London.  My friend, Fake Sheikh Victim John Alford was there as was former Sunday Times Blagger John Ford, Daniel Morgans Brother Alistair and
others who had some very interesting questions to ask & points to raise which it seems
Les Hinton was not prepared to answer as illustrated here within this article where you
will also see me mentioned:


For more  on how Les Hinton was confronted including a video check out this link:


Murdoch's Right Hand Man for many years Les Hinton claims to know nothing of illegal activities

Murdoch’s Right Hand Man for many years Les Hinton claims to know nothing of illegal activities

He claimed at his book launch and in many interviews that he knew nothing about the illegal activities taking place behind the scenes at Rupert Murdochs papers and yet the information at the following two links illustrates that to be a massive lie it would seem.



Rebekah Brooks known to be well liked by and close to Rupert Murdoch was many say a close friend of Mazher Mahmood

Rebekah Brooks known to be well liked by and close to Rupert Murdoch was many say a close friend of Mazher Mahmood

The picture above shows Rebekah Brooks who basically was in charge of running The News of the World newspaper when it shut down following the public’s discovery that the publication had illegally hacked the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

Put on trial for Phone Hacking she was found Not Guilty and has always claimed no
knowledge of Illegal activities and yet evidence is now coming out to show this is most likely untrue to say the least as shown at next link:


Many insiders have told me that they understand that Brooks and Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood were in regular contact and that she knew exactly the kinds of things he was doing which were unethical to say the least and often illegal as well.

Piers Morgan was appointed editor of The News of the World in 1994 aged 29.

Piers Morgan was appointed editor of The News of the World in 1994 aged 29.

In 1994 Piers Morgan was appointed editor of The News of the World newspaper by Rupert Murdoch, many have accused him of massive dishonesty as illustrated at these few links which follow..




So It Would appear from what you have seen above, that the vast majority of Key Players at The News of the World during the time Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood worked there all knew each other and all seem to have been involved in or at very least known about dishonest, unethical and/or illegal activities taking place.

The Daniel Morgan Murder

The Daniel Morgan Murder

If I were to say to you that News International (who Published The News of the World) were implicated in the Murder of somebody you would probably laugh your socks off and think that I was mad…

But let me tell you that the Story of Daniel Morgan’s Death (the most investigated Murder in British History to date with Five Police Investigations so far) reveals Police and Media Corruption of the highest order.

With Alistair Morgan the brother of the Late Daniel Morgan

With Alistair Morgan the brother of the Late Daniel Morgan

And now that Mazher Mahmood has been found Guilty in Court the team behind the Untold Murder Podcast can now reveal that the “Fake Sheikh” was implicated as follows:


Daniel’s brother Alistair has been campaigning for years to discover the truth, shocking truths that are slowly but surely coming to Public Light and indeed he was present and spoke at the Hacked Off “No More Broken Promises Event” in London which I attended on 20th April 2016.

I also mention him here as I contributed to the Crowd Funding Campaign so that he and Journalist Peter Jukes could make this extremely eye opening Series of Podcasts uncovering the Real and often Shocking Truths behind Daniel Morgans Murder.

Watch the short video and read the background facts on their page here:


Buy UNTOLD – The Daniel Morgan Murder Exposed http://tinyurl.com/lq5tjn4 and you’ll see that Mazher Mahmood’s name is mentioned numerous times as you discover more proof on how dishonest and dodgy he is.

On Thursday 18th May 2017 the Conservative Party released their Manifesto for the General Election taking place on 8th June 2017 and within it they revealed that they intend to scrap Part Two of the Leveson Inquiry and also Section 40


This would have investigated Police & Media Corruption at the highest level’s and also
looked into the Daniel Morgan Murder and further into the Engineered and Fabricated
Stories of Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood, Let’s just hope the Tory’s don’t get in.

At this moment I cannot explain to you how all these things seem to inter-link as I do not want to become Guilty in any manner of Contempt of Court, but rest assure I am convinced that within the next couple of years some massive and truly shocking revelations will finally become Public Knowledge, rather than just being known by those of us with Skilled Lawyers and Researchers to investigate and get to the bottom of things.

What I can say is that based on my many years experience of Selling Stories to Newspapers and Media Outlets, together with my time investigating and writing such for them, it is my honest belief, experience and understanding that the Vast majority of “Stories” in Newspapers and Magazines contain little if any truth at all.

