Make The Cards Match – Larry Becker – ESP Playing Cards Mentalism – Stage & Close Up Routine – Mentalists Cook Book DVDs with Jonathan Royle

I love the “Make The Cards Match Routine” and have been using it in my close up performances for what is fast approaching 30 years now,

However in recent years I’ve started to include it in my Stage performances with great effect and come up with a way of presenting it so its all about the audience members being successful, strokes their egos and at the end draws maximum applause from them.

In my live show there is quite a time gap between revealing that the last two cards match and then finally the audience discovering that all the other four pairs of cards also match.

During this time several other routines are performed, so that when it comes to the very end of the show and I reveal that all the four sets of cards that were discarded earlier also all match (and I praise the audience for achieving such) this comes as a much unexpected surprise to the audience and draws maximum applause from them (often standing ovations) as you’ll see in this clip –

I’ll be discussing the Psychology of structuring routines in order to gain maximum applause and also make the audience feel good, thus in turn making them like you and thus making you more memorable in my forthcoming “Mentalists Cook Book” DVD set which is due for release in mid August 2012.

I hope you enjoy the clip and it gets you thinking how usually reserved for Close Up performance items can with a little thought be transformed in feature stage presentations with success.

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Hoy’s Tossed Out Deck – TOD – T.O.D Long Distance Remote Viewing Card Magic Mentalism Mind Reading Effect – The Mentalists Cook Book by Jonathan Royle aka Alex William Smith

I love Hoys Tossed Out Deck Card Mentalism Routine and indeed have featured it in my stage shows for over 20 years.

However since the late 1990’s I’ve been performing it as a long distance person on the end of the phone becomes the mind reader type of effect.

With some clever psychology, effective use of Dual Reality and clever linguistics, its become one of the effects from my shows that people talk about most.

For the record I’ve been performing it in this manner since the late 1990’s (and have evidence of such on file) and have also performed this for TV (in Amsterdam in 2002) I mention that as I’m aware of others since those dates having claimed to have created such which I am sure must on their parts have been nothing more than a case of independent creation.

Anyhow this routine (and other variations that I use at times) will all be detailed and discussed in-depth on my forthcoming “Mentalists Cook Book” DVD package which is due for release in August 2012.

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I hope you enjoy the clip of the routine:

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