WANTED – Have You Got These Rare Mentalism & Hypnosis Books – DVD’s & Props????

WANTED – Have You Got These Rare Mentalism & Hypnosis Books – DVD’s & Props????

WANTED – I am looking for Various Hard to obtain books on Mentalism, Magic and
Hypnosis, Books, DVD’s & Props, to help complete my collection again (long story but had a flood some time back).

Inbox me please here on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/alexthehypnotist/   or directly on royle@magicalguru.com details of any items you may have available for SWAP….

I am looking to make a straight trade, whereby YOU get the best end of the deal
(eg the most value, products and information in exchange for the items I am
looking for)

I’d be looking to do a direct swap for Books like:

Thought Veil by Jerome Finley…. – Hypnotism by George H. Estabrooks Hardback
original edition – Old Books on Mesmerism – The Berglas Effects by David Berglas
(with all dvds) -Bulletproof by Andy Nyman – Whisper by Ken Dyne – This Way Up
by Colin McLeod & Paul Brook – The Practical Psychics Little White Book & The
Practical Psychics Little Black Book by Neal Scryer – Mentalism Reveals by Mark
Elsdon (Both Volumes) – Pure Effect by Derren Brown – Absolute Magic by Derren
Brown – A Lifetime in Magic by Charles Gaucci –

However I am interested in any other interesting mentalism Books and DVD’s but
if of lower value than items already mentioned would be looking for a few items
from you in exchange for what I am offering .

Also any Mentalism Effects you may have which you are interested in Trading for the items I have to offer as outlined below would also be seriously considered if of a reasonable value or made up of several items totally a reasonable value…

Am looking to swap Lifetime membership access all areas to The Elite Hypnosis
and Mentalism Bootcamp (which now costs at least $497 to join and gives you all
the stuff mentioned in this video http://www.elitehypnosisbootcamp.com/ ) and
also This Package of Hypnosis – Magical and Mentalism Products with Legal Resale
Rights – http://tinyurl.com/ccgfn6k – – Which would usually cost you another $397 – so thats $894 USD worth of stuff (approx £570 UK Sterling or 683 Euros)

Elite Hypnosis/Mentalism Bootcamp access is supplied by Private Weblink/Password
& Digital instant download acccess, however all the other items (at other link
above) are sent as Physical items through the post by signed for delivery.

So see what you’ve got lying around on the bookshelf that you no longer need or
want and send me a list to royle@magicalguru.com  and if theres anything of interest I’ll email you back and confirm a Trade…


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