Following our day in Parliament The Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport was asked various questions in the House of Commons as detailed at this link:


And in response to his comments “Hacked Off” Published this Press Release:


Now at first sight you might think that all seems fair enough, but what about when I make you aware that John Whittingdale himself has recently been exposed by the Media with Various Scandals as follows:


And also this…


And This…


This Next Article Explains why these things are all so important to the much bigger picture of what is truly going on here:


And indeed this link also continues to expand the bigger picture:


Heck along the way the “Establishment” not suprisingly tried to smear the reputation of some of those trying to get Justice for Victims of Press Abuse such as Hacked Off as is illustrated in this article here:


The Rabbit Hole in relation to Media Lies, Distortion, Corruption and Law Breaking is it seems way bigger than anyone could ever have realised.

Shortly after The Tories won (to everyone’s surprise) the British General Election in 2015 I published this eye opening and thought provoking article on my blog:


Take a look at it and consider it in relation to everything else I have revealed to you here and you may well start to open your eyes and see how much bigger the real picture is and how massively deep this rabbit hole does indeed go.

Finally just before I get back to addressing the other Rubbish, Lies and Bullshit that some people have posted about me on the internet here is a video of Evan Harris who is one of the main people at “Hacked Off” touching on some raw nerves that seem to make Journalist Piers Morgan squirm.


Despite assurances that it would go ahead, on Thursday 1st March 2018 Matt Hancock the Culture Secretary for Theresa May’s Conservative Government announced that
Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry is officially being scrapped by them and that they will not be activating Section 40 of the Crimes & Courts act which would have helped victims of Press Abuse to get Justice and protect themselves from Corruption & Media Lies.

Indeed he announced they intend to repeal “Section 40” at the earliest chance possible.

These few links will give you some more insight into this tragic day for victims of Media Abuse, Corruption and Lies.








1st May 2018 – UK Prime Minister (Former Home Secretary) Theresa May who Let down Fake Sheikh & other Media Abuse Victims faces pressure to resign.





















Could Hacked Off’s Judicial Review into Leveson 2 announced on 21st May 2018
be the Phoenix from the Flames that is needed for victims of Press Abuse?



Thursday 29th November 2018 and sadly the verdict in the Judicial Review about Leveson having been cancelled has been decided in favor of the Government. However
it is not over until the fat lady Sings and both “Hacked Off” the Campaigning Group and also numerous Media Abuse Victims will never give up trying to expose the truth.



Sir Brian Leveson has on 21st June 2019 now come out and confessed that he knew various people were lying to him during Part One of the Leveson Inquiry which itself
illustrates further why we need Part Two to take place more than ever.


On Monday 18th February 2019, the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee published the “Disinformation and Fake News – Final Report” and as a result these eye opening articles appeared.



In relation to the mention of Russian interference in Brexit, voting for the US President and other matters including “Cambridge Analytica” and how private data was stolen from Social Media Users (I being one of them as of Feb 2019 engaged in legal action against Facebook) this blog by my friend Neil Sanders is well worth reading:








In Parliament with Film Star Hugh Grant a Huge Supporter of the Hacked Off Campaign

In Parliament with Film Star Hugh Grant a Huge Supporter of the Hacked Off Campaign


In Parliament Again with Hacked Off on Tuesday 20th March 2018 to Lobby for Leveson Part 2 to Occur!

In Parliament Again with Hacked Off on Tuesday 20th March 2018 to Lobby for Leveson Part 2 to Occur!





With John Ford Former Sunday Times Blagger turned White Hat Whistle Blower

With John Ford Former Sunday Times Blagger turned White Hat Whistle Blower


Self-Confessed Blagger for the Sunday Times John Ford via his Twitter account accuses Rupert Murdoch & Les Hinton of knowing that Mazher Mahmood was drugging his victims.

Self-Confessed Blagger for the Sunday Times John Ford via his Twitter account accuses Rupert Murdoch & Les Hinton of knowing that Mazher Mahmood was drugging his victims.





His lawyer Siobhain Egan said of our investigations:

It is as we have long suspected that the Met knew and repressed information about corrupt relationships between their officers, employees of The News of the World  and Southern Investigations. This information was deliberately repressed by the Metropolitan police  and should have been disclosed to those representing defendants in the  so called “stings” orchestrated  by Mazher Mahmood. It is information which should be immediately disclosed to those lawyers advising relevant convicted individuals whose cases are now before the CCRC, and the Daniel Morgan Investigation Panel.

