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In short this is a complete “Business in a Box” unique and unrivalled training package containing numerous hours of videos, audio’s and also PDF training manuals and books.

You will discover everything you will ever need to know about becoming a highly paid Psychic Consultant and Fortune Teller, along with the Secrets of the Mediums & Stage Clairvoyants.

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You will master the Arts of Runes, Astrology, Tarot & other forms of Readings and divination.

Master the art of Psycho-Babble, Cold Reading, Red Hot Readings and other ways to reveal peoples past, presents and futures with ease.

How to conduct Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Investigations, and indeed how also how to perform apparently miraculous Psychic feats.

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This package is made up of our “Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis” videos as detailed below along with access to another Thirty (Yes 30) of our other related products which purchased individually (along with Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis) would usually cost you at least $829.

Therefore at just $247 for this package is the best investment you will ever make into your Psychic Business as it will teach you all of the following:

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Filmed on a Television broadcast quality camera at Royle’s Live Training seminar of the same day which took place on Saturday 13th October 2018 in Chesterfield, England at Future House Therapy Centre, you will become a fly on the wall during this approx five hours of truly explosive and eye opening video footage.

By way of the video footage, together with the audio files of the event which are also accompanied by a copy of Royles Book “Seance Secrets, Ghost Hunting Tricks & Paranormal Investigation Techniques” you will witness the demonstration of and also learn the Secrets behind…

The Magic of Crystals

Royle reveals an important seeming ritualistic process using a Crystal or Gem Stone that is designed so the audience seems to protect them from any Spirits that may be manifested during the experiments that follow, but that in truth is really designed to massively amplify everyone’s level of suggestibility and thus heighten their reactions and experience of all that follows.

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Past Life Regressions Made Easy

An easy to learn, use and master technique for giving entertaining demonstrations of PLR = Past Life Regression. You are shown how you could conduct an entire evenings entertainment using this approach alone.

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Future Life Progressions & Proof they Work

Not only will you be able to give demonstrations of FLP = Future Life Progression, but also you will be able to provide undeniable proof to the participants and the audience that FLP is real and has genuinely worked.

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Astral Projection

Help an audience member to take their mind on a trip out of the room they are in and all the way into the house of an audience member who confirms that the onstage volunteer is indeed correctly describing details they could not have known about the inside of their home!

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Enhancing Peoples Psychic Powers

Using the techniques of Creative Visualisation taught within this package you can apparently rapidly enhance peoples Psychic Ability to the point where they are able to make connections with audience members and reveal things to them they could not possibly have known.

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Out of Body Experiences

Using just an ordinary everyday hand mirror, using this technique you will be able to give people the genuine feeling that they have managed to make their Soul, Spirit and/or Mind leave their body so they then really do have the experience of watching themselves as a “3rd Party” from a distance and seeing themselves staring into the mirror as well as seeing the reflection stare back.

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Physical Contact From The Spirit World

You are taught two ways of enabling a volunteer to feel physical contact from a deceased relative in the Spirit World. One of these methods of so called “Psychokinetic Touches” style routines does not involve you ever secretly touching them, no special chairs or electronic devices of any kind are ever used and yet they will swear blind they have been touched (or kissed if you desire) as they will genuinely have felt this despite you never having been near them.

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Automatic Writing Made Easy

Royle’s Proven method for giving an audience member a large pad and a pen with which they conduct an experiment in automatic writing that concludes with them having written the name of a deceased relative of either themselves or another audience member with whom they have connected. This can easily be presented as them channeling a spirit.

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Is There Any-Body There?

You will learn techniques of how and why Pendulums, Ouija Boards and other Spirit Phenomenon such as Table Lifting and Moving actually work and how to manifest such things in your performances.

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Searching for Evidence

Group Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation nights can be a hugely profitable thing and along the way Royle reveals tricks of the trade he has used to ensure that people have truly memorable spooky experiences at such events he has presented over the years.

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Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis

Along the way many other Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis & New Age Style NLP are revealed and insights given into how easily people’s Habits, Addictions, Fears and Phobias in life can easily be overcome using such knowledge and techniques.

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The Deeper You Go, The Better You Feel

You will also learn Several Suggestibility Tests along with a couple of extremely effective and hugely reliable rapid Hypnotic Induction techniques which you will be taught numerous uses for, including mention of enabling audience members to make contact with their Native American Spiritual Power Animal, their Spirit Guide, tn Angel, a Deceased Love One or indeed with a Monster or even the Devil if that is their (and yours) desire and the situation is a suitable one.

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How Mediums Speak With Dead

During the course of the training video Royle at times gets “messages” and communications from the Spirit World that are confirmed by audience members to make sense to them. He then as events unfold explains the tricks of the trade used to make such apparently accurate things occur.