Quoted from: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2015/06/22/revealed-how-the-metropolitan-police-covered-up-for-rupert-murdochs-news-international/

Jonathan Rees Mazher Mahmood

Jonathan Rees Southern Investigations Mazher Mahmood

The Man pictured above is Jonathan Ree’s one of the people who ran Southern Investigations a company and person implicated into the murder of Daniel Morgan
and also whom worked closely with Mazher Mahmood for many years.

He has an extensive criminal record and has also been linked to Police Corruption
in much the same way as Murdoch’s Fake Sheikh also was over the years.

This video and the links that follow explain more about such things.




Another thing to consider is that back in January 1994 “The Sun” Newspaper as published by Rupert Murdoch ran a double page spread on my Hypnosis Show with the headline “Dirty Trancing”.

This article was written by now deceased Journalist Chris Blythe and seemed to prove
that I was Hypnotizing Women at shows into having Sexual Relations with me, something which most certainly was and is NOT true on any level.

Indeed various routines in my show at the time which visually were quite innocent, when written up in a sensationalized manner with no respect for the truth by Chris Blythe suddenly  seemed to make me out as some kind of monster.

The lady quoted in that article was an actress that I paid to talk to Chris Blythe and say that she had experienced amazing consensual “Hypnotic Fantasy” style sex with me after a show, however when he wrote it up, what was published bore zero relation to
what my paid actress friend had actually stated and thus back in January 1994 I was to get my first taste of journalists at Murdoch papers who have no regard for the truth and
just distort & fabricate things to then publish whatever they so desire.

I had informed my former publicist Alan Breeze (an associate of Mazher Mahmood as
mentioned earlier on this blog page) that I had recordings of my meetings with Chris Blythe (which at that time I did) which proved that he published fabricated defamatory
lies and NOT what was actually said by me and the paid actress he interviewed.  

Now in hindsight I suspect Alan Breeze would not only have tipped off Mazher Mahmood that I was intending to expose his dishonest & illegal activities (although he may have discovered that himself through hacking my mobile phone conversations) but also he would no doubt have mentioned that I had evidence at the time of Chris Blythe’s 1994 Sun Newspaper Story about me having been fabricated and full of untruths.

Chris Blythe was certainly a friend of Rebekah Brooks as illustrated here:


Quoted from above link:

She said the pair became good friends through fellow journalist Chris Blythe, a close friend of Coulson’s, who died in an accident abroad.

She said: “Andy and I in 1996 were good friends, we became good friends through Chris Blythe, but it wasn’t until 1998 that Andy and I became close.”



The two links above show that Chris Blythe died in an accident in 1996 and also that he has been compared to Mazher Mahmood in terms of his dishonesty and fabrication of stories for Murdoch owned newspaper publications.

The article above headed “Look into my Thighs” was published in the News of the World Newspaper on Sunday 12th August 2007 and the Hypnotist who helped the newspaper expose the sick Private Investigator was/is one of my Hypnosis Students Chris Lee.

As I explain at this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155778964662806&set=a.149675857805.143324.673582805&type=3&theater

How I was approached first by the Private Investigator, but the News of the World did not want to deal with me, as they knew this was a REAL STORY and did not want it associated with the rubbish they had run about me back in 1998 so instead I ended up just consulting and advising behind the scenes to help ensure the ladies safety.


One final note regarding the media though and the instance where I flashed on BBC Ones “Kilroy” show as mentioned here –


I quote from that article above – “a spokesman for Vanessa accused Kilroy of a cheap bid to win ratings. We believe the Kilroy show is feeling the pressure,” he said. “This man is a well-known hoaxer.”

And indeed despite the denials of Kilroy (well lets be honest he couldn’t admit it) I was indeed paid money to go onto that Edition of Kilroy and Cause a Media Frenzy to help them in the ratings war against ITV’s “Vanessa” Show which the same day had started to go head to head with Kilroy in the same time slot.

I’ll also point out that as well as getting paid by the Kilroy show and BBC, I was also paid money by various National Newspapers after the event and also appeared on TV Shows such as “Channel Fours Right to Reply” within which I confirmed it was all a paid for stunt to help them in the viewer ratings battle.