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Seance Secrets, Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigations

Within the accompanying PDF Ebook you will also find links to a further Eight hours of video training to help make your education complete.

Topics discussed, taught and/or explained in depth within this manual include:

EVP = Electronic Voice Projection, Spirit Photography, Ectoplasm, Ghostly Manifestations, Table Lifting & Moving, The Ouija Board, Automatic Writing, The Spirit Glass, Pendulums, Psychic Metal Bending, Ghost Hunting, The Dark Seance, Past Life Regressions, Human Levitation & Much, Much More.

There is also a truly comprehensive section teaching the Power of Suggestion and Hypnotic Techniques within the Seance, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation Arena.

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Royle also reveals what Ghost Hunting tools and gadgets you may need and how to manipulate some of them for guaranteed “Phenomena” to occur!

Several real world audience tested routines are also included which enable you to allow volunteers to Safely experience themselves being briefly possessed by Spirit Energies in manners that are both highly visual and amazing to all those watching as well as to the person participating.

Royle has worked extensively in the Paranormal & Psychic Entertainment Arena over the past 30+ years and within the pages of this manual are all of his, until now, most jealously guarded Secrets of “Ghostly” Success.

He also discusses what he learnt from working with and alongside Paul Voodini and how this ultimately positively changed the way he ran his own future events.

A most comprehensive list of further informative books to read and useful resources for the Paranormal & Seance Entertainer are also included at the end of this eye opening manual.

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Also Included within this bumper “Psychic Business in a Box” Package are all of the following titles from Jonathan Royle which are all available from major magic dealers (thus information on what each item teaches can easily be found on such sites) at the prices shown below:

The Astrologer’s Dream – $20

Blind Man’s Out of this World – $20

Blindfold Drive & Other Publicity Stunts – $20

Body Language Secrets for Magicians & Mentalists – $20

Cold Reading for Magicians & Mentalists – $27

Elman’s Biggest Secret Revealed – Hypnotic Mind Control
Made Easy – $30

Have You Lived Before? – $10

Klear Thoughtz Mentalism – $37

Long Distance Mobile Phone Telepathy – $20

Past Life Regression Secrets – $10

Pawology Palm Reading for Dogs & Cats – $10

Psychic Belly Button Reading Secrets – $20

Psychic Development for Beginners – A Complete Psychic
Party Guide – $20

Royle Cold Reading Secrets – $20

Royle Road to Spoon, Fork & Metal Bending – $10

Royle’s R.A.T. System – (Runes, Astrology & Tarot) – $47

Royle’s Psychic Cold Reading Manual – $20

Seance Secrets, Ghost Hunting Tricks & Paranormal
Investigation Techniques – $30

Secret Gypsy Guide to Cold Reading – $10

Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis & Past Life Regression
for Psychic Entertainers – $147

Tarot Reading Made Easy Audio – $10

The Psychic Secrets of Alex-LeRoy – $77

The Power of Words – $20

The Talking Tarot – $10

The X-Ray Eyes Blindfold Telepathy Act – $20

The Transparency Template Download Edition –
Hypnosis Secrets for Entertainers – $77

Ultimate Headline Prediction System – $20

Unspoken The Psychic Q & A Solution – $20

Working Psychics Secret Methods – $7

Yogi Spirit Levitation & Other Psychic Feats – $20


YOU SAVE – $582 off the usual combined retail prices!!

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And best of all your tiny one time investment of just $247 could easily be recouped from the very first Ghost Hunt, Paranormal Investigation, Past-Life Regression Evening or other Psychic Style Event that you run, whilst also taking you into profit in next to no time when you take action today.

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(The Comments below Apply to Elements Contained in this download)

(Review by The Legend That is Richard Webster International Psychic Author)

I haven’t read such an enthralling book in a long time. It starts off with a comprehensive section on the methods of fake spirit mediums. Alex explains his full evening presentation in great detail. This section alone makes the book well worth its price.

Alex goes on to include sections on Tarot readings, navel reading, navel healing, psychic stunts that appear genuine, the astrologer’s dream, how to determine people’s horoscope signs during a show, and past life regressions.

Everything is practical, easy to perform, and explained well.

This book isn’t for everyone, but is essential reading if you’re remotely interested in the world of the psychic. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down!

RICHARD WEBSTER – December 2015.

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Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith is certainly a person who has ‘been there, done that’.
From live shows, TV performances, and training courses, Alex has gained an immense amount of experience and information.

All of this information and experience is crammed into his latest release.
With Alex, what you see is what you get. And this rings true also with his instructional material.

There are no frills or unnecessary garnish, just good solid advice, and this release is full of good solid advice.

If you have any interest at all in the world of the psychic performer, then this book will give you the foundation stones and the building blocks you need to go out there and do it for yourself.” – PAUL VOODINI.

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Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis with Hypnotist Jonathan Royle – Saturday 13th October 2018 Live at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield, England or online via Zoom Video Conferencing


Saturday 13th October 2018 – 10am until 5-30pm

Live In Person at:

Future House Therapy Centre, Chesterfield, England, S40 1SZ.

Or By Zoom Online Video Attendance


Whether you are an experienced Hypnotherapist or Mind Therapy Practitioner, a Mystery Entertainer or are involved in some area of the New Age & Spiritual community as a Healer or Psychic Consultant, this Unique One Day Accelerated Learning Workshop with Top Hypnotist Jonathan Royle will prove to be worth it’s weight in gold to you.

No prior knowledge or experience of Hypnosis is necessary as everything you will ever need to know will be taught in Royle’s Unique No Bullsh*t direct to the point easy to learn, remember and use manner!


Some of the topics that will be taught include:

*The easy and reliable way to conduct Profitable Past Life Regression Sessions both on a one to one basis and also for public performances & demonstrations.

*The use of Hypnosis for Future Life Progression & Creating a truly Magical Future.

*How to demonstrate Astral Projection using a simple Eyes Closed Relaxation Process that you will learn in easy to understand detail.

*The use of Pendulums both to Induce a Hypnotic Trance State in your clients and also to help them to overcome their Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias & other issues including releasing Traumas & Anxiety as well as effectively helping people to overcome & eliminate Pain from all areas of their Minds, Body, Spirit & Soul.

*Using Hypnotic techniques to run profitable Seances, Paranormal and Ghost Hunting events.


You will also discover the Proven Techniques of how to:

*Help someone to meet their Spirit Guide and gain inner strength and renewed positivity in all areas of life.

*Enabling someone to enhance their Psychic Powers so they can see Spirits and communicate with deceased relatives in a manner whereby it can be both entertaining for an audience if it were a public demonstration, whilst also being hugely therapeutically beneficial for them.

*The Magic of Candle’s & how to use them for Hypnotic Inductions as well as in a therapeutic manner to help clients achieve their goals, dreams, ambitions & desires in all areas of their life’s.

*Meeting your Power Animal, how to discover what your clients Native American Indian Power Animal is and how to help them benefit from this knowledge & experience.

*Mystical Power of Mirrors & how using a mirror during sessions can help your clients to experience positively profound long lasting & truly Spiritual & Magical changes.

*Numerous other Insider Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Techniques that will help make you a far better Hypnotist & Mind Therapist on all levels.


Plus You Will of Course Also Learn:

*The Three Most Powerful & Effective Suggestibility Tests on the planet.

*4 Amazing Rapid Hypnotic Induction Techniques that work like magic!

*How to deepen the Hypnotic Trance

*The Secrets of Safe, Legal & Ethical Hypnosis

*Awakening People from Hypnosis.


And that’s not all as you will also learn:

*Various tried, tested and consistently proven to work Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotional Secrets that will help you to attract a regular stream of high paying clients for your “Spiritual Hypnosis” Services.



Seating for this never to be repeated event is Strictly Limited, so to encourage you to take action and secure your place to join us in Chesterfield at Future House Therapy Centre on Saturday 13th October 2018, when you book today as well as a ticket to attend in person (or online via Zoom Video Conferencing) you will also after the event gain access to this Amazing package of goodies..


This package of Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotional training materials and business building tools for Mind Therapy Practitioners & New Age Consultants usually retails at $497 which is approx £385.

Those who book today will after the event gain FREE ACCESS to this bumper package details of its contents being at –



Because this event is being filmed for future release, to both encourage you to attend in person at Future House (so we have people to demonstrate upon) and also to thank you for participating we have slashed the usual price of attending one of our one day events down from £247 all the way down to just £97…

But be warned seating is Strictly Limited so you would be wise to book now.



Why not treat yourself and save money at the same time?

Simply secure a ticket for the “Secrets of Spiritual Hypnosis” workshop on Saturday 13th October and at the same time grab a place to attend the “Fortune Telling for Fun & Profit” event on Sunday 14th October at the same venue to grab a discount and also claim an EXTRA BONUS GIFT.

Yes indeed take action now and instead of paying £97 for each day which is a total of £194, instead you will SAVE £47 and pay just £147 for a ticket to attend both days.


Plus when you book for both days, at the end of the weekend as well as any gifts mentioned for each day, you will also as a Special Bonus only for those attending both days gain access to this Home Study Diploma Course package enabling you to become a fully Licensed Practitioner of P.E.A.C.E = Psycho/Physio Energetic Alignment of Changing Energies & Emotions – (This alone usually retails for £230)