The BBC show “Here & Now” where they claimed to have covertly film me waking up
a Hypnotized Lady at one of my shows in a manner where she thought she had just
been Raped WAS A COMPLETE MEDIA PRANK  as firstly the Cameras were
obviously filming and nothing was “Covert” about it and secondly the lady in question
was a STOOGE (Paid Actress) acting the part as I would never and have never used
such a routine on any genuinely Hypnotized individual, it was like everything else just
another Media Prank and Stunt.

Indeed any Females featured on any TV Shows and in any Newspaper or Magazine
Publications with me in the context of “Stage Hypnosis” and Sexual Style Storylines
have all been either Paid Glamour Models or Actresses and all of the stories have
been nothing more than Media Pranks and Stunts.

I’m not mentioning any of the literally 100’s & 100’s of Extensive TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Features that have been done on me around the world over the years to brag or show off, indeed in regards to many of them I now look back in regret at some of the outlandish things I did, in some cases 20 or more years ago in a bid for fame.

However I do standby my actions in engineering certain media hoaxes and stings in order to expose unethical journalists and their often illegal techniques which led to the publication of my book “Confessions of a Psychic Hypnotist”


Often they will post this FACTUALLY INCORRECT exert from a Book by Andrew Newton (The Man Who Taught Paul McKenna) –

In a recent book,”All in the Mind” by stage hypnotist Andrew Newton the following material occurs; Dr. Jonathan Royle PhD., an individual who also goes under the name Alex Leroy when he performs stage hypnotism shows in pubs, but whose real… name is Alex Smith, or prisoner number DW4664 as he was known during his tenure at Wakefield Prison, an institution for which he was a guest of Her Majesty following a conviction for handling counterfeit pound coins, amongst other things. Within the profession, he is best known for his claim that he could hypnotise any woman to have sex with him. To back up this immature claim, he provided channel five with a video which apparently shows him having sex with a young lady who appears to be unconscious.

Written by Andrew Newton–  in “All in the Mind” page 347– Literally Published Limited-Oxfordshire,UK

(I have never been to, let alone inside Wakefield Prison and the phrase “amongst other things” implies I was convicted of “other things” which is blatantly inaccurate & untrue)

Or when they get really desperate they will post a link to a site such as this one – http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=27857 – notice that this is a website than any Jealous Backstabbing Competitor of mine can join and they can do so anonymously and post any old rubbish and untrue vicious lies that they so desire.

FACT:  Whenever I point out to people who post this that it is rubbish they always retort in desperation – “well why haven’t you complained and got it removed” well the answer is simple I HAVE COMPLAINED  and the site merely replied directing me to this page where they make it clear that its not their problem either ethically or in law – http://www.scam.com/complaints.html

FACT: Regards the Scam.Com Rubbish, please note that I have NEVER lived in any flats in Rochdale that are dubbed “Smack Head Heights” by the locals and I can easily prove such (as I have a copy of the deeds from when I purchased my flat outright for cash with no mortgages or loans) and any Rochdale Resident would confirm that its location is NOT nicknamed “Smack Head Heights”

FACT: Indeed for the record I no longer personally reside in the flat which I purchased outright for CASH (no mortgages or loans required before the age of 30) as its currently rented out to a private tenant and I personally now live in a three bedroom house with gardens.

FACT: You’ll also notice that the links in the Scam.com article such as www.myspace.com/hypnoticwarning – no longer exist that’s because My Space removed them and banned the person who set up the Fraudulent Profile and indeed those suspected to be involved were visited by and Cautioned by The Police Under The Anti-Harassment Act.

THIS TIME A DISTORTED TRUTH – Sometimes they will post this link as well and yet it seems they have not read and fully understand it – http://tinyurl.com/kmeaoe7

FACT – The Advertising Standards Authority Got it all wrong in this case, the true fact is there is NO such thing as any form of Legally Recognised or Required Qualification for Hypnotherapy etc anywhere in UK – and as for the product the post relates to it has had numerous highly satisfied customers from around the world including some of whom’s testimonials appear here – http://www.magicalguru.com/testimonials

Indeed the fact that there is NO such thing as any form of Legally Recognized or Required Qualification for Hypnotherapy etc anywhere in UK or most other places in the world.


Other times they will try to say I am not a real hypnotist and claim I teach “Con-Hypnosis” they sometimes claim I have never had any real training from others which is untrue as illustrated by just some of the copies of my various Hypnosis – NLP and Related Qualifications which can be seen here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156014565602806.1073741954.673582805&type=1&l=db70cea42a

And trust me they represent only a tiny fraction of the Continuing Professional Development that I have done over the years with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Then often they will come out and say but YOUR DEGREE IS NOT REAL  – Well guess what?

I openly admit that I bought it on my courses, in my books and on my DVDs and openly admit that is was awarded based on Previous Life and Career Experiences and Accreditation of Prior Learning.

The Company, which at the time I was under the impression was a Genuine University
from where I obtained my Psychology Degree (after submitting proof of my relevant prior work and life experience, copies of my training products and also a thesis on Hypnosis) was called Chelsea University and the website they used at the time can be seen at this archived link: http://tinyurl.com/mropcbm

FACT: However the document shown here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=28790687805&set=a.28519137805.50987.673582805&type=3&l=08cd01732e&theater and also shown below:
They prove that my Psychology Doctorate Degree has been Apostilled by The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office here in London (UK) and as such is 100% Legal for use (as I use it due to being able to prove that I have the knowledge and expertise that such qualification signify’s) in any Country in the world that is subscribed to the Hague Convention.

Yes I sometimes call myself Dr., simple fact is I have a Doctorate Degree in Psychology.

The Degree was legalized by Apostle as explained with evidence shown above.

The document which I submitted as my Thesis is now available on Amazon as a huge Over 500 Page large A4 format Encyclopedia on Hypnosis and the Psychology of it here:


IT WAS SOME TIME AFTER Having got my Degree that I discovered they were a Diploma Mill, but I checked things out and it seems that I can Still LEGALLY use the Term Doctor before my name (indeed I have credit card and other legal documents which have stated and still do Dr before my name after the companies involved had seen my Legalized Apostatized Degree Document) ,

For the record it should also be noted that it was the people at Chelsea University and
not me that had the Degree Document Apostilled and “Legalized” by the Solicitor Geoffrey Niman in London, so if anybody misled him and said that it was a Real Accredited Degree or anything similar then it was the people at Chelsea University who did that and not me!

Indeed I have been Legally advised that it is Legal for me to use just so long as I have the Provable Knowledge and Experience to back up using the title as otherwise that would be misleading people.

Well the simple fact is I teach Medical GP’s, Surgeons, Nurses, Dentists, Psychologists and a whole bunch of other professionals NLP, Hypnotherapy and such and also have arguably taught more people around the world who are now successful Hypnotherapists and/or Stage Hypnotists as is illustrated on my site at http://tinyurl.com/mxsnkoh (Check out the testimonials that appear at all the links that are given on that page and bear in mind those are just a tiny fraction of the many thousands of such similar testimonials that I hold on File)

In any event as an Ordained Reverend of The Universal Life Church (ULC) I also
passed the exam and was awarded a Doctor of Divinity Non Accredited Religious
Degree around 15 years ago now like the ones they mention here:


Also it should be remembered that there is a long history of Stage Hypnotists using
Doctor or Dr as part of their Stage Name’s and Stage Personas.

The simple fact is DR can also stand for “Dual Reality” which itself is a very important
principle used both in Hypnotherapy, Stage-Hypnosis and Mentalism…

And of course one should also consider the very real fact that Doctor (Dr.) is NOT a protected title under British UK Law and consequently anyone may Legally and Lawfully use such title just so long as they do NOT mislead or purposely deceive people into thinking they are for example a Medical GP or other Medical Professional as that would indeed be considered Fraud and a Criminal Offense.

This article in the Guardian confirms that Doctor (Dr) is NOT a protected title and that anyone may use such Legally & Lawfully so long as they do not for example claim to be a Medical GP: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2006/apr/22/badscience.uknews

This post on the UK House of Commons (British Government) website also makes for interesting reading and confirms that as long as I don’t claim to be a registered Medical Practitioner (which I have never done and never would do) then in other regards the title of Doctor (Dr.) is NOT protected under British Law and so I can indeed use such even if I did not have bits of paper saying they granted me such right.


The most important thing to consider and remember is that you can easily see at some of the links already posted above, that I openly ADMIT on my own Blog that my degree is not accredited, there is absolutely no deception on my part and indeed on the vast majority of the products I sell I make it very clear as well, just as I do at all my live training events.

And given that all of my products and courses come with Money Back Guarantees and/or are covered by the distance selling regulations, the simple fact is that if any of my students or customers were ever unhappy they could very easily get all of their money back, in other-words the allegations that I have ever obtained money from people by deception are complete and utterly laughable and unfounded in any manner.

Other times they will post this link – http://www.hypnosisonline.com/forum/pop_printer_friendly.asp?TOPIC_ID=844 and try to make claims that I have ripped off old ladies because of this comment from The Now Deceased Gil Boyne that appears on that page from which I quote:

Reply author: mark-gil
Replied on: 08/22/2006 8:53:44 PM

I lived in London for seven years and I came to know Jonathan Royale
(not his real name) quite well. I also met several elderly women who claimed that they invested in his “promotions” and lost large sums of money. I had to threaten him with a law suit to get him to stop using my name in his mailing pieces, (this course is approved by Gil Boyne) He is considered “disreputable” by many practioners in the UK. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

You’ll notice on that same page I reply with this comment:

Reply author: magicalguru
Replied on: 10/09/2007 8:14:22 PM

[Moderator] Duplicate post – link to same info here:

PS: Gil Boyne has also said on some forums that apparently I have “conned” several old ladies out of money??? Who? When? PROVIDE PROOF – this is not true, the only female I know that Gil Boyne may be talking of did buy the rights to market some of my stuff years back but then ILLEGALLY in breach of contract and breach of Copyright Laws attempted to pass my works off as her own and I had to threaten her with Legal Action and ultimately RECLAIMED ownership of my original material… I gather this person still ILLEGALLY sells my materials passing them off as her own having edited my name out and put hers in claiming she wrote them which is FRAUD AND ILLEGAL…. in other-words I am not the one in the wrong..

As for his claims of threatening me with legal action, well the fact is HE ASKED ME TO SEND HIM an example event brochure saying “From The Desk of Gil Boyne” as I had been talking to him and wanted him to rent me his mailing list or send something out to his mailing list for me.

He said he might do so for a fee, but would need to see an example of what I was proposing for him to send out to his list, he was sent such sample, and then being the forgetful individual he was rang me up claiming I was using his name in advertising, he actually apologized to me on the phone in the end once I reminded him that we had spoken about me renting his mailing list and he had asked me to send such example to him.


Every now and again somebody will post allegations on the internet claiming that I have Stolen other peoples Copyrighted Ideas, on several occasions people have claimed I have stolen stuff from Kenton Knepper which is ironic when you consider that he stocks and sells many of my ebooks as can be seen here –  http://tinyurl.com/kgd9qfc

Frankly I think that link says it all, except to mention one incident that did occur many, many years ago where I bought in good faith a small number (six) of wholesale copies of a Cold Reading Ebook on CD-ROM from an apparently reputable Ebay Seller.

They had lots of Feedback and it was 99% positive and as such I had no reason to be suspicious of anything.

However after selling 3 copies of the CD-ROM I had bought wholesale containing 2 Cold Reading Ebooks by the Late Herb Dewey, it was brought to my attention that his family had never allowed it to be legally released as an ebook or on CD-ROM.

The very moment this was brought to my attention I took the remaining copies off sale and destroyed them, and also made official reports to ebay and ultimately as I understand it the seller who sold me the “wholesale copies” had their ebay account shut down as a result.

Personally I value Copyright and Intellectual Property rights extremely highly, indeed in the past I have taken cases against various people who have stolen my works and profited from them, and indeed one of these cases in the Leeds District Chancery of the HIGH COURT led to the Judge telling me to write out the court order against the other side, which he then looked at and in Public Court Commended me on!

Some individuals who either have a complete inability to use the internet properly to
research things, or more likely just like to ignore the truth have claimed recently on
websites that me claiming to have been featured in USA Today (Americas Largest
Circulated and Read Newspaper) alongside Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro to help
promote their 2002 film “Analyze That” is a lie and therefore Fraud on my part.

Well perhaps they should learn how to use Google Properly and then they would
have been able to find this link http://tinyurl.com/n2paqg9 and also this link as well
http://tinyurl.com/mhadtxk both of which prove that I was indeed featured with them.

Next in relation to the Professional Associations that have said they have approved
and endorsed my Training Courses and/or Products, some have wrongly stated
that I set them all up which I can 100% assure you  is most certainly not the case.

for example In regards to The NLPPA = “The Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Association” their website used to be this one http://tinyurl.com/l2n4nsa

The main point to remember is that I DO NOT offer membership to the NLPPA, or
Personal Development Associates (USA) or The NLP Association UK or indeed
The Mindcare Organisation UK Ltd as NONE OF THEM ARE MINE.

I did not set any of those up and I have never offered membership to them, rather
I have only ever said (which is 100% True) that they have approved and endorsed
my courses and/or products and therefore also the certifications that I issue.

And in regards to me having been Inducted into the “Hypnosis Hall of Fame” as set
up by The South African Academy of Hypnosis, this is not some lie on my part or
indeed anyone’s part and the truth of the matter can be seen at this link:



On occasion some people have falsely claimed that I Hypnotize people and make
them believe they have other problems so they will keep coming back to me
and spending more money.

As anyone who has ever come to me for Hypnotherapy already knows and
also anybody I have taught or who has studied my courses/products knows
I always 100% of the time aim to help people to get a successful conclusion
in a single Hypnotherapy Session.

I have never and would never have people coming back without need and
as my students around the world can testify have always taught them to
deal with things as rapidly as possible.


Others try to take things like “Men’s Suicide Prevention Week” and
make untrue comments accusing me of being dangerous and irresponsible.

Obviously they have either not looked at the following link:


And they clearly have never listened to this Radio Interview:


Had they done so then they would know that the Campaign is about PREVENTION
and in no way about treating or dealing with people who have suicidal thoughts.

Indeed it is made very clear that such individuals must consult with a Medical GP
or other Medical Professional, ideally in the Mental Health Field.

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

Dr. Jonathan Royle – Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) Practitioner

NOTE = I have never stated that I Personally own the above Car or indeed that I
have ever Personally owned any of the Cars that I have been pictured with. All I have
ever said is that my “companies & associates” own the cars or that “I have control of
the Cars” and both of those statements is 100% True.

Indeed as people who have attempted my live events in the past or had me turn up
at shows know, I have for years been driven around in the car and other cars like
the one in the picture above.

Oh and quite frankly those idiots who have said on the internet that the number plate above has been on a Yellow Transit Van for the past 18+ years, well those people
need their eyes examining along with a lesson in how to research things properly…


Its also true to say that many will often post trying to make out that I have it in for Street Hypnotists and so in their opinions I must be scum.



Indeed this is illustrated (with the proof that most all Street Hypnosis is ILLEGAL in UK)  at the link of:


As we are getting close now to the end of this blog page, for those who have seen the BS posted that claims I am not able to hypnotize anyone and am (in their opinion) crap as a Psychic Entertainer, all I would say is that everything is entitled to their own opinions but take a look at some videos of me at work on Stage as a Hypnotist and Mind Reader and decide for yourself.

Check out the videos at – http://www.magicalguru.com/

Oh and for those who say “Well Why Not Contact the Police and/or Take Legal Action against the people who post this rubbish on the internet” the simple fact is I HAVE DONE…

Indeed at moment of posting this blog page 19th of October 2013, some people have already been contacted by The Police and others are indeed about to receive legal papers through the appropriate channels.

The simple fact is the law is on the side of people, like me, who are the victims of Cyber Bullying, Internet Harassment, Incitement of Hatred and Violence and Defamatory Comments as is illustrated at this link:


And on an ironic side note, it often turns out that those guilty of posting such BS can turn out to be so called “professionals” in the industry…

Quite often so called “professionals” who themselves run training courses and would be considered by some as “direct competition”

All I would say is type their names (when you see stuff posted by them) into Google along with the phrase “The Truth About” and you’ll soon find out how reputable some of these people are…

As the old saying goes those in glass houses should not throw stones.

Bottom Line, if you see anything Negative posted about me anywhere by anybody on the internet (or anywhere else) you can be sure that it is complete and utter rubbish with no basis in fact or reality.

These individuals try to post their rubbish to for some reason attempt to incite Hatred and Violence against me (which is Illegal and means they are breaking the law) and they also try to make out that their lies mean that I should not be trusted as a Magician, Hypnotist or Psychic Entertainer or indeed as a teacher of these arts.

Well all I am going to say to that is the numerous Testimonials here – http://tinyurl.com/mxsnkoh speak for themselves.

As do the several videos that follow, the simple fact is I have arguably taught more people around the world who are now highly successful Hypnotherapists and/or Stage Hypnotists than the vast majority of other Hypnosis trainers on the planet today.

The Above video relates to the Hypnosis Training I ran in Las Vegas during October 2013.

The Above video relates to the Hypnosis Training I ran in Sacramento in October 2012.

And indeed here below is an example of someone “Challenging” me during that event and then me rising to that challenge.

And now follows a testimonial from Owen McGough an innovative Magician and Mentalist from the UK who is disabled and has Cerebal Palsy..

Now for some more examples of how invaluable my Hypnosis Training is in the opinion of many:

A comment from one of the delegates of the Hypnotist Entertainment Cruise 2013 that went from Florida to the Bahamas and of which I was the main featured speaker and trainer.

And now I shall let the final word go to a real dummy…

And if you need anymore proof that I am regarded by many as one of the Leading Hypnotists and Trainers of Hypnosis and NLP in the world today then take the time to check out these links:

(Stage & Street Hypnosis Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/stage-student-testimonials

(Hypnotherapy & NLP Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/therapy-student-testimonials

(Marketing & Publicity Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/testimonials

(Magic & Mentalism Comments) – http://www.magicalguru.com/psychic-mentalism-student-testimonials

Plus Tons More Video & Written Testimonials Galore at: http://tinyurl.com/mxsnkoh

Oh and finally some Internet Liars have stated that I have only ever done a few
Stage-Hypnosis Shows and they falsely claim that these were all in Rochdale.

Well the fact is I have performed all over the world and most certainly not just in
Pubs as some like to make out, from Theater’s and Universities to Cruise Ships
I have performed on them all, some clips from my shows can be seen at:


And also at this link there are even more clips…


And for those who look closely at those links you’ll also soon discover that “The
Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists” – (P.O.S.H) has hugely successful
Stage Hypnotist members all over the world and not just one member (me) as
again wrongfully stated and published by some complete liars on the internet.

For some more detailed information on my Career Achievements to date (in spite
of all the Media Abuse & Corruption that I have suffered along the way) take a look:



Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith Reccomends the book “Hack” by former News of
the World Jounalist Graham Johnson as a most eye opening book to read.

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood

Mazher Mahmood Exposed

Mazher Mahmood Exposed

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in His Disguise - How Close Was he to Scotland Yard?

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood in His Disguise – How Close Was he to Scotland Yard?





Rupert Murdoch's Journalist The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed

Rupert Murdoch’s Journalist The Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood was Jailed

The Fake Sheikh aka Mazher Mahmood

The Fake Sheikh aka Mazher Mahmood

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle Hypnotist

Dr. Jonathan Royle PhD Hypnotist & NLP Hypnotherapy Expert at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield

Dr. Jonathan Royle PhD Hypnotist & NLP Hypnotherapy Expert at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

Award Winning Hypnotist Jonathan Royle

News of the World Jpeg


EXPOSED: The Fake Sheik Mazher Mahmood, BBC Panorama Exposes his often illegal and certainly dishonest entrapment techniques and Fabricated Stories and Evidence!

EXPOSED: One of the World’s Most Dishonest & Dodgy Journalists….

Mazher Mahmood Exposed

Mazher Mahmood Exposed

Formerly of the Now Shut down (and shamed) News of the World, and more recently of the UK National Newspaper “The Sun on Sunday” This 30 Minute Programme entitled “Panorama – The Fake Sheik Exposed” reveals SOME OF THE TRUTH about DISHONEST Undercover Journalist Mazher Mahmood.


FOR THOSE OUTSIDE ENGLAND = If you are outside England you may need a spoof ISP to give the impression you are in UK to watch this. Sites explaining how to do this are located here – http://tinyurl.com/nv9pk86


I personally know people who have been paid money by Mazher Mahmood to help entrap people ILLEGALLY and also I personally engineered a plot to EXPOSE HIM and his ILLEGAL Techniques, which did result in it being acknowledged in the Crown Court that I HAD SET UP A STING ON HIM in an attempt to expose his Dishonest and often arguably Illegal Techniques…

Indeed I published the full facts about this in my autobiography which has been on worldwide sale for years, and this book when published was featured in the major respectable National UK Media and also in some International Media.


You can discover more about the REAL TRUTH behind all the bullshit my jealous competitors and certain vindictive idiots post about me on the internet here:


As I say I know for a fact that what they mentioned in this documentary is just the tip of a huge iceberg of incidents and ways in which Mazher Mahmood has Fabricated and Engineered completely untrue stories for years…


Believe me that was just the tip of the iceberg…..

I’m just glad that slowly but surely the truth is finally coming out, and all thanks to Tulisa Contostavlos and the court case against here falling apart EXPOSING THE VERY REAL FACT that Mazher Mahmood had lied and frankly engineered the whole untrue situation.